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our care,

-a duty which can be performed in souls be a motive to teach ? If so, no other way than by teaching them we should begin at home, and this the knowledge of the sacred writings, were teaching first those we love which are

66 able to make them wise most. If probability of success be an unto salvation.” Servants, as well as encouragement and a motive, we chidren, ought to participate in the should begin at home; for with whom instructions imparted in these domes- are we more likely to succeed than tic seminaries, since they are, by Pro- with our children—with those who vidence, placed, for a season, under | look upon us as the wisest, the best,

It is not for masters to ex- and the greatest ? In short, if the ercise dominion over their consciences, glory of God be a motive, we should nor to substitute their own opinions begin at home ; for if we could inconcerning the gospel, in place of the scribe our lessons upon universal pagospel itself; but rather to teach ture, and telegraph our instructions them “the truth as it is in Jesus,” by the sun, this would not promote and persuade them “ to flee from the the glory of God, if our families are wrath to come,” by a believing recep- neglected. Let us, therefore, as the tion of the gospel, and by giving them- heads of families, employ the means selves up to the Lord by public pro- put within our reach, and sow in the fession. We frequently find reason minds of our children and servants to lament the inconsistency-we will the seeds of righteousness and holinot

say the folly—of many professors ness, that our families may become as of religion, who would, in regard to nurseries to the church. Do not rest this duty, begin at the wrong end. satisfied with merely speaking to them Instead of descending from generals --but endeavour to enlighten their to particulars — from wholes to parts understandings, and through the un-it would be acting the part of con- derstanding to touch their hearts, and sistency to ascend from particulars to through the heart to influence the generals, which, certainly, is the order conduct; and so their light will shine of nature. Who will give a person before men, who, seeing their good credit for the purity of his motives in works, will glorify their Father who contributing towards the pecuniary is in heaven. support of religion, if that person give It was an important part of the much towards sending the gospel priest's office, under the law, to make abroad, and little or nothing to sup- intercession for the people. Jesus port it at home. The same reasoning Christ, as the great antitype of the is applicable to those who would be Jewish high priest, is represented as teachers everywhere except at home living for ever to make intercession —who would have all to become for the whole family of God on earth. their disciples but their own house- So every Christian parent ought to holds. Let us rather, if we think we make the care of his family his own, possess teaching qualifications, begin and plead for them at the throne of to exercise those talents at home, then grace. And as the Author of Chrisat the Sunday school, and, last of all, tianity is the encourager of virtue, from the pulpit. Nothing would be He has connected some personal benemore difficult than to believe that fit with the faithful discharge of every man to be in earnest, who publicly duty ; and we shall find, if we attend warns his neighbours “ to flee from regularly to this duty, that the enthe impending vengeance,” but who joyment of some very valuable blesseldom or never informs his own sings will be the result. The worship household that the “ Son of Man is of the Supreme Being, as conducted come to seek and save the lost.” We in our families, is a seminary in which will venture to ask whether love to ' we shall learn many excellent lessons

Let us,

-it gives a kind of education to the ing under this unpleasant state of kindlier feelings of the human heart. feeling, your thoughts turned upon the It is a truth familiar to most of those circumstances of your children and whom we address, that the Author of family, and immediately the icy bonds our nature has appointed that man of nature were dissolved into that shall learn continually, and learn by warmness of feeling so congenial with example and practice. Now, family the nature of the exercise in which worship will call into exercise many you were then engaged. feelings of the human heart, which therefore, not flag in our attention to nothing else will do, at least in the this duty, “and in due time we shall same degree. It will be readily ad- reap, if we faint not.” mitted that sincerity is essential to : All heads of families ought to "rule prayer ; and if sincerity is ever to well their own houses, having their become a constant habit of the mind, children in subjection with all gravity.” it is to become such by exercise, and This every parent will generally acwhat can be more likely to draw out knowledge, and which every Christian this Christian virtue than pleading for parent is, by the nature of his profesthose who are so nearly bound to us sion, constrained to admit. At first hy the ties of nature? When we think view, this subject would appear comof a person praying for an enemy, paratively easy, as nothing more is the idea of sincerity would, probably, thought necessary than “ to break not be the first suggested to our minds. down the wills of children” in time, But, as it is so natural to us to love and not to spoil them by over-indulour offspring, that it may not be un- gence. The right principle of exerreasonably considered as the second cising domestic authority is not, we great commandment of nature in- opine, a less revealed truth than the scribed on the tablets of our hearts, if plan of human redemption and restoa man may be supposed to be in earnest ration. Indeed, it was this plan, and when pleading for himself, we cannot, the conduct of our universal Parent without justly incurring the imputa- towards us, His disobedient and retion of much uncharitableness, enter- bellious children, that unfolded it. tain

