The Poetical Works of John Dryden, Volym 1

J. Nichol, 1855

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Sida 64 - 164 Then we upon our globe's last verge shall go, And view the ocean leaning on the sky : From thence our rolling neighbours we shall know, And on the lunar world securely pry. 165 This I foretell from your auspicious care, Who great in search of God and nature grow ; Who best your wise Creator's praise declare,
Sida 101 - soil been freed From cockle, that oppress'd the noble seed ; David for him his tuneful harp had strung, And Heaven had wanted one immortal song. But wild ambition loves to slide, not stand, And fortune's ice prefers to virtue's land.
Sida 100 - he broke; The pillars of the public safety shook ; And fitted Israel for a foreign yoke : Then seized with fear, yet still affecting fame, Usurp'da patriot's all-atoning name. So easy still it proves, in factious times, iso With public zeal to cancel private crimes! How
Sida 3 - on Venus' soil, One jewel set off with so many a foil; Blisters with pride swell'd, which through's flesh did sprout Like rose-buds, stuck i' th' lily-skin about. Each little pimple had a tear in it, To wail the fault its rising did commit:
Sida 10 - repose, As winds for halcyons, when they breed at sea. 37 His ashes in a peaceful urn 3 shall rest; His name a great example stands, to show How strangely high endeavours may be blest, Where piety and valour jointly go. ASTR^EA REDUX. A POEM ON THE HAPPY RESTORATION AND RETURN OF HIS SACRED MAJESTY CHARLES
Sida 192 - Neither so rich a treasure to forego ; / Nor proudly seek beyond our power to know : 430 Faith is not built on disquisitions vain ; The things we must believe are few and plain : But since men will believe more than they need, And every man will make himself a creed ; In doubtful questions 'tis the safest way
Sida 137 - Let him rail on, let his invective muse Have four and twenty letters to abuse, Which, if he jumbles to one line of sense, Indict him of a capital offence. 450 In fireworks give him leave to vent his spite—- Those are the only serpents he can write; The height of his ambition is, we know,
Sida 180 - one first principle must be : But what, or who, that UNIVERSAL HE : Whether some soul encompassing this ball, Unmade, unmoved ; yet making, moving all; Or various atoms' interfering dance Leap'd into form, the noble work of chance ; Or this Great All was from eternity ; Not even the
Sida 113 - Let Israel's foes suspect his heavenly call, 664 And rashly judge his wit apocryphal; Our laws for such affronts have forfeits made ; He takes his life who takes away his trade. Were I myself in witness Corah's place, The wretch who did me such a dire disgrace, Should whet my memory, though once forgot,
Sida 114 - to prevent your fate : Behold a banish'd man for your dear cause Exposed a prey to arbitrary laws ! Yet oh! that I alone could be undone, Cut off from empire, and no more a son! Now all your liberties a spoil are made ; Egypt and Tyrus intercept your trade, And Jebusites your

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