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O God, the proud are heavens, that shall he comrisen against me, and the pared unto the Lord ? congregations of violent

And who is he among men have sought after my the gods, that shall be likensoul, and have not set thee ed unto the Lord ? before their eyes.

God is very greatly to be But thou, O Lord God, feared in the assembly of art full of compassion and the saints, and to be had mercy, long suffering, plen- in reverence of all those teous in goodness and who are round about him. truth.

O Lord God of hosts, O turn thee then unto who is like unto thee ? thy me, and have mercy upon truth, most mighty Lord, me; give thy strength unto is on every side. thy servant, and help the Thou rulest the raging son of thine handmaid. of the sea ; thou stillest Show some token


the waves thereof, when me for good, that they who they rise. hate me may see it, and be

Thou hast subdued ashamed; because thou, Egypt, and destroyed it; Lord, hast holden me, and thou hast scattered thine comforted me.

enemies abroad with thy mighty arm.

The heavens are thine, Psalm 89.

the earth also is thine ; MY

song shall be alway thou hast laid the foundaof the loving kindness of tion of the round world, the Lord ; with my mouth and all that therein is. will I ever be showing thy Thou hast made the truth from one generation north and the south; Tato another.

bor and Hermon shall reFor I have said, Mercy joice in thy name. shall be set up for ever ;

Thou hast a mighty thy truth shalt thou estab- arm ; strong is thy hand, lish in the heavens.

and high is thy right hand. O Lord, the very heav Righteousness and equiens shall praise thy won- ty are the habitation of thy drous works, and thy truth throne ; mercy and truth in the congregation of the shall go before thy face. saints.

Blessed is the people, O For who is he in the Lord, who know the joyful


sound ; they shall walk in est them, they are even as the light of thy counte-. a sleep, and fade away nance.

suddenly like the grass. Their delight shall be

In the morning it is green, daily in thy name ; and in and groweth up; but in the thy righteousness shall they evening it is cut down, make their boast.

dried up, and withered. For thou- art the glory

For we consume away of their strength; and in in thy displeasure, and are thy loving kindness we afraid at thy wrathful inshall greatly prosper.

dignation. For the Lord is our de Thou hast set our misfence ; the Holy One of deeds before thee, and our Israel is our King. secret sins in the light of Now unto the King eter- thy countenance. &c.

For when thou art anBe honour and glory, &c. gry, all our days are gone;

we bring our years to an end, as it were a tale that

is told. The Fifteenth Day. The days of our age are MORNING PRAYER.

threescore years and ten ;

and though men be so PSALM 90.

strong that they come to LORD, thou hast been fourscore years, yet is their our refuge from one gen- strength then but labour eration to another.

and sorrow ; so soon passBefore the mountains eth it


and we are were brought forth, or ev- gone. er thou hadst formed the But who regardeth the earth and the world, even power of thy wrath ? or from everlasting to ever- feareth thy displeasure as lasting thou art God. he ought?

Thou turnest man to de So teach us to number struction ; and sayest, Re- our days, that we may apturn, ye children of men. ply our hearts unto wisthousand


in dom. thy sight are but as yes Turn thee again, O terday when it is past, or Lord, at the last, and be a watch in the night. gracious unto thy

As soon as thou scatter vants.

For a



O satisfy us with thy for any terror by night; mercy, and that soon; so

nor for the

arrow that shall we rejoice and be flieth by day; glad all the days of our For the pestilence that life.

walketh in darkness ; nor Comfort us again, now for the sickness that deafter the time that thou stroyeth in the noonday. hast afflicted us, and for the A thousand shall fall beyears wherein

have side thee, and ten thoussuffered adversity. and at thy right hand ; but

Show thy servants thy it shall not come nigh work, and their children thee. thy glory.

But with thine eyes shalt And the glorious majes- thou behold, and see the ty of the Lord our God be reward of the ungodly. upon us ; prosper thou the

For thou, Lord, art my work of our hands upon hope ; thou hast set thine us ; 0 prosper thou our house of defence very handy work.


