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Fall of the Roman Empire, the reading of them will be attended with two material advantages;—in the first place, that of supplying and filling up the narrative of that author where it is too loose and general; and secondly (and most materially), that of correcting his strange misrepresentations and even falsifications of some of the most important parts of the Histories of the First Christian Emperors of the Lower Empire.

Of this Series, Six Numbers are published, containing Zosimus, and The Four Books of Justinian's Institutes of the Roman Law.


The Series of the Antient Chronicles

Will contain all the antient contemporary Historians, Chroniclers, and MemoirWriters, from the Emperor Charlemagne of France, and Harold of England, to the death of Henry the Seventh of England, and the reign of the Emperor Charles the Fifth of Germany. The Chronicles of Froissart, Monstrelet, Grafton, &k. and all the original Historians of their own Adventures in the Crusades, will be included in this Series.

Of this Series, Twenty-one Numbers of Froissart are already published.

Of the FOUR SERIES of this Work, the Authors already completed are,


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Xenophon's Expedition of Cyrus into Persia, by Spelman,.
Polybius's General History of the Wars of the Romans, by Hampton, 5 — 12 6
Arrian's Expedition of Alexander the Great, into Persia.
Plutarch's Lives, by J. & W. Langhorne..
Diodorus's Historical Library, &c., by Booth.


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Thucydides's History of the Peloponnesian War, by Smith...................

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The Works of Tacitus, by Murphy..

Livy's Roman History...


The History of Count Zosimus, sometime Advocate and Chancellor of the Roman Empire,




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The Four Books of Justinian's Institutes of the Roman Law,.... 3

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THIS Translation, with the Maps, are in the full Atlas Size of the Superb Paris Edition of D'Anville's Atlas and Geography of the Greeks and Romans, in the Æras of Alexander the Great, and Augustus. It is unnecessary to say any thing in commendation of a Work in such universal estimation among the Learned, and without which the Greek and Roman Historians cannot be distinctly followed in their Narratives. The Price of the Paris Edition is Twelve Guineas. This Edition is of the same Atlas Size, on superior Paper, and superior in Execution, and comprehended in Fifteen Numbers, price only Four Pounds, Ten Shillings.

The Work

Work may be also had complete, half bound, price Five Pounds,

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Royal Military Chronicle.

The Proprietors of the ROYAL MILITARY CHRONICLE respectfully inform the Public, that they have, at a considerable.expense, reprinted several of the early num bers of that Work; and, by so doing, have been enabled to complete about Twenty Sets of the First Series, which may be had at the Original Price of Two Shillings and Sixpence each Number: it is recommended to Persons having imperfect Sets of this Work, to complete them without delay. Single Numbers of the first Series are advanced to Three Shillings each.

THE following are the Contents of the First Seven Volumes of the MILITARY CHRONICLE, a Work, dedicated to the British Army, and which has six main features viz.

1. Portraits of eminent living Generals, executed by the first artists, in a style of superior excellence.

2. Memoirs of Generals, written, for the most part, by those who have served with them. These Memoirs cannot be equalled in any work, being for the most part presented to the Military Chronicle, by the most eminent Characters of the day. 3. Original Journals of the Campaigns in Portugal and Spain, transmitted from the Seat of War, by an Officer of the Royals.

4. Original Military Correspondence.

5. A complete Collection of the Gazettes in full, from 1810 to the present time. 6. A complete Collection of the Bulletins of Bonaparte.

NEW SERIES OF THE MILITARY CHRONICLE. The NEW SERIES of the Military Chronicle commenced in May, 1814. Four Volumes are now completed, and have had the same extensive sale as the VoJumes of the former Series. The Work is continued Monthly, price Two Shillings and Sixpence each Number. Very few sets only remain unsold, and it is earnestly recommended to Subscribers to complete their Volumes, as no other work of the day contains the same unbroken collection of Original Journals, Gazettes in full from the commencement of the War in Spain, State Papers, and Translations of valuable French Works.

Cheap Editions



1. THE MEMOIRS OF CAPTAIN CARLTON, a Sob dier of Fortune under the Earl of Peterborough: it is not only the most interestiug, but one of the most useful works of the age. It is printed in the same form and type as the Military Classics, and comprehends 484 octavo pages, without any abridgment whatever. Price, only Half a Crown.

2. The MEMOIRS of that Highly Distinguished Officer, LIEUTENANT-GENERAL SIR JOHN MŎOŘE, K. B. Price, Half-a Crown,

3. THE LIFE OF CHARLES THE TWELFTH, OF SWEDEN, by Voltaire, printed verbatim from the best English translation; containing the most singular campaigns of that Warrior and Conqueror, the greatest part of which were made on the ground which has since been the Scene of War between the Emperors Napoleon and Alexander. Price, Half-a-crown.

4. LIFE AND CAMPAIGNS OF FIELD-MARSHAL SUWOROW, translated from the German.-This Work contains the Life, and Campaigns in Turkey, Tartary, Poland, &c., of Field-Marshal Suworow. The value of this work must be obvious to every one. It exhibits the Russian Army, and their truly National Hero, in every variety of warfare; and thereby show their peculiar character, with their military virtues and defects, by their actions This book contains 500 ordinary pages, and is printed in the same type as Military Chronicle. Price, Half-a-crown.

