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have now expressed be- doing good; grant, merfore thee. Give us such ciful Father, that all mana deep persuasion of the kind may perceive thy evil of sin, and of the im- hand in the advantages portance and excellence of which they enjoy, and be a holy and virtuous life, disposed to render thee that we may carefully ab- their humble thanks for all stain from all iniquity, and the instances of thy benebe filled with the fruits officence. Fill the minds of righteousness, which are thy reasonable creatures to thy honor and glory. with the knowledge of thy Vouchsafe unto us the light truth; cause thy light to of thy countenance, and es- shine


those who sit in tablish our minds in a firm darkness; dispel the prereliance on thy goodness judices under which they and mercy declared unto labour; above all, we mankind, through Jesus beg that thou wouldst deChrist our Lord. Amen. liver them from every evil

affection, and bring them People.

into the


of truth and

happiness. Lord have mercy upon

May the gospel of Jesus us, and incline our hearts prevail through the world, to keep thy law.

and by the power of its

truth, and the exemplary Then shall be read the conduct of those who pro

COLLECT FOR THE Day, fess it, may it enter the and one or more of the hearts and govern the lives following Prayers. of all the inhabitants of the

earth, and make all nations FOR ALL MANKIND. righteous and happy.

Reform, beseech O GOD, the Father of thee, all the disorders all mankind, we rejoice in which arise from the evil thy universal providence, passions of men, and progand commit to thy direc- per the just designs of all tion all the concerns of those who delight in peace; our fellow creatures. Thou may the blessings of free art the fountain of all bles- and equal government besings, thou delightest in come universal; and un


der the influence of good they contribute their part laws, and a righteous ad- to the public welfare, , and ministration, may all the the happiness of all manadvantages of civil society kind. Bestow upon us, O be widely extended, and merciful Father, every the best interests of man- thing truly good, and may kind be effectually secur we with one heart acknowed; and whilst thy crea- ledge and praise thee, who tures enjoy the gifts of thy art good, and doest good bounty, may they unite in continually. Amen. praise and thanksgiving to thee, the Author of all FOR RULERS. good, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

O MOST mighty God,

we commend to the care FOR OUR COUNTRY. and direction of thy provi

dence, the President of WE commit to thee, our the United States, and all righteous Governor, all the others in authority. May important interests of our they be men fearing God, country ; grant, we be- and hating covetousness; seech thee, that we may may they have wisdom to live in safety, and enjoy discern and firmness to the blessings which thy pursue the true interests of providence hath bestowed this people; may they emupon us, in tranquillity and ploy all their influence to peace. Mercifully preserve promote peace and virtue ; us from all public calami- and under their governties; and may true relig- ment, may justice and ion and virtue so prevail judgment run down as a among us, that our tran- river, and righteousness as quillity may be continued, a mighty stream. Amen. and our distinguished priv- FOR CHRISTIAN MINISileges be handed down to succeeding ages.

Vouchsafe thy favor to allor WE recommend to thy ders of men among us; by gracious regard the minisa diligent and cheerful dis- ters of the christian religcharge of the duties of ion, humbly beseeching their several stations, may thee that their faithful en




deavours to extend the 'the faithful disciples of knowledge of thy truth, Jesus, and become the inand to promote the love struments of diffusing virand practice of thy holy tue and happiness in the commandments, may be world. Amen. favourably received, and become successful. May FOR THE AFFLICTED. they do honour to thy truth, in their public ser

O GOD of mercy, we vices, and in their lives; humbly implore thy favourand wilt thou direct thy able regard for all servants in the way of brethren in affliction; may righteousness to their high- thy wisdom be their direcest happiness. Amen. tion, thy power their sup

port, and thy goodness FOR ALL CHRISTIAN

their confidence; and by a CHURCHES.

patient behaviour under

their afflictions, and WE beseech thee, O thankful acknowledgment God of love and mercy, to of all thy mercies, may send down thy blessing they be prepared for unupon all who profess the mixed happiness in a future faith of our Lord Jesus and better world. Amen. Christ; suffer not their divisions to injure the cause A CONCLUDING PRAYER. of truth and liberty; graciously assist those who MERCIFULLY regard, love thy holy name, in all O heavenly Father, these their sincere endeavours to our petitions for ourselves reform the abuses which and for others, and grant have entered into thy that by thus expressing the church, and to promote desires of our hearts bethe peace

and union of fore thee, we may be more Christians. Give them impressed with reverence just sentiments of the na- for thee, charity for all ture and tendency of our mankind, and concern for holy religion ; fill their our religious improvement; hearts with love to thee, pardon what thou hast and to each other. May seen amiss in us at this they approve themselves time; teach us the right

use of all our enjoyments; bread. And forgive us lead us to a wise and care our trespasses, As we forful improvement of all thy give those who trespass mercies, and finally ad- against us. And lead us vance us to thy glorious not into temptation, But and everlasting kingdom, deliver us from evil. For which thou hast promised thine is the kingdom, and by Jesus Christ our Lord, the power, and the glory, in whose words we con- Forever and ever. Amen. clude our prayers;

OUR Father, who art in NOW unto him who is heaven, Hallowed be thy able to do for us exceedname. Thy kingdom ing abundantly, above all come; Thy will be done that we can ask or think, on earth, as it is in heaven. be glory and dominion for Give us this day our daily ever and ever. Amen.







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