The Present State of the Republick of Letters. ...

William and John Innys, at the West End of St. Paul's., 1728

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Sida 100 - And without a public voice, knowingly guided and directed, there is nothing which can raise a true ambition in the artist; nothing which can exalt the genius of the workman, or make him emulous of after fame, and of the approbation of his country, and of posterity.
Sida 434 - A new Mathematical Dictionary : Wherein is contained, not only the Explanation of the bare Terms, but likewife an Hiftory of the Rife, Progrefs, State, Properties, &c. of Things, both in pure Mathematicks and natural Philofophy, fo far as it comes under a Mathematical Confideration.
Sida 102 - ... a right one in government. She has now the advantage of beginning in other matters on a new foot. She has her models yet to seek, her scale and standard to form, with deliberation and good choice. Able enough...
Sida 84 - ... studies during the prime of his age, and afterwards engaged in an employment of great importance, and even quite taken up with the company which his merit drew to him, he was not sensible of any vacancy in life, nor the want of a companion at home.
Sida 101 - Nothing is so improving, nothing so natural, so congenial to the liberal arts, as that reigning liberty and high spirit of a people, which from the habit of judging in the highest matters for themselves, makes them freely judge of other subjects, and enter thoroughly into the characters as well of men and manners, as of the products or works of men, in art and science.
Sida 101 - For ftould they do fo, they would in reality do more harm than good ; fmce it is not the nature of a court, fuch as courts generally are, to improve, but rather corrupt a tafte. And what is in the beginning fet wrong by their example, is hardly ever afterwards recoverable in the genius of a nation. Content therefore I am, my Lord, that Britain...
Sida 277 - Thefe years and months (hey corrected from time to time, by the courfes of the Sun and Moon> omitting a day or two in the month as often as they found it. too long for the courfe of the Moon, and adding a Month to the year as often as they found the...
Sida 426 - And from the fmarting Wound a Purple Tide Marks all his Way with Blood, and dyes the grafly Plain, V. But fwifter far is execrable Care Than Stags, or Winds that thro...
Sida 402 - It is not poetical upon the score of any ridiculous fiction, or for some extravagant hyperbole, but for the daring greatness and majesty of the language, and for the noble elevation of the discourse. It is thus...
Sida 380 - ... a distinct idea is that wherein the mind perceives a difference from all others, and a confused idea is such an one as is not sufficiently distinguishable from another from which it ought to be different".

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