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I would not, brethren, that ye should shall be king to them all; and they be ignorant of this mystery (lest ye shall be no more two nations, neither should be wise in your own conceits), shall they be divided into two kingthat blindness in part is happened to doms any more at all; and they shall Israel, until the fulness of the Gentiles dwell in the land which I have given be come in; and so all Israel shall unto Jacob my servant, wherein your be saved, as it is written, There shall fathers have dwelt; and they shall come out of Zion the Deliverer, and dwell therein, even they, and their shall turn away ungodliness from children, and their children's children Jacob,” Rom. xi. 25–26. Notice, for ever; and my servant David (that not till the Master comes will Israel is Jesus) shall be their prince for be saved. To this agrees Matt. xxiii. ever. Moreover, I will make a cove39, “ For I say unto you, ye shall not nant of peace with them ; it shall be see me henceforth, till ye shall say, an everlasting covenant with them ; Blessed is he that cometh in the name and I will place them and multiply of the Lord.”

them, and will set my sanctuary in Again : “ Thine eyes shall see the the midst of them for ever more, king in his beauty ; they shall behold Ez. xxxvii. 13–14. “My tabernacle the land that is very far off," Isa. also shall be with them ; yea, I will xxxiii. 17. “ Look upon Zion, the be their God, and they shall be my city of our solemnities; thine eyes people,” ver. 27. We have brought shall see Jerusalem a quiet habita- but a little of the testimony that tion, a tabernacle that shall not be might be adduced on this subject; taken down; not one of the stakes but we think the evidence brought thereof shall ever be removed, neither is sufficient to sustain our position ; shall any of tlie cords thereof be which is, the Jews will return to broken,” ver. 20. “ For the Lord is Canaan when the Lord comes and our judge, the Lord is our lawgiver, turns away ungodliness from Jacob. the Lord is our king; he will save

J. F. us,” ver. 22.

" And the ransomed of the Lord shall return and come to

It is a fact the truth of which cannot be Zion with songs and everlasting joy denied, that the Apostles of Jesus were upon their heads; they shall obtain the best interpreters of divine prophecies. joy and gladness, and sorrow and The Lord, during his ministry, frequently sighing shall flee away,” Isa. xxxv.

explained to them all things written in the

Law of Moses, in the Prophets, and in the 10.

Psalms concerning himself; and after his 66 And


shall know that I am the ascension he gave the Holy Spirit, to bring Lord, when I have opened your all things to their remembrance whatsograve, O my people, and brought ever he had said, as well as to show them

things to come. This teaching rendered you up out of your graves, and shall

them infallible. Misrepresentation, or put my spirit within you, and ye shall misapplication of the word of God, therelive; and I shall place you in your fore, could form no part of their instrucown land: then shall ye know that tions. From all error, in this respect, they I the Lord have spoken it, and per- students of the sure prophetic word: they

were entirely free. They were correct formed it, saith the Lord. And say thought much, and said but little. It unto them, thus saith the Lord God, cannot with propriety be similarly said of Behold, I will take the children of the teachers of Christianity in the present Israel from among the heathen, whi- day. There is much both said and written

on unfulfilled prophecy, which is irrelether they be gone, and will gather vant, and would be better altogether them on every side, and bring them omitted—especially the remarks made by into their own land ; and I will make some of our more ardent second advent

brethren, them one nation in the land

The Old Testament abounds with premountains of Israel, and one King' dictions and threatenings against different

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upon the

cities, empires, and nations, among which earth, the honor and glory of the nations, may be mentioned Jerusalem, Samaria, the unclean, the abominable, and those Babylon, Nineveh, Tyre, Damascus, &c.- who love falsehood—with the healing of the nations and empires of Egypt, Chal- the nations—are all spoken of in that state. dea, Assyria, Greece, Rome, Judea, the On the whole we are disposed to conclude ten kingdoms of Europe, and finally the that the new heavens and new earth three whole world. Each of these has some times predicted in the bible, are not idenprediction relating to it, which cannot be tical—they are each successive stages in properly applied to any other purpose than the attainment of that elevation which is the one for which it was originally made. destined for the church of God. A para Thus, those prophecies referring to Judea, dise of peace and union may be restored to Jerusalem, or Samaria, cannot be applied the Lord's people on earth, hitherto unto Babylon, Nineveh, Egypt, or Damascus known among the children of men.

