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giving civil power to the church. From of flesh and blood had these cruel bigots! this class in England, the Puritans emi- They were human beings, with the sam? grated to America from 1630 to 1640. kind of flesh as our own. As for their

“ The object of the Puritans in coming blood, it came of the best the English to America,” says Fiske, in “Beginnings nation produced. They believed the of New England," " was not at all reli

was not at all reli- Quakers had “a diabolical disease, and gious liberty for all, though they had a that they must use extreme measures to great deal to say about it. They came re- drive it out." solved to have a theocracy, like that of A part of the colonists became indiv. Moses, determined that no one should nant at the treatment of the Quaker. live with them who did not believe just and in 1659 they said there should be no as they did.”

more innocent blood shed. But not til Protestantism, the leading idea of after the hanging of the witches in 1692 which is religious liberty, began its work, was there a complete reform. not in Germany, but in England; not There was an element in the theocracy the sixteenth, but in the fourteenth cen- that, sooner or later, was sure to lead to tury, when parts of the Scriptures were emancipation,- the Puritans valued educopied and taken to all classes of people. cation. Most of their clergy were highly Wycliffe gave the whole Old and New

learned men. Their sermons were usuTestaments to the English in 1380, be- ally “elaborate arguments on doctrinal fore there was any other literature pop- points, bristling with quotations from ular in England. Such were the fruits, the Bible. And these sermons were that when Henry VIII renounced pop- talked over at the home fireside." ery two hundred years later, he found These sermons were three and a half more than half his subjects Protestants. hours' long, during the delivery of which

But the English did not retain their it was a sin for even children to show primitive Protestantism, and in the theoc- any signs of weariness. Small children racy of New England, their custom of were taught to read and understand the using the civil law to enforce religious Scriptures; the Puritans had no fanciful belief and practices became a most cruel interpretations, making the Bible mean tyranny.

anything except what it says. Since the The Puritan leaders in Massachusetts Bible is the exponent of religious liberty, resolved not only to be holy themselves, the principles of which were clearly given but to keep sin out of the colony. The by Christ when on earth; and since the Quakers were specially obnoxious to them Puritans made it their express counselor, because of their more liberal views. they must have some time seen and men“Benedict's History of the Baptists,” tally rejected their union of church an Goodrich's Church History," and others state, even before they repudiated it in record numerous cases of cruel persecu- practice. tion of dissenters. As soon as the Quak- One hundred Pilgrims came over in ers came to Boston, in 1636, laws were the " Mayflower;" in twenty years they enacted against them. They were to be had become twenty thousand. Their banished; in case of return, they were to descendants, and the descendants of the lose first one ear, then the other.

They Puritans who came ten years later, now were to be imprisoned; have their number millions, many of whom, while tongues bored through with a hot iron; saying, “If we had been in the days of be stripped to the middle, tied to a cart's our fathers we would not have been partail, and flogged from one town to takers of their deeds," still cling to the another. The whip was "a two-handled false theocratic theory that made the implement, armed with lashes made of Puritans the persecutors they were. twisted and knotted cord or catgut."

(The above facts were largely culled from One might reasonably ask, What kind Fiske's “Beginnings of New England.")

Intellectual Enlightenment No Safe

guard Against Intolerance

By C. P. Bollman


T should be remembered that intellec- less it had already been corrupted, it

tual enlightenment is no safeguard could not have been adopted by Con

against bigotry, intolerance, and stantine at all." persecution.

But plausible and well-nigh universal The Greeks were a very intellectual as is the plea of political expediency, or people, but they were persecutors. The even of necessity, it can never justify Athenians tolerated babblers and soph- any government in overriding the rights ists, but exiled Anaxagoras for contra- of conscience. When Jesus said to the vening the established dogmas of reli- crafty Pharisees and the scheming Herogion, and condemned Socrates to drink dians, “Render unto Cæsar the things the poison hemlock on a charge of athe- which are Cæsar's; and unto God the

Their religion and their state, the things that are God's," He not only drew Greeks believed, would stand or fall to- a distinct line of demarcation between cether. The maintenance of the former things civil and things spiritual, but He was, in their view, essential to the stabil- announced a principle that must be ity of the latter. In like manner the recognized by every man who is not a Jews, a few centuries later, justified their fanatic or a tyrant. condemnation of Christ, saying, “If we Our national Declaration of Independlet Him thus alone, all men will believe ence sets forth as a self-evident truth on Him; and the Romans shall come and that every man is by his Creator endowed take away both our place and nation." with certain inalienable rights. While

It was for political reasons that Con- not specifically mentioned, this generalstantine favored the Christians, while at ization must certainly include the rights the first not offending the pagans; and of conscience. March 5, 1829, the nain every age, state patronage of religion tional House of Representatives adopted has been defended as essential to the sta- a report from the Committee on Post bility of civil authority. After the abo- Offices and Post Roads, declaring that lition of Christianity in France, Robes- the framers of the Constitution recogpierre declared that France must have a nized the eternal principle that “man's religion; that if there were no God, they relation with his God is above human must make one. The people must have an legislation, and his rights of conscience object of worship.

