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committee, and will be near the iron gate in the inclosure of Tank-square, facing On the 10th January, the Seventh Anthe Government-House. It is intended, nual Examination of the pupils of this we believe, that the monument shall be in academy was held before a numerous and the form of a temple, and built of stone, respectable audience, principally of the contrived in such a manner as to protect Armenian community : amongst those prethe marble figure from the corroding in sent, were seen the officiating clergy of the fluence of the seasons in this climate, Armenian church, and the venerable Father Those interested in the subject will be Simon, Nuncio from the convent of Anaglad to know something of the statue, the pat. The Rev. Mr. Robinson, principal sculptor, and the progress that has been Mill, and Professor Holmes, together made in its execution. The late John

with some Greek and native gentlemen, Flaxman, Esq., Professor of Sculpture in were also present. the Royal Academy, was the artist em

The public are perhaps aware of the ployed. In June 1826 Mr. Flaxman had

object of this interesting institution, which almost finished two models for selection. is directed to the cultivation of the ArHe had some time before waited on Lord

menian youth with European learning Hastings to obtain a sitting, or a cast from and civilization. It bas been founded by his features, but his Lordship was the Armenian community of India, and highly satisfied with the celebrated bust of

we are glad to observe, that it continues to himself by Nollekins, that he preferred the receive the united support and patronage head of the statue being copied from that. of the Armenian nation. It is gratifying Accordingly the sculptor proceeded in his to observe, that the Armenians have of work, and made two sketches both ex

late acquired a more ardent zeal for polite cellent; but the one finally approved, was and useful learning; they are, generally admitted by Mr. Flaxman himself to be

speaking, an active and intelligent people, the most simple and noble in design. It and their conversancy with commercial was a plain figure with a military cloak,

affairs is universally acknowledged from and a scroll in one hand. The model

their respectable and independent situastands about three feet high, raised upon a tions in every country in which they insquare pedestal, which is adorned with

habit. Lamentable as their expatriated allegorical basso relievos. Happily at the condition is, they do not lose any opporperiod of Mr. Flaxman's death, the model tunity of bettering their situation and of the statue of Lord Hastings was finish- taking an active part in the welfare of the ed, and the workmen had commenced Haican nation. The Czar of Russia is upon one of the most beautifully pure particularly favourable towards this people, blocks of marble that we have seen. The

and manifests a good disposition for their same people are completing it who have

moral and political welfare by extending finished the best efforts of their master, so his patronage to the Eliazarian college that there need be no apprehension about instituted in Moscow. In Paris, Armcits being adequately executed, and worthy nian literature is successfully cultivated, of the illustrious personage it is intended where M. St. Martin and M. De Sacy, to honour. The height of the statue is with some other Orientalists, have directed about seven feet, and together with the their attention to useful rescarches in the embellished pedestal, will stand about lore of that ancient and venerable lantwelve. -Col. Gov. Gaz., Feb. 7.

guage. The Armenian college in Venice, together with the Mechitarian Society at.

tached to it, has contributed exceedingly The Calcutta papers mention that the to the revival of the Armenian language country round about Aurungabad and by the publication of numerous ancient Doulutabad had been visited by two tre manuscripts and translations of standard mendous storms of hail towards the latter works from the European languages. It end of last December; the effects of which is satisfactory to find, and it tallies well were experienced over a space of more with their national disposition, that the than 52 miles. The hail-stones are re Armenians under the protection of the presented to have been as large as walnuts, British government, amidst their comand to have covered the road, between the mercial engagements, have not neglected places above mentioned, for the distance of to cultivate the intellectual faculties of four miles, more than fetlock deep. One their children, and to make themselves of the frozen masses, picked up two days better acquainted with the literature of after the fall on the 22d, exceeded eight their own country. pounds in weight. The vines had been The course of education pursued at this completely destroyed, and the damage sys institution consists of geometry, geotained by the crops is so extensive, that the graphy, arithmetic and grammar, taught Ryots talk of absconding to Berar unless in the Armenian and English languages. a remission of revenue or some other le Latin is also included in the academical nient and efficacious measure is adopted to studies. The lads were examined in the assist their necessities.

