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Tremodoc .......

Dundee .. 110 Ainslie, Anderson supporting an Evangelist; and I hope one Edinburgh 90 Anderson, Gray will soon be obtained, with spirit and wisdom, Glasgow.. 60 Paton, Linn

to go forth publishing the glorious gospel of Grangemouth 40 Graham, Laird the blessed God. Have you heard anything Kilmarnock 46 Lauder

certain as to who is to come from America Kirkaldy 66 Lynd, Brown

for this good work ? As a church we are Leslie 16 Mackenzie

going on in peace and love. Some short Leith 18 Nicolson

time ago two made the good confession and Lochwinnoch 10 McLean

were added to our number of candidates for Montrose 10 Arbuthnot

the crown of righteousness which the Lord Newburgh 15 Lawson

has promised to them that love him. Oh, Newton Stewart. 10 Crawford

that they and all of us may so fight the good New Mills 30 J aurie

fight of faith that we may lay hold of eternal Perth 20 Anderson


-so that we may all be crowned together, Pa sley. 80

and enter upon an immortal and glorified Sanqubar 23 Harkness

existence, in which we shall serve our God Saltcnats 36

and Father without weariness and without St. Andrew 16 Buist

end; and, oh happy thought! without once Sholts Iron Works 6 W. T.

offending. We will then join in that song Turriff.... 20 Morrison

of praise to God and the Lamb, in which the JRELAND.

swelling notes are compared to the sound of Cookstown ...... 28 Tener

many waters and of mighty thunderings. Ballymagullagh.. 20 Smith

The hope of such a glory is well calculated WALES.

to animate us in the midst of present trials Buckley 20 Astbury

and disappointments, leading us to purify Cepomaw. 10

ourselves even as he is pure. Favour and Cox Lane.. 36 Gibson

peace be with you and with all the saints. Ellesmere 6 Whalley

A. Dowie. Rhossllanuchrugg 36 Price, Griffith, Clarke Dundee, 8th April, 1848.-I am glad to Rhyden Park . 16 Rhees

think that the good cause of our dear Re36 Jones, Davies deemer is progressing in various parts of Wrexham 38 Baily

the country; but still the statement of the There are many Baptist churches in Scot- Apostle Peter is verified amongst us, “There land, and some few in England, Ireland, and were false prophets among the people, even Wales, who, in addition to our brethren,

there shall be false teachers among every first day of the week to break the Would that every stumbling-block was reloaf, in commemoration of the Lord's death. moved out of the way of truth! What of These churches, for reasons best known to the Evangelist from America ? Our brethemselves, will have no fellowship with us, thren from various districts are calling for as disciples of Christ. We are bappy to us to visit them, and they are in hopes of know that their objections are not founded good being done were one or two set apart upon Bible testimony. To cast away human to the “ preaching of the Word.”—Yours dogmas, instilled into the mind in early life, fraternally,

WM. ANDERSON. is very difficult; but to their own Master they stand or fall. I send this communica church of Christ incorporated here previous

Rhossllanuchrugg, April 12, 1848.—The tion by the steamer of the 22d ins'ant.

t the meeting held in Chester, in October Affectionately and sincerely, last, consisted of fourteen brethren and six


sisters, all in love and unison, establishing

themselves in Christ according to his truth. ITEMS OF NEWS.

You are aware that brothers Price and GrifDundee, April 3, 1848.—The congrega

fiths, public speakers from the Wesleyans,

were immersed at Mollington by brother tion here is going on prosperously—all is Campbell. On the Sunday following, the harmony and peace, and additions are now

deacon and his mother were immersed; and and then taking place. The visit of our

soon after, three females from the same esteemed Brother Campbell, has given an body, and two from the Free-thinkers obeyed impulse to the Reformation, the like which the Lord. Since then, four others from the it has not received since its commencement Wesleyans, and four from the Baptists, have in this country. Notwithstanding all the determined to keep the commandments of opposition he endured, good will come out of Jesus. Our number now is twenty brethren it-the truth is mighty above all things and and sixteen sisters, and our establishment in will prevail. Yours in the hope of the Gos. the truth seems more and more to excite the pel,


emulation of all. We have also a small Cupar, April 8, 1848.—I herewith send church at Cepnmaw, about three miles disan order for £10, being the contributio. of tance from here--a very populous neighthe congregation in this place to the fund for 'hourhood ; they number ten. Our chapel is


well attended. We have two pastors, two sool see things wear a brighter appearance, deacons, and six public speakers, all ad- not only in this town, but every where. The dressing the church in turn. We are all kingdoms of the world are finally to become very poor, still we have purchased a chapel the kingdoms of our Lord Jesus Christ. very cheaply. It was on sale, and we gave May he speedily hasten that blissful day.— £200 for it. We shall have to apply to our Yours, &c.

