Representative American Plays, 1767-1923

Arthur Hobson Quinn
Century Company, 1917 - 1052 sidor

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Sida 297 - Howe'er it be, it seems to me 'Tis only noble to be good. Kind hearts are more than coronets, And simple faith than Norman blood.
Sida 53 - The sun sets in night, and the stars shun the day; But glory remains when their lights fade away! Begin, ye tormentors! your threats are in vain, For the son of Alknomook shall never complain. Remember the arrows he shot from his bow; Remember your chiefs by his hatchet laid low : Why so slow? — do you wait till I shrink from the pain? No— the son of Alknomook will never complain.
Sida 57 - I can ogle the beaux, and be regaled with "here endeth the first lesson"; but his brotherly here, you would think had no end. You captivate him! Why, my dear, he would as soon fall in love with a box of Italian flowers. There is Maria now, if she were not engaged, she might do something. — Oh, how I should like to see that pair of pensorosos together, looking as grave as two sailors...
Sida 53 - Do you wait till I shrink from the pain ? No ; the son of Alknomook shall never complain. Remember the wood where in ambush we lay, And the scalps which we bore from your nation away. Now the flame rises fast ; you exult in my pain ; But the son of Alknomook can never complain. I go to the land where my father is gone, His ghost shall rejoice in the fame of his son : Death comes, like a friend, to relieve me from pain ; And thy son, O Alknomook ! has scorned to complain.
Sida 59 - I am engaged to dine with the Spanish ambassador. I was introduced to him by an old brother officer; and instead of freezing me with a cold card of compliment to dine with him ten days hence, he, with the true old Castilian frankness, in a friendly manner, asked me to dine with him to-day — an honour I could not refuse.
Sida 51 - ... arranged her dress with such apathy, as if she did not know that plain white sattin, and a simple blond lace, would shew her clear skin, and dark hair, to the greatest advantage. Letitia. But they say her indifference to dress, and even to the gentleman himself, is not entirely affected. Charlotte. How ? Letitia.
Sida 48 - A piece which we may fairly call our own; Where the proud titles of "My Lord! Your Grace!" To humble Mr. and plain Sir give place. Our author pictures not from foreign climes The fashions, or the follies of the times; But has confin'd the subject of his work To the gay scenes — the circles of New York.
Sida 64 - New-England colonel's servant. Do you know he was at the play last night, and the stupid creature don't know where he has been. He would not go to a play for the world; he thinks it was a show, as he calls it. JESSAMY As ignorant and unpolished as he is, do you know, Miss Jenny, that I propose to introduce him to the honour of your acquaintance.
Sida 62 - Nature has hardly formed a woman ugly enough to be insensible to flattery upon her person; if her face is so shocking, that she must in some degree be conscious of it, her figure and air, she trusts, make ample amends for it.
Sida 74 - ... ho! JONATHAN. Well, can't you let me see that gamut? JESSAMY. Oh! yes, Mr. Jonathan; here it is. [Takes out a book.] Oh! no, this is only a titter with its variations. Ah, here it is. [Takes out another.] Now, you must know, Mr. Jonathan, this is a piece written by Ben Jonson, which I have set to my master's gamut.

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