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the night is as clear as the The Twentyninth Day. day ; the darkness and light to thee are both alike.

MORNING PRAYER. I will give thanks unto thee, for I am fearfully and

PSALM 141. wonderfully made ; marvellous are thy works, and

LORD, I call upon thee; that

my soul knoweth right haste thee unto me, and well.

consider my voice, when I My bones were not hid cry unto thee. from thee, when I was Let my prayer be set made secretly, and fash- forth in thy sight as the ioned beneath in the earth. incense; and let the lifting Thine eyes

did see my úp of my hands be an evesubstance, yet being im- ning sacrifice. persect; and in thy book Set a watch, O Lord, were all my members writ- before my mouth, and

keep the door of my lips. Which day by day were

O let not mine heart be fashioned, when as yet inclined to any evil thing; there was none of them. let me not be occupied in

How dear are thy thoughts ungodly works, with wickunto me,

O God! O how ed men, nor eat of such great is the sum of them ! things as please them.

If I should count them, Let the righteous smite they are more in number me, it shall be a kindness; than the sand; when I rise let him reprove me, it shall up, I am still meditating be an oil to my head which

I will not refuse ; for yet Try me, O God, and my prayer shall be for them seek the ground of my in their calamities. heart; prove me, and ex

Our bones lie scattered amine my thoughts. at the grave's mouth, like

Look well if there be as when one breaketh and any way of wickedness in heweth wood upon the me, and lead me in the earth. way everlasting.

But mine eyes look unto Now unto the King eter- thee, O Lord God; in thee nal, &c.

is my trust; O cast not out Be honour and glory, &c. my soul.

upon them.

all thy

was no

my spirit

Psalm 142.

sire; hearken unto me for I CRIED unto the Lord thy truth and righteouswith

ness' sake. my voice; yea, even unto the Lord did I make

And enter not into judgmy supplication.

ment with thy servant ; for I poured out my com- in thy sight shall no man plaints before him ; and living be justified. showed him of my trouble.

I remember the days of When my spirit was in

old; I

muse upon heaviness, thou knewest works; yea, I meditate on my path ; in the way where the works of thy hands. in I walked, have they

I stretch forth my hands privily laid a snare for me.

unto thee; my soul gaspeth I looked also upon my

unto thee as a thirsty land. right hand, and saw there

Hear me, O Lord, and

man who would soon,

for know me.

waxeth faint ; hide not thy I had no place to flee face from me, 'lest I be unto ; and no man cared like unto those who go for my soul.

down into the pit. I cried unto thee,


Olet me hear thy loving Lord, and said, Thou art kindness betimes in the my hope, and my portion morning, for in thee is my in the land of the living.

trust; show thou me the Consider my complaint ; way that I should walk in, for I am brought very low. for I lift up my soul unto O deliver me from my

thee. persecutors; for they are

Deliver me, O

from mine enemies ; for I Bring my soul out of flee unto thee to hide me. prison, that I may give

Teach me to

do the thanks unto thy name, the thing that pleaseth thee; righteous shall compass me

for thou art my God; let about, when thou hast thy loving Spirit lead me dealt so bountifully with forth into the land of right

Quicken me, O Lord, PSALM 143.

for thy name's sake; and HEAR my prayer, O for thy righteousness' sake Lord, and consider my de- bring my soul out of trouble,


stronger than I.



Now unto the King eter- eth of vanity, and their nal, &c.

right hand is a right hand Be honour and glory, &c. of iniquity;

That our sons may grow

up as the young plants; EVENING PRAYER.

and that our daughters

may be as the polished PSALM 144.

columns of the temple;

That our garners may BLESSED be the Lord, my strength; my hope and be full and plenteous with my fortress; my castle and

all manner of store; that deliverer; my defender in our sheep may bring forth whom I trust.

thousands, and ten thouLord, what is

sands in our streets ; that

man, thou hast such respect un

That our oxen may be to him? or the son of man,

strong to labour; that there that thou so regårdest him? be no decay, no leading

Man is like a thing of into captivity, and no comnought; his time passeth plaining in our streets.

