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visits to Abraham, Lot, Manoah, the time when you will, with Paul, Elisha, the Saviour, to Peter, and receive a crown of glory? I know many others too numerous to men- you will say yes, if you are waiting tion, and then say, if you please, how for the appearing of our Lord Jesus absurd !

Christ. Then pray, “thy kingdom Once more. Satan is to be shut up come.” in the bottomless pit during the thou- Proposition 11th is, that Christ sand years of peace and happiness. will reign in person where old JeruHe is to deceive the nations no more salem once stood. Zeph. iii. 14-15, until the end of the Millennium. Rev. “Sing, O daughter of Zion, shout O xx. 1-3. Again : Isa. ii. 3, 4; "For Israel. Be glad and rejoice with all out of Zion shall go forth the law, and the heart, O daughter of Jerusalem. the word of the Lord from Jerusalem, The Lord hath taken away thy judgand he shall judge among the nations, ments. The King of Israel, even the and rebuke many people, and they Lord, is in the midst of thee. Thou shall beat their swords into plough shalt not see evil any

more.” Zech. shares, and their spears into pruning ii. 12, “ Sing and rejoice, O daughter hooks; nations shall not lift up sword of Zion, for lo I come, and I will against nation ; neither shall they learn dwell in the midst of thee saith the war any more.” This prediction will Lord, and many nations shall be be completelyfulfilled in the new earth; joined to the Lord in that day, and and not until that time. I believe that shall be my people, and I will dwell it was partially fulfilled at Pentecost; in the midst of thee, and thou shalt but only in part; for the time has know that the Lord of hosts hath never yet come when men have ceased sent me unto thee, and the Lord shall to learn and practice war. But such inherit Judah his portion in the holy a period is fast hastening on. May land, and shall choose Jerusalem God speed the time when man shall again. Joel iii. 17-21, “ So shall ye no more murder his fellow man, but know that I am the Lord


God peace, love and harmony among all dwelling in Zion, my holy mountain. abound! The scriptures teach that But Judah shall dwell for ever, and there is to be a period of one thou- Jerusalem from generation to generasand years when men and beasts are tion, for I will cleanse their blood, to dwell in safety, when this old earth which I have not cleansed, for the which has been groaning under the Lord dwelleth in Zion.” So we close curse for almost six thousand years, this proposition. And when the thouduring which time its history has been sand years are expired, Satan shall little less than one continued scene of be loosed out of his prison, and shall bloodshed, carnage, disease, famine, go out to deceive the nations which pestilence, death, and distress in every are in the four quarters of the earth, form, shall be renovated. But it must Gog and Magog, to gather them tobe purified by fire. The curse must gether to battle, the number of whom be removed. Thorns, thistles, and is as the sand of the sea, (not the noxious plants shall no more annoy wicked dead as some vainly suppose, men or animals ; but it shall be made but the people that will then be living suitable for the residence of the Lord on the earth) and they went up on himself. Our kind heavenly Father the breadth of the earth, and comdoes not intend that Satan shall despoil passed the camp of the saints about, it for seven thousand years. No; he and the beloved city, and fire came has reserved one thousand years of down from God out of heaven and the seven to be a rest to his people, devoured them. And the devil that of which the Sabbath was a type. deceived them was cast into the lake

Christian, do you not long to see' of fire and brimstone, where the beast

and the false prophet are, and shall another book was opened, which is be tormented day and night for ever the book of life, and the dead were and ever.” Rev. xx. 7-10. Here judged out of those things which were are the Popes of Rome, together with written in the books according to Mahomet, suffering the punishment their works; and death and Hades due to them for their crimes. How were cast into the lake of fire ; this is long have they been suffering ?-Du- the second death : and whosoever ring the time of the millennium. was not found written in the book of When the Lord comes they will be life was cast into the lake of fire,” put into the lake of fire. Let us see Rev. xx. 11-15. Not one word in if we can prove it. “Whom the Lord this connection about the coming of shall consume with the spirit of his the Lord. Then, I apprehend, and mouth, and destroy with the bright- not until then, will the living saints ness of his coming,” 2nd Thess. ii. 8. be changed. Then will come to pass “I beheld then because of the voice the saying that is written, “ Death is of the great words which the horn swallowed up in victory! Oh, death ! spake. I beheld even till the beast where is thy sting? Oh, grave ! was slain, and his body given to the where is thy victory ?” Here time burning flame,” Dan. vii. 11. This expires. Human existence comes to is to take place at the coming of the an end. The lamp of revelation Lord. See the connection. Will which has illumined our path through there be any of the wicked dead time goes out. What is beyond we raised at the coming of the Lord ? know not. We must wait with paSee Dan. xii. 2,