T. BUTLER. brethren both in England and Wales to help Leigh, April 10, 1848.- A short time ago

The field for exertion is very great, and I informed you that we had commenced the opposition with which we meet propor- meeting in this place, that we had received tionate to any other district. Will you help one as the first-fruits of our labours; I am us through the Harbinger ? - Your affec

now thankful to inform you that the Lord tionate brother,

E. CLARKE. still owns his word for the conviction and [Yes, brother Clarke; send your chapel case,

salvation of others. On the 2nd instant and after you have done all you can for | after our evening meeting, two females exyourselves, we will make it known to the pressed their desire to give themselves to the readers of the Harbinger, who, we hope, Lord in baptism, which was attended to will present some tangible proofs of their the same hour of the night. Their souls now love to Zion's King and his cause here on magpify the Lord, and their spirits rejoice earth.]

in hope of the glory of God. On the 16th,

we had a visit from a number of our brethren Louth, April 3, 1848.–Our number still from Wigan, when two others were immersed continues so small that we are not able to

into Jesus. We had twelve or fourteen make much impression on the public mind. hundred persons present on the nccasion. I find that there is nothing so conducive to

We spoke to them on the things concerning the peace and happiness of a church, as Christ, and the resurrection. Some mocked, activity in labouring for the conversion of and others we hope will hear us again on others; and if we will not make war and these matters. We have also added to our invade the camp of Satan, he will make war

little number, Brother and Sister Davis, on us, and invade our camp, by sowing strife from Ross; they have long been connected and dissensions amongst us. We intend, with the Christian Reformation. They live God willing, to speak in the open air in the near Bolton. Our number now is ten, and villages. The Lord can save by few or by our desire is that we may be living epistles many. We all ought to do the best we can, of Christ, known and read of all. Our and leave the result with him who can crown prospects are encouraging, and we have our efforts with success.

We hope your

reason to hope that others will yet believe, health is better and that we shall see you obey, and be numbered among the saved.soon. Yours, &c. W. K. Yours affectionately,

W. TURNER. Nottingham, April 17, 1848.—The con- Wigan, March 19, 1848.--I am glad to gregation in Nottingham is walking in truth inform you that the truth is gradually proand peace. Four have made the good con- gressing; we had another confession this fession during the last month, and been evening, and she was baptized in the river. added to the Lord. Others are on the way | There is generally a large crowd to witness inquiring into a knowledge of the truth as

the immersions, and their remarks revealed in the Gospel. Let the churches various. The infidels scoff; some say we put forth their best and persevering efforts, want hanging, others that we ought to be feeble though they be, and prosperity will transported; while others say the religion inevitably follow. Two have been added by

we teach and practice is nearest the New immersion to the church at Loughborough Testament of any, for, say they, we can since our last issue. Praise the name of the read it there. Some of the medical men afLord.

J. W. firm that our practices are not safe; they are Shrewsbury, April 14, 1848.—I have afraid that the subjects for baptism get cold, this day sent you £1 8s. for the Evangelist &c. How strange it is that men should be fund, and trust we shall soon hear of brother so bent to oppose the ordinances and comCampbell finding an Evangelist or two, who mands of the Son of God, our Saviour. will come over and help us in this country. April 6th.-- We immersed a Brother's wife; We are doing nothing here, nor can we get and on the 9th, another Brother's wife obeyed

T. COOP. any to help us in the work. Much agitation the Lord. has taken place among the Old Baptists,

OBITUARIES. Independents, and Wesleyans. The former have learned much from brother Campbell

April 13, 1848. and his writings. We take all the pains we Wigan.- We are deprived of the company can to lend them to those who will read. A of one of our members for a short time: he young man, named Williams, is about to be has gone to join the heavenly host above, ordained as pastor over the Baptist church and sing praises to God and the Lamb, tó here. He is much delighted with brother him that hath loved us and washed us from Campbell's writings, and we hope we shall our sins in his own blood. Our brother Holt


died in peace. In speaking to one of our PASSING EVENTS. brethren during his illness, he said how good it is to have peace with God in afil:ction; has just closed upon us witnessed the poli