3. The HISTORY of the REVOLUTION in PORTUGAL, in the Year, 1640;or, An Account of the Revolt of the Portuguese from Spain, and setting the Crown on the Head of Don John of Braganza, Father to Don Pedro, and Catherine, Queen Dowager of England.-Translated from the French of Vertot. Thence continued down to the present time. Price, Half-a-crown.

6. ARRIAN'S EXPEDITION OF ALEXANDER THE GREAT, INTO PERSIA, being one of the most valuable works left us by the Antients. The selling price of it is two guineas; and the whole of it, verbatim, is included in three numbers of the Military Classics, price seven shillings and sixpence, illustrated with Tables, &c. This Edition is more complete than any preeding one.

7. XENOPHON'S EXPEDITION of CYRUS into PERSIA, and the RETREAT of the TEN THOUSAND GREEKS, from the Translation of SPELMAN. This same book is published in London at twelve shillings; the whole of it is given in the Military Classics, for five shillings. It is the detailed narrative of a journey of three thousand miles through Asia, in which the country, scenery, and above all, the character and condition of the inhabitants, two thousand five hundred years ago, are delineated by the disciple of Socrates, and the companion of Pericles,

8. HAMPTON'S TRANSLATION OF POLYBIUS, price twelve shillings and sixpence. This celebrated Work contains the history of the most active period in the whole annals of the world,-those fifty-four years, during which, by the union of the most refined policy, and consummate military skill, the Romans became Masters of the whole civilised World, and established that universal Empire, from the wreck of which have originated all the European kingdoms. Polybius was the familiar and domestic friend of the Roman general who fought the chief battles; and he, moreover, visited in person all the scenes of action, for the express purpose of rendering his History faithful and accurate.

London: Printed for the Proprietors of the Military Chronicle, and sold by Sherwood, Neely, and Jones, Paternoster-Row.


In one large Volume, 8vo, embellished with 1. An elegant Bust of the Duke of Wellington; 2. The Armorial Bearings of His Grace; 3. An Accurate Map of the Peninsula; 4. A Plan of the Battles of Waterloo and Ligny; Price 188. in boards;


HE LIFE of the Most Noble ARTHUR, DUKE of WELLINGTON, from the Period of his First Achievements in India, down to the Battle of Waterloo, and his invasion of France, in 1815; comprehending not only the Personal Memoirs of that Illustrions Hero, but including, likewise, an historical View of the Origin, Progress, and Termination of the Peninsular War; also, the Civil and Military Transactions in Spain and Portugal, from the Attempt of Buonaparte to subjugate those Countries, to their complete Liberation by His Grace's victorious Arms; together with Biographical Notices of eminent Contemporary Military Characters: the whole exhibiting a connected, and ample Delineation, of all the great and memorable Events of the last Seven Years. By GEORGE ELLIOTT, Esq.

In one Vol. 8vo. Price 18s. boards, Dedicated to His Majesty the King of Prussia, THE LIFE and CAMPAIGNS of FIELD-MARSHAL,


PRINCE BLUCHER; interspersed with much novel and interesting Matter, and enriched with authentic Anecdotes, and Biographical Inci dents of all the leading Characters of both the Confederate and French Armies, drawn from original and official Sources: embellished with a fine Portrait of Blücher, and illustrated with engraved Plans of the most signal Battles, from Drawings made on the Spot, by celebrated Prussian Engineers. Translated from the German of General GNEISENAU, QUARTER-MASTER-GENERAL TO PRINCE BLUCHER'S ARMY, with considerable Additions, by J. E. MARSTON, Esq. of the Hamburgh-Bürgher-Guard.

T. Chaplin, Printer, 1, Crane-Court, Fleet-Street.





A RECENT and extraordinary exercise of the prerogative of the Crown, in the case of General SIR EYRE COOTE, K.B. and K. C. depriving that distinguished officer of his military rank, in the decline of a life devoted from the age of fourteen to the service of his country, having in an extreme degree added confidence to the cruel and unfounded reports highly injurious to his character and happiness, which have been widely and industriously circulated*; it is

* The following paragraph appeared in the Morning Post of 27th May, and was from that copied into several other papers.

"Degradation of a Person in High Life.-Among the extraordinary and unprecedented occurrences, happening in


conceived to be due no less to his family, who must feel most deeply affected by the disgraceful insinuations which have been promulged against him, than to Sir Eyre Coote himself, to repel the injustice by a plain statement of all the facts and evidence which are connected with this, in every point of view, most important and most distressing case.

In doing this, no attempt will be made to influence the public mind by artful or abstruse reasoning: such an attempt is wholly unnecessary where justice alone is sought for, and would be useless where a discerning public is to be the judge. In the case of Sir Eyre Coote, there is nothing to conceal; and the only

these eventful times, may be enumerated the degradation which an officer of exalted rank experienced, not long since, for dishonourable conduct proved at the bar of public opinion, as well as of that of justice. To our great surprise, we now learn, that another distinguished officer (whose name has been continually before our eyes in print) is shortly to be publicly disgraced-he is to be stripped of all his honours—and his name struck out of the Army List. The judicial exposition of the offending party is abandoned, the necessary proofs being wanting; but enough is known to justify the conduct of the higher powers, and at the same time to demonstrate, that neither titles nor riches can screen offenders from merited punishment. The reported nature of the present offence we must decline stating.”

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