“ And

many of them tience till our Heavenly Father dethat sleep in the dust of the earth velopes it. shall awake, some to everlasting life, I have now laid before your readers and some to shame and everlasting some of my views in relation to the contempt.” This is the only passage Millennium ; that glorious rest into in the Bible that speaks of the resur- which the Christians now living and rection of any of the wicked at the dead will shortly enter: into that blescommencement of the millennium. sed time when they will receive a crown Will the beast and tke false prophet of glory and be ever with their Lord. be seen in their state of suffering by As I said before, I shall contend with the people living in the new earth? no one for these views. Just take See Isa. Ixvi. 94, “ And they shall them reader for what they are worth: go forth and look upon the carcasses freely I received them, freely I give of the men that have transgressed them. If they are the means of enagainst me, for their worm shall not couraging you to hold on your way to die, neither shall their fire be quench- heaven, I shall be more than compened, and they shall be an abhorring sated for what I have done. unto all flesh.” Read the connec- Your brother, waiting for the coming tion. What an awful warning to the of the Just One. inhabitants then living to deter them

J. F. from transgressing against God.

The next event that we shall notice is the general resurrection and Although we assume the title of final judgment. “And I saw a great “The British Millennial Harbinger," white throne, and him that sat on it, and fully believe that the little stone from whose face the heavens and the cut out without hands—created by earth fled away, and there was found the Spirit of God on the day of Penno place for them : and I saw the tecost—is destined to become a great dead small and great stand before mountain, and to fill the whole world, God, and the books were opened, and yet we are not anticipating a millen


nium like that described in the three must descend again, enshrined in the essays which we have published from coil of their old mortality, to repeople the pen of J. F. Whether Christ this second cursed and death-smitten reign literally or spiritually, is not for earth : for there are to be sin and us to decide ; but, in our opinion, death in the new world ! Such is such a state of society as that pour- the confused, contradictory, and trayed by J. F. will never be rea- gloomy part of this theory. Alas, if lized by mortals or immortals. it were true, what a cold and cheerless

If we correctly understand the prospect lies before the vision of those theory propounded—a new heavens who are looking for the blessed hope and new earth ; or, in other words, and the glorious appearing of the a new solar system is to be created, great God and our Saviour Jesus which is to continue for at least a Christ, who shall change our humbled thousand years, and the inhabitants body, and fashion it like unto his of which are to be partly mortals and most glorious body by his Spirit given partly immortals. These latter are unto us. to dwell in the heavenly city, the new We are aware that some persons, Jerusalem, which is to descend from in order to fill the world with aposGod out of heaven, and alight exactly tates after the millennium, contend on the same spot as that on which that all the wicked who have ever old Jerusalem formerly stood. In lived will be raised to life, and, bethis heavenly city Messiah is to ascend holding the beloved city, will be filled literally the throne of his Father, Da- with madness at the sight of what vid, ruling the new heavens and new they have lost, and with Satan at earth by the agency of his resurrected their head, go forth to fight against and immortal people, who shall live it, when fire, coming down from God and reign with him a thousand years. out of heaven, shall consume them for This is the first resurrection : blessed ever. This, they affirm, is the seand holy is he who shall have part in cond death. this, for upon such the second death Now, turning away from these vain shall have no power. In this glorious and imaginary speculations, let us city there shall be no more curse, nor read, with sober reflection, the foldeath, nor crying, for God shall wipe lowing testimonies of the inspiring away all tears from their eyes. And Spirit of God, which we quote from there shall be no night there : they Brother Campbell's pocket edition of have no need of the sun, nor of the the New Testament, lately published: moon, nor of (Popish) candles to en-1-1 Corinthians xv. 47, “ The first lighten the city, for the Lord God and man from the earth was earthy, the the Lamb shall be the light of it, and second man is the Lord from heaven. they shall reign with him for a thou- | As was the earthy so also are the sand years. Such is one part of the earthy, and as is the heavenly such theory now presented for the conside- also shall be the heavenly. For as ration of our readers.

we have borne the image of the The other part of this literal theory earthy, we shall also bear the image is, that the living saints who remain of the heavenly. And this I affirm, at the coming of the Lord are to be brethren, that flesh and blood cannot taken up in the clouds to meet the inherit the kingdom of God ; neither Lord in the air--not to be changed, can corruption inherit incorruption. and so become associates with the re- Behold I show you a secret: we shall surrected saints in the heavenly city ! not all die, but we shall all be changed, No—this would be fatal to the cause in a moment, in the twinkling of an of Satan after the thousand years eye, at the last trumpet ; for it shall have terminated ; and therefore these 'sound, and then the dead shall be raised incorruptible, and we shall be fore, that we may understand this changed. For this corruptible body difference, we are to remember, that must put on incorruption, and this the ancients were far more rude and mortal body must put on immortality. indistinct in their calculation of time Now when this corruptible body shall than we have been since; and indeed, have put on incorruption, and this such is their confusion this way, that mortal shall have put on immortality, we are obliged to God's providence in then that saying of scripture shall be giving us the exact compass of a proaccomplished, Death is swallowed phetical year, even in this book, by up for ever.'”—1 Thessalonions iv. fixing the synchronism of the three 13-18, “ Now I would not have you numbers above-mentioned. For by ignorant, brethren, concerning those these it is determined, that thirty days who sleep, that ye may not be grieved make a month, and twelve of such even as the others who have no hope. months, a year. So that 1260 days For if we believe that Jesus died being divided into three years and a and rose again, so also those who half (or time, and times, and a half, sleep will God through Jesus bring in the apocalyptical dialect), 360 days with him. Besides this, we affirm to must make up a year, without the you by the word of the Lord, that we, additional five days and odd hours and the living, who remain at the coming minutes, that are added in the calcuof the Lord, shall not anticipate those lation of the Julian year. For the who are asleep ; for the Lord himself Julian (and Gregorian) months conwill descend from heaven, with a sisting, some of thirty, and some of shout, with the voice of the arch- thirty-one days (excepting February angel, and with the trumpet of God, only) and the years consequently of and the dead in Christ shall rise first; 365 days, there must needs be some afterwards we, the living, who remain, considerable difference in the revolushall, at the same time with them, be tion of many centuries; which differinstantly taken up in clouds to join ence appears still greater if we consult the Lord in the air, and so shall we the curious astronomical calculations be for ever with the Lord. Where- of Petavius, Tycho, Kepler, and others. fore comfort one another with these But since their exactness hath only words."