The -or to the second coming of the Lord :- antediluvians had the starlight age a discrimination not often made by those the Jews the better moonlight age—the who write on the second advent.

disciples the age of sunlight-and the There are many opinions advanced in the whole redeemed family will have the best articles of Brother J. F. on Prophecy, the of all, the eternal age. But the character truth of which no believer in the inspired of those higher schools, provided for the volume will call into question: still some Lord's people when there are no more naof the passages he quotes have long ago tions to heal and save, is not for us to debeen fulfilled. To apply these to the se- termine.

J. W. cond advent of our Lord, especially to prove that he will personally and literally

FLEMING ON PROPHECY. reign one thousand years upon the earth during the millennium, appears to us During the past month we have perfectly absurd. As instances of misap- attentively perused a prophetic displication, we may quote Zeph. i. 12-18, and Isaiah xxiv. 3. Let the reader turn

course delivered in London, in the to these passages, and we think he will year 1701, nearly a century and a agree with us, that they cannot, with any half ago, by Robert Fleming. A new degree of propriety, be applied to any other edition of this discourse has just been parts of the world than to Jerusalem and Palestine.

issued from the press, and is now being That there will be a new heavens and read by thousands in the British emnew earth, in which shall dwell righteous- pire. Mr. Fleming, having decided ness, is certain; but that the new heavens



606 as the heading-up by Peter and John, are identical, is very Revolution in 1793-4, and, by a very spoken of by Isaiah, and those referred to of Popery, predicted the French questionable. In the new heavens and

new earth spoken of by Isaiah, the child (of ingenious, though common-sense proGod) is to die a hundred years old, while cess of reasoning, the downfall of the sinner being a hundred years old is to be accursed: there is to be no more an in

Popery in the year 1848—a predicfant of days, children shall not die in in- tion, the accuracy of which seems to fancy; still death shall take both saint and have startled multitudes in the presinner. It must be obvious, that prior to sent day, who appear to be generally the year 95 or 96, neither the Apostles nor

ignorant of the writings of this puriany members of the church knew, or at least professed to know, anything regard tan divine. We shall present our ing the personal reign of Christ for a thou- readers, in this and a subsequent sand years. This was not the one hope of number, with a brief insight into Mr. the gospel for at least sixty years after the Fleming's mode of reasoning, and move a single passage from the twentieth final conclusions, regarding the entire chapter of a highly figurative book, and destruction of this great anti-christian the thousand years personal reign will have and tyrannical power. We learn already terminated.

The new heavens from the introductory remarks, that and new earth seen by John in vision will certainly be realized by all the children of

Mr. Fleming entered upon

his minisGod, either before or after the resurrection terial labours in the metropolis, on of the dead, but in which of these states June 19, 1698; and that, in the year we shall not stop to inquire... The view 1700 his church and congregation presented to us in xxi. and xxii. of Revelations is splendid and exhilarating in the built him a commodious meetinghighest degree. Still, the kings of the house, in which he delivered a series of discourses, afterwards printed by which generally all are agreed in, and in request of his admirers and friends.

which Mr. Mede, Dr. More, Mr. Durham, In the discourse before us, the author, 1. That the revelation contains (Rev.iv. 1,

and Dr. Cressener, have irrefragably proved. having referred to the strife and divi- x. 5, 6, 7) the series of all the remarkable sion then prevalent, which he deeply events and changes of the state of the Chrislamented and which must have aug- (Rev. xvii. 1, 5, 18) mystical Babylon, or

tian church to the end of the world. 2. That mented a thousand fold in our day- the great whore described there, doth signify furnishes statistics of those who suf- Rome in an anti-christian church state. 3. fered death in every conceivable form, That therefore this cannot be Rome pagan

