Sidor som bilder

awful ceremony, and long before Mr. ter, from London, Cape, and Madras.-16, Prince Masters, the magistrate, arrived with the

Regent, Murphy, from London. — 21. Laurel,

Tait, from Greenock; Packet, M'Arthur, from warrant for the execution, several thou. ditto; Arcturus, Wilson, from London; and sands were collected on the spot. The Prince Regent, Richards, 'from N.S. Wales.--26.

Princess Charlotte, Stephenson, from Mauritius. wretched criminal was brought to the ground about half-past six, and sat by a

Departures from Calcutta, fire kindled near the foot of the gallows,

Jan. 7. Ocean, Searle, for New York.-15. Lady

Flora, Fayrer ; and Parmelia, Wimble, both for buddled up in a horse blanket (the only London.-16. Resource, Fenn, for London ; Suncovering he had on, except the usual bury, Budwell, for Bombay; and George Canning,

Clark, for Isle of France;-17. Diadem, Wilson, dhotee or rag round the waist,) awaiting

for Londori.-18. Eliza, Sutton, for London ; his fate with apparent indifference. After William Young, Morrison, for Liverpool; and the warrant was read, however, while his Emerald, Hunter, for Boston.-19. Henry Porcher,

Jeffery, for London ; Indian Oak, Reid, for Musirons were being knocked off, he cried out

cat ; and Lady Blackwood, Debbs, for N. S. loudly for pardon, “ Doha ee Sahib logon Wales.-21. La Lucie, Garagnon, for Marseilles. Dohae !" which he continued to repeat till

-25. Magellan, Reynaud, for Nantz.-27. Coro

mandel, Labal, for Bordeaux; and Pacific, Woo the last. He was bustled up the ladder ten, for Philadelphia.-30. Robarts, Corbyn, for by the attendant executioners in a most

London; and Maria, Strong, for Penang.-Feb.

7. Marquis Wellington, Chapman, for London. unceremonious manner, and while the

17. Sir Edward Paget, Geary, for London.-20. bandage was being placed over his eyes, Ganges, Boultbee, for London. - 21. Palmira,

Lamb, for London ; Warren Hastings, Mason, the fatal noose was thrown over his head,

for London ; Jane, Jamieson, for Mauritius; and and he was in the act of attempting to sit Archibald, Martin, for ditto.--23. H.M. yacht Hedown upon the scaffold, when the props

rald, for London. were knocked away, and he was liunched into eternity. For the first minute we

BIRTHS. observed not the slightest motion in the body, and it appeared as if life had become

Oct. 25, 1827. At Agra, the lady of Capt. Bot.

ton, 2d Europ. regt., of a daughter. instantly extinct; but for a few seconds af

Nov. 27. At Moradabad, the lady of the late terwards the convulsive movements of the Capt. Turner, of a daughter.

Dec. 1. At Moradabad, the lady of T. Jonnochy, limbs" seemed to indicate that the vital

Esq., of a daughter. spark was not extinguished by death. The 22. At camp, Jagsee, the wife of Mr. W. E.

Cheek, sub-assist. surveyor, of a daughter. body is to be gibbetted, and the iron cage

26. At Arrah, zillah Shahabad, Mrs. John Birto contain it was brought to the ground in mingham, of a son. a cart wbich followed the criminal to the 27. At Saugor, the lady of Capt. T. Marshall,

Bengal artillery, of a son. gallows. The assembled multitude of

29. At Buxar, the lady of Capt. S. Corbett, of natives appeared at first totally callous to the awful nature of the spectacle they

Jan. 2, 1828. The lady of Lieut. Chas. Turner,

35th Madras Volunteers, of a son. were collected to witness, laughing and 5. At Berhampore, the lady of Robert Bell, joking with each other in the most unfeel Esq., of Ramnaghur, of a son and heir.

6. At Calcutta, the lady of W. Jackson, Esq., ing manner about the tomasha, as they of a daughter. called it ; but when the criminal was turned At Calcu'ta, Mrs. J. Buckland, of a still

born female infant. off, the countenances of many seemed to

- At Calcutta, the lady of F. Harris, Esq., of indicate that the example of condign pu a daughter. nishment before them had made a serious,

7. Åt Bareilly, the lady of Jas. Johnstone, Esq.,

M.D., 2d Nusseree bat., of a son. however brief impression upon them.

