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Maidstone, January 26, 1848.-Our in- tism. We accordingly baptized her, and she crease in this place is very slow. Two or is now rejoicing in Jesus her Saviour. About three have left the town; others who have the same hour of the same day, another girl withdrawn were Calvinists. I am sorry that that had been one of our scholars, had asked it should be so; but really if we are to set leave of her father to go to the evening meetourselves to please these creatures, we could ing; she was the eldest of five, and wluilst in not freely use the bible, but must be tied up the act of preparing, and washing her sister, to the use of a set of phrases to which they her clothes caught fire; there being no one have list all their days, but none of the house, she ran out, but was dreadfully which are to be found in the Word of God. burnt. I went to see her on Monday mornMen are now taught to look for salvationing, when she requested me to read a chapthrough the medium of their own pious feel. ter out of the Testament, and pray for her, ings, rather than placing a firm faith on which I accordingly did ; she appeared to be the testimony of God. I will just relate the quite composed, and resigned to the will of case of one who united with us from the the Lord. She entreated her father and mo. Baptists, soon after Brother King visited us ther to obey the commandments of Jesus, and the last time. The third chapter of John's desired me to pray for them and for her little gospel came in our regular course of reading. brothers and sisters. She was one of the most When a brother remarked, it was obvious affectionate and dutiful girls I ever knew. from the teaching of Jesus to Nicodemus, She died on the Tuesday following. My that the salvation of the gospel was condi- | prayer is, that this mysterious Providence tional–Faith, Repentance, and Baptism; may be made a blessing to her parents, and for Jesus bas said, " Except a man be born a warning to us to be always ready, for in of water and of the spirit, he cannot enter such an hour as we think not, the Son of Man into the kingdom of heaven.”

Whis was

cometh. February 6tb.--This evening, we enough. The next thing I heard of him was had the unspeakable pleasure of hearing a that he had withdrawn from us, and when broken down sinner confess his faith in Jesus, called upon by two of us, he said that salva- and ask for baptism; and we took him the tion was unconditional; it did not depend same hour of the night and baptized him. upon any act of either body or mind; and After this the mother of the girl that was although he had been a Baptist for a dozen burned, expressed her wish to obey Jesus, but years, he said that John iii. 5 ought to be she desired us to instruct her more perfectly read, “ Except a man be born of the flesh in the way of the Lord. February 13: this and of the spirit,&c. I made use of Bro. morning, after the meeting, two made their Campbell's golden rule, that of substituting confession, and desired to be baptized : one of the definition for the term, which certainly them has been a local preacher among the made it appear very absurd. Yours, J.C. Methodists, and the other is an aged woman. [Surely there are not many Baptists who Weimmersed them in the river Douglas, be

are equally ignorant of the meaning of fore large number of witnesses. Brother John ii. 5 as this man seems to be. But | Parkinson, who is a valiant soldier for Jesus proposing a conditional salvation is the Christ, addressed the multitude on the leading great offence to all Calvinists, yet none of facts of the gospel, and the blessings promised them admit that a man can be saved with to those who obey the truth. In the evening out faith, repentance, and regeneration; of the same day three others expressed their but the general teaching is, that the Holy desire to obey Jesus, and be saved by him. Spirit produces each of them, and com- We baptized them in the river the same hour, pletes the work in a moment, without a and now they are rejoicing in God their Sao single moveinent on the part of the sinner, viour. May they be preserved faithful unto or rather on the part of him who had been death, that they may receive a crown of life, chosen from eternity, and created for this which fadeth not away. The day following purpose.]

another was added to Christ by baptism.

Yours in Jesus, T. Coop. Wigan, Jan 29.-Last Lord's day afternoon, at our bible-class meeting, we had the Evangelist Fund.Brother John Hine, pleasure to hear the confession of a young

treasurer to the Evangelist Fund, desires to girl, about sixteen years of age, who had acknowledge the receipt of ten shillings from been a Sunday scholar. We were gratified sister S. K. Alcester, Warwickshire, to proto hear her simple faith and confidence in mote the spread of the gospel.

