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4 Own this mean dwelling as thy home ;

And, when our life's last hour is come,
Let us but die, as in thy sight,
And death shall vanish in delight.


28. C. M. R. ERSKINE.

The Vision of Faith.
1 By faith I see the unseen things,

Hid from all mortal eyes ;
Proud reason stretching all its wings,

Beneath me fluttering lies.
2 By faith I overcome the world,

And all its hurtful charms;
I'm in the heavenly chariot hurled

Through all opposing harms.
3 By faith I can the mountains vast

Of sin and guilt remove,
And them into the ocean cast,

Of my Redeemer's love.


L. M.


1 DEAR Lord, though bitter is the cup

Thy gracious hand deals out to me,
I cheerfully would drink it up,

That cannot hurt which comes from thee. 2 From Jesus, the dear Son of God,

I'll learn obedience to thy will;
And humbly kiss the chastening rod,
When its severest strokes I feel.

30. L. M. Bp. HEBER.

Why stand ye here idle? 1 The God of Glory walks his round,

From day to day, from year to year, And warns us each with awful sound, •No longer stand ye idle here!

2 · Ye whose young cheeks are rosy bright,

Whose hands are strong, whose hearts are clear, Waste not of hope the morning light!

Ah fools! why stand ye idle here? 3 Oh, as the griefs ye would assuage

That wait on life's declining year,
Secure a blessing for your age,

And work your Maker's business here ! 4. And ye, whose locks of scanty gray Foretell your

latest travail near, How swiftly fades your worthless day!

And stand ye yet so idle here?
5 One hour remains, there is but one!

But many a shriek and many a tear
Through bitter years the guilt must moan

Of moments lost and wasted here ! 6 0 Thou, by all thy works adored,

To whom the sinner's soul is dear,
Recall us to thy vineyard, Lord!
And grant us grace to please thee here!

31. : L. M. Watts.

Love to God and our Neighbour.
1 Thus saith the first, the great command,

Let all thy inward powers unite
To love thy Maker and thy God

With utmost vigour and delight.
2 Then shall thy neighbour next in place

Share thine affection and esteem;
And let thy kindness to thyself

Measure and rule thy love to him.'
3 This is the sense that Moses spoke,

This did the prophets preach and prove;
For want of this the law is broke,

And the whole law's fulfilled by love. 4 But oh! how base our passions are !

How cold our charity and zeal !
Lord, fill our souls with heavenly fire,
Or we shall ne'er perform thy will.



7s M. 61. MONTGOMERY. A Sinner imploring Mercy. - Ps. 69 1 God, be merciful to me,

For my spirit trusts in thee,
And to thee, her refuge, springs ;
Be the shadow of thy wings
Round the trembling sinner cast,

Till the storm is overpast. 2 Poor and sorrowful am I;

Set me, O my God, on high;
Wonders thou for me hast wrought;
Nigh to death my soul is brought;
Save me, Lord, in mercy save,
Lest I sink below the grave.


Confession and Prayer. - Ps. 51. 1 Have mercy on me, O my God,

In loving kindness hear my prayer ;
Withdraw the terror of thy rod;

Lord, in thy tender mercy spare. 2 Offences rise where'er I look ;

But I confess their guilt to thee;
Blot my transgressions from thy book,

Cleanse me from mine iniquity. 3 A perfect heart in me create,

Renew my soul in innocence ;
Cast not the suppliant from thy gate

Nor take thine holy Spirit hence. 4 Thy consolations, as of old,

Now to my troubled mind restore;
By thy free Spirit's might uphold

And guide my steps, to fall no more. 5 The broken heart in sacrifice,

Alone may thine acceptance meet:
My heart, O God, do not despise,
Broken and contrite, at thy feet.

34. C. M. BP. HEBER.

Forgive and be Forgiven. 1 On God ! my sins are manifold, against my life they cry,

And all my guilty deeds foregone, up to thy temple fly; Wilt thou release my trembling soul, that to despair is

driven ? Forgive! a blessed voice replied, "and thou shalt be for

given! 2 My foemen, Lord! are fierce and fell, they spurn me in their

pride, They render evil for my good, my patience they deride; Arise, oh King! and be the proud to righteous ruin driven! Forgive! an awful answer came, 'as thou wouldst be for

given! 3 Seven times, oh Lord! I pardoned them, seven times they

sinned again: They practise still to work me wo, they triumph in my pain ; But let them dread my vengeance now, to just resentment

driven! Forgive! the voice of thunder spake, or never be forgiven!?

C. M.

STERNHOLD, altered.

Humble Penitence. 1 Oh Lord, turn not thy face away from them that lowly lie,

Lamenting sore their sinful life with tears and bitter cry! Thy mercy-gates are open wide to them that mourn their sin;

Oh shut them not against us, Lord, but let us enter in! 2 We need not to confess our fault, for surely thou canst tell What we have done, and what we are thou knowest very

well : Wherefore, to beg and to intreat, with tears we come to thee,

As children that have done amiss fall at their father's knee. 3 And need we then, oh Lord! repeat the blessing which we

Crave, When thou dost know, before we speak, the thing that we

would have ? Mercy! oh Lord, — mercy we seek:-- this is the total sum! For mercy, Lord! is all our prayer, — oh, let thy mercy



Confession and Pardon. –Ps. 32.
I WHILE I keep silence, and conceal

My heavy guilt within my heart,
What torments doth my conscience feel !

What agonies of inward smart ! 2 I spread my sins before the Lord,

And all my secret faults confess;
Thy gospel speaks a pardoning word,

Thy holy Spirit seals the grace. 3 For this shall every humble soul

Make swift addresses to thy seat:
When floods of huge temptation roll,

There shall they find a blest retreat. 4 How safe beneath thy wings I lie,

When days grow dark, and storms appear!
And when I walk, thy watchful eye
Shall guide me safe from every snare.
37. P. M.

Joy in Heaven.
2 THERE was joy in Heaven!

There was joy in Heaven!
When this goodly world to frame
The Lord of might and mercy came :
Shouts of joy were heard on high,
And the stars sang from the sky-

Glory to God in Heaven ! 2 There was joy in Heaven!

There was joy in Heaven!
When the billows, heaving dark,
Sank around the stranded ark,
And the rainbow's watery span
Spake of mercy, hope to man,

with God in Heaven! 3 There was joy in heaven!

There was joy in heaven!
When of love the midnight beam
Dawned on the towers of Bethlehem;
And along the echoing hill
And glory in the heaven.

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