Sidor som bilder

to pro

Passed with great Credit.


1st Class
Goad; a prize in drawing.

1. Law. Second Term.

2d Class. Archibald Sconce, prize in mathematics,

2. Dent, prize in law, prize in Persian, 'prize in

3. Courtney, Hindustani, prize in Arabic.

4. Malcolm, Chas. Dumergue, prize in classics, prize

5. Blane. in Sanscrit, and with great credit in other

3d Class. departments.

6. Spooner, John L. M. Lawrence, prize in history,

7. Farrant. prize in Bengali, and with great credit in It was then announced that the cer. other departments.

tificates of the College Council were Highly Distinguished.

granted, not only with reference to in. Shank,

dustry and proficiency, but also to conBatten,

duct; and that this latter consideration had D. Robertson.

always a decided effect in determining the Passed with great Credit.

order of rank. Lowth.

It was also announced, “ that such rank First Term.

Trould only take effect in the event of Charles Gubbins, prize in mathematics, the Students proceeding to India within prize in Persian, prize in Arabic, and three months after they are so ranked; and highly distinguished in other departments. should any Student delay so

Robert Henry Stuart, prize in Sanscrit, ceed, he should only take rank among prize in Hindustani, and with great credit those classed at the last examination prein other departments.

vious to his departure for India, whether Christopher W. Fagan, prize in classics, that examination should be held by the prize in English composition, and with College Council or by the London Board great credit in other departments.

of Examiners, and should be placed at the John M. Davies, prize in drawing, and

end of that class in which rank was ortwith great credit in other departments. ginally assigned to him." Rank of Students leaving College, as

Notice was then given that the next settled by the College Council :

Term would commence on Monday the BENGAL.

28th of July, and that the Students were 1st Class.

required to return to the College within the 1. Thompson,

first four days of it, unless a statutable 2. McLeod.

could be assigned for the delay; 2d Class,

otherwise, the Term would be forfeited. 3. Unwin,

The Chairman (William Astell, Esq.) 4. Onslow,

then addressed the Students, expressing 5. Dick,

his gratification at the favourable result 6. Skipwith,

of the Examination; and the business of 7. Gilmore,

the day concluded.
8. Masson,
9. Rose.

Wednesday the 16th, and Wednesday the 3d Class,

23d July, are the days appointed for re10. Houlton,

ceiving Petitions at the India House, for 11. Cumine,

candidates for admission into the College, 12. Morgan,

for the Term which will commence on Mon13. Udny,

day, the 28th of July. 14. Whitmore.



the Eastward. By Dr. Richardson, &c. &c. Ato

With numerous Maps and Plates. £4. 48. Journal of a Mission from the Governor General of India to the Courts of Siam and Cochin China.

In the Press. By J. Craufurd, Esq., F.R.S., late Envoy. In 4to. with Maps and numerous Plates. £3. 35.

The History of the Rise and Progress of the Ma

homedan Power in India, from its Commencement The Oriental Missionary ;being, some Account in the Year 1000 till 1620. Translated by Lieut. of a Mission undertaken with a view to the Pro Col. John Briggs, late Resident at Satara, from pagation of Christian Knowledge in Arabia, and

the original Persian of Mahomed Kasim Astraon the Banks of the Euphrates, during the year bady, entitled Ferishta. 3 vols. 8vo. 1824-5. By the Rev. C. Judkin. Small 8vo. 10s. 6d.

Journal of an Expedition of Discovery in the The Sacred Calendar of Prophecy. By G. S. Fa Interior of Africa, from Badagry, in the Bight of ber, B.D., Rector of Long Newton. 3 vols. 8vo. Benin, across the Kong Mountains, to Soccatoo, £1. 165.

the Capital of the Sultan Bello; by the Rout Narrative of a Second Expedition to the shores of Bousa on the Niger,

where Mungo Park par the Polar Sea, in the years 1825-6, and 7. By John and by the City of Kano; with Brief Not Franklin, Captain R.N., F.R.S., &c. Including the Journal of Richard Lander, his f. an Account of the Progress of a Detachment to vant, of his return to the Coast. Asiatie Journ. VOL., 25. No.151.