J. W. added five hours to every year (toge

ther with some minutes, firsts, seconds,

&c. comminibus annis, which they FLEMING ON PROPHECY.

themselves are not fully agreed in), I shall not be so nice upon this point

as to follow them in all their criti(Continued from page 291.)

cisms this way. However, since five The second preliminary considera- minutes additional to a year arise to tion is, that, in order to understand an entire day in the revolution of 163 the prophetical years aright, we must years, it ought not to be altogether reduce them to Julian years, or such neglected. But passing even these, as are in use with us now in Europe. and considering only the five days

This is no idle or chimerical inquiry : that are added to the 360, in our seeing the ignorance of this has misled ordinary years, we will find that the all our great apocalyptical men hither- | 1260 days in the Revelation, being to in their calculations, and yet unless reduced to years, are eighteen years we are able to adjust the difference short of Julian years, in the prophetibetween prophetical and Julian years, cal reckoning, by reason of the addiwe must still reckon at a venture, tional days turned into years in the without any certainty of the truth and ordinary accounts now, above the exactness of our arithmetic. There- | apocalyptical reckoning. To demon


The Julian





strate which, I present you with the ing heads to consider as to their rise following scheme :

and duration. Let these things, The Prophetical

therefore, be minded here.

1. That the seventh head, or king One


365 360


of Rome (as I hinted before), whose

character is, that he was immediately Two



to succeed to the imperial governThree 1080


ment, and to continue but a short Half


183 Three years

space (Rev. xvii. 10)—that, I say, 1260

1278 and a half

this government could be no other

than that of the kingdom of the OstroNow if, according to this computation, Goths in Italy. we subtract 1260 apocalyptical years For it is plain that the imperial from 1278 Julian or Gregorian ones, dignity was extinguished in Italy, (I call them so, ore rotunda, overlook- and in the western parts of the eming the smaller measures of time), pire, by Odoacer, the king of the there remain eighteen years to be cut Heruli, who forced Augustulus, the off.

last sprig of an emperor, to abdicate To apply this, therefore, to our his throne and power in the year design: If we may suppose that Anti- 475, or 476, as others say. And christ began his reign in the year though this Odoacer was soon de606, the additional 1260 years of his stroyed by Theodoric, the king of the duration, were they Julian or ordinary | Ostro-Goths, yet the same form of years, would lead us down to the year regal government was continued by 1866, as the last period of the seven- Theodoric and his successors. And headed monster. But seeing they are though this kingdom continued for prophetical years only, we must cast nearly eighty years, reckoning from away eighteen years, in order to bring Odoacer to Teias, yet the angel might them to the exact measure of time justly call this a short time ; for so it which the Spirit of God designs in was, if compared either with the prethis book. And thus, the final period ceding imperial or succeeding papal of papal usurpations (supposing that government. Which suggests a very he did, indeed, rise in the year 606) strong argument against some who must conclude with the year 1848. would make this seventh king denote

And now that I have hinted at the the Oriental empire, which, as it betime of Antichrist's rise, as the con- gan long before this time, so lasted clusion of the preliminary considera- many centuries afterwards, and was tions, I must proceed to prove this to not totally extinct till Mahomet the be, in one sense, the true era of the Great's time, in the year 1453. And papal beast's reign. And here it is surely this kingdom was sufficient to that I find myself extremely strait- constitute a new head of the Roman ened, in discoursing of so great a people, seeing Rome and Italy were subject in so narrow a compass. All, subjected entirely to those Gothish therefore, that I can say here, will kings, and that they not only acted amount to a few short hints only, with the same authority that the emthough, perhaps, no inconsiderable perors had used before (excepting

that they abstained from that title by Seeing, therefore, as I said before, a special providence, that they might in the 4th postulatum, it is plain, not be confounded with that governfrom Rev. xvii. 10, that the imperial ment), but were owned by the senate government was the regnant head of and people of Rome as their supethe Roman beast at the time of the riors, yea, by the emperors of the vision, we have only the two follow- ' East also, as might easily be proved


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