Armenian by the venerable Father Simon,



assisted by Messrs. David and Agabeg, and one hand to another, at the option of the in the English and Latin by the Rev. Mr. individual shareholder, according to such Robinson. The latter rev. gentleman, on rules as may be framed hereafter for the concluding bis part of the examination, guidance of the Association. expressed the greatest satisfaction with the 8. That no individual shareholder shall progress the youths have made during the be permitted to withdraw, either on his past year; and the venerable Father Simon

own account or that of others, any share also displayed much gratification at the or shares from the joint stock of the Assom examination of the Armenian classes. ciation. After the business of the day, which af 9. That the primary and leading object forded general satisfaction, prizes were ad

of the Association shall be to engage, judged to the most proficient of the can through the medium of proper instruments didates.-Beng. Hurk., Jan. 17.

employed by them for that purpose, in the

wide field of agriculture, trade, and geneCOMMERCIAL AND PATRIOTIC ASSOCIATION. ral commerce, in order to promote the

At a public meeting, held at the Ex substantial interests of the undertaking. change Rooms, on the 31st January, Mr.

10. That, should ultimate success attend J. W. Ricketts in the chair, the following

their united operations for one common Resolutions were unanimously acceded object, under the Divine blessing, the to:

Association shall hold it to be a sacred and 1. That this Meeting, duly appreciating interesting part of their duty to watch over the force of the sacred claims which the and promote, by every legitimate means East-Indian branch of the rising genera

in their power, the real welfare and intetion have upon their sympathy and regard,

rest of the East-Indian branch of the deem it their duty to form theinselves into rising generation around them, including an Association, to be called “ The Com all such youths of European descent as mercial and Patriotic Association.”

may be destined to be born, to live, and 2. That, though the scheme of such an

to die in this country. Association has emanated from an East 11. That the Association shall, in the Indian (since it must emanate from some case above contemplated, equally hold it quarter or other), and has consequently a to be their highest duty to promote the special eye to the good of the East-Indian work of sound and wholesome education community, it shall nevertheless be freely among the native population, and to introand fully open to the admission of all, duce a spirit of general improvement into whether Europeans or Natives, who may

all the available resources of the country be found willing to join the Association.

around them, on such a scale as circum. 3. That each and every individual con

stances touching their financial prosperity tributing, at one payment, the sum of

may warrant, sicca rupees 1,000, as his personal share in

12. That the affairs of the Association the joint stock, shall be considered a mem

shall be conducted by a Committee of Maber of the Association, to all intents and nagement consisting of seven members, purposes.

including a Correspending Member and 4. That the whole of the property, of

Secretary, who are to be annually chosen, whatever kind, thus originated, shall con

with the general consent and sanction of stitute the joint stock of all the members

the Association, and any three of whom composing the Association, for their indi.

shall be deemed competent to form a quovidual and mutual benefit, according to

rum for the transaction of business. the extent of their own interest at stake. 13. That each and every Member of the 5. That each and every member of the

Committee of Management, shall and must Association shall be at liberty to take as

necessarily be a shareholder in the joint many shares in the joint stock, whether

stock of the Association, for his own benefit or in behalf of others, as he may be able to pay for.

6. That the purchase of three shares in In our last number we stated that the the joint stock, shall entitle such indivi celebrated Hakeem Mendy, or Mooatim dual shareholder to an additional vote (be ud Dowla, had recovered his credit at yond that wbich he possessed from the Lucknow, and was reappointed minister. purchase of a single share), in all matters It would appear from the following exconnected with the Association; and that tract from the Jami Jehan Nama, pubthe purchase of six shares shall, in like lished in the Government Gazette of Janumanner, entitle him to the privilege of still ary 28, that he is again in disgrace : another vote in those matters; but no in Early on the 8th of Jemadi-oo-sani, cordividual shall be considered to enjoy more responding with the 29th of December, than three votes, under any circumstances, his Majesty, after giving an audience to and whatever may be the amount of his Mooatimud al Doulah, ordered Amrit Lal, shares in the joint stock.

the master of requests, to prepare breakfast 7. That each and every share in the in the Furukh-Buksh chamber, and send joint stock shall be held transferrable from to request the company of the Resident.


