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Coucals, those birds described,

Cowper, Mr. the poet, obs. on

his religious persuasions, 223.
Cow-pox, on the efficacy of, 166.
Criticism, true, obs. on, 114. The

doctrine of two souls applied
to criticism, 123.
Cromwell, Oliver, his letter to the
Governor of Borthwick Castle,

Crucirostra, anecdotes of those
birds, 56.

Crush, William, his evidence on
the licencing of public houses,
Crystals, See Brewster.
Cuckows, particulars respecting,

Currency, paper, obs. on its ad-
vantages, 185. On a standard
of currency, 186.


Danes, on the affairs of, a poem,

Danish ballads, specimens of,
72, 73.

Duvoût, Marshal, his character
vindicated by Marshal Ber-
trand, 433.

Davy, Sir H., on fire-damp in
coal-mines, 388.

Death, obs. on signs of, 166.
D'Enghien, Duke, remarks on

[blocks in formation]


Ear-wig, description of that
genus, 326.


Edmund the Confessor, his mi-
raculous exploits, 350.
Edward, Prince, his murder at
Tewkesbury poetically de-
scribed, 357-
Elbe, account of the
by Blucher in 1813, 181.
Elephantiasis, case of, 165.
Elgin, Lord, obs. on his trans-
actions relative to Mr. Twed-
dell, 4. 151-161.
England, on the literature of,
515. A foreign writer's view
of the people, laws, and cus-
toms of, 535-540.
English troops in France, tribute
to, from the French people,

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I and J
Jeffa, account by Bonaparte
himself of the poisoning of his
sick men there, and of the
massacre of the garrison, 432.
Other observations on, 458.
James I. of England, his cha-
racter and talents appreciated,
245-248. Epitaph on, 249.
Jaundice, green, obs. on, 163.
Idolatry, Pagan, theory respect-

ing, 376-385.

Jews, observations on the identity
of their religion with that of
the Persians, 508.
Impressment, letters on the evils
of, 330.

Infernal Machine, asserted by
Bonaparte to be the scheme of
the English government, 432.
Insanity, remarks on, 286.
Invasion of England, by Bona-
parte, his own account of that
design, 428.

Jonah, specimens of rival-poems

on, 289-299.

Italy, on the primæval colonists
of, 469. On the literature

of, 514.
Justification, observations on the
controversy on, 410.

Kamsin, dreadful effects of that
wind, 208.

Kleber, General, his conduct as


commander in Egypt, and
death, 459-462.
Kotzebue, his dramatic fame vin-
dicated, 127.


Language, remarks on the his-
tory of, 513.
Lanjuinais, M. his character

praised, 138.

Latham, Dr. on leucorrhoea,
161. On worm-cases, and on
Cachexia Aphthosa, 162. On
the super-acetate of lead, 165.
Latin language, on the origin
of, 470.
Lavender, the police-officer, his
evidence respecting rewards,
191. On Flash-houses, 201.
Laurein, King of the Dwarfs,

account of, 69.
Lead, super-acetate of, obs. on
its use in consumptions, 165.
Leck, battle of, 489.
Leech, medicinal, account of,

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

May-Day, origin of the celebra-
tion of, 334.

Menou, General, his incapacity
for the command in Egypt,
and detail of his campaigns,

Methodists, remarks on their in-

crease, 243.
Mice, their extraordinary attacks
on persons bitten by leopards,

Midshipmen, advice on the fitting
out and conduct of, 100.
Millington, Mr. on natural small-
pox, 164.

Mont Gemmi, account of the
pass of, 83.
Morning and Evening, medita-
tions for, 275..

Moscow, verses on the burning
of, 99:

Murat, King of Naples, supposed
forged letters of, and of Bona-
parte, 146.

Nantes, edict of, horrible con-
sequences of its revocation,


Napoleon's Farewell, a poem, 96.
Nepos, Cornelius, corrections of
passages in his biographies,


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Portland, Duke of, supposed to
be Junius, 111.

Isle of, its geology,



Portuguese, manners and cus-
toms of, 221.

Powell, Dr. on paralytic affec-
tions, 162. On the pathology
of the brain, 164. On con-
vulsive affections, 165.
Presbyterians, decline of, as a
body, 411.

Prisoners, French, their treat-
ment in England, 536.
Prudence, supposed speech of, in
an Italian poem, 527.
Prussia, present King of, his
character, 363.
Public-houses, on the system of

licencing, 197.304.447.
Puffin Auk, anecdotes of, 216.
Purging, on a particular species
of, 163.

Purpura Hæmorrhagica, case of,

[blocks in formation]
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