The commencement of the month which and added with a smile, that he was happy tical horizon of Great Britain at once dark in Jesus. He was a man of few words, but they were always about Jesus who had loved

and portentous, alike to the rich and the

Alarm and excitement prevailed him and given himself for him. He has poor. left a wife and two small children. T. Coop. throughout the country, more especially in

the large and populous manufacturing disLincoln.- We have been again admonish- tricte. To provide against an anticipated ed of the great uncertainty of human life, by and threatening outbreak of the people, hunthe unexpected death of sister Hannah Jack- dreds of thousands of the middle classes were son, late of Newark, who died on Friday, sworn in as special constables, to maintain March 24, 1848, aged 65 years. Just 15 the laws and preserve the peace of the naweeks before the day of her funeral, she and tion. Now, however, the excitement, in a her now bereaved partner, out of kindly great degree, has happily subsided; but, as feeling and respect, followed the remains of with one voice, either from fear or love, my son to their final resting place. Little both rich and poor alike declare that somedid any of us then think she would so early thing must be done to relieve the present be summoned to follow him to her final re- fearful condition of the middle and working ward. The last time she met the brethren classes of the community. Tory, Whig, to break the loaf was on Lord's day, the Radical, and Chartist, with every Episco12th of March. The scriptures forining the palian and Dissenter in the land, are equally subject of address was 1 Cor, xv. Had her of opinion that the time is at hand for effectearly departure been previously known, we ing an alteration in our political and socia! could not have possibly selected a more

system. What this alteration is to be, and appropriate subject. As her end was rather how it is to be accomplished, are the quessudden, not much on this subject can be tions most difficult to answer. Our hope is, recorded. Her end, however, was pecu- that Government will calmly consider, and liarly tranquil and peaceable, accompanied liberally respond to, the claims of an opwith affectionate benediction on the bereaved pressed and suffering people. As one means family left behind, who now greatly lament of effecting the peaceful deliverance of the the irretrievable loss they have sustained. people, Henry Vincent has addressed a letter They have, however, this consolation-for to the middle classes, in which he strongly her to die is gain.” On the following urges them to get up an address to Richard Lord's day morning, an address, founded on Cobden, M.P. John Bright, M.P. and Heb.ix. part of the 25th and following verses, Joseph Hume, M.P. along with all others was delivered to the bei eaved family and the of the Free Trade party, requesting them to brethren. May we all be prepared for that head a great national movement in favor of coining and final judgment, and the great equal representation, perfect freedom of day of the second coming of Jesus Christ. trade, separation of Church and State, reliYours truly,

W. Scott.

gious liberty, and cheap Government. Stockport.-- It has now become our pain- says he,“ you hesitate now, all is lost! and ful duty to inform you of the sudden removal this country, in spite of the efforts of a few by death of our much esteemed and beloved to procure reform by peaceful means, will pastor, Joseph Harrison. I called to see him soon be given up to all the horrors of revoon Saturday, the 15th instant, when he told lution.” me he was about as well as usual. After IRELAND.--In this unhappy country, preparing for the services of the next day, matters are rapidly approximating to some as his custom was, he retired to rest about decisive, if not fearful, issue; and who is to 12 o'clock; shortly afterwards he was seized prevent it? with violent pain, experiencing great diffi- Respecting the whole continent of Europe, culty in breathing, which rapidly increased what can be said ? Its present dislocated until about 2 o'clock, when to the surprise of and fermenting condition, who can describe, all, he fell asleep in Jesus. We expected to or predict with any degree of probability meet him again, but were not permitted. what shall be on the morrow ? He was respected by all who knew him. We are again powerfully reminded of what He was a shining light both as a husband, the Apostle John saw in the visions of God and father, as well as a consistent member nearly eighteen hundred years ago, as reand teacher in the church of Christ. The corded in the xvi. chapter of Revelations, bereavement is great to bis family and to us verses 17-21. all, but we sorrow not as those who have no The hail spoken of in the passage rehope. He has left our company for a short ferred to, was a great plague to men. This time, for the engagement of society more might refer to true principles strongly condelightfulin the regions of glory above, where tended for, or to literal hail; or, as some we expect to meet him again, and to be for commentators think, to cannon balls. ever with the Lord. Yours, T. W.