Anxious to extend the application of

the principle on which this determination GOVERNMENT GENERAL

has been formell, and to give it practical ORDERS.

efficiency, the Commander-in-chief takes CONVALESCENT DEPÔT.

this opportunity of signifying to the army,

that in his selection for situations on the Head-Quarters, Camp Jellalabad, Dec.

staff, depending on his recommendation, 24, 1827. Government having been

it is his intention to give ample scope to pleased to sanction the establishment of an

the operation of those causes, of which experimental Convalescent Depôt in the

an army, constituted as this is, is so eshills bordering on the Deyrah Dhoon, to which European soldiers may be sent for sentially in need_encouragement of merit,

and remuneration of services, a change of climate during the hot season, the officers commanding the Cawnpore, Meerut, and Sirhind divisions will assemble special medical committees to select

Fort William, Jan. 11th, 1828.- Misthe men who are to be sent in the present apprehension prevailing regarding circumyear from the whole of the European service are entitled to escorts from provin

stances under which gentlemen of the civil troops in their several divisions, according cial corps, the Right Hon. the Governor to the detailed instructions with which

General in Council is pleased to announce, they have been furnished. Rolls of the

that civil officers have no claims to be furmen selected, prepared by the several

nished with a military guard or escort committees, are to be transmitted to the superintending surgeon at Meerut, and a

when proceeding from one station to ancopy to be sent to the adjutant general's prosecuting a journey on their private

other to assume an appointment, or when office,

affairs. The whole are to assemble at Meerut by the 24th February, and instructions will

His Lordship in Council desires, that be sent hereafter for their proceeding by

the numerical strength of provincial es

corts furnished to civil officers, when entithe Deyrah Dhoon to Musoore ka Tibba. Major Erutton, of his Majesty's 11th

tled to them, may not exceed what may Light Dragoons, is appointed to the com

be adequate to the efficient performance of mand of the detachment proceeding to the

the duties required from them. Convalescent Depôt.




Head-Quarters, Futlyghur, Dec. 28, 1827. - The Commander-in-chief, im Head-Quarters, Camp Beroul, Jan. 4, pressed with the necessity of obviating the 1828.–At a European General Court inconvenience likely to arise to the public Martial assembled in Fort William, on service from the appointment of interpre the 17th Dec. 1827, of which Colonel J. ters who are not qualified for the duties of McCombe, C.B., of H.M.'s 14th Foot, is the office, has determined not to appoint president, Ensign Frederick Cookney, of any officer permanently to that situation, the 26th Regt. N. I., was arraigned on the who shall not have passed an examination, following charge :and have been reported qualified for it. Charge. --- Ens. Frederick Cookney, of

The recommendation of the command. the 26th Regt. N.I., charged with having ing officer of the regiment will be so far on the night of the 3d instant, at an enterattended to, that the officer recommended tainment given by a native of respectabiwill be appointed to act as interpreter and lity at Calcutta, where Ens. Cookney apquarter-master until the Commander-in- peared in the uniform of an officer of the chief shall have ascertained from the re army, conducted himself in a most disport of the Committee of Examination graceful manner, proposed before a large what officer is best qualified for the situa and promiscuous company, and in the tion,

presence of several females, a most indeWhen it shall happen, which the Com cent and disgusting toast, and by his mander-in-chief trusts it seldom will, that drunken and degrading behaviour suba there is no officer in the regiment pos- jected himself to the indignity of being by sessed of the requisite qualifications, the force deprived of his sword, and turned Commander-in-chief will consider it his out of the house. by a party of the police. duty to appoint an officer from another “ Such conduct, or any part of it, hem corps, to act as interpreter, until the regi- ing scandalous and unbecoming the chament shall produce one qualified for the racter of an officer and a gentleman. office.

