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Religious Liberty Association


1. We believe in God, in the Bible as the word of God, and in the separation of church and state as taught by Jesus Christ.

2. We believe that the ten commandments are the law of God, and that they comprehend man's whole duty to God and man.

3. We believe that the religion of Jesus Christ is founded in the law of love of God, and needs no human power to support or enforce it. Love cannot be forced.

4. We believe in civil government as divinely ordained to protect men in the enjoyment of their natural rights and to rule in civil things, and that in this realm it is entitled to the respectful obedience of all.

5. We believe it is the right, and should be the privilege, of every individual to worship or not to worship, according to the dictates of his own conscience, provided that in the exercise of this right he respects the equal rights of others.

6. We believe that all religious legislation tends to unite church and state, is subversive of human rights, persecuting in character, and opposed to the best interests of both church and state.

7. We believe, therefore, that it is not within the province of civil government to legislate on religious questions.

8. We believe it to be our duty to use every lawful and honorable means to prevent religious legislation, and oppose all movements tending to unite church and state, that all may enjoy the inestimable blessings of civil and religious liberty.

9. We believe in the inalienable and constitutional right of free speech, free press, peaceable assembly, and petition.

10. We also believe in temperance, and regard the liquor traffic as a curse to society.

For further information regarding the principles of this association, address the Religious Liberty Association, Takoma Park, Washington, D. C. (secretary, C. S. Longacre), or any of the affiliated organizations given below:

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Published quarterly by the


CALVIN P. BOLLMAN, Managing Editor
WILLIAM F. MARTIN, Associate Editor


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NO. 3

Are We Guilty of Misrepresentation?


HE Christian

transgressing beyond

the farthest boundaries Statesman, of

of fact, or he did not ficial organ of

Let the Facts know the facts and drew the National Reform

heavily upon his superAssociation, in its Bear Witness

heated imagination." issue for May, 1921,

Here the writer states that the


is accused not only writer, editor of the

of being guilty of LIBERTY magazine, Charles S. Longacre

misrepresentation, grossly misrepre

but also of possesssented the aims and

ing a fanciful imagpurposes of the Na

ination. tional Reform Association, the Lord's The writer has no desire to misrepreDay Alliance, and the International Re- sent any one.

When he made the preform Bureau, in an article which ap- ceding statement, he had in mind some peared in the signs of the Times Sab- utterances published by these reform bath special of Feb. 1, 1921, when he associations which clearly outlined the made the following statement :

aims and purposes of the three organiza" Just now Sunday laws of the most drastic tions named, showing that the real purnature are proposed by the Lord's Day Alliance, pose of their movement is to compel the National Reform Association, and the In

every one to observe Sunday in harmony ternational Reform Bureau. If these religious

with their Puritanical notions, irrespecorganizations could have their own way before Congress, it would not be long until the streams

tive of individual belief upon this quesof America would flow crimson with the blood tion. Since the writer's assertion has of martyrs, as they did in Europe during the been challenged and statements to the reign of the Inquisition. These organizations are favoring the confiscation of property, and

contrary published, alleging that these even the extreme penalty prescribed for treason

organizations do not intend to persecute against the government, for all who dare to any one, it is only fair that the facts violate the drastic Sunday laws which they pro- should be disclosed. pose Congress shall enact for the whole nation."

Each of these three organizations has The Christian Statesmin says: gone on record as favoring religious leg"It is not necessary to röply to this super- islation by Congress, Religious legislasensational charge in detail. It is enough to

tion knows no mercy. It operates upon say that it is wholly devoid of every semblance of truth. Mr. Longacre either knew the facts

the principle that minorities have no ia the case, and therefore knew that he was rights which majorities must respect.

In the published proceedings of the tion does not hesitate in the least to inFifth National Reform Convention, page vade the rights of conscience by asking 71, we find this statement setting forth the state to intrude into the field of rethe platform principles of the National ligion by adopting a national religious Reform Association :

amendment. Listen to the following “ Constitutional laws punish for false money, upon this point: weights, and measures, and of course Congress Now, we are warned that to ingraft this establishes a standard for money, weights, and doctrine upon the Constitution will be oppres. measures. So Congress must establish a stand

sive; that it will infringe the rights of colard of religion, or admit anything called reli

science; and we are told that there are atheists, gion.”

deists, Jews, and Seventh Day Baptists who In the proceedings of the (1873) Na- would be sufferers under it.” tional Convention to Secure the Reli

“These are all for the occasion, and gious Amendment to the Constitution,

so far as our amendment is concerned, the following purpose is boldly avowed :

one class.” “What are the rights of an “We want state and religion, and we are atheist? I would tolerate him," said going to have it.”

Jonathan Edwards," as I would tolerate The Rev. M. A. Gault, then a district

a poor lunatic; for in my view his mind secretary of the National Reform Asso

is scarcely sound. So long as he does ciation, in a letter dated June 3, 1889,

not rave, so long as he is not dangerous, said:

I would tolerate him. I would tolerate “We propose to incorporate in our national him as I would a conspirator. .. Constitution, the moral and religious command,

There is nothing out of hell that I would 'In it [the Sunday] thou shalt do no work,' except the works of necessity, and by external

not tolerate as soon! The atheist may force of sheriffs we propose to arrest and pun

live, as I have said; but, God helping us, ish all violators of this law."

the taint of his destructive creed shall In the proceedings of the National Re- not defile any of the civil institutions of form Convention of 1873, page 60, we all this fair land! Let us repeat, atheread that the National Reform Associa

(Continued on page 91)



After painting

H. G. Glindoni.

“Noah Cooper, an active promoter of the Lord's Day Alliance interests in Tennessee, recently said that the only thing that would save America from destruction was an immediate return to the Puritanical religious precepts of the witch-burning days.""

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