Sidor som bilder


thus becomes us to fulfil all righteousness, human systems or principles. The praise and to yield obedience to every divine re- and the glory of God, and his divine approquirement and institution.

bation, which will confer iminortality along I trust your

“ British Millennial Har- | with it, are the objects which we ought to binger” may be deserving of its name that have in view. And then we can no longer it may be made a means of building up and hesitate to say, in heart and in voice,“ Come, confirming many of the people of God in their kingdom of our God”—looking for, and hastmost holy faith--and that you may thus be ening unto, the dawning of that heavenly abundantly repaid for the labour and patience day. Surely the bright prospect of being which you have bestowed upon it from the transformed and fashioned like unto the globeginning. I consider that men of all sects rious body of our Incarnate God, is a greater and parties may read it with profit and ad- and a more blessed hope than any other that vantage. Nothing can be more absurd and can possibly be presented to us.

Let us be narrow-minded, than to read nothing but faithful to him. Yours very truly, what maintains our own views upon every

B. B. subject, 66 We shall see eye to eye, when the Lord shall bring again Zion.” And the LETTER TO G. DICKINSON, knowledge of this should enkindle the eye of WESLEYAN MINISTER. charity while here in this present evil world.

Dear Sir-Not having an opportunity of By looking forward to the time when faith explaining myself fully during our late inand hope shall be lost in open vision, we

terview at -, I have taken the liberty shall be more and more inclined to embrace

of doing so in writing; and if in this comall who love the Lord Jesus Christ in truth

munication I have said anything contrary to and sincerity, uniting with all those who the Word of God, I shall feel thankful to be have followed him in the regeneration. corrected. You are aware that for twenty

Another redeeming feature in the British ytars I was employed as a Methodist preachMillennial Harbinger is, the opening of its This is a responsible situation—to save pages to the testimony of the sure word of sinners by the gospel. Oh, how important prophecy," with respect to the approaching for us to know, teach, and practice the truth, advent and kingdom of the Lord Jesus Christ. that many may be saved in the day of the This great event has been foretold by all the Lord Jesus. holy prophets since the world began, and Several topics were alluded to during our should, therefore, be held prominently before conversation, which required serious considethe minds of that generation of mankind, ration. You say, if I am now right, then you which is now actually witnessing those signs are wrong. But who is to decide this imand evidences which immediately precede portant question ? Is the testimony of man, the great and dreadful day of the Lord. At or the testimony of God? You bring forward the time appointed the end shall be, and no a million and half of uninspired witnesses to human sophistry can ever prevent the fulfil prove your position, wbile my references are ment of what has been decreed in the coun- only to the precepts and example of the Lord, sels of the Eternal. We may have plans of of his apostles, and of the first Christians. our own which we fondly hope to be permit- You ask me what is the true design of Christed to carry into effect, even in the face of tian baptism? My reply is, it is for the rethat “shaking of all nations” which shall mission of sins, the indwelling of the Holy accompany the transition of the world out of Spirit, and for the hope of eternal life, Acts time into eternity. God will confuse and i. 37-8. The Lord and his aposties taught defeat all our plans and imaginings which the same divine truth; hence the baptized are not in accordance with his own mind and believers are said to be saved, Acts ii. 47, will. The kingdom of God can never be 1 Pet. iii. 21 ; forgiven, Gal. iii. 21; reestablished by any human power, influence, generated, or born again, John iii. 5; justior agency. It will be established by Him tied, Rom. v. 1; sanctified, i Cor. ii. 11; who is the heir to the kingdom, and to whom washed, Acts xxii. 16; cleansed, Ephe. v. the throne justly belongs. Let it be under- 25; he that believeth and is baptised shall stood that the man who wilfully persists in be saved, Mark xvi. 16. Now, if these things shutting his eyes to all the signs of the times, be true--and who, with impunity, can deny and to all that overwhelming pressure of evi- | them ? - what an awful consideration, to dence which may be seen by a comparison urge salvation on the condition of faith alone, of present and surrounding circumstances and coming to the penitent bench for pardon, with the prophetic testimony, is a traitor to which is nothing short of a human device, the cause of him whom he professes to serve. by which, I fear, thousands have been deGreat responsibility belongs to the Christian luded for ever. Faith is not undervalued by Editor of a religious periodical; for he should me, any more than the blood of atonement. know his own position as the servant of He that cometh to God must believe that he Christ. We are not called to be the ser- is, and that he is the rewarder of those who vants of any man, or of men in general. We diligently seek him; and, without faith, po are to avoid being made the slaves of any 'sacrifice or worship can be acceptable. It

