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sorship or not to worship, cannot afford compel church attendance on Sunday.

be indifferent in this matter. ... Since the Catholic Church is the au“ If the people could ever have a say. thor of Sunday sacredness and Sunday o on these proposed Sunday blue laws observance, why should the Protestant hey would thunder back, No! to your churches which have accepted this Cathoevilish attempt to inoculate the body lic institution, dictate to the members of olitic with this religious pellagra; No! the Catholic Church how they shall obo your relics of medieval bigotry and serve Sunday? Or why should they 'uritan repression to crimson the streams dictate to nonchurch members? Anil f America with the blood of martyrs; especially, why should they compel those fo! to your seething, sizzling, ecclesi- who still observe the original Sabbath of stical hell by which you want to burn divine appointment, to observe also a is; No! to your insane endeavor to su- Catholic institution, in which these peojersede God's method of persuasion and ple have no faith, and which they believe hackle the soul with another Spanish is a denial of their faith and the word of nquisition; No! to the pernicious design God? Why not let the Catholics observe If the Lord's Day Alliance establishing the day in harmony with their own ideals, 1 hierarchy in this country and setting and let every other person do the same, tself up as a great pontiff with despotic so long as they do not violate the procontrol over everything relating to law, vision of our civil regulations which are norals, and religion ; No! to your uncon- equally applicable on every day of the cionable plot to crucify liberty on the week? This, and this only, is religious "Poss of Sabbatarianism."

liberty. Church attendance and religious observances have no value unless the action is voluntary and the motive emanates

from the heart. The church will succeed Church Attendance Compulsory

much faster in filling the church pews by or Voluntary

preaching the power of the love of Christ NHE question of “Religion in and the grace of God, than by appealing

Summertime" received attention to the civil magistrate to use the force

in Our Sunday Visitor, July 10. of law to compel people to conform to It declares, “The closed season for the outward show of religion. Such a the churches is the open season for Sa course makes enemies and hypocrites tan.” The Visitor states that the Catho

instead of friends and Christians.

instead of friends a lie churches do not close shop at any time, but after the congregation has gone to worship in the morning, this “duty

The Right to Work done, it is free to spend the remainder of the day in harmless recreation. Non AS is well known, the Christian Catholics, at least those of the old-fash

Statesman is the official organ of ioned stripe, are not so free to use the

the National Reform Association, Lord's day, and some of them are ob- When it speaks, it is supposed to voice jecting strenuously to any one's so using the official opinion of that association. it. Yet, oddly enough, it is the non- As any other paper or magazine, it someCatholic congregation that shows the times goes outside of its regular contribmost notable falling off in the matter of utors for articles, but these must voice church attendance during the summer.” the ideas of the organization it repre

When the drawing power of the pulpit sents. At times such publications infails to fill the church pews, there are corporate certain actions of certain bodcertain political preachers who are ies and indorse them as sound. tempted to substitute the policeman's The March issue of the Statesman club in place of the cross of Christ to prints a resolution recently adopted by

C. S.




the National Grange. No comment is same stand as regards Sunday legislamade for or against the resolution; so tion. It is a species of tyranny to forbid it is natural to conclude its sentiments an honest man's doing honest work on any are, to say the least, approved by the day of the week. Such laws breed coneditor of the Statesman. This means, if tempt for law, Christians, whether left undisputed, the sentiments of the statesmen or not, should learn this lesson National Reform Association. Here is and heed it. Such measures are not the item, as a whole, just as it appeared born of real statesmanship, and are far in the above-named journal:

removed from the teachings of the A11“ The National Grange does hereby express thor of the golden rule, our Lord and its disapproval of any system which denies Saviour Jesus Christ. They are indeto any individual the right to work in any

fensible from the standpoint of either place where his industry is needed at any

church of state.

W. F. M. time and at any wage which is satisfactory to him, or to quit his employment whenever and for whatever reason may be to him control

送送送 ling, subject only to such contract obligation as he may willingly enter into and as may

Good Reasons Why Congress Has be enforceable in American court of justice."