His Excellency arrived at the appointed taken leave, orders were given to fire a sabour, and was met by his majesty, attended lute, when Meer Fuzil Alee repaired to by Mooatimud al Doulah. After break the residency, and brought back a report fast, a long conversation was held in pri- of proceedings. MoozufferAli Khan vatė, between his Majesty and the Resi was also sent with a message to the Resident, the minister, and Meer Gholam dent, and brought back a reply to his Ma Hosein, the Moonshee of the Resident jesty. A verbal order was sent to Maida being in another apartment. After calling Khan, kotwal, not to permit the associates them in, the Resident took leave, and his of Mooatimud al Doulah, or any of their Majesty, having communicated some in- effects, to quit the city, and Capt. Futteh structions to the minister, repaired to the Alee Khan was commanded to place mausoleum of his late Majesty, and after guards round the dwellings of Mooatimud some time returned to, and entered the pri- al Doulah, his kinsmen and associates. vate apartments. Early in the morning, On the 10th, Mohun Lal, the agent of upon his Majesty's rising from repose, he the mother of the Nawab Jelal al Doulaby was informed that a messenger had arrived who, with his friends, had been detained from the Resident, to require the attend in the minister's house, and Mohun Lal, ance of Mooatimud al Doulah, upon which the dewan of Mirza Hajee, were released his Majesty came forth, and having given from confinement, and several persons who orders that the minister should immediate had been 'banished from the city by the ly wait upon the Resident, again retired. late minister, took this opportunity to reFrom this moment the star of Mooatimud turn, and received marks of favour. Oral Doulah's fortune fell from its meridian, ders were given that all public women, and set in disgrace. "In one instance who had any persons concealed in their the spring is in the arms of autumn, and houses to turn them out, and give informadeath stands behind the holder of the wine- tion against them, and any repetition cup.". Information was next brought that of the offence would be severely punished, Mooatimud al Doulah was at the Residen The kotwal was ordered to proclaim, that cy under the protection of a guard of se whoever possessed effects of, or was in acpoys, and the Moonshee of the resident, count with Mooatimud al Doulah, should after communicating a message from his give information of the same, and all promaster to Myded Khan, and Fakeer Mo- perty that should be attempted to convey hammed Khan, risaladars; Mirza Beni, clandestinely away, should be seized and keeper of the arsenal, Raja Seva Deen handed over to Moozeffer Ali Khan. On Singh, Raja Bakhta-war Singh, Mirza the 11th, several friends of the late minisMita Beg, the kotwal, and other officers, ter were put into confinement, and much had returned cheerfully to the residency. property seized. Some trifling articles beOn hearing this, his Majesty summoned longing to the female part of the family, Meer Fazil Alee to the inner apartments, which were found in the house of a comand despatched Fatteh Alee Khan to the

mon woman, were sent to the Resident. above-named persons, to remind them that The nazir of the residency arrived with they were the servants of his Majesty, and a representation from his master, stating expected to perform their duty; and to that the troopers employed to patrol round threaten them with condign punishment the house of Mooatimud al Doulah had. if they took any part with Mooatimud al behaved with great insolence, and paid no Doulah; and the troopers of the Kandahar regard to the prohibition of the English, Risala and a number of troops were post centinels. The removal of the guards, ed on guard round the palace. In the was taken into consideration, and those midst of this, intelligence arrived that the stationed on several houses were withiMajor Sahib, by desire of the President, drawn. On the 13th, after the Resident escorted Mooatimud al Doulah to his had breakfasted, his Majesty paid a visit house, and posted guards of English se. to him. Orders were given to imprison. poys around it. His Majesty commanded Meer Jaffier Alee, who had charge of a that Amrit Lal, the Arzbeg, Dilawer battalion, for what offence we do not Khan, jemadar, and the eunuch Nouroz know. Khan, should be put in custody, and sent off a message to request the presence of the Resident. His excellency accordingly

We learn from Kedgeree, that the Asarrived, and was received with due cere

seerghur, pilot vessel, arrived there on the mony, and a long and private conversation

16th instant from the cruizing station, and ensued ; after which, Meer Fuzil Alee

landed a number of people, Hindoo piland Moozuffur Alee Khan were called, grims, picked up at sea. They were found and an honorary dress conferred upon the

at the mercy of the waves, in one of those former, and the office of Darogha of the

wretched open boats called Burrs; and Dewan Khana and Top Khana bestowed had been bound to the island of Saugor, to upon the latter, and dresses of approbation attend the great annual festival at this sea-, upon Captains Futteh Alee Khan, and

son; but having failed to make the shore Khairats Khan. After the Resident bad from the impetuosity of the tide, were