is the practice of your preachers, when indi- | life. But these quotations are from his Notes viduals are led to see the love of God in the on the New Testament, and these, with his gift of his Son, or under the fear of his wrath four volumes of serinons, are the standard by cry out “ what must I do to be saved ?” to which every Methodist preacher is measured exhort them to believe, &c. Now there is when he becomes an itinerant; and therenothing of this abstract kind of teaching to fore, you and every preacher in the connecbe found in the bible. Some of these parties tion are bound by the laws of Methodiem, as believe as sincerely and as intelligently as well as by the laws of God, to teach and to you do. Then why not take a more safe, preach that baptism is both a means and reasonable, and scriptural way, and exhort seal of pardon to every penitent believer ; them as Peter did, Acts ij. 38, or as Ananias but surely not to infants, who, having no did, Acts xxii. 16. You said in your sermon sins to be forgiven, can, therefore, have no at ástley, that Paul was three days and three pardon to be sealed. May the truth prevail nights at the penitent bench before he obtain

on every hand.

Yours respectfully, ed pardon! What an awful perversion of

W. TURNER. God's word is this ! Paul was awakened, believed, repented, and was deeply humbled,

GLASGOW MEETING. but he had no knowledge of forgiveness, or

FALKLAND, FIFE, August 12, 1848. of a good conscience, until he was baptized into the gospel system. You said " It might of writing you at this time in reference to

Dear Brother Wallis-1 take the liberty have been the practice in primitive days to baptize adults publicly, or on a profession of the meeting proposed to be held at Glasgow their faith in Christ, and that it was neces

next month. As the period approaches, the sary that those who had murdered the Son question is put-Is there to be a meeting, of God should thus publicly make a confession and what is to be dene? Having conversed of their guilt; but we live in a Christian with a number of brethren on the subject, the

uniform conclusion to which all have come country, and things are altered ; our children are baptized in infancy, and brought into the is, that there should be a meeting. The Christian covenant, and we receive them

reasons which have induced this conclusion into the church.” So, then, you save them,

are various. These meetings are calculated or Christianize them in infancy, when in a

to do good, by increasing the knowledge of state of innocence, and add them to the brethren one with another. It is an old pro

verb which holds good in every age, as iron church when they become guilty, and polluied before God? No wonder the so-called sharpeneth iron, so doth the countenance of Christian world should be in such a state of

a man his friend; so when brethren, the chilinfidelity and confusion. Your system, with

dren of the same Father, members of the the many kindred systems, are the cause of

same family, and the heirs together of the it. If all were built upon the testimony of

same glorious inheritance, meet together, Jesus and his apostles, this would not be so.

and hy their mutual communication counsel

and advise, it is calculated to clieer their As a Methodist preacher, you have no spirits, and encourage their hearts while ground to oppose baptism for the remission passing through this vale of tears. Farther, of sins, for it is taught in the form recom- since last September, when the meeting was mended by Conference, and used by the held at Chester, great and mighty have been preachers when sprinkling infants. You pray the changes that have taken place in the that the child coming to the holy baptism of affairs of this world. If we turn our eyes the Saviour, may receive remission of sins, backward on the page of European history, be regenerated, have the Holy Spirit, &c. how vast the scenes and terrible the revoluThe same doctrine is also taught by Mr. tions that have transpired. Thrones are laid Wesley, and almost all the eminent writers prostrate in the dust. Where despotism sat who have belonged to the connection, Wat- proudest and most secure, there its power has son, Daniel, Isaac, with many others. As perished as with the breath of a moment. to Mr. Wesley, in various parts of his wri- Institutions, for ages held secure, are subtings, he is very explicit on this subject. He jected to the test of justice, truth, and utility; says, in his note on Romans vi. 3-6, “ In they are weighed in the balance, and found baptism we, through faith, are engrafted into wanting. The spirit of inquiry is abroad. Christ, and we draw new spiritual life from The chains which held the minds of men in this new root through his Spirit, who fash- bondage have been snapt asunder, or relaxed. ions us like unto him, particularly unto his Even in Rome, that city of priests, those death and resurrection.” In his note on lords of the conscience are becoming the subActs xxii. 16, he says,