any doubts in respect to his But man was not only an undutiful sincerity and earnestness when his child, but an enemy to his beneficent children are the objects of his inter- Parent. We will therefore reason cessional addresses to the Throne of thus—If gentle means are the most Mercy. When, therefore, by exer- suitable to overcome enemies, and cising it in relation to your families, make them friends, much more, then, this sincerity has become a fixed dis- are those means the fittest to govern position and habit of the mind, it will those so closely united to us by the naturally enter into the essence of bonds of love and natural affection. prayer when offered up in behalf of Now, it was God himself that taught your neighbours, for your Sovereign us the true philosophy of this subject. and country, when you plead for the To overcome an enemy, without inheathens, or intercede and implore juring him, is an idea worthy of God pardon for your enemies.

as its revealer. None of the sages of There is another thing which we antiquity knew any thing about it ; have frequent occasion to lament, no, none of their heroes, statesmen, which is a hardness of heart, and an moralists, philosophers, legislators, absence of that fervency of feeling, understood this principle. Every which we know is essential to the Christian mechanic, however, knows spirit of prayer.

Domestic worship that our Father in heaven has placed is a remedy for this. Have you not his disobedient, hostile children, under repeatedly experienced, when labour-'a renovating, transforming, morally

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conquering, heart-melting, (not will. ed. The truth which we are endeabreaking) economy. In short, we vouring to establish, rests upon two are the objects of “ the riches of his of those principles. The first is, like goodness, and forbearance, and long- things produce their like. The second suffering,” of which, it is our duty to is, contraries are subdued by contraknow, the moral tendency is to lead ries. This principle has ten thousand us to repentance : “God is love," vouchers for its truth throughout the and “ love is power.” It was the length and breadth of the vegetable manifestation of his love, not the law, and animal kingdoms of nature. that conquered the world. In this Every herb, every flower, and every we are instructed to imitate him— tree proves it. It is still more striLove your enemies.” “ If thine kingly exemplified in the animal than enemy hunger, feed him; if he thirst, in the vegetable kingdom ; for the give him drink ; for in so doing thou only resemblance perceivable between shalt heap coals of fire on his head. one flower and another is that of Be not overcome of evil, but overcome generic identity, while between a child evil with good.” Yes, Brethren, and its parent there exists not merely this is the grand principle—this the the general likeness between beings golden rule ; “ Overcome evil with of the same kind, but a particular or good.” If there were no evil in the family likeness. This is equally true world, there had been no need for of the moral creation. Love engenders government—had there been no evil love, hatred begets hatred, anger is in a child's heart or disposition, there subdued by love, and love is extinwould have been no necessity for ex- guished by wrath, as fire is by water. ercising discipline and authority ; but As acorns always did, and ever will, inasmuch as the existence of this produce oaks ; so a soft answer necessity is acknowledged on all hands, turneth away wrath ; and grevious instead of having recourse to the ex- words stir up anger.” This always ploded, unphilosophical, and unscrip- was and ever will be true-true of tural system of “breaking the wills” | men, women, and children. Finally, of our children, and that by means in bringing up your children, and exwhich, for its cruelty and barbarity, ercising discipline over them, whether nothing could exceed, let us apply you appeal to their reason, their selfthe principle “overcoming evil with esteem, their interest, hopes, or fears, good.” So little, however, has this let your words be dipped in kindliness principle been understood, even among and love ; otherwise all the worst believers in Divine revelation, that passions of the human soul will be up in a calm and impartial observer of the arms against all your reasoning, reprocess of will-breaking, would be at proof, persuasion, and correction. a loss to know where, in the book of “Hard words are like hailstones in Glad Tidings, was revealed a principle summer, they beat down and destroy so outrageous to human feeling, and all before them, but which would so contradictory to that law of love nourish and promote the growth of which God has written upon every those things if melted into drops.” parent's heart.

