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Tangier Island Again for three specific purposes, as follows: HE readers of LIBERTY will readily $500,000 for a headquarters building in recall the shooting of Roland Parks

Pittsburgh, $500,000 as a literature fund. last spring, on Tangier Island, Va.,

and $100,000" to build up the associa. by Constable Charles C. Connorton.

tion's magazine," the Christian StatesStripped of all technicalities, the facts are that young Parks was shot and In defining the principles of the Naseverely wounded for refusing either to tional Reform Association, Dr. R. H. go to church or to hide himself inside Martin declared that its “program will his father's house during the hours of bring the nation to accept the will of religious service on

Christ in all that Sunday, as re

it does. A great quired by a local

campaign of eduordinance enacted

cation," he con for the purpose of


tinued,” will bring securing better at

the majority to the tendance at church.

point where they Connorton was

will accept found guilty of un

the ideals of justifiable assault

Christ. with a deadly

then be written weapon, and was

down in the law of sentenced to serve

the land and a a year in the peni

national confession tentiary.

of faith made. peal was taken to

This nation will the supreme court,

then humbly bow but it affirmed the

before Jesus Christ sentence. An ef.


and place the fort was then made

crown of its own to secure a pardon

sovereignty at His Map Showing Tangier Island from the governor.

feet.” This failing, Mr. Connorton was sent

The National Reformers deny that to the penitentiary about the middle of they seek a union of church and state; October, 1920, there to serve one year, what they want, they tell us, is "a union subject to the usual deductions for good of religion and the state." But this is behavior.

just what the Constitution forbids: “ Congress shall make no law respecting

an establishment of religion." National Reform Up to Date

The question of religious legislation is ECEMBER 5-7, 1920, the Na- now more prominently before the whole tional Reform Association held people of the nation than ever before.

its annual meeting in Pittsburgh, The Lord's Day Alliance has declared Pa. We had a reporter present, and for a legalized Puritan Sunday, and Conshall be able next quarter to give the gress is being besieged to enact a Sunday movement and this particular meeting law for the District of Columbia to serve the attention their far-reaching “re- as a model not only for a national Sunforms” demand. These men are as de- day law, but for laws in the several termined as ever to subvert free govern- States as well, a sort of Sunday Volstead ment in the United States, and as far as Act, giving the nation and all the States possible in the world. They have a uniform Sunday law as we now have a launched a campaign to raise $1,100,000 uniform prohibition law.








AMMUNITION! Facts, Arguments, and Inspiration for the Campaign

AMERICAN STATE PAPERS A Book for the Times Bearing on Sunday Legislation


New, Revised, and Enlarged Edition.

Rare and Valuable Documents on Religious Legislation. CONTAINS WHAT EVERY AMERICAN CITIZEN SHOULD KNOW

The Religious Laws of Colonial Times
The Measures and Movements Which Made

for Freedom
Religious Liberty and Its Conflicts Under

the Constitution Sunday Laws Before the Bar of Reason

Court Decisions Relating to Religion and

Religious Rights
Operation of Sunday Laws in the United

History of Sunday Legislation from Con-

stantine to the Present Time

Eight Books in One. Eight Hundred Pages Cloth binding, postpaid, only $1.00; with “ Liberty,” one year, $1.25

Religious Liberty in America


This book deals with the growth of the principles of religious and civil liberty from the beginning of the Christian era down to our own time. It shows how the two principles — religious liberty and religious oppression — have run side by side through the history of nations, the one building up the true kingdom of Christ and the other making martyrs of Christ's true followers. The planting of those two principles on the shores of the New World, and the struggle between them for dominance here, is pictured in interesting detail. Considerable space is devoted to the growth and work of such un-American and oppressive organizations as the National Reform Association, the Lord's Day Alliance, and the Federal Council of the Churches, and to how these forces propose to unite and are now uniting for the enforcement of oppressive legislation, and have opened the way for union with the Catholic Church for the same purpose. The author shows how this combination of forces is working directly to fulfil the desires and purposes of Rome concerning America. The revelation of what those purnoses are and what Rome is doing to bring them about makes one of the most thrilling sections of the book. The closing chapter, “ Heaven's Answer to Earth's Great Problem," shows how God Ul work out the problem of this world through the second coming of Christ, and the establishment of his reign in this sin-smitten world. 436 pages, fully illustrated. Cloth ...... $1.00. Paper Cover, Berean Library, No. 11. $ .35


WASHINGTON, D. C. South Bend, Ind.

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Religious Liberty Association


1. We believe in God, in the Bible as the word of God, and in the separation of church and state as taught by Jesus Christ.

2. We believe that the ten commandments are the law of God, and that they comprehend man's whole duty to God and man.

3. We believe that the religion of Jesus Christ is founded in the law of love of God, and needs no human power to support or enforce it. Love cannot be forced.

4. We believe in civil government as divinely ordained to protect men in the enjoyment of their natural rights and to rule in civil things, and that in this realm it is entitled to the respectful obedience of all.

5. We believe it is the right, and should be the privilege, of every individual to worship or not to worship, according to the dictates of his own conscience, provided that in the exercise of this right he respects the equal rights of others.

6. We believe that all religious legislation tends to unite church and state, is subversive of human rights, persecuting in character, and opposed to the best interests of both church and state.

7. We believe, therefore, that it is not within the province of civil government to legislate on religious questions.

8. We believe it to be our duty to use every lawful and honorable means to prevent religious legislation, and oppose all movements tending to unite church and state, that all may enjoy the inestimable blessings of civil and religious liberty.

9. We believe in the inalienable and constitutional right of free speech, free press, peaceable assembly, and petition.

10. We also believe in temperance, and regard the liquor traffic as a curse to society.

For further information regarding the principles of this association, address the Religious Liberty Association, Takoma Park, Washington, D. C. (secretary, C. S. Longacre), or any of the affiliated organizations given below:

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