- At Calcutta, the lady of T. Brae, Esq., of a We understand that about a fortnight daughter. ago another native, a Brahmin, was hanged

10. At Agra, Mrs. M. Leopold, of a daughter.

12. At Banda, the lady of Capt. John Hall, 8th at Howrah, near the Golahs, for a most N.I., of a son. barbarous murder of a native woman,

At Calcutta, the wife of Mr. S. Girling,

H.C. marine, of a daughter. whose head and legs and arms were found

14. At Calcutta, the lady of A. D. Keinp, Esq., in a tank dissevered from the body and of a son. tied up in a bag, as mentioned in the Hur

16. At Barrackpore, the lady of Lieut. Col. Wm.

Swinton, of a daughter. karu of the 1st August last. We have - At Calcutta, the lady of Wm. Ainslie, Esq., been informed that this man confessed of a daughter.

At Calcutta, the wife of Mr. J. M. Heritage, that he bad also murdered his wife, though H.C.'s marine, of a son. the crime bad never been discovered. - At Calcutta, the lady of James Weir Hogg,

Esq., of a daughter. Beng. Hurk., Jan. 25.

17. At Calcutta, the lady of John Allan, Esq.,

of a son. SHIPPING.

19. At Calcutta, Mrs. Thomas Brown, of a Arrivals in the River.

daughter. Jan. 15. Cygnet, Stephens, from Batavia, &c.

21. At Dinapore, the lady of Chas. Ridge, Esq., -17. Falcon, Moore, from China and Singapore.

planter, of a daughter. -20. Jane, Moncrief, from Singapore.-22. Per

22. At Calcutta, the lady of C. Oman, Esq., of severance, Brown, from Liverpool ; and Elizabeth, Stewart, from Mauritius.--23. Calcutta, Stroyan,

23. At Dum Dum, the lady of the Rev. A.

Macpherson, of a son. from Liverpool.-26. Sir Francis Macnaghten,

At Benares, the lady of Capt. J. Taylor, Patterson, from China.—27. Archivald, Martin, from Bordeaux and Mauritius.-28. Zenobia, Dou

assist. com. gen., of a son. glas, from London and Rio de Janeiro; and David

At Benares, the lady of Capt. J. Ayton, assist. Clarke, Viles, from Isle of France. - 30. Anna

.com. gen., of a son. Robertson, Irving, from London.-31. Virginia,

26. At Calcutta, Mrs. A. G. Balfour, of a son. Hullock, from Bombay; and Matilda, Rubarth,

28. At Calcutta, the lady of R. Saunders, Esq.,

civil service, of a son. from Stockholm.Feb. 2. La Belle Alliance, Hun

- At Calcutta, Mrs. J. C. Hoff, of a son.


a son.

a son.

3). At Calcutta, the lady of Joseph Dorin, Esq.,

Madras. civil service, of a son. : Feb. t. At Chowringhee, the lady of Major Fendall, of a son.

COURT-MARTIAL. At Calcutta, the lady of Lieut. Joseph Corfield, 1st N.I., of a daughter.

LIEUT. EDWARDS, Pa 3. At Calcutta, the lady of J. Bridgnell, Esq., of a son.

Head-Quarters, Camp Meerunku Serui,

Dec. 23, 1827.–At a General Court. MARRIAGES.

Martial, held at Fort St. George on the Dec. 27, 1827. At Meerut, J. S. Toke, Esq., 5th November 1827, and continued, by assist. surg., 43d N.I., to Miss A. G. Don.

adjournments to the 14th of the same 28. At Calcutta, H. S. Oldfield, Esq., to Letitia, eldest daughter of the late Col. ott, month, Lieut. John Edwards, of H.M. Bengal service.

46th Foot, was arraigned on the following Jan. 8, 1828. At Chandernagore, Mr. D. Ferron, indigo planter, to Mrs. Lisse Couder, relict

charges: of the late Jerom Couder, Esq., indigo planter, Ist. “ For conduct unbecoming an offi. 10. At Calcutta, D. E. Shuttleworth, Esq., late

cer and a gentleman, in having at sea, on of the ship Cambridge, to Elizabeth, second daughter of Geo. Ingles, Esq., of Silhet.

