Rules and regulations for the cavalry


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Sida 266 - ... and proceeds to take the next step in the same manner ; the whole with perfect precision of time, shoulders kept square, knees not bent, and in the true line on which the body is formed. At the word Halt, the whole halt, turn their eyes to the front, and .are perfectly steady.
Sida 309 - The flank men on the right of the rear rank of each company step briskly back one pace, to mark the ground upon which the rank is to halt; they face to the right, and cover as pivots, corrected by the serjeant-major on the right.
Sida 217 - ... heads, take their swords, and buckle them tight into the belt, take the bit reins up, then take a lock of the mane, and put it into the left hand, the left foot into the...
Sida 216 - ... heads. As soon as up and dressed, the whole advance their left feet by a motion from the right, and by another motion from the right, the whole go to the left about together, and link ; as soon as done linking, the left hand man of each rank falls back two paces from his horse, and the whole dress well to him, with the musquet in the trailing position.
Sida 218 - It follows, of course, that the horses cannot be linked together, but they must be led away (iu a retreat) to the most convenient spot in the defile for the men to mount again. In advancing they...
Sida 46 - As he does not ride out in watering order, he has nothing to do with the stable-dress, though he must have one in his possession, because he may be called upon to ride out. He must wear his uniform coat, waistcoat...
Sida 258 - ... as that when he looks exactly forward to the neck of the man who leads him, he cannot see the second man from him...

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