4. That the rather than submit their consciences properly, but Rome papal.

(Rev. xvii. 10, 11) seven heads of the beast, to the monstrous and cruel

power of

or the seven kings, are the seven forms of Popery. He observes :

government which obtained successively “ Can we have forgotten what barbarities among the Romans: and seeing the (Rev. that inhuman party have committed in the xvii. 10, 11) sixth of these was that which world? For, if we may believe historians,

was only in being in John's time, the former says a learned man (Dr. More, in his Divine five having fallen before; that, therefore, Dialogues) Pope Julius, in seven years, was consequently the seventh head, which under the occasion of the slaughter of 200,000 another consideration is called the eighth, Christians. The massacre in France cut off (the intervenient kingdom of the Ostro-Goths 100,000 in three months. P. Peronius avers,

being the seventh in number, though not that in the persecution of the Albigenses and properly Roman, and therefore, in that sepse Waldenses, 1,000,000 lost their lives. From

none of the heads of the Roman government) the beginning of the Jesuits, till 1580, that is the last species of government, and that is thirty or forty years, 900,000 perished, which is called most peculiarly, and by a saith Balduinus. The Duke of Alva, by the speciality the Beast, or "Antichrist. hangman, put 36,000 to death. Vergerius “ These postulata being supposed as cer. affirms that the Inquisition in thirty years tain (which I would reckon no difficult thing destroyed 150,000. To all this I may add to prove, were it needful) I must in the next the Irish Rebellion, in which 300,000 were place, premise two preliminary consideradestroyed, as the Lord Ossery reports in a tions, before I come directly to answer the paper printed in the reign of Charles II. question itself. The first is this : that the And how many have been destroyed in the three od apocalyptical numbers of 1260 late persecutions in France and Piedmont, days, forty-two months, and time, times and in the Palatinate and in Hungary, none, I a balf, are not only synchronical, but must believe, can fully reckon up, besides those be interpreted prophetically, so as years that have been in the gallies, and that have must be understood by days. fled from Popery. This is that idolatrous " That these three numbers are synchroharlot, glutted with the blood of the saints.” nical, will appear plain to any impartial conHe says, preliminarily—" I shall in- siderer, that will be at pains to compare dustriously avoid the fatal rock of po- of the Revelation, viz. the 1260 days, chap.

them, as we have set them down in this book sitiveness, which so many apocalypti- xi. 3, and chap. xii. 6; the forty-two months, cal men have suffered themselves to chap. x. 2, and chap. xiii. 5; and the time, split upon ;” and “content myself times, and a half, chap. xii

. 14. For it is in giving you a few hints towards the clear, that the Gentiles treading down the resolution and improvement of that the cause of the witnesses prophesying for

holy city forty-two months, chap. xi. 2, is grand apocalyptical question, when 1260 days in sackcloth, ver. 3.' And is the the reign of Antichristianism, or the woman or church's being in the wilderness

for the same term of days, chap. xii. 6, any Papacy, began

other than a pew representation of the wit“ 1. I must fulfil my promise in giving nesses' prophecying in sackcloth ? Seeing you a new resolution of the grand apocalyp- this must be while the Beast is worshipped tical question concerning the rise of the great and served by the whole Roman world, du. Antichrist, or Papal Rome. For when we ring men's lunacy of forty-two months' conhave done this, and fixed this era or epocha, tinuance, chap. xiii. 5. And therefore, seewe may by an easy consequence see the time ing the woman is said to be in the wilderness of the final fall and destruction of this dread state of desolation and persecution for a

time, and times, and half a time, in order “ Now in order to answer this distinctly, thus to be preserved from the Beast and (which hath exercised and wearied out all Serpent, as we see chap. xii, 14. It is likeapocalyptical writers hitherto) there are some wise plain that this number of three years things I would premise as so many postulata ' and a half must be the very same with the

ful enemy.


two former numbers. Only it is to be ob- prove this, it will necessarily follow that the served by the way, that this period of time, other numbers must be so interpreted also, when it is mentioned in relation to the church, since they are the same with this. Now is spoken of with respect to the sun, either that the 1260 days cannot be taken literally, as to his diurnal or annual rotation; whereas but prophetically, will appear from hence : when it is described in relation to the Beast's That it is impossible to conceive bow so unstable kingdom of night and darkness, it many great and wonderful actions, which is made mention of with respect to the in- are prophesied to fall out in that short time, constant luminary, which changes its face could happen during the space of three solar continually, while it makes our months; and years and a half; such as the obtaining hence it is that the church is represented, power over all kindreds, tongues, and nachap. xii. 1, under the emblem of a woman tions—the world's wondering at, and submitclothed with the sun, and the moon under ting unto the beast's reign--and the settingher feet.

up an image to the imperial head, and “Now, as these numbers are synchroni- causing it to be worshipped instead of the cal, and the same, so it is easy to prove that living emperor's, &c. And besides these they must be understood propherically for things, seeing, the 1260 days are the whole

