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SAINT BRUNO and his companions, having resolved to seclude themselves from the world, are seen distributing their effects among the indigent.

There exists a Fresco of Dominichino, representing a similar subject: St. Cecilia dividing among the poor, her money, furniture, and costly attire. In the composition of Dominichino, there is more variety, and a greater number of Episodes; but in the picture of Le Sueur, there reigns more uniformity. The attention of the spectator is less divided: and although the figures of the indigent, have almost all the same object, still by the difference of age, sex, and attitudes, Le Sueur has sufficiently contrasted them with each other.

This picture is the lightest in the collection. Its style is pure; its design correct; and is executed with the greatest facility. In the Museum at Versailles, there is a sketch from the first conception of the subject, which is highly prized for its energy and grace.

Le Sueur died young. He left behind him many works; such as the Cloister of the Chartreux, at Paris; Alexander, and his Physician, &c. that might rival the

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works of the greatest painters for elegance of design, beauty of form, and truth of expression. He was defective in colouring,-in that meretricious and ambitious appendage of the art, which is exercised upon great subjects, and embraces extensive compositions, the appropriated effects of which can be well produced only in chiaro-scuro.

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