J. W.



QUERIES AND REPLIES. after he entered his father's house ? He that be.

lieveth and is baptised, shall be saved. 1. How far is a church culpable for not individually 7. The angels sang at the birth of Christ, Glory to visiting any of their brethren or sisters while afflicted

Gid in the highest heaven, peace on earth and yood will with contagious diseases ? -Every person in affliction to men;" yet Jesus said " I cume not to give peace on ought, as far as practicable, to be taken care of and

earth, but rather division." How do you reconcile these visited, and to share in the prayers and sympathies passuges: J. B.- It might be known in the heavenly of their brethren; but for every individual member world, that no kingdom had hitherto been set up on even of a small church to visit where the disease is

earth except by war, carnage, and bloodshed. Still contagious, would, in our judgment, be highly crimi- a kingdom of peace was promised to the true Israel nal. The contagion ought not to be allowed to of God. It was known in heaven, at all events, that spread even to the next family if possible to avoid it.

child was be born, a son given, whose name was 2. How far is a brother or a sister justified in lead

to be called Wonderful, Counsellor, the Mighty God, ing a church, for not being visited by every member

the Father of the everlasting age, the Prince of Peace. while so afflicted, at the same time having no other

Such was He born in a manger, announced by angel, cause of compluint ? -We can scarcely suppose such

and attended by a multitude of the heavenly host, a case to occur. The party thus acting can know but

who praised God, saying glory to God in the highest little, if anything, of Christianity. Where is the law,

heavens, and on earth peace and good will ainong or even an example, that the airlicted in a church men. But although Jesus was the Prince of Peace, must be visited by every member of the body? For creating peace by his death on the cross, and openwhat purpose were deacons and deaconesses appointing the channels of divine love that peace might flow ed? Are they not, in all such cases, the representa

to those who were nigh, and to them that were afar tives of the body? In instances of typhus fever,

off: yet in the course of his ministry, and viewing small-pox, cholera, &c. we recommend all, with the

the effect of his heavenly doct. ine among the wicked, exception of such as are necessaryto render assistance,

he delivered the following prediction:-* I came to to keep as far as possible from the contagion. If any

throw tire upon the earth, and what would I but that party recovering choose to leave a church on that it were already kindled; but before that takes place account, let them do so. Paul the Apostle said on

I have an immersion to undergo, and how am I pain. one occasion, if any man be ignorant after possessing

ed till it be accomplished. Do ye imagine I am come ample means of instruction, let him be ignorant.

to give peace to the earth (wicked men)? I tell you

no, but division. For hereafter five in one family 3. Is a sister church justified in receiving a borther or sister into communion from the ubove cause,without three; father against son, and son against father ;

will be divided, three against two, and two against consulting the church with which such brother or sister may have previously been in fellowship? - It is our

mother against daughter, and daughter against moopinion that no church is justified in receiving from

ther, and a man's foes shall be those of his own faanother church, any brother or sister, as perinanent mily. You shall be hated of all men for my naine

sake. Peace I leave you, my peace I give unto you. members, without a letter of recommendation : aud

Be not disheartened, be not intimidated. In the that no church can justly withhold such letter of re

world ye will have tribulation, but take courage, I commendation, except for disobedience to the laws

have overcome the world." That doctrine which of Jesus.

proves life and peace to one-because of unbelief and 4. Is it lawful for a church of Jesus Christ to break

hatred, proves death and misery to another. the loaf in the evening of the first day oj the week ? Some of our brethren say that it is not, seeing that the Jerish day ended at six o'clock, or at sun-setting. W.H.

MATERNAL Affection.-A witness of the late -We are not aware that Gentile Christians were

disaster on the Boston and Worcester Rail Road, by obligated to have anything to do with Jewish days.

which several lives were lost, says: “I could not Certainly the Apostle considers any notice of such

but notice the conduct of the mothers, as contradisdays

as proof of ignorance and foolishness. The first tinguished from that of the men. The latter escaped day of the week is the Lord's day and the Christian's from the car, and were running about frantic, not feast day. As no particular hour of this day is fixed | knowing what to do. The mothers reinained in the for the celebration of the Lord's death, the evening,

wreck with their children about them, determined or eight o'clock at night, may be lawful ; but to our

not to escape until their children should be first mind it is altogether an iinproper or inexpedient time saved. Not one of them asked help for themselves ! for such an exercise. To defer the most important

Their words were,

save my children! O save my

children!'" and joyful part of public worship until the powers both of body and mind are exhausted, certainly is not The first WEDDING.- Welike short courts'rips, consecrating our best energies to the early and de

and in his, Adam acted like a sensible man, he fell lightful service of him who appointed the day for asleep a bachelor and awoke to find himself a marthat purpose. Rejoice in the Lord always: again I

ried man.