I shall not insist here upon the con- time of the papal authority, which is not to jecture of a learned man (Whiston's Theory be destroyed until the great and remarkable of the Earth) that there was no diurnal rota appearance of Christ, upon the pouring out tiun of the earth before the fall, and conse- of the serenth vial; and that therefore Christ quently no days of twenty-four hours, but will have the honour of destroying him finally only an annual rotation of this our planetary himself (though this iniquity began to work world: which he gives us as the original | even in the apostolical times); therefore we reason of the Scripture's putting days for may certainly conclude that it must take some years frequently. For whatsoever be in this, centuries of years to carry on this abominait is plain that the Scripture speaks thus in tion that maketh desolate. For though the several places; by putting a lesser number Lord will gradually consume or waste this figuratively for a greater, as well as a defi- great adversary by the spirit of his mouth, nite one for an indefinite. Witness the ap- yet he will not sooner abolish him than by pointment of the week of years, Exod. xxxiji. the appearing of his own presence (2 Thes. 10, 11, which is spoken of as it it were a ii. 8.) As I choose both to render and unweek of days, verse 12, the seventh year of derstand the words. which is therefore called Sabbatical, with • The learned Dr. Whitby, in his late Paraphrase respect to the seventh day, Sabbath. In and Commentary upon the Epistles, dues indecd ad. the same way of speaking, Ezekiel was com- vance a new notion on this verse and chapter-viz.

that the Jewish sanhedrim, government and nation, manded to lie 390 days on his left side, and

is primarily and chiefly uuderstood ,here by the forty on his rigbt, each day for a year, as Apostle, as the Man of Sin and Antichrist, both upon God himself says, chap. iv. 5-6. So like- the account of their opposing themselves to Christ wise God punished the murmuring Israelites also of their rebelling against the Romans. And he

and persecuting his followers, and upon the account with forty years' abode in the wilderness, has said so m'ch for the proof of this, that it may with relation to the forty days that were be thought to contain a refutation of my interpretaspent in searching of the land of Canaan,

tion of the place. But even upon the snpposition that

all the Doctor says for his opinion should be true, (Num. xiv. 34.) The seven years of Nebu

yet it will be found no way to invalidate what I adchadnezzar's lycanthropy, is thus called in- vance here. For all that are acquainted with the definitely, days or times (Dan iv. 32-4.) Nay Jewish and Apostolical writings, know, that besides our Saviour himself speaks in this dialect, second and remoter one more tacitly insinuated frewhen he calls the years of his ministry days, quently as the principal of the Spirit of Goj. saying, “ I do cures to-day and to-morrow, I might show this in innumerable instances, espeand the third day I shall be perfected,'

cially in the ancient prophecies that relate to David, (Luke xiii. 32.) But the most remarkable

or some other person in the first sense, or typical

one, but in the Messiah ultimately and completely, place to our purpose is the famous prophecy But I shall not insist upon anything of this kind of Daniel's seventy weeks, or 490 days, chap. now, seeing so many have done it already; and there ix. 24, reaching down from the edict of is no need to do it here, seeing Dr. Whitby doth

himself grant all I desire, when he says in the preArtaxerxes Longimanus, in his twentieth face to this Epistle, page 383,“ But that I may not year, (Neh. ii. 1-10) to our Saviours's suffer- wholly differ from my brethren in this matter, I ing at Jerusalem ; which was exactly 490

grant these words may, in a secondary sense (in prophetical years, not Julian ones: the not

which expression I onlsdiffer from the Doctor seeing

I look upon it to be the principal sense, because it is distinguishing of which has hitherto con- the second) be attributed to the Papal Antichrist, or founded all interpreters, as I might show at Man of Sin, and may be signally fulfilled in him, in large were this a proper place for it. But

the de-truction of him by the Spirit of Christ's mouth,

he being the successor to the apostate Jewish church, what the difference between these is we shall to whom these characters agree, as well as to her, quickly see.

and therefore in the Annotations I have still given " In the mean time, I am now to prove

a place to this interpretation also.”