“ 27th Nov. 1827.”


[ocr errors][ocr errors]


l'pon which charge the Court came to Mr. T. P. Marten, assistant to magistrate and

collector of Burdwaun. the following decision :

Mr. Colin Mackenzie, ditto ditto ditto of GhaFinding and Sentence. The Court zeepore. having maturely considered the evidence

Territorial Department. before them, together with what the pri

Jan. 10. Mr. E. R. Barwell, third member of soner, Ens. Cookney, has said in his de Board of Revenue, Lower Provinces. fence, are of opinion, that he is guilty of 24. Mr. A. J. Colvin, member of Mofussil Spethe charge of conduct scandalous, infa

cial Commission, acting under provisions of Regu.

lation I. of 1821. mous and unbecoming the character of an

31. Mr. R. Barlow, sen., a member of Mofusofficer and a gentleman; and do therefore sil Special Commission, acting under provisions adjudge him, the said Ens. Cookney, of

of Regulation I. of 1821. the 26th Native Regiment, to be discharg

Mr. G. T. Bayley, collector of land revenue,

and deputy collector of customs and town duties ed the service.”

at Ghazeepoor. Approved and confirmed,

Mr. W. T. Toone, collector of Shahabad. (Signed) COMBERMERE, General,

Mr. A. Trotter, collector of Behar, Commander in Chief, Mr. G. A. Bushby, secretary to Board of Reve

nue in Lower Provinces. Ensign Cookney is to be struck off the

Mr. H. Lushington, sub-secretary to Board of strength of the army from the date on Revenue in Lower Provinces. which this order may be published in Fort

Mr. G. Alexander, head assistant to Board of

Revenue, in Lower Provinces. William; and the Town and Fort Major

Mr. W. Fane, collector of Midnapore. will be pleased to take the necessary steps Mr. J. E. Wilkinson, collector of Tirhoot. for providing Mr. Cookney with a passage Mr. J. Dunsmure, collector of Banda. to England.

Mr. J. G. Wyatt, collector of Suhuswan.
Mr. R. Cathcart, collector of Jaunpoor.

Mr. J. M. Parker, secretary to Board of Cus-
CIVIL APPOINTMENTS. toms, Salt and Opium.

Political Department.
Jan. 11. Mr. C. Garstin, principal assistant to
Governor General in Saugur and Nerbudda terri-


PROMOTIONS, &c. 18. Mr. G. M. Barton, assistant to secretary to Government in Persian department.

Fort William, Jan. 11, 1828.-5th N.I. Eps, R.

W. Palin to be lieut. from 4th Jan. 1828, v. Owen Judicial Department.

resigned. Jan. 3. Mr.W. Blunt, a puisne judge of courts of Capt. R. Seymour, 26th N.I., and now a superSudder Dewanny and Nizamut Adawlut.

numerary brigade major, to be a dep. assist. adj. Mr. T. Pakenham, commissioner in Cuttack,

gen. on estab. in room of Capt. Shuldham, prom. and supernumerary member of Board of Revenue

to a regimental majority. in Lower Provinces.

Cadets T. L. Harington and H. Lindsay, of Mr. R. Walker, register of Zillah Court of

cavalry, promoted to cornets. Ghazeepore.

Cadet G.Hunter admitted to infantry, and prom. Mr. A. Grant, ditto at Sudder station of Twen

to ensign. ty-four Pergunnahs.

Mr. C. O. Jackson, ditto of Zillah Court at Be Head-Quarters, Dec. 24, 1827.-Lieut. and Adj. har.

H. W. Burt, to officiate as interp. and qu. mast. Mr. A. J. M. Mills, third assistant to register of

to 46th N.I. as a temporary arrangement; dated

12th Dec. 1827. Courts of Sudder Dewanny and Nizamut Adawlut. The Hon. R. Forbes, extra assistant to ditto

Lieut. Col. W. S. Whish re-appointed to com, ditto.

mand of artillery in Sirhind division. Mr. R. C. Halkett, assistant to magistrate and

Medical Department.--Assist. Surg. Wm. Steto collector of Nuddeah.

venson, sen., removed from 2d Local Horse, to 33d

N.I.-Assist.Surg. H. Babington posted to 2d Local Mr. M. Read, assistant to magistrate and to Horse.-Assist. Surgeon E. Tritton removed from collector of Jungle Mehals.