Baptism, adminis- jects of the mockery and insult of the mob. tered to true penitents, is both a means, and Free institutions, a free press, and free disa seal of pardon; nor did God ordinarily, in cussion, are the order of the day. Will truth the primitive church, bestow this pardon on suffer in the investigation ? Nay, bui it is any unless through this means.”

In reply

destined to come forth purer than gold of the to these quotations you say that John Wesley seventh refining; it is mighty, and must changed his views in the latter part of his prevail. While continental Europe is thus


progressing, what is the condition of society the word of life as the pillar and support of at home? The principles of Conservatism the church. Are the congregations doing are still in the ascendant; will they always this, their appointed work ? We say not continue so? We venture to predict that sufficiently. It may be said that this arises they will not; the current of public opinion from the weakness of many of the congrehas set in on the side of progress, and wiil gations, and they are incapable of accomultimately overthrow every opposing power. plishing much. Granted; as separate conThe ecclesiastical systems which are extant gregations they are so. This leads us again in the nation contain within themselves the to put the question-- What is to be done? seeds of rottenness and corruption. Pusey- We say, by association and co-operation ism at work in the Episcopacy, producing much may be done: these must be in existinternal weakness and disorganization; the ence ere there can be sufficient evangelical Scottish Kirk, weakened by the late seces- efforts. We would propose for the considerasion; the old-fashioned Calvinism of the fa- tion of the brethren assembled at Glasgow, thers is discarded, the opponents led on by 1st. On what principle can association be the party called Morrisonian ; Sectarianism carried out to render efficient co-operation confesses its weakness and incompetency to and evangelization ? oppose the progress of error and intidelity in As all are agreed as to the necessity of a a denominational character. Mr. Binney, system of general evangelists, we propose, the chairman of the Congregational Union 2nd. By what means can a system of local for England and Wales, in his opening ad- evangelizing he made to be more efficient dress at the Union meeting in May last, for the spread of the truth in the localities says :-—“ Most denominations seem almost of the various congregations ? Can this be to have done their work — to have lived | done by local association or otherwise ? And through their laborious manhood, and as 3rd. Receive reports of the state of all the bodies to be getting old; but (he says far- congregations, the statistics of each, the inther) there are in all, and in some especially, crease or decrease during the past year, and individual teachers (and there will be more

apparent prospects for the future. such by and by) who, as living and true men, In all this, and much more which might speaking out fully what is in them, will be added, there is enough to occupy the serve their generation by the will of God-minds of the brethren during the time that will revive and reanimate principles, and will they can be together. These suggestions give such forms and utterances to truth-to are made in all humility for the consideration that truth which, in its essence, is changeless of the brethren, persuaded of this, if the and eternal--as shall make it victorious over congregations were filled with a spirit of zeal modern assailants, as it never failed to con- for the glory of God and love to their fellowquer before.” While all this is going on in


that soon a little one would become a the world, and the minds of men are shaken thousand, and the small one a strong nation. and in doubt regarding the principles and The Lord hasten it in his own time. arrangements of society, politically and With love to you and all your household, ecclesiastically, what are the disciples who and to all the brethren with you, for the hold the principles of the Reformation doing, truth's sake, ANDREW FORSYTH. and what ought they to be doing for the world? These are important questions. A. CAMPBELL AND THE REFORWhat are they doing? In some cases sunk

