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London Published. May 1.1807, by Verner. Hood. & Sharpe. Poultry.

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ALCIBIADES, the son of Clinias, the Athenian, and a descendant of Ajax, by the father's side, received from nature all the graces of body and mind. A philosophera voluptuary—a warrior-discreet at Sparta-gallant at Athens-profuse at the court of Tyssaphernes-studious in the school of Socrates, who was his tutor and friendbrave at the head of armies:-he had the talent of conforming himself to all circumstances, and omitted no opportunity to distinguish himself in society.

He carried away many prizes in the Olympic games, and benefited his country by numerous exploits; but his services met with an unsuitable return. While commanding the land forces, Antiochus, his lieutenant, having lost a battle by sea, the misfortune was attributed to Alcibiades, and he was deprived of his commission.

Compelled to accept an asylum, offered him by Pharnabazus, he was betrayed by a Persian satrap, who had the cruelty to kill him with an arrow, in the 404 year B. C. This hero, who had rendered himself celebrated by many brilliant qualities, was then in his fiftieth year. Of this illustrious character, M. Turpin has drawn a very. striking portrait, which we do not hesitate to adopt.

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