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position, I pass over all the laws and 3. Circumcision was administered usages of our own commonwealth, to infants who were already members which regulate all such matters, and of the covenant.-Baptism is admicommence searching the statutes of nistered to infants for the purpose of Old England, which contain nothing making them members : therefore, upon the subject but inference, and baptism did not come in the room of that most remote, would not every circumcision. man of sense conclude that I went to 4. Circumcision entitled its subthe laws of England because I felt jects to an inheritance in the land of conscious that I had nothing to sus-Canaan.-Baptism gives no such tain me in our own ? And upon the title: therefore, baptism does not fill same principles of logic, is it not the place of circumcision. good evidence that pedo-baptists 5. Circumcision showed an indihave nothing to support their views vidual to be a Jew.-Baptism shows of infant church-membership in the an individual to be neither Jew nor New Testament; and being con- Gentile, but a Christian: therefore, scious of the fact, the first place you baptism did not come in the room of find them they are away back to the circumcision. days of Moses and Abraham, trying 6. Baptism is administered in the to prove who are the proper subjects name of the Father, Son, and Holy of baptism, by laws enacted nineteen Spirit.—Circumcision was not admihundred years before ever baptism nistered in those names: therefore, was instituted ? If they had evidence baptism did not come in the room of in the laws and directions concerning circumcision. baptism to support their notions, we 7. He that was circumcised was a think that the irrational and unscrip- debtor to do the whole law.--He that tural assumption of baptism coming is baptized is no longer under the in the room of circumcision would schoolmaster: therefore, baptism does never have been resorted to. We not fill the place of circumcision. shall now, for the sake of classifica- 8. One thing coming in the room tion and consolidation, and also to of another must fill the same office.aid such as may engage in contro-Baptism, as we have seen, does not versy upon this subject, present a fill the office of circumcision : therecongeries of what we conceive to be fore, it does not come in the room unanswerable syllogisms in opposition of it. to the above assumption.

9. One thing coming in the room Syllogistical reasoning, when the of another must come in the same propositions cannot be controverted, covenant.—The covenant of circumand the conclusion therefrom is logi- cision was done away or abolished: cally adduced, is the most satisfactory therefore, baptism did not come in and conclusive mode of argumentation the place of circumcision. that can be adopted.

10. Baptism is administered to 1. Circumcision was lawfully ad- show forth the burial and resurrecministered to males only.-Baptism tion of Christ.-Circumcision was is lawfully administered to males and administered for no such object : females : : therefore, baptism did not Therefore, baptism did not come in come in the room of circumcision. the room of circumcision.

2. Circumcision was lawfully ad- 11. Baptism was administered for ministered to infants only on the “ the remission of sins,” (Acts ii. 38.) eighth day.-Baptism is administered –Circumcision never had any such on any day by those who practise it: design : therefore, baptism did not therefore, themselves being judges, it come in the room of circumcision. did not take the place of circumcision. 12. A person, in order to be a


scriptural subject of baptism, must least, of the yoke of bondage.—Bapbe first taught the gospel.-Indivi- tism is part of the yoke of Christ, duals were scriptural subjects of cir- which is easy: therefore, baptism cumcision before they were capable cannot be a substitute for circumof receiving instruction : therefore, cision. baptism did not come to fill the place 20. Circumcision was for one parof circumcision.

ticular nation.-Baptism was insti13. No person was considered a tuted for all nations: therefore, subject of baptism, in the days of the baptism did not come in the room Apostles, who had not faith in Christ. of circumcision.

