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THE God of Day having terminated his course, reposes himself in the entrance of a grotto, leading to the palace of Thetis. Six nymphs hasten to attend him. One of them unbinds the tresses of Apollo, two others perfume his hands, a fourth bathes his feet, while the remaining companions, holding each a vase, with much readiness, assist in the pleasing occupation.

Four of the figures of this charming group were executed by Girardon. To his chisel we are indebted for Apollo, the two nymphs kneeling on the fore-ground, and the one who, placed on the right-hand, is pouring perfume into the vase. These statues are remarkable for their graceful attitudes, elegance of design, and beauty of execution. The three others, the work of Regnauldin, are inferior; but in no shape destroy the effect of this composition, replete with poetry and taste.

Regnauldin was born at Moulins, in Bourbonnois, in the year 1627. He was the pupil of Francois Anguier, and made such rapid progress in his art, that Louis XIV. sent him to Italy, with a pension of 3000 livres. After a long residence in Rome, Regnauldin returned to France, where he embellished the royal palaces with a considerable number of works. His most esteemed performances are the "Rape of Cybele," by Saturn, now in the gar

den of the Tuilleries; the Autumn, and Faustinus placed in those of Versailles, &c.

Regnauldin died at Paris in 1706, at the age of 79. He was then keeper of the academy, into which he had been admitted a little time after his return from Italy.

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