board the H.C.'s ship Warren Hastings, on 14. At Calcutta, W. S. Barnard, Esq., to Eliza, the evening of the 20th Sept. 1827, grossthird daughter of the late Major Boscawen, of the Bengal army,

ly: insulted Mrs. Marion Rose, a passenger At Calcutta, Mr. R. Hood to Miss E. G. Ro on the same ship,” driguese, daughter of the late Mr. M. Rodriguese,

2d., “ For conduct subversive of good indigo planter. 17. At Calcutta, George Canham, Esq., of Pur

order and military discipline, at the same neah, to Miss H. M. Henderson, of Camberwell. place, and on the same evening, in re

18. At Juanpoor, Mr. Geo. Godfrey, assist., colJector's office, to Diana, daughter of the late Mr. fusing to obey the orders of his commandH. Brown.

ing officer, Capt. James , Skirrow, of 20. At Serampore, Mr. Peter Victor to Made

H.M.'s 48th regt. of Foot, to go below; moiselle Sophia Callow.

26. At Calcutta, Geo, Palmer, Esq., to, Miss and in continuing in high altercation with Anne Elizabeth Cauty.

Capt. Mason, commanding officer of the At Calcutta, Mr. J. Petres to Miss R. D'Souza. At Calcutta, Mr. Samuel Wilson, to Mrs.

same ship.” Frances Raye.

3d, “ For conduct subversive of good 29. At Calcutta, Thomas Savi, Esq., 'to Miss

order and military discipline at sea, in the Eliza C. De Verinne..) Feb. 2. At Calcutta, Mr. W. Peat, H.C.'s ma

cuddy of the H.C.'s ship Warren Hastings, rine, to Miss Louisa M.Keney.

on the 4th Sept. 1827, in saying that 5. At Calcutta, W. H. Urquhart, Esq., to Miss A. Smith, daughter of the late M. Smith, Esq., of

the commanding officer of the troops had Howrah.

neither the character nor the dress of a giornale o

gentleman,' and that if he (the comDEATHS.

inanding officer) had spoken to him (the Nov. 25, 1827. At Tatalayah, Dr. James Carnie, prisoner) in the way which he had done to assist. surg. on this establishment.

another officer, he would have kicked him Dec. 23. At Kotah, Wm. Corbet, Esq., assist. surg.. eldest son of Wm. Corbet, Esq., of Bield off the quarter-deck,' or words to that side, in Aberdeenshire, aged 30.

effect.” **Jan. 7, 1828. Mr. Ranald Macdonald, late commander of the ship Alexander, aged 28.

Upon which charges the court came to 8. On his way to the upper provinces, Ens. John the following decision : B. Murrell. His remains were interred at Monghyr. “ The court having most maturely

10. At Dacca, Henry Harris, Esq., assist. civil surgeon at that station.

weighed and considered the whole of the At Serampore, Mrs. Agostinha Alphonso, evidence brought forward in support of aged 90, relict of the late Mr. R. Alphonso, of Chandernagore.

the prosecution, as well as what the priAt Calcutta, Mr, Alex. Murdock, aged 23, soner, Lieut. Jolin Edwards, of H.M.'s assistant to Messrs. Burkingyoung and Co. 46th Foot, hath urged in his defence, and

At Calcutta, Mary, relict of the late Mr. John Luffman, aged 60.

the evidence in support thereof, is of opiAt Calcutta, Mrs. C. Brown, aged 30. 1. At Keitah, Joseph William Sandby, only son of Major J. W. Loder, aged two years,

“ That the prisoner is not guilty of the 11. At Bauglepore, Sarah, widow of the late first charge.”, Rev. Thomas Christian.

“. That the prisoner is not guilty of the At Agra, Emily Jane, daughter of Lieut. Howard, 1st Europ, regt., aged five years.

second charge.” At Entally, Mrs. Ahmuty, aged 54.

“ That the prisoner is guilty of the - At Calcutta, Mr. Thomas Cheshire, aged 29.

third charge. 12. At Calcutta, Mrs. Elizabeth Clinger, aged 54.

13. At Saugor, Lieut. Col. Wm. Logie, com “ The court having sound the prisoner manding 34th N.I.

guilty to the extend above stated, doth 16. Ai Calcutta, Capt. Daniel Kitchener, aged 32. - At Calcutta, of child birth, Mrs. Brae, lady

sentence him, the said Lieut. John Ed. of Thomas Brae, Esq., late of the firm of Harris wards, of H.M.'s 46th Foot, to be placed at and Co., indigo planters, Kishnaghur, aged 21.

the bottom of the list of the lieutenants of 22. At Calcutta, Mr. G. F. Ebert, aged 50.