There shall no evil hapPSALM 90.

pen unto thee, neither WHOSO dwelleth under shall any plague come nigh the defence of the Most thy dwelling. High, shall abide under the For he shall give his anshadow of the Almighty. gels charge over thee, to

I will say unto the Lord, keep thee in all thy ways. Thou art my hope, and my They shall bear thee in stronghold ; my God, in their hands, that thou hurt whom I will trust.

not thy foot against a stone. For he shall deliver thee Thou shalt from the snare of the hun- lion and adder ; the young ter, and from the noisome lion and the dragon shalt pestilence.

thou tread under thy feet. He shall defend thee Because he hath set his under his wings, and thou love upon me, therefore shalt be safe under his will I deliver him ; I will feathers ; his faithfulness set him up, because he hath and Struth shall be thy known my name. shield and buckler.

He shall call upon me, Thou shalt not be afraid and I will hear him ; yea,

go upon the


I am with him in trouble; ed for ever; but thou, Lord, I will deliver him, and art the Most High for everbring him to honour.

With long life will I sat For lo, thine enemies, isfy him, and show him my O Lord, lo, thine enemies salvation.

shall perish; and all the Now unto the King eter- workers of wickedness nal, &c.

shall be destroyed. Be honour and glory, &c. The righteous shall flour

ish like a palm tree ; and shall spread abroad like a cedar in Lebanon.

Such as are planted in EVENING PRAYER. the house of the Lord,

shall flourish in the courts PSALM 92.

of the house of our God. IT is a good thing to

They shall bring forth give thanks unto the Lord, fruit even in their age ; and to sing praises untó and shall be full of sap and thy name, o Most High; flourishing.

To tell of thy loving That they may show how kindness early in the morn

true the Lord my strength ing, and of thy truth in the is, and that there is no unnight season.

righteousness in him. For thou, Lord, hast made me glad through thy

PSALM 93. works; and I will rejoice THE Lord is king, and in giving praise for the hath put on glorious apparoperations of thy hands. el; the Lord hath put on

O Lord, how glorious his apparel, and girded are thy works! thy thoughts himself with strength. are very deep!

He hath made the world An unwise man doth not so sure, that it cannot be consider this; and a fool moved. doth not understand it. Ever since the world be

When the ungodly are gan, hath thy throne been green as the grass, and prepared ; thou art from when all the workers of everlasting. wickedness do flourish, The floods have lifted, then shall they be destroy- O Lord, the floods have


lifted up their voice; the They murder the widow floods lift up their waves. and the stranger, and put

The waves of the sea the fatherless to death. are mighty, and rage hor And yet they say, The ribly; but yet the Lord, Lord shall not see; neithwho dwelleth on high, is er shall the God of Jacob mightier.

regard it. Thy testimonies, O Lord, Take heed, ye most are very sure; holiness be- foolish of men; O ye fools, cometh thine house for when will ye understand ?

He who planted the ear, Now unto the King eter- shall he not hear ? or he nal, &c.

who made the eye, shall he Be honour and glory, &c. not see?

He who chastiseth the heathen, shall he not correct you?

or. he who The Sixteenth Day.

teacheth man knowledge,

shall he not know? MORNING PRAYER.

The Lord knoweth the PSALM 94.

thoughts of man, that they O LORD God, to whom

are but vain. vengeance belongeth; thou

Blessed is the man whom God, to whom vengeance thou chastenest, O Lord, belongeth, arise !

and teachest him in thy Arise, thou Judge of the law; world, and reward the

That thou mayest give proud after their deserv- him patience in time of ing.

adversity, until the pit be Lord, how long shall the digged up for the ungodly. ungodly, how long shall

For the Lord will not the ungodly triumph ? fail his people, neither

How long shall all wick- will he forsake his inheried doers speak' so disdain- tance ; fully, and make such proud

Until righteousness turn boasting?

again unto judgment ; and They smite down thy all such as are true in people, O Lord, and trou- heart shall follow it. ble thine heritage.

Who will rise up with

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