Also ten Jesus Christ, as having died for her sins, and pounds five shillings from the Church in risen again for her justification. Some one Nottingham for the same object. of the brethren asked her why she wished (Note.--Brother Campbell is still trying to to be baptized ? Because I have read in negociate for one or two evangelists to the Bible that Jesus said he that believeth visit this country during the ensuing and is baptized shall be saved: I believe in

Should be succeed, which we Jesus Christ, I know that I am a sinner, and hope and pray may be the case, the con: I wish to be saved. She said she repented of tributions of all the brethren will be reher sins, and wished to obey Jesus in bap- quired. We therefore recommend to them


not to allow a single month or a quarter fourth Lord's day, brother Challen laboring of the year to pass over without making all the time. There was but one addition some provision for this object. We hope during the meeting, and one since. The the law case in Scotland will be shortly prospects for more are very good indeed. settled.-Ed.)

Brother Challen's labors were highly acceptable to the brethren, and to the communiiy

generally. He is an eloquent inan, and OBITUARIES.

mighty in the scriptures. His native goodNottingham.—Two bretbren, members of ness and devotion to the good cause--the the Church in Nottingham, have fallen asleep tone of piety which runs through his disin Jesus since our last issue; one of them courses-- all conspire to make him a preacher

A few such aged 50, and tbe other 63 years. Thus Time that cannot fail to do good. is winging us away to our eternal homę.

veterans in this good fight of faith, and vic

We are all Life is but a winter's day-a journey to the tory would inevitably be ours. tomb.

animation now at Carthage, and feel great

hopes of yet seeing joyful seasons in the Bulwell.— Two of our poor brethren, mem

service of our God. I forgot to say that the bers of the Church in Builwell, left their native

two who confessed the Lord as the fruit of shore, via Liverpool, in November last, to

this meeting, are persons of excellent chaseek employment in the United States. One

racter, who will not be likely to disgrace the of them, Henry Holmes, leaving a wife and holy name they have publicis acknowledged. children behind ; and the other, Jas. Hayes, The brethren at Carthage are very anxious a wife only, to struggle on in this country, you should pay them a visit. Yours in truth until their husbands could send for them and love,

B. U. WATKINS. across the mighty deep. A letter of recommendation was given to each. On the 13th M'Connellsville, O., October 22, 1847.-ultimo a letter was received from New York, Since I last addressed you, I have preached from which we give the following extract:-- once at Wolf creek, and immersed one more. New York, January 29, 1818.

I have also beld a protracted meeting at Dear Brother Wallis-On the 15th instant, Brother East Branch church, and enlisted six soldiers H. Holmes, from the church in Bulwell, arrived here into the army of the King--also two others, alone, without Brother Hayes. From the tirst day of

who had been for some time on the sick list, sailing, Brother Hayes was sick, experiencing considerable depression of spirits. He seemed t have reported themselves convalescent and ready a strong obj ction to drink sea water, or to take any for duty--making an increase of eight to the thing to alleviate his sickness, up to the 29th of De numerical strength of the King's army. At cember, when he was contined to his bed. In a few days, fever affected his reason, but this was alleviated Beverley, also, I had the pleasure of obtainby vinegar, &c. but althou 'h he had the utmost at-ing two new recruits. Brother Parkerson tention paiu to him by Brother Holmes, ha remained preached at Mountsville. The Methodist insensible, with short lucid intervals, until the 9th of January. On the second Lord's day in the new

meeting-house had been obtained for him ; year, at six.clock in the morning, (your time) he

but when he came, the door was locked, and fell asleep in Jesus. He had been better the day be- 66 Peter had the key.He preached, howfore, and they had retired to rest, when at half past ever, in another house, and immersed eight one, Brother Holmes was aroused by a groaning; he hastened up, and procured a light, but Brother Hayes persons, five of whom were Methodists-could not speak; he smiled, shook his head, grasped lock him out again, Methodist brethren ! Brother Holines by the hand, and shortly after toll Several of those [ immersed at Wolf Creek asleep, calm and composedly as an infant on its mo- and East Branch were from the Methodist ther's breast. At ten o'clock in the morning he was wrapped in a clean sheet, and buried in the world of church. Brother Devour, elder of the church waters, there to remain until heaven's eternal spring at Beverley, preached lately on Olive Green, invites him to arise and bloom in fairer fields and where the Presbyterians and Congregationunder brighter skies.

alists have been rallying their forces during Brother Holmes is now with us until he has overcome the debilitating effects of his nearly eight weeks' the last summer with considerable success. voyage, when he intends to go to Philadelphia ; he After laboring there a while, Brother Devour will do well if this country agrees with his health. I am glad he is come, and stiîl more glad, from the

gave an invitation, and five or six came fors'atement of his own circumstances, and those of so

ward and obeyed the gospel. That this was many others, that I am not a citizen of a country of a glorious display of the triumph of truth, such concentrated slavery and oppression oh, when will the gospel breek the oppressor's chains, ther Devour's educational advantages are

When, will appear, when it is understood that Broand bind the people with the cords of love and the bands of a man? Ah, when ?

very limited, and that he has to labor hard Yours in the hope,

at the anvil to support a large family, while JAMES and SARAH BEADMAN.

the opposing preachers were men of learning.

