League of the Ho-dé-no-sau-nee Or Iroquois, Volym 2


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Sidan 152 - And if I have done well, and as is fitting the story, it is that which I desired : but if slenderly and meanly, it is that which I could attain unto.
Sidan 104 - Ga-nun-no, or the *Empire State* as you love to call it, was once laced by our Trails from Albany to Buffalo — Trails that we had trod for centuries — trails worn so deep by the feet of the Iroquois, that they became your roads of travel as your possessions gradually eat into those of my people ! Your roads still traverse those same lines of communication which bound one part of the Long House to the other. Have we, the first holders of this prosperous region, no longer a share in your history?
Sidan 206 - They are veritable footpaths, never over a foot in breadth, beaten as hard as adamant, and rutted beneath the level of the forest bed by centuries of native traffic. As a rule these footpaths are marvellously direct. Like the roads of the old Romans, they run straight on through everything, ridge and mountain and valley, never shying at obstacles, nor anywhere turning aside to breathe.
Sidan 310 - University on the condition of the State Cabinet of natural history, and the historical and antiquarian collection annexed thereto.
Sidan 296 - All the sides and roof of the cabin is made of bark, bound fast to poles set in the ground, and bent round on the top, or set aflat for the roof as we set our rafters; over each fire-place they leave a hole to let out the smoke, which in rainy weather they cover with a piece of bark, and this they can easily reach with a pole to push it on one side or quite over the hole. After this manner are most of their cabins built.
Sidan 10 - Iroquois,1 when describing their simple arts and manufactures, remarks, that in the western mounds rows of arrow-heads or flint -blades have been found lying side by side, like teeth, the row being about two feet long. " This has suggested the idea that they were set in a frame, and fastened with thongs, thus making a species of sword.
Sidan 244 - To my mind, the structure of such a language as the Mohawk Is quite sufficient evidence that those who worked out such a work of art were powerful reasoners and accurate classifiers.
Sidan 175 - ... While on this journey he attended a meeting of the New York Historical Society, of which he had been elected a member, and read his first public paper on the subject to which he had given so much time and thought. This paper is not printed in the " Proceedings of the Society," but is referred to as "an Essay on the Constitutional Government of the Six Nations of Indians.
Sidan 303 - ... slightest degree modified by contact with civilization. They knew nothing of the power and real character of the white men, and their children would scream in terror when they saw me. Their religion, superstitions, and prejudices were the same handed down to them from immemorial time. They fought with the weapons that their fathers fought with, and wore the same garments of skins. They were living representatives of the " stone age ; " for though their lances and arrows were tipped with iron...
Sidan 150 - ... was entirely unknown to the ancient Greeks. It is further observable that a despotism, as defined by Montesquieu, corresponds precisely with the monarchy of Aristotle. The order of their origination suggests an important general principle ; that there is a regular progression of political institutions, from the monarchical, which are the earliest in time, on to the democratical, which are the last, the noblest, and the most intellectual. This position can be established by the rise and development...

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