Europe: A Cultural History

Psychology Press, 1998 - 516 sidor
'From about 13,000 BC it began to get warmer in Europe..' begins this all-encompassing survey of European cultural history. This book is a major and original contribution to the idea of Europe and its formation, from its Celtic and German origins, the influence of the Greeks and the Romans, the role of Christianity and the fruitful, if sometimes bloody, contacts with other cultures such as Islam.
Peter Rietbergen portrays Europe's history as a series of four grand phases of continuity and change set in the context of political, social and economic developments. A large selecton of illuminating excerpts are included to support the arguments. Europeis comprehensive, thorough and highly readable, and it will provide a stimulus for discussion among students and general readers alike.

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EUROPE: A Cultural History

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paper 0-415-17230-6 By Rietbergen (Modem History/Univ. of Nijmegen, Netherlands), a magisterial review of Europe's cultural history from the Roman Empire to the post-WWII era. Rietbergen denies that ... Läs hela recensionen

Europe: a cultural history

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Dutch historian Rietbergen (Univ. of Nijmegen) offers a broad historical summary of European societal development over the last 5000 years. Religion gets very close attention, as do certain seminal ... Läs hela recensionen

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