Sidor som bilder

highly attractive, and painted with great delicacy of colouring

The figures of this picture, which formed a part of the collection of the Duke de Penthievre, are of the natural size. This composition is now in the Museum of the Louvre.

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The subject of this composition is taken from the novel of Paul and Virginia, by Bernardin de Saint Pierre.

The artist has chosen that passage of the author where, speaking of the mother of Virginia and of that of Paul, he

says, “ their mutual friendship daily increased at the sight of their children, the fruit of an attachment equally unfortunate. They took delight in plunging them in the same bath, and putting them to rest in the same cradle.”

This picture, the figures of which are of the natural size, was exhibited at the Louvre in the year nine, and obtained a prize of the second class.

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