Sidor som bilder

"A Parisian Monk, named Raymond, united to the "talent of prediction, an exterior of the sincere piety. "He died; and upon being carried to the sepulchre, "rose suddenly from his coffin, to declare that he was "damned."

Such is the subject of the present picture. The Saint, greatly terrified at the miraculous apparition of Raymond, and the words he had pronounced, returned to his dwelling. He threw himself at the feet of the crucifix, and absorbed in profound reflections, resolved from that moment, to withdraw himself from the world. In a corner of the picture, the body of Raymond is seen, thrown into the earth, without any religious ceremony.

The extreme simplicity of the composition forms its principal merit; and is perfectly consonant with the subject. The general effect of the picture has much sweetness, and the handling is light and correct.

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