23. At Calcutta, Dr. M. Barber, surgeon of the the regiment to which he belongs, as they ship Nande, of Liverpool.

stand at this date, the 14th day of Nov. 27. At Howrah, Mr. John Clermont, formerly a livery-stable keeper, aged 50.

1827." 29. At Calcutta, Henry Cooke, Esq., aged 59.

Approved and confirmed,
Feb. 1. At Calcutta, Wm. Davis, son of Mr. J.
Donovan, aged twelve years.

(Signed) G. T. WALKER, Lieut. Gen. 4. At Calcutta, Maria Paulin, wife of Mr. W. T. Rodgers, register of the export warehouse,

Recommendation." The court having aged 33.

performed its duty, in finding the facts set


nion :

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forth in the third charge, according to the circumstances, then, unless actually on the evidence before it, most earnestly recom parade, could they have been more crimends the prisoner to the mercy of bis minally uttered? As to whether this eviExc. the Commander-in-chief, in consi. dence was brought forward vindictively deration of the peculiar circumstances un. or not, however it may affect the cliáracter der which the expressions used by Lieut. of the reporter, it can in no manner alter Edwards were made use of, and the vic the case of the prisoner. dictive mode in which they were, after a Adverting then to the evidence on the long interval, brought to the knowledge of first charge, and the untenable ground his commanding officer; and is further in. taken from the recommendation of the Auenced to this recommendation by the court, it must not create surprise that the excellent character the prisoner has bither. Lieut.gen. desires that the sentence may to borne."

be carried into execution, and Lieut. Ed(Signed) W. G. Pearse, wards may think himself most fortunate,

Lieut. Col., President. under all the circumstances of the case, Remarks by his Exc. Lieut. Gen. Sir that he has been subjected to a court so George Walker.

leniently disposed. It must be always a subject of consider (Signed) G. T. Walker, Lieut.gen. able regret to him, when the Lieut.gen. The prisoner, Lieut. Edwards, is re-feels it his duty to decline acceding to the Jeased from arrest, and will proceed to the recommendation of a court-martial; but depôt at Poonamalle, to join his detachalthough he has' in this instance officially ment. approved and confirmed the finding and Remarks. - By the Right Hon. 'the sentence of the court, in the hope that the Commander-in-Chief in India. risk to which the prisoner has been sub In publishing to his Majesty's army in jected by the trial, and the lenient punish. India the above proceedings of a general ment awarded him may be found sufficient court-martial beld at Madras, and conto deter him and others from similar con firmed by Lieut.gen. Sir George Walker, duet in future, the Lieut.gen. is yet bound the Commander-in-chief is again called to to say, that on the first charge the prisoner require from courts-martial a particular was acquitted in the face of the positive and defined sentence; in the present inevidence of three respectable witnesses, stance, the extent of Lieut, Edwards' pusupported even in essential points by two “nishment cannot be known for a period of adduced on the defence. Now, though the six months, he may escape without any Lieut.gen. admits that there may be some punishment, or may lose a considerable reason, froin part of the evidence in de number of steps in his regiment ; either fence, to think that this insult to a lady of which latter cases, it is presumed, could was not the gross and premeditated one not have been contemplated by the court. it first appeared to be, yet it is so clearly As Lieut. Edwards stood at the time of

proved that the lady in question was ac his trial the last of the confirmed lieutetually insulted by the prisoner, that the nants in his regiment, with two nominaLieut.gen. is obliged to recall to the re tions under him unconfirmed, his Exc. membrance of this court, and trusts that it will assume that that was the extent of pumay be inpressed upon the minds of the nishment that the court intended to inflict members of all future courts martial, that upon him; he will therefore so far mitigate they are under solemn oath to judge only the sentence, as to limit bis loss of rank in of the facts charged by the evidence before the regiment to two steps, should it here'them, and if in pursuance of this it be after appear that he would have suffered a comes their painful duty to sentence to a greater one. severe punishment, a recommendation The foregoing order is to be entered in founded on any alleviating circumstances the general order book, and read at the may very properly be forwarded, together head of every regiment in his Majesty's with the finding and sentence; but in no service in India. case is finding to be dependent but on ac By order of the Commander-in-chief, tual evidence to the facts charged.