He appears to have popped the question say rejoice Especially on the first day of the week

almost immediately after meeting Miss Eve, and ought we to be joyful and happy.

she without flirtation or shyness. gave him a kiss 5. When a church consists of only twelve members, and herself. Of that first kiss in the world we have and two of the sisters cannot possibly attend except in bad our thoughts, however; and sometimes in a the erening, ought not the other ten, as u matter of for: poetic mood, wished we were the man that did it. bearance, to break the louf at eiyht o'clock at night, ra. But the deed is done the chance was Adam's and ther than at aneorlier part of the day? FW- In all he improved it. We like the notion of getting marmatters of expediency there appears to be great in- ried in a garden. Adam's was private. Noenvious consistency in a small minority ruling and govern- aunts, and grunting grandmothers. The birds of ing a majority. This is not Christian forbearance in heaven are his minstrels, and the glad sky flung its the true import of that term. The two sisters ought light upon the scene. One thing about the first to add to their faith courage, and be determined to wedding brings queer things to us in spite of its conform to the wishes of their more numerous and scriptural truih.-- Adam and his wife were rather consistent brethren. Let them make the attempt, young to marry ; some two or three days old, acand the supposed lions will not devour them. cording to the sagest elder; without a house, a put, 6. Is a beliering penitent in a state of justification or

or kettle, nothing but love and Kden.- Prot. Un. pardon in the sight of God, before or after baptism? TO YOUNG Men.-How, after the duties of the W.F.-We must answer this question by asking a day are over, do you employ yonr evenings? This few others. Were the starving famishing Israelites is a question of importance. If you have no regular in the sight of God, fed to their full satisfaction be- employment, no fixed p'ırsuit to engross your attenfore or after they partook of the manna and water tion, operating as a stimulus to the mind when un. provided for them in the wilderness? Was the Pa- employed, you must of necessity have many leisure triarch Noah saved, in the sight of God, before or and unoccupied hours; intervals when time will after he entered into the ark? Was the prodigal son hang heavily on your hands : and suggest the nejustified or pardc ned, in the sight of God, before or cessity of some means to relieve it of its weight.

[blocks in formation]


sequently a holy evangelical alliance,

in erecting the new creation of God. “ Nor do I pray for these alone, Hence the church is said to be built but for those also who shall believe upon the Apostles and Prophets, on me through their teaching ; that Jesus Christ himself being the chief all may be one: that as thou, Father, corner stone, by which the whole art in me, and I in thee, that they building, being fitly compacted toalso may be one in us, that the world gether, rises into a holy temple in the may believe that thou hast sent me,” | Lord, in which ye also are builded &c.

together for a habitation of God In a former number, under this by the Spirit. The facts, truths, and head, the interrogation was proposed, institutions of Christianity are an “ Has this heavenly and sublime embodiment of divine love, given to prayer, in its full import and design, the church for the conversion of the ever been practically answered among world. The annunciation, agreeably the children of men ?" At present to ancient prophecy and the command we assume the negative of this ques- of the Lord, was first made in Jerusation. Still we may be wrong. It lem, Judea, and Samaria, and then to was further stated, that the Divine the uttermost parts of the earth. Father, his beloved Son, the Holy Christianity was bequeathed as a Spirit, and the Apostles of the Lord, divine legacy to the world, to renohad severally perfected their respec- vate, render happy, and finally imtive parts in providing and securing mortalize all who embrace and suba system for the salvation of man, mit to its claims. It was designed which should continue in operation to gather together into one body the to the end of the world. Now it is discordant and polluted elements of certain that in this work they were fallen humanity, reconciling the world of one heart and soul, in the most to the love of God, and raising up a comprehensive meaning of this ex- living, purified, harmonious, and spipression, forming a divine, and con- ) ritual body under Christ, who is the


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