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“Proclaim liberty throughout all the land unto all the inhabitants thereof." Leviticus 25:10.

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CALVIN P. BOLLMAN, Managing Editor WILLIAM F. MARTIN, Associate Editor




Illumination of the United States Capitol ........
Americanism; What It Is

The International Conference for the Limitation of Armaments

Jamestown Declared Birthplace of Americanism
Proposed Sunday Legislation Recalls Imprisonment of John Bunyan
Liberty of the Press .......
A Significant Statement
American Vindication of the Rights of Man ............
The Church Triumphant; the State in Ruins
Reform Logic Which Leads to the Inquisition
The Policy of “Sunday Laws"
The Church, the State, and the Bible ................
Religious Propaganda Under Civil Disguise ...
The Pharisaism of Sunday Laws
A Denial and a Correction
The Bible and Religion in the Public Schools
Note and Comment
Roger Williams, “ The First American ” .........


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the divine right of kings. It term much used these

means civil administration

C. P. Bollman days, and withal not

by right and not by might. a little abused. It is

It stands for “governemployed as meaning

ment of the people, by many things not Amer

the people, and for the ican at all, but which

people” in all secular their promoters would

affairs, and the policy impose upon the pub

of “hands off” in all lic as being in har

matters pertaining to mony with American

real or supposed duty spirit and principles.

owed by men to God. For an example of a

This is Americanism. glaring misuse of the

But strange as it word "Americanism,"

may seem, that which we need only refer to

is now properly called the Christian States

Americanism was first man for July, 1921.

enunciated, not in the In that paper an at

New World, but in the tempt was made to

Old; not upon the show that certain meas

Western Continent, ures of religious legis

but the Eastern; not lation demanded by the

in America, but in National Reformers are

Asia; not in a free consonant with Amer

Render to Cæsar the Things That Are

commonwealth, but in

Cæsar's." ican principles, and

a Roman province; not therefore entitled to be described by the in the United States, but in Palestine. term “ Americanism.” But let us exam. It was not born of human wisdom, but ine the subject a little with a view to of divine prescience; and was voiced, ascertaining what the word really means. not by man, but by God, even by the

In a political sense, Americanism sig. Lord Jesus Christ, our divine Teacher nifies the recognition and protection of and Saviour. Says George Bancroft: natural, God-given rights, both civil and “No one thought of vindicating liberty of religious. It means the Declaration of religion for the conscience of the individual, Independence as against the doctrine of till a voice in Judea, breaking day for the

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The freemen of America did bait till usurped poder had stran ened itself by exercise. ...3 ses all the consequences in the ciple, and they avoided the copy quences by denying the prind - Madison.



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And it is this doctrine of civil and religious liberty, especially freedom in the sphere of religion, that is today properly known as “Americanism; " and that for the sufficient reason that though originally voiced in Judea, it was first accepted and adopted in a practical way as a sound political principle by the founders of the American government, who wrote it into the Declaration of Independence, and then after independence had been acknowledged by Britain, embodied it in the na

tional Constitution, in James Madison, the Father of the Constitution"

the immortal words: “Congress shall make

no law respecting an greatest epoch in the life of humanity by es. establishment of religion, or prohibiting tablishing for all mankind a pure, spiritual, the free exercise thereof." and universal religion, enjoined to render to Cæsar only that which is Cæsar's.”—History

The prohibition of “an establishment of the United States," Vol. VI, book 5, chap. i. of religion ” might have been construed

In the same volume. Dr. Bancroft to mean that there should be no state or writes:

national church, as was the case in every “ Vindicating the right of individuality even

European country. But the words, “or in religion, and in religion above all, the new prohibiting the free exercise thereof," nation dared to set the example of accepting in give the First Amendment a very broad its relations to God the principle first divinely

and unmistakable meaning. The doordained in Judea. It left the management of temporal things to the temporal power; but

main of religion, “the home of reason, the American Constitution, in harmony with the the citadel of conscience, the sanctuary people of the several States, withheld from of the soul,” is not to be invaded in any the Federal Government the power to invade way by the civil power. This was Amer. the home of reason, the citadel of conscience,

way in the the power of

icanism in the infancy of the American the sanctuary of the soul; and not from indif. ference, but that the infinite spirit of eternal

Republic, and it is Americanism today. truth might move in its freedom and purity

Dr. Bancroft well says that this Con. nd power,"

stitutional provision was adopted, “not

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from indifference, but
that the infinite spirit
of eternal truth might
move in its freedom and
purity and power."

This statement by
America's greatest his-
torian, has been chal-
lenged by some who
would have us believe
that our Constitution is
godless, made so by the
atheistic philosophy of
French infidelity; but
the charge is false.
Americanism is not in
its nature anti-Chris-
tian, but essentially
Christian, the fruit of
genuine respect for, and
admiration of, the prin-
ciples of government
taught by Jesus

George Bancroft, American Historian and Statesman
Christ Himself.

James Madison, the
Father of the Constitution, was not only colony had not been swallowed up by
a theoretical believer in Christianity, the Colony of Massachusetts Bay, and
but a man of known personal piety. if the mere handful of Pilgrims coming

Paine lost the friendship of Washing to these shores in 1620 from England by ton by the publication of his “ Age of way of Holland, had not been lost in Reason.” Indeed, a large majority of the thousands of Puritans that followed the signers of the Declaration of Inde- them ten years later, coming direct from pendence, as also of the framers of the England, the history of New England Constitution, were Christian men, at might have been very different from least by profession, and who has any what it is, and Massachusetts mighť inright to judge them and to say thať they deed have been the home of Americanwere not sincere? Certainly not the ism, for the Pilgrims were not persemen who are trying today to turn us cutors, as were the Puritans. But such back to medievalism in both church and was not to be. state.

To Roger Williams in Rhode Island It is time that Americans ceased to and to the Presbyterians and Baptists hark back to Puritan days for the ori. of Virginia must be awarded the honor gin of Americanism. If the Plymouth

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