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ST. ROCK having been long confined in a wretched prison, invoked the mercy of heaven to obtain his deliverance. Enjoying one day the consolation of sleep, a voice called to him, and he awoke. He beheld an Angel, who announced that his prayers had been heard, and he was released from his fetters.

This is the moment chosen by Guido. Beside St. Rock, is his dog, the faithful companion of all his misfortunes, and by which he is generally known.

This picture is of the largest size. The design is bold and dignified; the execution skilful, firm, and easy. As an object of study, the figure of St. Rock is very fine. The attitude of the Angel is not so happy; there is a stiffness in the gesture, adopted to convey the dispensation of Providence.

The effect of this picture is considerably injured by the sombre colouring. Guido might have availed himself of the apparition of the Angel, to reflect more light in the obscure corner where the scene is placed.

Du Fresnoy, in his account of the principal painters, ⚫bserves, "that Guido chiefly imitated Ludovico Caracci, yet always retained somewhat of the manner which his master Denis Calvert, the Fleming, taught him.

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