Fathers, provoke not your children In order further to establish this to wrath, but bring them up in the truth, let us glance at the reason of it. nurture and admonition of the Lord.” There are certain simple principles or

(With the foregoing excellent address axioms the seeds of great problems on Family Worship and Government, we and demonstrations—in morals, as have the statistics of forty-seven churches,

The well as in geometry, which, by reason comprising some 2700 members. of their being less the objects of sense, year have been as follow:- Increase by

changes in these societies during the last less tangible, are frequently overlook- 'baptism, 165 ; by letter, 38 ; by restora




tion, 81 ; total, 284. Decrease by exclu- salvation, without the accompaniment sion, 67 ; by death, 79 ; by dismission, 30; of sustaining hope and righteous contotal, 176 : clear increase, 108. The Circular Letter was translated, as usual, from duct. Faith without works is dead; the Welsh to the English language, by and whatsoever is not of faith is sin. John Evans, Brecon. We are happy to Faith, too, is the foundation of hope, learn, that some of these worthy. Welch and hope maketh not ashamed, beBaptists have abandoned their antiquated Calvinistic creed as bond of union; some

cause the love of God is shed abroad of them, indeed, have actually commenced in our hearts by the Holy Spirit given baptizing believers on the simple con- unto us.

And now abideth faith, fession of faith, that Jesus is the Christ, hope, and charity ; but the greatest the Son of the Living God. We cordially of these is charity.” There is also wish them great success in the cause of our common Lord. J. W.]

but one faith and one hope ; and

" whosoever has this hope in him, (of PROPHETIC DEPARTMENT.

being like Christ at his coming) pu

rifieth himself, even Christ is THE SECOND COMING OF CHRIST.

pure.” Nothing can be more practiDEAR SIR—Permit me to reply to cal than this doctrine of our hope, your note on my first article, before when scripturally educed. I proceed with my second. I am glad I quite agree with you, that the to learn that the number of your pro- unanimity of the apostolic watchmen phetic correspondents is so much in- of Zion, and the knowledge of God creased. I hope they may enrich by His children from the least unto your already very valuable columns the greatest, is intended in those with their love of heavenly truth. It scriptures of the prophets to which I should not, however, be forgotten, referred. And the testimony of John that “ the spirit of the prophets is and of Paul, to which you have resubject to the prophets.” A divine ferred, would certainly justify that harmony should be sought after and conclusion. But that fulfilment is attained, for that is our privilege— only in part. Those scriptures of the “Endeavouring to keep the unity of prophets (Is. lii. 7-10, 7er. xxxi. 31the Spirit (the truth, the word) in the 34) are two-fold. They apply to the bond of peace,” and so laboring as last days— the days of this gospel that we may be “ perfectly joined to- age ; but more especially to the last gether in the same mind and in the daywhich is the millennial day— same judgment.” In order thereto, the day of judgment--the era of we need to forbear each other's differ- Christ's and the saints' reign together ence of judgment in love, where an -and of their righteous government honest striving after the truth is ap- of the world. parent.