7th Local Horse to 36th N.I.-Assist.Surg. A.Chal24. Mr. W. H. Woodcock, assistant to magis mers removed from 3d Extra N.I. to 56th N.I. trate and to collector of Tirhoot.

Assist. Surg. W. K. McK. Rose app. to do duty Mr. T. A. Scott, assistant to magistrate and to

with 3d Extra N.I.-Surg. T. Hayley app. to do collector of Shahabad.

duty with wing of 26th N.1. at Cawnpore. Mr, R. H. Mytten, an extra assistant to register

Lieut. Col. E. H. Simpson removed from 33d to of Courts of Sudder Dewanny and Nizamut Adaw

56th N.I., and Lieut. Col. H. Hodgson from 56th hut.

to 33d ditto. 31. Mr. R. Mitford, senior judge of Provincial

Dec. 26. - Temporary appointments confirmed. Courts of Appeal and Circuit for Division of

Ens. D. H. Brodíe to do duty with 40th N.I. at Dacca.

Dinapore; dated 7th Dec.--Capt. C. Guthrie,

46th N.I., to officiate as aide-de-camp to Maj. Gen. Mr. W. Cracoft, second judge of ditto ditto of

Dick, commanding Dinapore div., during absence ditto.

of Lieut. Ewart; dated 12th Dec.-Lieut. E. DarMr. C. W. Steer, senior judge of ditto ditto of vall to act as interp. and qu. mast. to 57th N.I. Moorshedabad.

during absence of Lieut. Hopper, on leave; dated Mr. W. Lambert, fourth judge of ditto ditto of 11th Nov. Patna.

Dec. 28.-Cornet G. R. Siddons removed, at his Mr. W. Lowthez, third judge of ditto ditto of own request, from 2d to Ist L.C. Benares.

Cornet W. Cookson posted to 2d L.C. Mr. E. Lee Warner, fourth judge of ditto ditto of ditto.

Fort William, Jan. 18, 1828.-10th L.C. Cornet Mr. R. M. Bird, fifth judge of ditto ditto of ditto R. Cautley to be lieut. from 21st Dec. 1827, v. Mr. C. W. Smith, judge and magistrate of Zil.

Skipton dec. lab of Shahabad.

1st N.I. Ens. T. Walker to be lieut. (from 24th Mr. J. Ewing, ditto ditto of city of Patna. Nov. 1827, v. Mansfield dec.

19th N.I. Ens. Jas. Drummond to be lieut. Cadets of cavalry, V. F. T. Tur er, Edw. Taya from 27th Nov. 1827, v.J. C. Drummond dec. lor, Wm. Baker, M. L. Lushington, and F. É.

45th N.I. Ens. W. H. Clarke Bluett to be lieut. Whally, promoted to cornets. from 5th Dec. 1827, v. Bracken dec.

Capt. C. Andrews, 64th N..., to have charge of 58th N.I. Lieut. Wm. Sargent to be capt. of a

Agra prov. bat. during absence of Capt. Blackall, comp. and Ens. P. Shortreed to be lieut. from 16th on furlough. Nov. 1827, in suc. to Black dec.

Lieut. J. M. Farnworth, 44th N.I., permitted Assist. Surg. John Grant to be surg., V. Mos

to resign service of Hon. Company. crop retired, with rank fom 22d Sept. 1827, v. Lieut. Col. K. Swettenham, invalid estab., to Reddie dec.

command Burdwan prov. bat., v. Bird proceeded Assist. Surg. T. Henderson to be surg., v. Hare

to Europe on furlough. retired, with rank from 9th Nov. 1827, v. Patterson dec.