But the word of the Lord is a better hammer Foreign.

and a hotter fire than blacksmiths commonly

use, and so it proved in this case: he has Our protracted meeting at Carthage com- produced great excitement in that neigbmenced on the Saturday evening before the bourhood “Great is the truth above all third Lord's day in September, and was things, and will prevail.” brought to a close on the evening of the


vernment, and not be involved in the THOUGHTS ON CIVIL GO

guilt, which our brother admits to be VERNMENT.

the very foundation of all these instiCARTHAGE, Onuo, October 24, 1847. tutions ? But you may ask, is not Dear Brother-Will you permit Brother W. a constituent in this gome to say a word to Brother Green, vernment ? I answer, no; I am a on Civil Government ? I do not pilgrim and a stranger, as all


faintend in this letter to discuss the thers were. I have no continuing whole question of the rightfulness of city ; but I seek one to come. My Civil Government. But we wish to citizenship is in heaven! May the show Brother Green that we are not good Lord keep us all unspotted from so far apart as he supposes.

the world ! B. U. WATKINS. Brother G. says: “ The Lord himself

gave Israel a civil code.” This THE GOSPEL, GOD'S MORAL is true. Has he done less for his

POWER. spiritual Israel ? If Civil Govern- How transcendent and sublime ment be so essential and good, would the power of speech, to convince, to our heavenly Father withhold it from rouse and awe the soul. A Demos“them that walk uprightly ?” Now thenes utters the thunders of eloquence, I think that the government of Christ and a nation ruslies to the defence of is the civilest I have any knowledge liberty. A Tully speaks, and Senates of! I do think that Christ in his hang entranced upon the charmed law and kingdom has given us all words that glow upon his lips. A things necessary to life and godliness. Luther utters his words of power, But if we have “ ALL thingsneces- and a world roused, as by the thunsary in the kingdom of Christ, what der peal of heaven, bursts the long business have we with the rulers of riveted chains of despotism. God the darkness of this world ? Brother speaks, and does no power breathe G. admits that Christ said nothing in his words ? The world is staragainst human governments, and tled by the eloquence of Earth, and nothing for them. “ If he did not cannot it be moved by the eloquence acknowledge Cæsar's right to com- of Heaven? mand, he acknowledged his might, The apostle of the Gentiles settled and taught his disciples to do the this question, in his emphatic and ame.Very well, then, Brother G. triumphant declaration to the Rolet us follow the example of our mans—" I am not ashamed of the blessed Redeemer, and say nothing gospel of Christ, for it is the power of for, nor against these institutions, but God unto salvation to every one that just let them alone. Stand aloof believeth.” The gospel itself—not from them, and say like the Saviour, any thing else—not the fist of His “Who made me a ruler and a judge omnipotence—which creates and anover you ?” And, like Paul, “ What nihilates worlds is the power of the have we to do to judge them that are Highest, for the salvation of humanity. without ?" If there never was a hu- What kind of power is that, which man Pontifical Government since the is thus potent for human salvation ? flood that was not founded in blood- There are but two kinds of power shed, is there not a little danger that wielded by the Omnipotent-His Christians, in taking an active part in physical and resistless might, which these governments, should become creates and destroys—and His intelpartakers in their blood-guiltiness ? lectual and moral power, which Can a Christian vote, swear allegi- moves upon and influences the intelance, vow to support the constitution, lectual and moral nature of beings, and be a constituent part of said go- Imade in His image. We assume,

that the power of the Gospel is of the good and great, revealing to the latter kind.

adoring gaze of his faith, the imThe Gospel is a message-glad maculate and glorious character of tidings—a communication from the the unseen God in the Man Christ Intelligence of the Universe to the Jesus. It appeals to the gratitude of intelligence of earth. In the nature the soul, by the touching exhibition of the case, it can carry with it no of the philanthrophy of God, in the other power, than that which affects dying love of his Son. It enkindles mind-the potency of arguments and the hope of man, by the entrancing motives. To suppose it charged with vision of immortality and life eternal, physical and resistless energy, to awakening in his spirit new and untransform the soul, such as that which earthly aspirations, for the true, the originally created it, is to imagine pure, and the eternal. something inconceivable, incredible. The Gospel, God's power, the