inalienable." This was Constantine's theory. When This is not an open question in the bje saw the failure of paganism, the sta- United States of America today, and bility of his throne threatened, and the ought not to be thought of as such. It mpire itself apparently about to fall to was settled when our forefathers made pieces, he seized upon the then new the defense of inalienable rights the basis religion, Christianity, as the most prom- of their right to resist by force of arms sing stabilizer of civil society, and the authority of King George III. It hroughout his life made the most of it was reaffirmed in the First Amendment na political way.

to our national Constitution, and has It is sometimes said that it was in been consecrated by every drop of blood his way that the Christianity of the spilled in defense of American princiourth century was so greatly corrupted; ples and American freedom from that nt, as one writer has remarked, “Un- day to this.

Dr. Crafts and His “Horned Hog


By W. F. Martin


OT long since, the head of the In- The prophetic word does symbolize ternational Reform Bureau, Dr. nations by different beasts. Babylon

W. F. Crafts, was in California, was represented in Daniel's prophecy by and spoke in a number of places on his a lion, and Greece by a leopard. Modern ideas of reform. One of his sermons or writers symbolize Britain by a lion and lectures was given in the Emmanuel Russia by a bear. The Sacred Writings Presbyterian Church, Los Angeles. represent this country by a certain lamb

like beast, having two horns. In no book The pastor of this church has been delivering a series of sermons covering the

or periodical published by Seventh-day different phases of the Sunday blue law

Adventists has one of their accredited crusade which is now on in the land.

writers ever intimated that the United

States government is symbolized by a Mr. Smith is a Christian gentleman, and

horned hog. did not make a violent attack on those who disagree with him.

This country has long been the home

of the oppressed from other lands, and i: It is well known that one of the chief

was here that full civil and religious opponents of Sunday legislation is the

freedom was first governmentally guar Seventh-day Adventist denomination.

anteed. Seventh-day Adventists recog. These freely concede to all the right to

nize this, and vigorously oppose the efobserve any day they may choose. It is

forts of those who try to overthrow these a man's right to keep a day if he so de

principles sires, but he is not a criminal if he re

Dr. Crafts and his fellows are trying to gards no day as sacred. Sabbath keep

secure a repudiation of these principles. ing is a religious and not a civil duty. and are endeavoring to secure the enaetThe pastor of Emmanuel church regret- ment of civil laws which will enfont ted that Seventh-day Adventists fight the observance of religious dogmas. S againsť the passing of Sunday laws, but

surely as they succeed, persecution will also recognized the fact that as a class follow. We see along the stream of time. Adventists are godly people and are de

many places where the very best men ? voted to their religion.

the age in which they lived, have been Then came Dr. Crafts, and in his dis- made to suffer from just such laws as course made a vicious attack on this Dr. Crafts now demands in the name of people. One of his declarations was that reform! Even though it were granted Seventh-day Adventists claim that the that Sunday is holy time, a law conUnited States is symbolized in Scripture pelling its observance universally woul!! by a “horned hog.” This, to be sure, not benefit humanity. Such a law would was made in order to create prejudice result in sending men to prison and against this people. Dr. Crafts has often otherwise punishing them for perform made this assertion, and his attention has ing meritorious labor. been called to its falsity. He knows it is Let Mr. Crafts learn to stick to the untrue; still he persists in making the as- truth, and attend to his own affairs; Il sertion. He should reform himself, at him learn charity for those who do not least to the point where he will tell the agree with him, and somehow the worl truth. The ninth commandment is still will move on and God will take care of of moral obligation.


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Quo Warranto?

commercial basis on Sunday, churches E. F. JOHNSTONE

were allowed to take up a collection, Attorney, of North Orwell, Vt.

which was virtually an indirect admis

sion fee. This constituted a discriminaYe advocates of church and state And Sunday legislation:

tion in favor of one organization to the Show us one text where God declares exclusion of another. And the court To any tribe or nation,

might have added that the law was also That Sunday is His holy day

religious instead of civil, because it is For rest and meditation.

not civilly wrong to commercialize any Has God not named the seventh day, legitimate enterprise on Sunday, and the And can it be disputed I

only reason that can possibly be given to Then where and when, by whom and how,

show why amusements and enterprises Was Sunday substituted ? Was it by the command of God

otherwise lawful are sinful on Sunday is This thing was executed !

because of the restrictions which have Has God repealed His holy day?

been placed upon that day as a religious If so, where was it spoken

institution. Consequently, it is not only Where is the written record found? class legislation, but religious legislation, Produce the smallest token!

and therefore unconstitutional, as the Who works the first day of the week

court has declared it to be.
Has what commandment broken?
· Thus saith the Lord” is nowhere found

Supporting your contention.
The “ Sunday" Sabbath, be it known,

Disingenuous Denials
Is mortal man's invention,
And “custom” in support of it

T is most strenuously denied by many
Is all that you can mention.