This two-fold application of the I apprehend that the character and scriptures of the prophets to the last contents of your “ Prophetic Depart- days, may be briefly illustrated. Comment” are adapted to, and intended pare Isa. lxi. 1-2, with Luke iv. 16for, such only as have already began 21, and there we find the Lord leaves sowing to the Spirit. No man can out “ the day of vengeance of our live in hope of the Saviour's second God;" or rather, he stops, and does coming, until he has believingly em- not read or apply it. And why? braced Jesus as the Christ, the Son Because he was speaking in orderof God, and submitted himself to His first of the days of this dispensation commands. Faith, hope, and holy of grace, and not of the last day, living, keep pace together. There which, as already stated, is “ the day can be no holy living wlthout faith, of vengeance of our God.” This is neither any power of living hope. evident from the following scriptures, There can be no faith which brings applied to his second coming :- Is. xxxiv. 8, lxiii. 4; 2 Pet. iii. 3-8 ; 2 coming. To prove this, let us briefly Thess. i. 3-10 These are the days note its several parts. of vengeance, that all things which “ How beautiful upon the mounare written may be fulfilled,” as Christ tains are the feet of him that bringeth said to the disciples, Luke xxi. 22. good tidings, that publisheth peace ; But these days of vengeance, of which that bringeth good tidings of good, Christ spake, are the last days; and that publisheth salvation; that saith the last of these last days is emphati- unto Zion, Thy God reigneth,” v. 7. cally “ the day of vengeance of our We have here the person spoken of God.”

and spoken of as a preacher : we Compare, again, Zech. xii. 9-14, have also the place and the character with John xix. 37, and there we ob- of his message. THE PERSON SPOKEN serve that John leaves out the mourn- OF is Christ—the light, the life, and ing. We do not, however, infer from the Saviour of the world, (Is. Ixi. 1-2, hence that the prophecy of Zechariah Luke iv. 12-21.) It includes also his had no allusion to this dispensation, faithful ministers, in whom he dwells for we find much weeping spoken of by the Holy Spirit, and whom he sent in the New Testament concerning into the world, as the Father had Israel by him. But we also find that sent him, (John xx. 21.) In that weeping and mourning associated, character he will come again, when and chiefly so with his second ap- he comes in his glory; and then also pearing. Take one scripture as a shall his angels, his ministers, his serspecimen : Rev. i. 7, “ Behold, he vants, be sent on their final message cometh with clouds ; and every eye through the world, (compare Heb. i. shall see him, and they also which 7-17, Mat. xxiv. 30-31, Isa. Ixvi. 15pierced him ; and all kindreds of the 20.) THE PLACE OF HIS (and their) earth shall wail because of him. Even | MESSAGE is said to be the mountains. so, amen.” Compare Matt. xxvi. 64, “ At that day,” when he shall come xxiv. 30 ; and again Zech. xii. 10-14, the second time, “ his feet shall stand with other parallel scriptures. upon the Mount of Olives,” (Zech.

These two instances are specimens xiv. 4-5.) “ The mountains,” bowof that two-fold sense of many Old ever, are doubtless figurative, accordTestament Scriptures spoken of ; and ing to the prophetic usage, of kingthis very principle, we observe, is ap- doms, and refer to the “ kingdoms of plicable to the two other scriptures this world,” which, at his coming, referred to in


shall become the “ kingdoms of our Inst. 1. Compare Isa. lii. 7-10 Lord and of his Christ.” An alluwith Rom. x. 12. The apostle quotes sion to, and illustration of this, is from the prophet, and thereby shows given by David in these words, that the prophecy is applicable to mountains shall bring peace to the this present age. But the prophecy people, and the little hills, by rightis not wholly applied to this age. He eousness.” Again, THE CHARACTER does not quote the prophet as saying | OF MESSAGE is, good tidings, unto Zion, now “thy God reigneth.” peace, salvation, and the reign of He does not speak of the watchmen God our Saviour. The three former as now seeing eye to eye”. or of of these features are contained in the Zion being brought again and re- latter : that is to say, the good tidings, stored—or of the waste places of Je- peace, and salvation, are associated rusalem breaking forth into joy and with Christ's second coming, and with singing together, &c. In a spiritual his reign as the God of Zion. His sense these things are now all re- coming is preceded by the bride's analized ; but the full, final, and literal nouncing the fact, attended by the sense thereof is applied to his second 'bridegroom's voice, and followed by

“ The


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