Head-Quarters, Jan. 3.-Removals of Ensigns.

A. Napier, from 8th to 58th N.I., at Agra ; w. Cadet of cavalry J. M. Loughnan prom, to rank R. Dunmore, from 38th to 69th do., at Barrackof cornet.

pore; H. S. Grimes, from 32d to 46th do., at Lieut. E. C. Archbold, 8th L.C., to be deputy Dinapore; C. Jelf, from 7th to 24th do., at paymaster at Benares, v. Ward transf. to political Cawnpore; W. F. Alexander, from 50th to 5th department.

Extra N.I., at Jubbulpore; T. Young, from 40th Cadet J. F. Erskine admitted to infantry, and to 2d N.I., at Barrackpore. The following are reprom. to ensign.

moved at their own request, as junior of their Assist. Surg. A. Vans Dunlop to attend as &

rank: W. Carnegy, from 15th to 58th N.I., at medical officer on Mr. W. Blunt, special commis

Agra; C. Thorold, from 49th to 61st, at

Benares. sioner at Arracan, during period of Mr. Blunt's employment in that capacity, with a salary of 408 Ensigns (recently prom.) posted to Regts. W.L. Rs. per mensem, to cover all charges.

Trafford, 6th Extra N.I., at Mullye; W. St. L. Lieut. F. Grote, of artillery, to be a jun. assis

Forrest, 29th N.I., Shahjehanpore; w. P. Bigtant to agent to Gov. Gen, in Saugur and Nerbud

nell, Ist Extra N.I., Neemuch; F. Lloyd, 19th da territories.

do., Nusseerabad ; G. W. Golding, 35th do.

Meerut ; Fred. Samler, 10th do., Neemuch; J. Assist. Surg. James Corbet to be medical officer

G. B. Paton, 69th do., Barrackpore; G. Brockto political agent in Harowtee.

man, 24th do., Cawnpore; D.T. Pollock, 6th Lieut. J. V. Law, Ist N.I., having obtained Extra N.I., Mullye, P. P. V. V. De Bruyn, 3d permission to resign his situation in army of Ni Extra do., Bhopalpore; John Godfrey, 61st N.I., zam, placed at disposal of his Exc. the Com, in Benares; Chas. Rattray, 20th do., Keitah : M. T. chief.

White, 63d do., Hansi; Arch. Kennedy, 3d do., 3d L.C. Cornet Alex. Innes to be lieut. from Loodhiana; T. C. Barrett, 65th do., Barrack 24th March 1827, v. Biscoe dec.

pore; G. O'B. Ottley, 6th do., Kurnaul; Wm.

Nisbett, 64th do., Agra; W. E. Warden, 23d Cavalry cadet C. Y. Bazett prom. to rank of

do., Almorah; E. W. Ravenscroft, 4th Extra do., cornet.

Allahabad; J. N. Marshall, 5th Extra do., Jub Lieut. R Macdonald, Ist Extra N.I., to be an bulpore; T. F. H. Pemberton, 67th N.I., Dinaassistant revenue surveyor with a salary of 250 pore; B. W. R. Jenner, 2d do., Barrackpore; Rs. per mensem.

Geo. Ranken, Ist Extra do., Neemuch; Thos.

Brodie, 60th N.I., Meerut; D. Gaussen, 420 do., Head-Quarters, Dec. 28, 1827.-Lieut. W. Bid Cawnpore. dulph to act as interp. and qu. mast. to 45th N.I. ; Assist. Surg. A. C. Gordon posted to 7th L.C. dated 17th Dec. 1827.

Jan. 4.-Surg. J. Henderson app. to 4lst N.I. 65th N.I. Lieut. G. Urquhart to be adj., v. Wil

Jan. 8.—Lieut. H. W. Farrington to act as inson prom.

terp. and qu. mast. to 2d N.I., during absence of Benares Prov. Bat. Lieut. J. Hay, 40th N.I., to Lieut. Bogle; dated 24th Dec. 1827. be adj., v. Orr permitted to proceed to Europe.