Sunday law agitators that they are

demanding religious legislation. Keep any day or none at all, Sing, dance, or pray, or labor;

But everything goes to show that notBut never try by law to force

withstanding their denial, their object Your views upon your neighbor.

is distinctly religious, not civil. Persuade your brother if you can,

In his recent visit to Washington to But never use the saber.

get his petition and proposed Sunday And when he asks you for a text

bill before Congress and the President, Don't answer him with railing.

Mr. Noah W. Cooper, of Tennessee, made Remember with a civil law

this very plain, for his first and great His rights you are assailing, While he, with the eternal word

reason for his proposed law was, Against you is prevailing.

demands it;” and in support of that - Rutland (Vt.) Herald.

statement he quoted the fourth commandment of the decalogue, which, by

the way, says never a word about SunSunday Law Declared Uncon- day, the first day of the week, but does

very strongly emphasize the seventh stitutional

day. SUPERIOR court in California, This same was true of the demand for July 15, declared the Sunday the closing of the World's Fair in Chi

law ordinance of Pomona, pro- cago in 1893. In the debate in Congress hibiting Sunday amusements for which one of the proponents of Sunday closing dmission was charged, unconstitutional, sent a Bible to the clerk's desk for the The court declared that the Sunday or- purpose of having that functionary read lipance which allowed amusements but the fourth commandment in support of merely prohibited the commercialization the bill. of the amusement, was class legislation Nor are these exceptional cases. The vecause, while prohibiting theaters and “New Schaff-Herzog Religious Encycloimilar enterprises from operating on a pedia," art. “Sunday,” says;

“ God


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“ Three main tendencies developed regarding turn to the blue laws of Massachusetts the observance of Sunday: the Puritanical, the

Connecticut, and Virginia, which in their extreme anti-Sabbatarian, and the moderate Lutheran. The first of these positions is rep

ill-balanced minds is the only thing resented best in the strict Sunday laws of Scot- thať will save the earth from destrueland and of the New England colonies. That tion. Sunday should be most carefully observed as “Dr. Bowlby is intelligent enough to a day of rest and that the state should support

know better, but in his maniacal onthem in securing such an observance, was held as a fundamental right.”

slaught on liberty, he views liberty That tells the whole story and tells it

through the narrow lenses of a fool's truly. What practically all the Sunday spectacles instead of viewing it by the law agitators want is a religious Sunday sunlight of common sense. He says there enforced by civil law. All their denials

is no such thing in America as personal are technical and disingenuous. They

freedom; that liberty is only bedlam, and have themselves confessed the religious

he thinks that God made an awful mis motive too often to make convincing de

take when He endowed man with the nial of it now.

inalienable rights of liberty and the purC. P. B.

suit of happiness.

“Let none misunderstand the great Crucifying Liberty on the Cross of issue that is upon us. It is proposed to

legislate religion and its tenets into the Sunday Sabbatarianism

human heart, and Christ Himself, least HE following is an editorial from of all, sought to do so; to make Sunday

the Crothersville (Ind.) Herald, a day of privation, of gloom, of penance, of May 27, 1921 :

and of physical and mental stagnation “The attempt of Rev. Harry L. Bowlby, instead of a day of thanksgiving and national secretary of the Lord's Day jubilancy, and to bring the church back Alliance, to crucify liberty on the cross into power as a dominating factor in of Sabbatarianism, should not be dis- politics. Religious liberty means liberty missed lightly or flippantly. He is for every man of every faith or of no commander in chief of the tatterdemalion faith, but the Lord's Day Alliance peopl army of professional reformers, and his think that religious liberty means to comscheme to insure compulsory saintliness pel everybody to worship God according is to organize in every church in every to their conscience, and not according community a squad of moral police, to one's own. And when one protests whose specialty shall be to spy upon their against such religious dogma and raises neighbors. If a weak brother shall be so his arms to tear the clutch of the Lord's sinful as to fall from grace, the duly dele. Day Alliance from his throat, he is a gated character constable would be in sordid, soulless, godless worldling. The duty bound to report him instanter to Lord's Day Alliance is very considerata the authorities. Listen for a moment to for the poor laboring man's day of ress. the vaporings of one of his subordinate claiming that he has been robbed of i generals, Mr. Noah Cooper, of Nashville, and they want to give it back to him hs Tenn.:

depriving him on Sunday afternoons of 'Too long have the people of the earth going to a park, a picture show, a sacred clung to the fleshpots, and their doom is as

concert, or taking a ride in an automcertain as that of Tyre and Sodom. Europe is

bile. Their idea of rest is not the dithe Sodom and America the Gomorrah, and only the immediate return to the Puritanical re

version of the brain from its ordinar ligious precepts of the witch-burning days can path, but refraining from all innoces save the earth from destruction.'

amusements and engaging in pious cor“What they mean by 'the immediate versation. · Eternal vigilance return to the Puritanical religious pre- the price of liberty, and any one w cepts of the witch-burning days' is a re- values it, any one who would be free

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