MATION. into a state of torpor, or, what is worse,

To the Editor of the Northern Warder." living as men in the flesh, dividing with one another, biting and devouring one another,

DUNDEE, July 19, 1848. being filled with the spirit of the world

Sir--In your paper of Thursday last I obliving in malice and envy, hateful and served an article extracted from an American hating one another; thus making the way of paper, headed “The Campbellite Reformatruth to be evil spoken of, and causing many tion,” which contains gross misrepresentato hold on to the systems to which they are

tions of Mr.Campbell's views on the influence attached, because seeing nothing better. of the Holy Spirit on the mind of man, &c. But what ought they to be doing for the To place the matter in a proper light before world? The scripture teaches us that God the public, so as they can hear both sides, has appointed that his congregation should and then decide as to the correctness of the be the light of the world. This the disciples statements from the “ New York Presbyof Jesus are to be in their individual and terian,” I beg to lay before you Mr. Campcollective capacity. In their individual bell's own sentiments as delivered in his haracter, letting their lights so shine before debate with the Rev. N. L. Rice on that

that others, seeing their good works, very question, which please insert in your may glorify their Father who is in heaven- paper of to-morrow. by manifestation of the truth, commending

Mr. C. says: themselves to every man's conscience in the “ I would not, sir, value at the price of a single sight of God, and as a congregation, shining affair of eternal life, whose religion is not begun,

mill the religion of any man, as respects the grand as the light of the world—by holding forth ' carried on, and completed by the personal agency of



the Holy Spirit. Nay, sir, 1 esteem it the peculiar perspicuity in stating their premises, a excellence and glory of our religion, that it is spi. ritual, that the soul of man is quickened, enlight.

want of method or clearness in presenting ened, sanctified, and consoled by the indwelling the evidence by which they come to their presence of the Spirit of the eternal God. But while conclusions, and a decided want of that avowing these my convictions, I have no more fel.

close practical application of such an imlowship with those false and pernicious theories that confound the peculiar work of the Father with that portant subject as the speedy return of the of the Son, or with that of the Holy Spirit, or the Lord Jesus Christ necessarily involves. work of any of these awful names with that of ano- Why, brethren, if the Lord is near, is not ther ; or which represents our illumination, conversion, and sanctification, as the work of the Spirit, every one warned to be in readiness—to without the knowledge, belief, and obedience of the have their loins girt, and their lamps trimgospel, as written by the holy apostles and evangel. med, and ready to welcome him. But the ists, than I have with the author and finisher of the book of Mormon,” page 616.

world, and the things thereof, seem about

as sweet as ever, for there appears abroad Again, Mr. Campbell, in his concluding a sort of idle speculation on the second address, thus states —

and glorious advent of our Redeemer, that “ In conclusion, then, I must say that we have ill comports, in my opinion, with the sobeen much reproached and slandered on this theme, lemn dignity and glory with which the It is not from any aversion to preaching the Holy Sacred Record speaks of that most importSpirit (for we do efficaciously preach it) that I have been constrained to take this ground, so offensive to ant and wonderful period. May I mention some, and which has been made, in many instances that, as a church, we are living in peace to retard the great and growing cause of Reformation which we plead. I believe and teach the inspie of seeing the word of the Lord prospering

and happiness, and enjoying the pleasure ration of the Spirit, the influences and effects of the Spirit of God in the hearts of all Christians, men and amongst us. Nine have lately made the

The man who represents me as opposed to good confession and been baptized, left the a spiritual religion, and to the operations, converting and sanctifying, of the Holy Spirit, does me the empire of darkness, and have been thus highest injustice, and blasphemes my good name in translated into the kingdom of God's dear a way he mnst answer for to a higher tribunal. Son—a kingdom of light, love, and holy have been long endeavouring to draw the proper liberty. Four have also lately been reof our Gou-between what is spiritual and animal stored to the congregation, and about 12 in some of the present forms of Christianity; and to received by letter and otherwise. These save my contemporaries from a religion of blind im circumstances inspire us with fresh vigour, pulses, animal excitements, and new revelations, by and open up additional fountains of gratiwhich I most sincerely believe vast multitudes are deluded to everlasting ruin. With Paul and with tude to the Father of our spirits, from me, there is but one body and but one spirit, as there whom comes every good and perfect gift. is but one hope of our calling—as there is but one God and Father of us all," page 751.- Debate,