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carried out to sea, where they had been of the school, in no respect distinguished floating tive days, and had reached the from those who receive their education extremity of the cruizing line, with the gratuitously. wretched fate before them of a lingering Besides three classes that were examined death by famine, if their frail bark should in reading, spelling, grammar, and transhave much longer withstood the gales lation, the first, or most advanced class, · which have been lately rough and frequent was also examined in Joyce's Scientific at the sand-Heads. Mr. Laine, the pilot, Dialogues on Mechanics and Astronomy, who has the praise and good fortune to in the first sixteen propositions of the first have effected this providential deliverance, book of Euclid, and in translating into abandoned their boat, and instantly sailed Bengallee a passage of Voltaire's History for Kedgeree, where on the morning of of Charles XII. of Sweden, in all of the 16th the boats of the place were em which they acquitted themselves apparently ployed in landing them from the Asseer very much to the satisfaction of the audighur, in number, men women and chil tors. Although this class appears to have dren, about 150.-Cal. John Bull, Jan. 19. made very little progress in mathematics,

yet they were perfect masters of all that they professed to know; and one boy in

particular, Bissonauth Mitter, was distin. The general meeting of the subscribers guished for the great facility with which of the Military Fund was held at the

he demonstrated the propositions assigned house of the Secretary, No. 31, Parka

to him, and the clear apprehension he had street, Chouringhee, on the 25th instant.

formned of their import, and of the corollaThe accounts of the past year were ap ries deducible from them. proved, and the following directors elected

One of the greatest obstacles, perhaps, for the ensuing year :-Captain G. Young,

to the thorough education of the natives in Lieutenant-Colonel G. Swiney, Major J. general knowledge, is the want of a suffiN. Jackson, the Reverend J. Brown, Ma

cient check to secure their constant and jor C. H. Campbell, Captain R. Arm

regular attendance; although reasoning strong, Captain J. W. J. Ouseley, Cap- from general principles alone, we should tain w. c. Baker, Captain W. Oliphant, be inclined to suspect that this evil is atW. Twining, Esq., Lieutenant J. P. tributable, in a certain extent at least, 10 Macdougall, James Young, Esq., and

some defect in the system of education J. Grant, Esq. Captain G. Young was

adopted or in the internal economy of the elected president. The capital of the fund, school. One instance has been mentioned to the 30th April 1827, exceeded seven

to us of a boy, who one day came to school teen lacks.-Cal. Gov. Gazı, Jan. 28. and coolly took his place among the rest

of the scholars, after three years' absence !~ RAMMOHUN BOY'S ANGLO-HINDOO SCHOOL. Beng. Hurk., Jan. 10.

A public examination of Rammohun Roy's Anglo-Hindoo school took place, January 7, at the Hurkaru public rooms, when we bad a proof of the strong interest

On Monday morning two of the China. felt in native improvement, afforded by

men lately condemned for murder suffered

the last penalty of the law; and yesterday the presence and continued attention to the proceedings of several of the principal crime, were also executed. The severe

morning two more, guilty of the same merchants and gentlemen of Calcutta, besides natives. The number of boys exa

but necessary example made in the case of

these unfortunate men, will, we trust, mined appeared to be about fifty, but the number whose names are in the school re

have a salutary effect, in teaching their gister is between seventy and eighty. This

countrymen greater respect for the laws institution is principally supported at the

under which they live; as we doubt not that

a belief had got abroad among them, that expense of Rammohun Koy, with the aid of a few philanthropic individuals, both

no Chinaman, although condemned, would

ever suffer the sentence of the law. We among his own countrymen and Euro

understand that the unhappy men who peans, who are friendly to the coinmuni. cation of liberal education to the natives

suffered yesterday evinced the greatest in

difference to their fate. Their execution of this country ; and it must have afforded

was not attended, as we are told, by a a very high degree of pleasure to that dis- single Chinaman.

Calcutta John Bull; tinguished individual, as well as to those

Jan. 9. who have aided him in his benevolent exertions, to observe the progress which several of the pupils have made in their studies. To the intelligent observer it The following statement, which appears must also have been an additional source in the John Bull, of the number of the seof gratification, to notice among the scho veral newspapers published at the Presilars several of the children of the native dency, which were sent by the general gentlemen who contribute to the support dawk into the Mofussil, on two distant Asiatic Journ. Vol. 25. No. 151.