To assert, that the Gospel, fraught concentrated might of His intelligence as it is with mighty argument and and love, thus moving upon the face transcendent motives, is destitute of of the great deep of humanity, evolves power to convince and persuade the from its moral darkness and chaos, mind-to affect and remodel human the new and fair creation of a recharacter—is to deny to it the moral generated character ! - Prot. Union. power, which, in our familiar experience, we know is continually exerted PROFANITY.—Profane swearing is by the words of a mortal upon his a great sin ; God abhors it, and often fellows.

punishes it in this life. He will not How admirably is the Gospel hold that man guiltless who takes his adapted to the accomplishment of its awful name in vain ; He is jealous of object-the salvation of man—from his honor, and he will not suffer any ignorance, from unbelief, and from creature to trample upon it with imthe dominion of sin—the exaltation punity. It is a useless sin, it confirms and perfection of the character !

no man's word; he who seeks to As an intellectual agency, it en- establish his veracity by adding prolightens ; revealing to man his true fane oaths to his assertions, gives relations to the Universe, revealing loud-mouthed evidence that his declato him God and himself—unfolding rations are untrue. Heaven's great scheme for his re- VIRTUE EMBODIED.-The eloquent covery ; dispelling the black cloud of Dr. Blair, concluding a public disignorance, the moral death-pall of course, in which he descanted with his his spirit. By its incontrovertible usual ability on the amiableness of virfacts, and conclusive arguments, it tue—said, if thou were embodied, all convinces the mind, exorcising the men would love thee ! His colleague, demon of unbelief, silencing the last Rev. Mr. Walker, ascended the same cavil of infidelity, and removing the pulpit in the afternoon of the same last doubt of scepticism.

sabbath ; and, addressing the conAs a moral agency, it renovates gregation, said, “ My reverend brothe soul. It rouses into predominant ther observed in the morning, that if action its highest and noblest prin- virtue were embodied, all men would ciples. It speaks to the conscience, love her. Virtue has been embodied, the moral sense of the soul, awakening but how was she treated ? Did all it to juster conceptions of the right, men love her ? No; she was deand to a loftier and firmer control spised and rejected of men, who, after over the wayward spirit. It addresses defaming, insulting and scourging her, the reverence of the soul, that prin- led her to Calvary,where they crucified ciple of man which venerates the her between two thieves.'


THE FAMILY CIRCLE. The gloomy, the terrific. Chrystal founts

Almost invisible in their serene THE OHIO RIVER -We have collected (some


pure transparency-high, pillar'd domes facts relative to the Ohio which may not prove un.

With stars and Ilowers all fretted like the halls interesting to our readers. The Ohio, including the

Of oriental inonarchs-rivers dark Allegheny, which may. be regarded as the same river,

And drear and voiceless as oblivion's stream under another name, is 1200 miles long. At Cincin That flows through death': dim vale of silence: gulfs nati, which is about equi-distant from Pittsburgh

all fathomless. down which the loosened rock to its confluence with the Mississippi, it is 534 yards Plunges until its far-off echoes come wide, which may be assumed as its average width. Fainter and fainter, like the dying roll Its annual range here, from low to high water is Of thunders in the distance : stygian pools about fifty feet: its'extreme range on record is 64 Whose agitated waves give back a mound feet. It generally reaches its lowest stages in Au

Hollow and disinal, like the sullen roar gust, September, and October: and its greatest In the volcano's depths--these, these have left rises are in December, March, May, and June. For The r spell upon me, and their memories

long distance below Pittsburgh, it is frozen over Have passed into my spirit, and are now every winter, for several weeks: at Cincinnati it is Blent with my being, till they seem a part not thus closed' oftener than once in five years, on

Of my own imunortality. an average. Its current, when at mean height, three miles, and when higher a:1d rising, four to tive

God's hand, miles. Its immedite valley has an average width of one mile. It has the folloving tributaries, the Mon

At the creation, hollowed out this vast

Domain of darkness, where nor herb nor flower onga hela, Allegheny, Beaver, Kanawha, Muskingnin, Hocking, Scioto, Great Sandy, Great and Little

Ker sprang amid the sands, por dews nor rains

Nor blessed sunbeams fell with freshening power, Miama, Licking, Kentuchy, Wabash. Salt, Green, Cuiaberland, and Tennessee, which drain a region

Nor gentle breeze its Eden-message told of upwards of 130,000,000 acres-an area three times

Amid the dreadful gloom. Six thousand years larger than all New England, and as large as all

Swept o'er the earth, e'er human, foot-prints marked the Atlantic States north of the Potoinac.