F. H. Dawkins, Lieut.col., On the 2d charge, among conflicting Offic. Adj. Gen. of H.M.'s forces in India. evidence, it may be fair that the court should lean to the lenient side, but when, on the 3d charge, of which the prisoner CIVIL APPOINTMENTS. 'is convicted, the court recommends him to Jan. 18. Sir James Home, Bart., Malayalum mercy, “in consideration of the peculiar translator to Government. *circumstances under which the expressions

Charles Harris, Esq., principal collector of Cud.

dapah. were made use of by him," when the ex

Malcolm Lewin, Esq., a 'sub-collector in propressions charged were uttered in the pub vince of Canara. lic cuddy of the ship before the very ser John Horsley, Esq., sub-collector of Tinnevelly. vants, whence they might be, and probably W. Ashton, Esq., deputy collector of sea cuswere repeated even to the soldiers under

R. Gardner, Esq., head assistant to principal Capt. Skirrow's command ; under what collector of northern division of Arcot.

toms at Madras.

H. V.

H. V. Conolly, Esq., head assistant to principal 43d N.I. Sen. Lieut. W. Rose to be capt., and collector of Tanjore.

Sen. Ens. T. J. Ryves to be lieut., v. M'Leod dec. ; E. P. Glass, Esq., head assistant to principal

dated 11th July 1827. collector of Bellary.

14th N.I. Sen. Maj. P. Henderson, from 46th W. C. Ogilvie, Esq., head assistant to collector N.I., to be lieut. col. in suc. to Yates prom. of Masulipatam.

46th N.I. Sen. Capt. R. Crewe to be maj., Sen. 22. N. W. Kindersley, Esq., principal collector

Lieut. E. Dyer to be capt., and Sen. Ens. A. B. and magistrate of Tanjore.

Johnston to be lieut., in suc. to Henderson prom. G. D. Drury, Esq., collector and magistrate of

Jan. 15.-Cadet P. C. Hewitt admitted to cavalTinnevelly.

ry, and prom. to cornet. -Mr. Wm. Lloyd ad

mitted on estab. as an assist. surg., and app. to do R. T. Porter, Esq., head assistant to principal

duty under gar. surg. of Fort St. George. collector of Coimbatore. 25. W. Brown, Esq., additional government

Officers permitted to place their services at disposal

of Resident at Hyderabad : Lieut. W. R. Strange, commissioner for claims withdrawn from Carnatic

2d L.C. ; Cornet B. S. Sullivan, 4th L.C.; Lieut. Fund.

S. W.J. Moloney, 6th L.C.; Ens. W. B. Jackson, C. Harris, Esq. first judge of Provincial Court

25th N.I. ; Ens. G. Jackson, 11th N.I. of Appeal and Circuit for centre division.

Capt. C. Taylor, of artil. to be commissary of T. A. Oakes, Esq., second judge of do. do. do.

stores with Nagpore subsid. force, v. Polwhele re29. C. E. Oakes, Esq., register to Zillah Court turned to Europe. of Nellore.

Lieut. J. Wallace, 23d L.Inf., to be post-masH. Stokes, Esq., assistant to collector and magis ter to field force in Dooab, v. Wallace permitted trate at Tinnevelly.

to return to Europe. C. J. Brown, Esq., head assistant to accountant general. S. Crawford, Esq., assistant to accountant gene

Head-Quarters, Jan. 12, 1828.--Removals in Ar

tillery. Licut. Col. W. G. Pearse, from 1st horse ral.

brigade to 3d bat. ; Lieut. Col. C. Hopkinson, from Feb. 1. N. Webb, Esq., post-master general. 3d bat. to Ist horse brigade; Maj. J. H. Frith, from Hugh Lord, Esq., 1st judge of Provincial Court 2d horse brigade to 3d bat. ; Maj. T. S. Watson, of Appeal and Circuit for northern division.

from 3d ba to 2d horse brigade. J. O. Tod, Esq., 2d judge of ditto.

Cornet R. H. Lushington (recently admitted) D. Hill, Esq., 3d judge of ditto.

posted to 1st L.C. R. Clive, Esq., chief secretary to Government.

Jan. 16.--Assist. Surg. G. Lockhart, removed

from 23d L.Inf. to 44th N.I. J. A. Dalzell, Esq., principal collector and magistrate of Cuddapah.