Happy are the people away like a shadow.

Bow thy heavens, o that are in such a case ; Lord, and come down; yea, blessed are the people touch the mountains, and whose God is the Lord. they shall smoke. Send down thine hand

PSALM 146. from above; deliver me, PRAISE the Lord, O and take me out of the my soul; while I live will great waters, from the hand I praise the Lord; yea, as of strange nations ; long as I have any being I

Whose mouth talketh of will sing praises unto my vanity, and their right hand God. is a right hand of wicked

O put not your trust in

princes, nor in any child I will sing a new song of man; for there is no unto thee, O God; and help in them. sing praises unto thee up For when the breath of on a ten stringed lute.

man goeth forth, he shall Save me, and deliver me

turn again to his earth; from the hand of strange and then all his thoughts nations, whose mouth talk- perish.


Blessed is he who hath sing praises unto our God; the God of Jacob 'for his yea, a joyful and pleasant help, and whose hope is in thing it is to be thankful. the Lord his God;

The Lord doth build up Who made heaven and Jerusalem, and gather toearth, the sea, and all that gether the outcasts of Istherein is; who keepeth rael. his promise for ever;

He healeth those who Who helpeth those to are broken in heart, and right who suffer wrong; bindeth up their wounds. who feedeth the hungry. He telleth the number

The Lord looseth men of the stars; and calleth out of prison; the Lord them all by their names. openeth the eyes of the Great is our Lord, and blind.

great is his power; yea, The Lord helpeth those and his wisdom is infinite. who are fallen; the Lord The Lord lifteth up the careth for the righteous. meek; and bringeth "he unThe Lord careth

for the godly down to the ground, strangers; he defendeth

O sing unto the Lord the fatherless and widow; with thanksgiving; sing but the way of the ungod- praises upon the harp unto ly he doth utterly overturn. our God;

The Lord shall reign for Who covereth the heavever; even thy God, O Si- en with clouds, and preon, unto all generations. pareth rain for the earth, Praise ye the Lord. and maketh the grass to

Now unto the King eter- grow upon the mountains ; nal, &c.

Who giveth fodder unto Be honour and glory, &c. the cattle, and feedeth the

young ravens who cry.

He hath no pleasure in

the strength of the horse; The Thirtieth Day. neither delighteth he in the

force of man. MORNING PRAYER But the Lord's delight

is in those who fear him, PSALM 147.

and put their trust in his O PRAISE the Lord; mercy, for it is a good thing to Praise the Lord, O Jea

rusalem; praise thy God, Praise ye the Lord from O Sion.

the heavens; praise him in For he hath made fast the height. the bars of thy gates; and Praise him, all ye anhath blessed thy children gels of his; praise him, all within thee.

his hosts. He maketh peace in thy

Praise him, sun

and borders ; and "filleth thee moon; praise him, all ye with the finest of the stars and light. wheat.

Praise him, ye heavens He sendeth forth his of heavens, and ye waters commandment upon earth; of the skies. and his word is instantly Let them praise the obeyed.

name of the Lord, for he He giveth snow like commanded, and they wool; he scattereth the were created. hoarfrost like ashes.

He hath made them fast He casteth forth his ice for ever and ever; he hath like morsels; who can stand given them a law which before his cold ?

shall not be broken. He sendeth out his word Praise the Lord upon and melteth them; he blow- earth, ye whales, and all eth with his wind, and the deeps; waters flow.

Fire and hail, snow and He showeth his word vapours, wind and storm, unto Jacob, his statutes fulfilling his word; and ordinances unto Israel. Mountains and all hills,

He hath not dealt so fruitsul trees and all cewith any nation; neither dars ; have the heathen know Beasts and all cattle, ledge of his laws. Praise creeping things and feath

ered fowls; Now unto the King eter Kings of the earth and nal, &c.

all people, princes and all Be honour and glory, &c. judges of the world;

Young men and maid

ens, old men and children; EVENING PRAYER. praise the name of the

Lord; for his name alone PSALM 148.

is excellent, and his praise PRAISE ye the Lord. is above heaven and earth.

ye the Lord.

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