This subterranean desert. Ce turies

Like shadows came and passed, and not a sound MANUFACTORIES IN Mexico.- There are nu

Was in tais realm, save when at intervals, merous cotton manufactories in Mexico. In 1842

lu the long lapse of ages, some huge mass there were 53 factories, having 131,280 spindles, of overhauging rock tell thundering down, which consumed about 3.000.000 lbs. of cotton an

Its echoes sounding through these corridors nually, being about 2,000,000 lbs. more than the

A moment, and then dying in a hush puoduction of that country at that time. The raw Of silnce such as brooded o'er the earth material can be produced in Mexico to a far greater When Earth was chaos. The great mastoden, extent.

The dreaded monster of the elder world, A NEW EXPERIMENT.- A recent work of science Passed o'er this mighty cavern, and his tread gives the following experiment, which setiles qnes. Beat the old forest-oaks like tragile reeds, tions of importance to philosophy. “' Two hundred And made earth tremble. Armies in their pride pounds weight of earth were dried in an oven, and Perchance have met above it in the shock afterwards put in an earthen vessel. The earth was Of war, with shout, and groan, and clarion blast, then moistened with rain water, and a willow tree And the hoarse echoes of the thunder gun. weighing five pounds put therein. Durir the five The storm, the whirlwind and the hurricane years the earth was carefully watered with rainwater, Have reared above it, and the bursting cloud or pure water; the willow grew and flourished, and, Sent down its red and crashing thunder-bolt : to prevent the earth being mixed with fresh earth, Earthquakes have trampled oer it in their wrath, or dust blown on it by the winds, it was covered with Rocking earth's surface as the storm-wind rocks a me al plate, perforated with a great number of The old Atlantic : yet no sound of these small holes suitable for the free adınission of air E er came down to he everlasting depths only. After growing in air for five years, the tree 01 these dark solitudes. was removed, and found to weigh one hundred and sixty-nine pounds and three ounces. The leaves which dropped from the tree every autumn were

How oft we gaze not included in this weight. The earth was then

With awe or admiration on the new removed from the vessel, again dried in the oven,

And unfamiliar, but pass coldly by and afterwards weighed : it was discovered to have

The lovelier and the mightier! Wonderful lost only about two ounces of its weight; thus one

Is this lone world of darkness and of gloom, hundred and sixty pounds of woody fibre, bark, or

But far more wonderful yon outer world roots, were certainly produced; but from what

Lit by the glorious sun. These arches swell source ? The air has been discovered to be the

Sublinue in lone and dim magnificence. source of the solid element at least. This statement

But how sublimer God's blue canopy may at first appear to be incredible, but upon the Beleaguered with his burning cherubim, slightest reflection its truth is proved, because the Keeping their waten eternal! Beautiful atmosphere contains carbonic acid, and is a com

Are all the thousand snow-white gems that lie pound of 7 14 parts, by weight, of oxygen, and 386

In these mysterious chambers, gleaming out parts, by weight, of carbon."

Amid the melancholy gloom and wild
These rocky hills and cliffs, and gulfs ; but far
More beantiful and wild the things that greet

The wanderer in our world of light: the stars MAMMOTH CAVE, UNITED STATES.

Floating on high like islands of the blest:

The autumn sun-set glowing like the gate
All day, as day is reckoned on the earth,

Of far-off Paradise: the gorgeous clouds I've wandered in these dim and awful aisles,

On which the glories of the earth and sky Shut from the blue and breezy dome of heaven, Meet and coinmingle: earth's vinnumbered flowers While thoughts, wild, drearand shadowy have swept All turning up their gentle eyes to heaven: Across my awe-struck soul, like spectres o'er The birds, with bright wings glancing in the sun, The wizard's magic glass, or thunder clouds Filling the air with rainbow miniatures ; O’er the blue waters of the deep. And now

The green old forests surging in the gale: I'll sit me down upou yon broken rock,

The everlasting mountains, on whose peaks To muse upon the strange and solemn things The setting-sun burns like an altar flame; Of this mysterious realm.

And ocean, like a pure heart rendering back

Heaven's perfect image, or in his wild wrath
All day my steps

Heaving and tossing like the stormy b-east
Have been amid the beautiful, the wild,

Of a chained giant in his agony.

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