Ens. H. Maughan removed, at his own request,

from 49th to 21st N.I. Henry Chamier, Esq., secretary to Government in military department.

Officers (recently admitted) app. to do duty. CorW. D. Davis, Esq., sub-collector and joint ma

net P. C. Hewitt, with 3d L.C.; Ensigns J. R.

Drought, E. V. Harding, C. R. Mackenzie, and gistrate of southern division of Arcot.

R. S. Dobbs, with 16th N.I.; Ensigns A. F. DoE, Bannerman, Esq., senior deputy register to ratt, W. Leader, P. B. Young, and A. Paterson, Court of Sudder and Foujdarry Adawlut and de with 39th N.I. puty Persian translator to Government.

Jan. 18.-Ensigns posted to Regts. to complete C. A. Thompson, Esq., secretary to Govern their establishments, J. C. Whitty, to 7th N.I.; J. ment in public, &c. departments.

J. Redmond, 7th do.; H. Thatcher, 43d do. ; J. R. Grant, Esq., sub-collector and joint magis A. S. Coxwell, 49th do.; Thos. Moars, 33d do.; trate for northern division of Arcot.

J. A. Crawford, 46th do. John Walker, Esq., junior deputy register to

Jan. 19.--Lieut. J. Horne removed from Ist to Court of Sudder and Foujdarry Adawlut.

2d brigade of horse artillery, and Lieut. G. Brigg 8. A. Mellor, Esq., assistant to principal collec from 2d to 1st brig. ditto. tor and magistrate of Madura. 15. W. E. Underwood, Esq., register to Zillah Court of Chingleput.

Fort St. George, Jan. 18.-Lieut. T. T. Pears, of engineers, to be superintending engineer with field


Lieut. A. De Butts, of engineers, to be assist.

to superintending engineer in presidency division, PROMOTIONS, &c.

v. Pears.

Lieut. F. C. Cotton, of engineers, to be assist. Fort St. George, Jan. 11, 1828.- Cadets W. C.

to civil engineer in centre division, v. De Butts. Gordon and T. A. C. Godfrey admitted to artillery, and prom. to 2d-lieuts.-Cadets E. V. Hard

2d L.C. Sen. Cornet R. Taylor to be lieut., v. ing, Wm. Leader, J. R. Drought, and A. F. Do

Flyter dec. ; dated 24th Nov. 1827. ratt, admitted to infantry, and prom. to ensigns.

Cadets C. R. Mackenzie, R. S. Dobbs, and AnAssist.Surg. A. Millingen app, to medical charge

gus Paterson admitted to infantry, and prom. to of zillah of Calicut, until arrival of Assist.Surg.

ensigns. Chapman.

Lieut. Col. W. C. Fraser, 10th N.I., to com

mand presidency cantonment, v. Boardman app. 1st L.C. Sen. Lieut. (Brev. Capt.) J. Buchanan

to Trichinopoly. to be capt., and Sen. Cornet J. W. Strettell to be lieut., v. Laurens retired; dated 29th July 1827.

Lieut. Col. C. T. G. Bishop, 28th N.I., to comSen. Cornet J. M. Macdonald to be lieut., v. Pres

mand Trichinopoly, v. Boardman permitted to cott struck off; dated 25th Oct. 1827.

return to Europe. 8th L.C. Sen. Lieut. N. M. Burt to be capt., v.

Lieut. Col. B. B. Parlby, 19th N.I., to comGordon dec.; dated 12th June 1827.-Sen. Cornet

mand Bangalore, v. Armstrong app. to southern E. Down to be lieut., v. Watts dec.; dated 6th Oct. 1827.

Capt. S. Bullock, 3d L.C., to be a dep. judge Engineers. Sen. Maj. R. E. Milbourne (the late)

adv. gen., to complete estab. to be lieut. col., v. Cleghorn dec.; dated 7th June Capt. W. J. Bradford, 35th N.I., to be dep. 1825.-Sen. Maj. W. Monteath to be lieut. col., judge adv. gen. to troops serving on coast of TeSen. Capt. D. Šim to be maj., and Sen. Ist-Lieut. nasserim. G. A. Underwood to be capt., v. Milbourne dec. ; Lieut. W. H. Simpson, 36th N.I., to be aide-dedated 4th Nov. 1826.

camp to his Exc. the Commander-in-chief, v. 7th N.I. Sen. Ens. C. Davie to be lieut., v. Sta Bradford. pylton resigned ; dated 5th Jan. 1828.