Yours for the truth's sake, W. Linn. Campbell and Rice; published, Lexington, Kentucky, 1844. The other misrepresentations might be

OBITUARIES. replied to in a similar manner; but fearing Carlton, Aug. 19.-Dear Bro.-It becomes lest I trespass too much upon your columns, our duty, with mingled feelings of pleasure I will close for the present.—Your obedient and regret, to record the death of Brother servant,

G. A. Christopher Spencer, a young man much

esteemed by all the brethren, and of con

siderable promise amongst us. He died ITEMS OF NEWS.

of consumption on the 16th instant, in the

22nd Wigan, July 23. — It was with great

year of his age, after an illness of only pleasure we read the announcement of the

a few months. It is upwards of two years Co-operative Meeting to be held in Glas- since you immersed him into Jesus, during gow in September. Our brethren have which time his conduct has been most exagreed to send one, if not two delegates, emplary and honorable. He was ardent in

his attachment to the brethren, who were the number depending on circumstances. We think it desirable that the day of the his constant and familiar companions. For week, and the place of meeting,

should be the last twelve months previous to his noticed in the Harbinger. After our

illness, he entered into the public exercises morning meeting, a young man made the of the church with ardour and delight, emgood confession, and was baptized into bracing every opportunity of teaching and Christ for the remission of his sins, through them in that good hope of eternal life

admonishing his brethren, and confirming faith in the blood of Christ. T. Coop.

which was his joy and solace in the last Glasgow, August 19. -- I confess I have moments of his life. He knew that his very great difficulty in understanding many Redeemer liveth, and that he was able to articles that are appearing in your Pro- keep that which he had committed to his phetic Department. I do not say that the trust. Perfectly sensible to the end, a writers are to blame, for it may, in part at short time before his death, when a few least, be my own dulness of perception. brethren and friends had collected around One thing I feel, and that is, a want of his bed, he requested to be raised up, that human opinions, and of what is termed religious ex. gation here consisting of fourteen mem fect.—7. That the report of the Evangelist and Campbers, all in peace and union. It is with a bell Funds be considered and passed.-8. That the heart full of sorrow I have to inform you plan of employing

all might unite in a song of praise to God

As we plead for union and co-operation among all and the Lamb, himself commencing

the disciples of Jesus, so would we affectionately

urge upon all the churches to send delegates to this " I sing my Saviour's dying love, &c.” meeting, and with them, or through the post, statewhen, after the lapse of a few minutes, ments as to their numbers, increase, nieans, and without a struggle or a groan, he sweetly prospects – whether advancing or retro-rading – fell asleep in Jesus. G. HASTINGS.

what they can do, or what they would like to see

done, to advance the cause of tru'h and righteous[It is truly surprising and mysterious ness in the world, and in their own locality: for, if that so many of the most promising and

all cannot be done that we may desire, still we ought useful of our number should be taken away

to do all in our pow's. But without mutual inter

course and united effort nothing can be accomplished thus prematurely, at a time when they are either on a local, or on a more general plan of evan. so much needed amongst us; but the Lord gelical operation. That difficulties, discourage. reigneth, and doeth all things well. J. W.] cur, it is reasonable to expect; but the same truth Cupar, July 30.—We have to regret the by which we have arrived at our present,

maintained with firmness and perseverance, will loss by death of one of our deacons, who lead to new conquests under the captain of our sal. has been long in the service of our Lord, meeting?"In the absence of any methodical arrangeBrother Russell, who was about 80 years

ment on the part of other brethren, we suggest : of age, and highly esteemed among all who 1. Let it never be forgotten that the design of this knew him. He had been forty years en- meeting is expressly for the promotion of union, brogaged in religious reformations, and al- therly love, and co-operation among the disciples of though not a public teacher, yet helabored retary, be chosen to direct and record the business of assiduously in conversation wherever he the meetings.-3. That all the meetings commence could be heard. He joined in the present general purposes for which the assembly is convened

with singing and prayer, and that an address on the Reformation most zealously, and has been

be delivered at the first meeting. – 4. That the of great service to the cause. He was in

churches in England, Scotland, Ireland, and Wales, comfortable circumstances in life, and de- be called over in rotation as recorded in the British voted much of his time in ministering to