6 first

days last year, taken from the returns of dawn with Appa Sahib and two hundred the General Post-Office, will serve as a cri. horses, and fled about eleven coss from the terion of the quantity of this sort of read. camp. Baiza Baee was in great affliction ing required in the interior, and the com on hearing of these events, and a message parative rank and estimation of the different of condolence was sent to her, saying, papers :

that if she wished, an officer should be March. December.

sent to induce Appa Sahib to return, al. Government Gazette... 293

though it was not likely that Patenkar John Bull

259 261

would permit him. The Baee returned no Iudia Gazette

254 257

answer. Information was received that Bengal Hurkaru 168 144

Gurgi Bey had destroyed himself, and Bengal Chronicle 158 126

orders were given to throw his body any where. On the 26th, a letter was sent by

Appa Sahib to the Baee, who despatched The Lord Bishop of Calcutta arrived

a reply with ten loads of articles and ten off Town on the 19th January, and on the

troopers.- Jami Jehan Nama. following day attended the Cathedral, where his Lordship was installed by the Venerable Archdeacon Corrie.


Last evening, Capt. Biden, of the Hon. The Lord Bishop of Calcutta, attended Company's ship Princess Charlotte of by his chaplains and family, paid a visit

Wales, had the honour of leading forth his yesterday morning to Bishop's College.

“ Nautick Band” on the Chowringhee We olserve that the funds of this institu boards, in the comedy of John Bull, betion are receiving very considerable addi fore the Right Hon, the Governor-general tions from the donations of public bodies

and family, and one of the most brilliant at home, connected with the Church of audiences ever witnessed at this theatre. England. We have not yet seen any de

The comedy was played with pretty good tailed account of the proceedings of the

effect, making all allowance for college, and how far it is likely to attain appearances,


Between each act the pious object for which it was instituted;

there was a song, in which two young as.

pirants of the sock and buskin but we may now expect that such explanation will be soon afforded to the Chris evinced great powers, and were loudly tian public.-Cal. John Bull, Jan. 22.

applauded and encored. The afterpiece

was one of the leader's own imagination, MAHARAJA JANUKI RA0 SCINDHIA.

entitled, The Patriotic Feast, or the AnAdvices from the court of his Highness

niversaries of the Glorious Victories of Coextend to the 28th of December. On the

runna and Bhurtpore, in which he led

forth the little sailor lads belonging to the 22d, Ganpat Rao reported that Sankat Rao and Mihnet Rao, followers of Pa.

Marine School, for the benefit of which

institution our readers are aware the play tenkar, were endeavouring to create a disturbance under pretence of supporting given in the fast scene, before which the

was got up. Several transparencies were Appa Sahib, and that it was necessary they should be secured. An order to that effect

boys sang the national anthem, and the was sent to Mr. Jacob, and a letter was

curtain fell amidst the loudest plaudits at addressed to the Resident. On the 23d, a

about half past eleven o'clock.-Cal. John

Bull, Jan. 19. letter from Gurgi Beg Khan, one of the officers of the arsenal, to Patenkar, pro

The collection at the doors amounted to mising to execute what that chief should

10,000 rupees, which, with donations to

the institution, made 26,000. order him, was intercepted, and orders

On the 25th January, a deputation comwere given to arrest the writer. Gurgi Beg finding his danger, attempted to de- posed of six East-Indian Gentlemen, and fend himself in his dwelling by firing,

headed by Mr. J. W. Ricketts, waited from which several of the soldiers, sent to

upon Capt. Biden, agreeably to appointapprehend him, were killed. At last they

ment, for the purpose of presenting him forced their way to the roof, where the

with a piece of plate, as a token of their parties fought hand to hand, and about

esteem and applause for his laudable exer

tions in behalf of their marine school. fifteen persons were killed and wounded ; amongst the latter was Gurgi Beg himself, who, after being prostrated by the thrust of a spear, was taken prisoner, heavily The Fakeer who so barbarously murironed, and put into prison. On the 24th, dered a child, William Beauchamp, at Hindoo Rao reported, that of the ten lacks Howrah Ghaut, on Sunday the 24th July due by Patenkar, the Baiza Baee had ad- Jast, was executed yesterday morning, purvanced four, and promised that the rest suant to his sentence, at a quarter before should be paid on the 1st of the month. eight o'clock, in the open space called the In the mean time Patenkar, having sent School ground. Soon after daylight the off his effects during the night, set off at natives began to assemble to witness the



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