Tabooed Sunday Laws With these sentiments, the writer of

BY LEON A. SMITH this article is in full accord. The right to work is inalienable. No man should

XAMINED from any possible point divest himself of it; on the other hand,

of view, Sunday laws are seen to no one has rightfully the power to de

be without justification. prive another of the privilege of work

They promote idleness, at a time when ing at any time . .. which is satis- there is far too much idleness in the counfactory to him.” Doubtless the Grange try, and when constructive work was in adopting this resolution and the never so urgently in demand. Statesman in indorsing it, had in mind They stir up religious animosity, at the controversy between the advocates a time when there is the greatest need of of the open and the closed shop. This more peace and good will among all does not matter, the principle is the same. classes of the people. ‘Disapproval ” should ever and always They put a weapon in the hands of be expressed of any system which denies men actuated by spite against peop. to any individual the right to work in because they practise a different kind any place or at any time where his in- of religion. dustry is needed. Let us apply this to Representing compulsion only, they Sunday laws. Whať right has any one

have no place in the religious controto deny to another the privilege of hon- versy which exists over the question of est work on any day of the week?

Sabbath observance. The Sunday law proponents are doing They have never conferred any visiblall in their power to take this right away

benefit upon a community or upon a from all men. Why does the National state. Reform Association array itself on one They have long remained as dead-letteside of this question of rights regarding legislation upon the statute books of the open shop, and on the other side nearly all the States, being inconsistent. when it comes to Sunday laws? It is impractical, and unenforceable, because hard to be on both sides of the fence and out of harmony with American princistill be consistent. No fault can be found ples, ideals, and institutions. with the declaration of the National Being wrong in principle, they en Grange and no censure is due the States- never be right in fact, however mild in man for indorsing it, buť to be con- their demands and however innocent in sistent, the magazine should take the


Need of Vigilance

last night. University Place is the seat THE political, social, industrial, and

of Nebraska Wesleyan University.” —

Washington Evening Star, Aug 17, ommercial worlds are in a highly fever

1921. h state. Revolution is in the very air.

And yet we are told that Sunday laws oman Catholics claim that this state affairs is the result of the Reforma

are purely civil regulations, designed to on of the sixteenth century and the

insure the workingman a day of rest,

and to prevent the commercialization octrines of Protestantism, which, they

of the day! aintain, undermine respect for authory. The remedy they propose is the

en un estoration of the temporal power of the ope and a general return to the bosom

Martin Ryan and Eldridge Trippe, of f the Catholic Church.

Baltimore, Md., were both arrested for Protestants, on the other hand, while

“working on Sunday.” They were

brought before the magistrate's court at eploring the situation, dissent from

Central Police Station. Martin Ryan, ne proposed remedy, and in effect,

an employee of the Independent Ice Comiggest that relief can be found only by

pany, testified that he received a teleknowledging God's right to rule, and

phone call from a woman who said she y making His law the supreme politi

was sick and wanted a small piece of ice, al law, to be enforced by legislative,

and that he asked Eldridge Trippe to Lidicial, and executive action.

take the piece of ice to the home of this The only practical difference, there

sick woman in his small express wagon re, between the Roman Catholic and

as he was running along the street. The ie Protestant position is as to who shall

magistrate at the central station told ecide what the law of God is. In the Trippe that he sympathized with him. rst instance, the Pope would, of course, but that he could not do anything. - the e arbiter of all such questions. In the law would have to take its course. This ther, the consensus of Protestant opin- shows that the “ blueness" has not yet on would be the supreme law, unless been taken out of the Maryland Sunday ndeed the Pope and the preachers might blue law All this happened during the gree on certain fundamental doctrines, extremely hot weather of last June, and uch, for example, as the utility of state

yet our professional reformers dare tell nforced Sunday rest. Indeed, it looks us that there never were any “ blue" s if something of this kind might

laws. asily grow out of the present situation,

which case the dissenter would receive cant consideration. Notwithstanding

The Miami (Fla.) Herald of July 1, ur boasted twentieth century civiliza

discussing at length the bold attempts of

dicono ion, there is still need of that eternal

the Sunday blue law advocates to force igilance which is, as it always has been

4. “a dismal and miserable and most unhe price of liberty.


hallowed sabbath " upon all people, says in conclusion that “the present statutes

ought to be wiped off the books,” and the Blue Law Traps Boys

Tampa Union adds that “ freedom in

choice of plan for observance of the first “ LINCOLN, NEBR., August 17.- Eight day of the week should be accorded every or's caught pitching horseshoes on a man. An attempt to force people into acant lot at University Place, a Lin- the churches by prohibiting anything else

uilty of violating the law and fined $5 nd costs each in justice court of the town

of the church and all that it means to civilization."