- In administering circumcision, faith 21. Christ and the Apostles have was never made a condition or pre- taught us every thing about baptism requisite: therefore, baptism did not that is necessary for us to believe.come in the room of circumcision. They never taught that baptism came

14. Repentance was also required in the room of circumcision, either of the candidate before baptism.-directly or indirectly: therefore, it is Repentance was never required as a not necessary for us to believe it !!! pre-requisite to circumcision: therefore, baptism did not come in its room


15. Confession with the mouth was also made a pre-requisite to baptism.- The destruction of the wicked, Confession with the mouth was never and the conflagration of the heavens required of infants eight days old, as and the earth, at the coming of the a prerequisite to circumcision : there- Lord. “For as in the days that fore baptism does not fill its place. were before the flood, they were eat

16. Baptism is “ the answer of a ing and drinking, marrying and giving good conscience,” (1 Pet. iii

. 22.) in marriage, until the day that Noah Circumcision belonged wholly to the entered the ark, and the flood came flesh, and consequently did not reach and took them all away; so shall the conscience. Therefore, baptism also the coming of the son of man be,” did not come in the place of circum- Matt. xxiv. Likewise, also, as it was cision.

in the days of Lot, they did eat, they 17. The gift of the Holy Spirit was drank, they bought, they sold, they promised to all who were scripturally planted, they builded. But the same baptised (Acts ii. 38.)-No such pro- day that Lot went out of Sodom, it mise was ever attached to circumci- rained fire and brimstone from heaven sion.— Therefore baptism does not and destroyed them all; even thus fill its place.

shall it be when the son of man is 18. Baptism caused all its subjects revealed,” Luke xvii. 28-30. " And to rejoice (Acts viii. 39, xvi. 34.) I will bring distress upon men, that Circumcision produced no rejoicing, they shall walk like blind men, bebut exactly the opposite. Therefore, cause they have sinned against the baptism does not fill the place of Lord ; and their blood shall be poured circumcision.*

out as dust, and their flesh as the 19. Circumcision was part, at dung. Neither their silver nor their *. Even now a large majority of the gold shall be able to deliver them in subjects of baptism, instead of going on

the day of the Lord's wrath ; but the their way rejoicing, as they did in former whole land shall be devoured by the times, go on their way crying--angry as fire of his jealousy; for he shall make they can well be at the preacher, for putting cold water on their faces, and thus

even a speedy riddance of all them bringing them into the kingdom of heaven that dwell in the land,” Zeph. i. 17–18. while asleep!!!

“Therefore wait ye upon me, saith

the Lord, until the day that I rise up all their armies. He hath utterly
to the
prey ;


my determination is destroyed them. He hath delivered to gather the nations, that I may them to the slaughter. Their slain assemble the kingdoms to pour upon also shall be cast out, and the stink them mine indignation, even all my shall come up out of their carcasses ; fierce anger; for all the earth shall and the mountain shall be melted be devoured with the fire of my with their blood ; and all the host of jealousy,” Zeph. iii. 8. “For behold heaven shall be dissolved; and the the day cometh that shall burn as an heavens shall be rolled together as a oven, and all the proud, yea, and all scroll, and all their host shall fall that do wickedly, shall be stubble ; down, as the leaf falleth off from the and the day that cometh shall burn vine, and as a falling fig from the fig them up, saith the Lord of hosts, that tree,” Isa. xxxiv. 1-4. “ For behold it shall leave them neither root nor the Lord will come with fire and with branch,” Mal. iv. 1. “ Behold the his chariots, like a whirlwind, to Lord maketh the earth empty, and render his anger with fury, and his maketh it waste, and turneth it up- rebuke by flames of fire ; for by fire side down, and scattereth abroad the and by his sword will the Lord plead inhabitants thereof,” Isaiah xxiv. 1. with all flesh, and the slain of the “ The land shall be utterly emptied Lord shall be many,” Isa. lxvi. 15-16. and utterly spoiled; for the Lord “For Moses truly said unto the hath spoken this word. The earth fathers, a prophet shall the Lord God mourneth and fadeth