Jan. 10.-lst L.C. Lieut. G. Reid to be adj., V. Dec. 22.--Lieut. J. C. C. Gray, 21st N.I., to act Crommelin prom. as station staff at Muttra, during absence of Capt.

Brev. Lieut. Col. E. Kelly, h.p., commandant Penny.

of depôt for H.M.'s troops at Chinsurah, to be Lieut. Col. Com. G. R. Penny removed from 3d extra aide-de-camp on personal staff of Com.-into 11th N.I.

chief. Lieut. Gen. S. Bradshaw removed from 11th to Jan. 11.-Lieut. G. N. Prole to act as interp. d N..

and qu. mast. to 5d N.I., during indisposition of Lieut. Col. Com. E. P. Wilson removed from Lieut. Bigge; dated 29th Dec. 1827. 37th to 33d N.I.

Assist. Surg. J. $. Toke removed from 43d to Lieut. Col. Com, A. Richards removed from 33d 15th N.I., and Assist. Surg. A. McK. Clark, from to 31st N.A.

15th to 43d ditto, Col, G. Carpenter removed from 31st to 17th N.I.

Officers returned to duty, from Europe.--Lieut. Lieut. Col. C. H. Lloyd (lately prom.) posted to

H. Fowle, 44th N.I.; arrived 31st Oct. 1827.15th N.I.

Surg. Jas. Atkinson; arrived 25th Dec.---Maj. G. Lieut. Col. W. R. Gilbert removed from 15th to

Hawes, 51st N.I.; arrived 10th Jan, 1828.-Surg. 21st N.I.

H. Cooper; arrived 21st Jan. Superintending Surg. C. Campbell app. to Di. napore div.

FURLOUHS. Jan. 1, 1828.-Lieut. (Brev. Capt.) T. D'Oyly to be adj. to new 7th bat. of artillery, from 28th

To Europe._Jan. 9. Capt. W. Buckley, 5th Sept. last.

L,C,, on private affairs.-Lieut. T. G. Dundas,

4th Extra N.I., for health.-Lieut. Col. Com. G. Lieut. J. H. Jarvis, interp. to artillery at Dum Richards, 59th N.I., on private affairs.--Lieut. Dum, to be interp. and qu. mast. to 7th bat. of Edw. Kelly, 59th N.I, for health.-Lieut. C. artillery, from same date.

Towle, 65th N.I., for health.--Lieut. P. J. BegAssist. Surg. M. Nisbet directed to join 53d N.I., bie, Madras regt. of artil., for health.Jan. 18. at Bareilly.

Lieut. Col. E. Day, 5lst N.I., on private affairs.

-Surg. B. W. Macleod, on ditto.--Maj. Jos. GarFort William, Jan. 23.-Messrs. R. Fleming and

ner, 31st N.I., for health.--Lieut. W. E. Hay, 2d J. H. Wyatt admitted on estab. as assist. surgeons.

Europ. regt., for health.-Assist. Şurg, R. M Isaac,

for health.-25. Maj. R. Spottiswood, invalid esJan. 25.-27th N.I. Ens. Jas. Mackay to be lieut.

tab., on private affairs.--Lieut. W. J. Symnons, from 23d Dec. 1827, v. Glen. dec.

regt. of arti)., for health. Assist, Surg. F. H. Brett app. to medical duties To New South Wales.-Jan, 9. Maj. Jas. Stuart, of civil station of Shajehanpore, v. Nisbet re 34th N.I., and dep. sec. to Gov. in mil. depart., signed.

for 18 months, for health. Col. M'Combe, H.M.'s 14th Foot, to be a brio Singapore.--Jan. 9. Lieut. J. George, 19th N.I., gadier, and to command at Berhampore.

for six months, for health.


ship, in a great measure, depends on fur: To Europe.-Dec. 22. Lieut. Bolton, 13th Drags.,

ther accounts from home. In the mean for health.-Lieut. Varlo, 46th regt, for health time, the sub-committee of decorations, -Brev. Capt. Kerr, for one year, for health.-31. Brev. Capt. Boardman, 31st regt., for health.