(To be continued.) that the 1260 days are to be understood in a prophetical sense, for years; for, if I can


Huddersfield, besides several other breth

ren; and after tea a very interesting meetDOMESTIC.

ing, the best of all being that God was Nottingham, May 15.-On the 6th we with us during the day, four persons maleft home on a visit to the few brethren in king the good confession and were bapLouth, Jincolnshire, where we spent the tized. Three of them were from Leigh, following day, speaking three times on the the other being the wife of one of our brethkingdom of heaven, its privileges and pros- ren.- May 9th : this afternoon another pects. The congregations were small on

brother's wife was immersed into Jesus each occasion, about one hundred and fifty Christ, for the remission of all her past being present, out of a population of ten sins, and she did, indeed, rejoice in God thousand, to hear what we might advance her Saviour.-May 16th : We have taken on these all important and interesting to

another room for our meetings on the pics. The eleven brethren and sisters re

Lord's day; the same room that you and siding in this place are happy and firin in Brother Frost spoke in when at Wigan. the truth. Many unpropitious circum- Should any of our brethren from a distance stances have prevented their progress, but be p:issing through this town, we should nothing more so than difference of opinion be very glad to see them at our meetings, on church order, community of goods, who and give us a word of encouragement or is to preside, &c. Because of these things exhortation, or to preach Christ crucified some six or seven who have been immersed unto the world. Yours in the one hope, into Jesus now stand aloof from his insti.

T. COOP. tutions, thereby setting at naught his au

Newcastle-on-Tyne, May 8.-I am sorry thority as the head and king of his church. that for so long time you have not heard of Brothers Scott and Clarke, of Lincoln,

me respecting the state of things in this were to follow these labours on the 14th, part of the Lord's vineyard; I trust, how, and Brother Buck on the 21st. To say ever, that some of my brethren bave supplied the least regarding the result, the brethren the deficiency. The truth is, the Lord is will be encouraged to hold fast the faithful opening to us doors of usefulness which liteword of life, till the Lord shall call them rally occupy all the time we can possibly hence to dwell in his presence for ever. take from other engagements, and we ex

Dornock, May 15.-Since I last wrote ceedingly rejoice that the Lord of the Haione has been introduced into the kingdom

vest does not permit us to labor in vain; to of the Lord Jesus, by immersion into the

us his word has not returned void. Blessed awful name of the divinity, and that, too, be his name! The temperance hall was for the remission of all past sins, Acts ii. opened in February, through the influence of 38, xxii. 16. Now in order to obtain the

our Brother Ramshaw; since then the numeverlasting kingdom, we must renounce

ber cf our hearers has been increasing, and ourselves, our previous religion, and this the interest excited by the proclamations and world as our portion, being steadfast and manifest. Many even of those we denomi

discourses have been very encouragingly unmovable in copying the example of our Lord, as revealed in his holy book. It is nate sects have frankly and kindly acknowthere alone that we read of his doctrine, ledged their obligation to us for clearer views his miracles, his sufferings, his death, bu

of the gospel; and some who have, as they rial, resurrection, and glory. How im- tell us, sat for many years under the ministry portant, then, that we meditate on these of the place, declare that they have never holy precepts day and night, until we can

seen the power and grace of our crucified and say with David, “ How sweet are thy and as to baptism for the remission of sins,

risen Redeemer to save so distinctly set forth, words unto my taste, yea, sweeter than “it is useless to deny it.” But, better still, on honey dropping from the comb. Through Lord's day, April 30th, I had the pleasure thy precepts I get understanding, and of introducing three believing men into the therefore hate every false way." In con- kingdom of God, one from the Independents, clusion I wish to give a word of advice to and two from the world, the first persons all small churches like ourselves, to raise baptized in Howden, as the inhabitants tesa trifling fund to pay for three Harbingers tify. On the day following (from certain apper monih, each member having a number of readers. By this plan the knowledge of pearances during the discourse of the Lord's

day evening) I felt impelled to visit some six original Christianity will be greatly ex.

families, whom I found favourably disposed tended, and many may be led to shine as

towards us. On the Thursday, May 4th, the firmament, and as the stars for ever

J. F.

I proclaimed in the hall, after which another

man confessed the Christ before the audience, Wigan, April 21.-To-day being Good many of whom echoed through the room the Friday, and our brethren at liberty, we had sympathising “praise the Lord; others a tea-party, upwards of one hundred being thought and felt this way of pressing people present. We had Brother Haigh, from to be saved now to be very solemn and aw

and ever.

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