Millennial Harbinger, page 244-5.-5. That any conthe necessities of the poor of our congre

gregation wishing to have their name erased from

the list, it shall be faithfully attended to, on a letter gation. He was much esteemed in the to that effect being forwarded to A. Paton, 2, Morrisworld, having been several times elected place, Monteith-row.–6. That any congregation of one of the Councillors of Cupar. How de- disciples who hold the one Lord, one faith, one im

mersion, the behaviour of whose members is known lightful to look back on such a well-spent to be consistent with their profession, and who meet life, and the many blessings it confers on on the first day of the week to keep the commands of the children of men. A. MITCHELL.

Jesus, shall be recognized as one with us under the

government of the same Lord, irrespective of mere Penmachno, Wales.—There is a congre- perience, provided they make application to that ef

evangelists, as arranged in Edinthat we (as a church) have met with a

burgh in 1842, in its local and general operations, be

re-considered, improved, abandoned, or retained, as severe loss in the death of our beloved the judgment of the meeting may accord.-9. That pastor, John Roberts, who was an earnest any other question respecting either Law or Gospel, contender for the faith which was once proposed by any brother, shall have due considera

ton.-10. That arrangements be made as to the time delivered to the saints, especially for im

and place for holding one or more co-operative meetmersion for the remission of sins. I firmly ings during the year 1849.-11. That the gospel be believe that our loss as a church is a gain proclaimed each evening of the 27th and 28th, by one to him, as he repeated in his last mo

or more of the brethren, to be arranged

by the officers

of the church in Glasgow. ments the words of St. Paul in his epistle The foregoing subjects and arrangements have to the Philippians, chap. i. 21, For to suggested themselves to us upon reflection as to the me to live is Christ, and to die is gain." objects

and utility of this meeting. But, as we stand Our brother's manner was affectionate,

alone in this matter, we earnestly recommend, that

a preliminary meeting be held in Glasgow, on Wedobliging, and blameless, which secured nesday, at 11 a.m. or 2p.m, as may best suit the par him the love and esteem of all who knew ties, to sanction the five following brethren amend. him.

ing, or altogether abandoning this form of proceed. He was 54 years of age, and had ing, provided they only present the meeting with one been baptized 28 years. R. JONES. more calculated to create and maintain order, una

nimity, and confidence in the assembly :- Brothers MEETING TO PROMOTE UNION

Ainslie, sen. Dundee; J. Dron, Auchtermuehty: J.

K. Tener, Ireland; A. Paton and W. Linn, Glasgow. AMONG THE DISCIPLES OF JESUS. All letters from the churches to be sent to Bro. A. The meeting unanimously agreed upon in 1847

Paton, 2, Morris-place, Monteith-row, Glasgow. at Chester, to be held the last week in September,

In conclsion, we earnestly desire that all the dis

ciples of the Lord may, by their principles, spirit, 1848, as announced in our last number, will take speech, and practice, be ever found well-pleasing in place (D.V.) on Wednesday and Thursday, the 27th

his sight.

J. W. and 28 h instant, commencing at six o'clock p.m. of the first-nam d day, in the Hall No. 30, North Frederick-street, Glasgow. Any information respecting Printed by Edmund Renals, at his Office, No. 2, comfortable lodgings, &c. will be readily given by South-parade, in the parish of Saint Peter, Notting Brother Henry Duncar batter. 105, Argyle-street, ham, and published by the Proprietor, JAMES opposite Queen-street, where all brethren attending WALLIS, of Park-terrace, at No. 12, Peck-lane, the meeting are recommended to apply.

in the said Parish. - Friday, September 1, 1848.


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