&c. are actively engaged in making preLieut. Stokes, 13th Drags., for health.-Lieut. parations for the occasion, and nothing Wetenhall, 31st regt., on private affairs.—Maj. Bailie, 38th regt., on ditto.-Capt. Law, 38th

will be wanting to give splendour to the regt., for purpose of retiring on h. p.--Jan. 5. scene.-Cal, Gov. Gaz. Lieut. Campbell, 46th regt., for health,

LAW. SUPREME COURT, January 14. Case of John Antoné. -- This individual, who is a Portuguese sailor, was convicted on the 28th October 1826 * of the wilful murder of an English sailor. It appear. ed that the deceased was stabbed in Calcutta, but died in the General Hospital, which was without the jurisdiction of the Supreme Court. The Chief Justice suspended the execution of the sentence till the authorities in England were consulted. He was now brought up and discharged ; his Majesty having been advised to grant him a free pardon.



AND COUNTESS OF AMHERST. At a meeting at the Town Hall, held on Tuesday the 8th January, Colonel McCombe, C.B. in the chair, the following resolutions were proposed and passed unanimously :

1st. That in order to express the sentiments of the society of this settlement on the approaching departure of the Governor-general and his family, a public entertainment be given to his Lordship and the Countess Amherst at the Town Hall, on such day as his Lordship shall please to


GOVERNMENT. It is amusing, after the attacks which have been made in England upon the government of Lord Amherst, to find the following paragraph in the radical papers of Calcutta, the Hurkaru and the Bengal Chronicle :

“ We have often endeavoured to express our sense of the liberality, indeed we might say the magnanimity, with which the head of this government has tolerated the freest expression of public opinion on his own individual measures, as a public man, when he had the power at any time to silence its expression altogether by a stroke of his pen. That the Hurkaru has freely availed itself of this liberality we do not scruple to admit; but we can conscientiously declare at the same time, that we have never ceased to admire and to feel grateful for it, and that it has rendered us the more anxious, in all cases where undeserved and indiscriminate censure had been levelled at such authority, to defend and exculpate it. Influenced by this feeling, we now notice the communication of some correspondent of the Oriental Herald to which our correspondent “ THE LAST Man" adverts. We do not choose, though there would perhaps be no hazard in doing so, to republish that article ; but it is but an act of common justice and common honesty to say, that we have satisfied ourselves on very good authority, that in the particular instance cited to prove that the chief authority here “ truckled to one of his council, on the occasion of a certain appointment, the nomination was that of his Lordship himself, without any reference whatever to the member of council to whom allusion is made. The attack therefore, upon his Lordship by the Herald's correspondent “ A.” is perfectly wanton and unjustifiable, proceed from whom it will. In saying this, we have no interest to promoteno prejudice to gratify, and no desire to conciliate the favour of any one. We have no object in view but truth and fair dealing, which we would ever apply to all men, however exalted or however humble their rank.”


2d. That a fancy dress ball and supper without masks, if approved by his Lordship and the Countess Amherst, appears to this meeting to be the most suitable and appropriate entertainment for the occasion..

3d. That the Hon. Mr. Bayley and Sir C. Metcalfe be requested, with such stewards and subscribers as may desire to attend, to wait upon his Lordship and Countess Amherst at as early a date as possible, in order to express the sentiments of the meeting and solicit his Lordship and the Countess Amherst to fix a day for the entertainment.

A deputation accordingly waited upon his Lordship and the Countess. The deputation was received with the warmest politeness, and the intended honour gratefully acknowledged; but no day could be fixed, as the final departure of his Lord


LORD HASTINGS. The scite for the monument and statue to be erected in honour of the Marquis of Hastings, has been fixed upon by the


* See Asiatic Journ., vol. xxiii. p. 524.

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