away. The raise up unto you of your brethren world languisheth and fadeth away. like unto me. Him shall ye hear in The haughty people of the earth do all things whatsoever he shall say languish. The earth is also defiled unto you; and it shall come to pass, under the inhabitants thereof, because that every soul that will not hear that they have transgressed the laws, prophet shall be destroyed from changed the ordinances, broken the among the people,” Acts jii. 22–23. everlasting covenant; therefore hath And to you who are troubled, the curse devoured the earth, and rest with us, when the Lord Jesus they that dwell therein are desolate ; shall be revealed from heaven with therefore the inhabitants of the earth his mighty angels, in flaming fire, are burned, and few men left,” ver. 3. taking vengeance on them that know The prophet assigns the reason for not God, and that obey not the gospel the awful destruction here predicted. of our Lord Jesus Christ, who shall It is this—the people have changed be punished with everlasting destructhe ordinances, broken the everlast- tion from the presence of the Lord, ing covenant. It is, then, no trifling and from the glory of his power, matter to change the ordinances of when he shall come to be glorified God, and thereby set at defiance his in his saints, and to be admired in authority. No, indeed ! He will all them that believe," 2 Thess. i. one day plead his own cause, with 7-10. pestilence, fire, and sword, until all “ But the heavens and the earth, his enemies are slain. Let men exa- which are now by the same word, mine this matter with anxiety and are kept in store, reserved unto fire care, lest they be found transgressors. against the day of judgment, and “Come near, ye nations, to hear, and perdition of ungodly men,” 2 Pet. iii. hearken, ye people. Let the earth | 7. “But the day of the Lord will hear, and all that is therein; the come as a thief in the night, in the world and all things that come forth which the heavens shall pass away of it; for the indignation of the Lord with a great noise, and the elements is

upon all nations, and his fury upon shall melt with fervent heat. The

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earth also, and the works that are there will neither be men, beasts, or therein, shall be burnt up. Seeing, birds to be seen. Isa. li. 6, “ Lift up then, that all these things shall be your eyes to the heavens and look dissolved, what manner of persons upon the earth beneath, for the heaought ye to be in all holy conversa- vens shall vanish away like smoke, tion and godliness, looking for and and the earth shall wax old as a garhastening unto the coming of the day ment, and they that dwell therein of God, wherein the heavens being shall die in like manner ; but


salon fire shall be dissolved, and the vation shall be for ever, and my rightelements shall melt with fervent heat,” eousness shall not be abolished.”v. 10-12.

Here we close our fifth Jer. iv. 23-25, “I beheld the earth, proposition, leaving it to those who and lo it was without form and void, read to judge whether we have proved and the heavens they had no light. it. We now offer a sixth, which is I beheld the mountains, and lo they the following:

trembled ; and all the hills, and they There will be new heavens and a moved lightly. I beheld, and lo new earth in the Millennium. “Never- there was no man, and all the birds theless we, according to his promise, of the heavens were fled. I beheld look for new heavens and a new and lo the fruitful place was a wilderearth, wherein dwelleth righteous- ness, and all the cities thereof were ness, 2 Pet. iii. 13. Here Peter broken down, at the presence of the refers to a promise which the Lord Lord, and by his fierce anger.' had given to one, at least, of his pro- The repeopling of the earth, and phets in the former dispensation. It by whom.- I believe it is the geneis found in Isa. lxv. 17, “ For behold ral, if not universal opinion, of those I create new heavens and a new who have spoken or written on the earth, and the former shall not be Millennium, that the living saints remembered, nor come into mind.” will be changed in a moment, in the “For as the new heavens and the twinkling of an eye, at the coming of new earth, which I will make, shall the Lord, when all the wicked will remain before me, saith the Lord, so be destroyed, as we have abundantly shall your

seed and your name re- proved in this essay. This being so, main,” Isa. lxvi. 22.

