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56 costly wines and ointments; and let no
5 flower of the spring pass Let us
“ crown ourselves with rose-buds before they
“ be withered. Let none of us go without
“ his part of our voluptuousness. Let us
66 leave tokens of our joyfulness in every
56 place ; for this is our portion, and our
“ lot is this.” * This language cannot
be wondered at, from the man who re-
jects all idea of a future existence. But
it would be folly and madness in him, who
believes the Christian doctrine of a re-
surrection, and a retribution in another
world. : To him the conclusion, from the
very same premises, must be a directly op-
posite one. It must be plainly this ; Let
us keep our hearts with all diligence, and
restrain our passions within the bounds of
duty, for to-morrow we may die ; to-mor-
row we may be called to give an account of
our moral conduct to the great Sovereign of
the Universe, who has peremptorily com-
manded us to be temperate in all things.
Let this consideration, then, be deeply fixed
in our hearts, and be constantly present to

* Wisdom, ii. 6. 10.
.. .U 2

our thoughts, and it will, in the hour of trial, add strength to our resolutions, and fortitude to our souls. It is not, it must be confessed, a very easy task to keep that strict and steady command over ourselves which Christianity requires. But we must not be much surprised, if the rewards of Heaven are not to be had for nothing. Inmortal glory, and everlasting felicity, are not such very trivial things, as to be obtained without any exertions on our part. Some price must surely be paid for such an acquisition, something must be given up in present for an inheritance of such infinite value in future. “ There is but one paradise “ for men,” said Mahomet, (turning away his eyes from the tempting prospect of Damascus,) "there is but one paradise for men, and, “ for my part, I will not take mine in this a world.” * If this sensual impostor could, in this instance at least, sacrifice present gratification even to his false notions of future happiness, well may we be content to endure a little temporary self-denial for the sake of a recompense hereafter, perfect in its nature, and endless in its duration. It

* Maundrell, p. 121.

is true, indeed, that, taking all things into the account, the yoke of our Divine Master is easy, and his burthen is light. Yet still there is a yoke, there is a burthen to bear. We are to take up our cross, and on that cross we are to crucify our affections and lusts. In the successive stages of our existence here, successive adversaries rise up to oppose our progress to Heaven, and bring us into captivity to sin and misery. Pleasure, interest, business, power, honour, fame, all the follies and all the corruptions of this world, each in their turn, assail our feeble nature, and through these we must manfully fight our way to the great end we have in view. But the difficulty and the pain of this contest will be infinitely lessened, by a resolute and vigorous exertion of our powers, and our resources, at our first setting out in life. If we strenuously resist those enemies of our salvation that present themselves to us in our earliest youth, all the rest that follow in our mature age will be an easy conquest. On him, who in the beginning of life has kept himself unspotted from the world, all its subsequent attractions and allurements, I memeence, weatit.. and splendour, F... ma ti or no impression. A mind 1 na: near long habituated to discipline,

Tani sela-command, amidst far more Per omnia cons, will have nothing to armeeni. fron suci. assailants as these. is. Hi Tea ani principal security is as3:21.6. ron. anove, which wil derer be denka. te ihost who fervent's apps for it. Alhe wil is omnipotence of Diride grace i s?mori Us, and an eternity or happiness

Towaru us, what is there that can shake or constancy, or corrupt our faeit?

at : voursees ther, without delay, to ac121. . early habit of stric self-porernman eri ar early intercourse wih your and 'TOLECLOT. Let it be your first mazi inisi, the sovereignt of reason, 2018 : no: Tace, over your souls, main on the 2221. DE DO pain 10 you; but, on * ** * nierdure “ to be temper

" Tarch re, stand fast in sem

men, be strong,

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R T Ton, lest ye be dh ar ur mois. Consider,

that every pang you feel on account of your duty here, will be placed to your credit, and increase your happiness, hereafter. The conflict with your passions will grow less irksome every day: a few years will put an entire end to it; and you will then, to your unspeakable comfort, be enabled to cry out with Saint Paul, “ I have fought a good “ fight, I have finished my course, I have “ kept the faith. Henceforth there is laid “ up for me a crown of righteousness, which “ the Lord, the righteous Judge, shall give “ me at that day.”

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