Worshiping Sunday Instead of Wrong Way of Doing Things God

CCORDING to the Associated F the Congress of the United States

Press reports of the proceedings passes the blue laws, forcing the peo

of the Christian Endeavor Conple to cease to breathe on Sunday, vention held in New York City, in July we would leave this country and go this convention declared for “ A warless where liberty has not been destroyed. If world by 1923,” and went on record a member of the

as favoring the Florida delega

enactment and tion votes for the The Blue Law Movement

enforcement of bill, we will fight There is apparently on foot a well-laid and con

Sunday blue laws. him to a finish certed plan for the enactment of Sunday blue laws and also declared whenever he during the coming fall and winter. In four South

all opposition to ern States, - Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, and stands for office. Tennessee, - rigid Sunday closing bills are await.

national prohibaMost people wor

ing the reconvening of the legislatures for dis- tion to be “ essen

cussion and action. The Florida measure, which ship Sunday in

tial bolshevism is reported to have the indorsement of an imporstead of God. tant new citizen of that State in the person of

and treason." The sooner they

William Jennings Bryan, proposes to prohibit the The greatest ene

use of electricity and music on Sunday except for learn that in this church and Sunday school services, for the private

mies of national twentieth century home, and for the public streets, and to close every prohibition arr they cannot take place of amusement and all establishments where those extremist:

soft drinks are sold. Under the terms of the from the human Tennessee bill, drafted by Noah W. Cooper, who

who are favoring race inherent favors a national blue law, all Sunday trains would

the death penalty rights, the better. be stopped and the publication of Sunday news

for its violators papers prevented. We helped them The first point of attack, as was the case with and who resort vote this country

prohibition, is evidently to be the South, and when to unconstitu,

the South is solid, or nearly so, the venue will be dry, but we are changed to the District of Columbia, to Army and

tional methods through fighting Navy reservations, and to other territory controlled for its enforce the people in the by the Federal Government. Extension to the rest

ment. As long as of the country will be the next logical step. ruling of their There is no doubt that the movement is making

such a spirit exown lives, so long

headway. Earnest and able men and women, some ists in the hearts

of them not overburdened with scruples as to the as they do not in

of those who personal liberty, the property rights, or the vested vade the rights of interests of others, are behind it and pushing it claim to be Chris others. We say, with might and main. In opposition is the Anti

tians, “a warles blue Law League of America, which appears to be a Give man freedom determined and wide-awake organization that senses

world” must reand permit him the ultimate national aims of the Sunday closers. main an impossito worship God Between the two contending forces the fight gives

bility. promise of being a stiff one. At all events, the in his own way. issue is fairly knit, and the country will not be

Blue law meth Does grass grow

taken unawares, as it was in great part in the ods do not make

wet-and-dry campaign. If it adopts Sunday blue on Sunday? will

for peace, but laws, it will do so with its eyes open.- Washington seed sprout! do Post, Sept. 2, 1921.

hatred. War esfish sleep through

ists in the hearts Sunday! do we

of men before it get hungry? Then we will do well to fol- is visualized on the field of battle. For low the laws of nature, and be happy in this reason the war spirit must be takon our own way. We cannot believe that a out of human hearts before it can majority in Congress are fools and will be banished from the earth. “ The wo induced to vote for the blue laws that of his mouth were smoother than but existed in New England when they ter, but war was in his heart: his word burned witches. - Editorial, Ft. Lauder- were softer than oil, yet were they dale (Fla.) Sentinel, July 22, 1921. drawn swords.” Ps. 55: 21.

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A new book by the editors of the Liberty Magazine, dealing directly with the present unholy combination of religious leaders in an endeavor to enact laws contrary to the spirit and letter of American liberty.

Shall there be freedom to worship
or bot to worship God according to
the dictates of one's own conscience,
or shall religious laws proscribe per-
sonal liberties?
Illustrated, 128 pages; price, 35c.

Order of the
Review & Herald Pub. Assn.

Takoma Park, D. C,

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