" And I saw

no people can be found to dwell in a new heaven and a new earth, for flesh on the new earth, which will be the first heaven and the first earth the case if several passages found in were passed away, and there was no Isaiah and other places are to be more sea,” Rev. xxi. 1.

interpreted literally. If they are not If the above passages of scripture to be literally fulfilled, I cannot see do not prove that there will be new any sense in them. I, for one, do heavens and a new earth, they prove question the living saints being nothing in my estimation. If they changed at the coming of the Lord. prove anything else, I should like to I know it is a fearful thing to quesknow what it is. Will some person tion what great and good men have be good enough to tell us ? If all said on this subject ; but I must be shall decline to do so, we shall con- allowed to examine God's word for tinue to believe that, for one thousand myself, and I hope to do so without years, there will be a literal new giving offence to any one, as I intend earth and heavens, to be enjoyed by nothing of the kind. those who shall be accounted worthy The change of the living saints in to obtain that blessed abode. There a moment is mentioned but once in will be a time previous to the new the New Testament, and that not in heavens and the new earth, while the connection with the coming of the old ones are being destroyed, that 'Lord. It is found 1 Cor. xv. 51-52,

“Behold, I show you a mystery. We together with them; but as he did shall not all sleep, but we shall all be not say it, it is not my opinion that changed in a moment, in the twink- he believed it. If the living saints ling of an eye, at the last trump; for are not changed at the coming of the the trumpet shall sound, and the dead Lord, which I believe will not be the shall be raised incorruptible, and we case, it is easy to see by whom the shall be changed.” It appears evi- new earth is to be peopled. Some dent to me that this is in connection will ask how they are to be preserved with the general, or the last resur- from the deluge of fire. Answer: rection, and final judgment, which Do you doubt the power of God to will not take place until the close of preserve them ? Will it not be as the thousand years. Now for my easy to save them as it was to save reasons for thinking as I do.

Noah, and for the same purpose ? First reason is, that Paul, when We have already seen that they are writing to the Thessalonians on the to be caught up to meet the Lord in coming of the Lord, does not say the the air; they will then be above the last trump, but the trump of God. fire, and out of the reach of destruc“For the Lord himself shall descend tion, as much so as the resurrected from heaven with a shout, with the immortal saints. But if these reasons voice of the archangel, and with the will not satisfy, let Isaiah tell the trump of God,” i Thess. iv. 16. The secret, if, indeed, it is yet a secret to trumpets do not appear to be one you. “And I have put my words and the same thing. One is “the in thy mouth, and have covered thee trump of God;" the other is “the in the shadow of mine hand, that I last trump.” Second reason. What may plant the heavens, and lay the is said in connection with the change foundations of the earth, and say of the living saints will not apply to unto Zion, thou art my people,” Isa. the coming of the Lord. “O death! li. 16. It appears, from some paswhere is thy sting? O grave ! where sages of scripture, that but few Genis thy victory ?" ver.

55. The grave tiles will be saved at the coming of will hold its victory over millions of the Lord. Our Lord asks the folthe wicked dead for a thousand years lowing question : “ When the son of after the Lord comes. John says man cometh, shall he find faith on the rest of the dead lived not again the earth ?” until the thousand years were finished, Again : “ The earth is burned, and Rev. xx. 5.

few men left," Isa. xxiv. Instead of There will be both death and sin the world getting better, it is getting in the new earth, as we shall shortly worse every day, and will continue prove.

A third reason is, that Paul to do so until the king will come. does not mention the change of the But here we must make room for the living saints in the first letter to the Jews, the natural descendants of Thessalonians, where he speaks of Abraham. They have been driven the coming of the Lord, and the re- away from their land and city, and surrection of the dead saints. He suffering the punishment due to them says the living saints shall be caught for their sins, for almost two thousand up together with them to meet the years. But they must return again, Lord in the air. Not a word is said for the mouth of the Lord hath said about their change. It appears to it. But when are they to return ? me that, if Paul had believed the When the Lord comes, and not bedoctrine, he would have said, then fore. The Gentiles are to tread we which are alive and remain shall down their city until their fulness be changed in a moment, in the be come in (which will not be comtwinkling of an eye, and caught up 'pleted until the Master comes.) “For

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