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In presenting to the public the following Translation of Madame Necker de Saussure's admirable Treatise on Education, it is necessary, in justice to her, to state that it does not contain the whole of the original work. Entertaining the highest opinion of the Education Progressive, the translator has often regretted that it was not more generally known in England ; and has had reason to suppose

that in some instances mothers have been deterred from reading it by its diffuseness and occasional tendency to metaphysical disquisition. Wishing, therefore, to make the work, in its English form, as popular and as generally useful as possible, many passages, excellent in themselves, but which did not seem to bear directly on the practical part of the subject, have been entirely omitted ; others have been considerably abridged; and the style has occasionally been so modified as to render it more consonant to the taste of the English reader.

How far the object which the translator had in view has been attained, it remains for the public to decide.

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