1st Europ. Regt. Lieut. T. W. Jones to be adj., 21st N.I. Sen. Ens. J. W. Rickards to be lieut., v. Hopper dec. in suc. to Downes prom. ; dated 7th Sept. 1826. 30th N.I. Lieut. E. J. Gascoigne to be qu.mast.,

33d N.I. Sen. Ens. J. L. P. Trapaud to be lieut., interp., and paym., v. Chisholm permitted to rev. Drewe invalided; dated 7th July 1827.

turn to Europe.


div. of army.

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Mr. Wm. Burrell admitted on estab. as an assist. health.-Lieut. J. C. Glover, 13th N.I., for health. surg

-18. Capt. J. H. Winbolt, 5th N.I.-22. Lieut. Assist. Surg. Burrell and Assist. Surg. Ludlow E. Haldane, 4th N.I., for health. - Lieut. A. app. to do duty under gar. surg. of Fort St. George Chisholm, 30th N.I., for health. - Capt. W. and cantonment surg. at St. Thomas's Mount res Thompson, 17th N.I., for health (to proceed from pectively.

Bombay).-25. Ens. R. H.J. Budd, 3d L.Inf., for Lieu". C. Macleod, 42d N.I., declared perfectly

health-Ens. J. Macdougall, 17th N.I. (via Bomqualified to execute duties of a translator or in

bay).-29. Surg. A. B. Peppin, for health.--Assist. terpreter in Hindoostanee language.

Surg. G. W. Scheniman, for health (via Bombay). Jan. 25.–4th N.I. Lieut. W. C. Chinnery to be

-Capt. J. J. O'Donnoghue, 34th N.I., for health qu. mast. interp. and paym., v. Haldane permitted

(to proceed from Bombay).- Lieut. P. J. Begbie, to return to Europe. - Lieut. W. A. Miller to be

of artil., for health (to proceed from Calcutta).

Feb. l. Capt. J. W. Cleveland, 38th N.I., for adj., v. Chinnery.

health.-5. Col. R. Scott, 36th N.I. -Col. T. Sen. Assist. Surg. R. Davidson to be surg., V. Boles, 48th N.I.-8. Lieut. A. Wallace, 38th N.I., Dean retired; dated 15th May 1827.

for health.--Lieut. H. Wright, 51st N.I., for one

year.-Ens. J. S. Moore, 51st N.I., for health. Head-Quarters, Jan. 21.--Lieut. R. G. Carmi To Sea.-Jan. 11. Surg. C. Jones, for six months, chael, 38th N.I., posted to 1st bat. pioneers, v.

for health. Gascoigne.

Cancelled. Ens. J. L. Jones, 30th N.I., posted to Ist bat. Cornet, now Lieut. T. J. Taylor, 7th L.C., to pioneers, v. Rudd.

Europe. Removals of Lieut. Cols. B. B. Parlby, from 19th Assist. Surg. John Brown, to sea. to 13th N.I.; J. Woulfe, from 25th N.I. to 52d do.; M. Coombs, from 520 regt. to 26th do.; F. Bowes, from 13th N.I. to 19th do.; G. M. Steuart, from 17th to 28th do. ; J. Moor, from 28th to

MISCELLANEOUS. 17th regt. N.I. Ens. C. R. Freese posted to Ist Europ. regt.

NATIVE STUDENTS. Jan. 24. 2d-Lieut. W. A. Orr removed from 2d bat. to 2d brigade of horse artillery.

On Wednesday last, an examination Ens. E. V. Harding removed from doing duty

was held at the College, in the presence of with 16th to do duty with 39th N.I.

the members of the College Board of the Jan. 25. Assist.Surg. W.K. Hays app. to afford native students, who are there being inmedical aid to troops and public followers attach

structed in the English language and in ed proceeding to Cannanore on board the ship Fort William.

European science.

of these students, Lieut. J. Back removed from 4th to 3d bat. of now eighty-one in number, the greater artillery, and Lieut. D. Carruthers from the latter to former corps.

portion are on the foundation of the in26. Capt. H. Sargent, 41st N.I., app. to rifle

stitution, and are intended, when fully corps.

qualified to commence on their duties, to Surg. R. Davidson posted to 2d brigade of horse be sent to the different provinces of the artillery, and Assist.Surg. T. O'Neile to 30th N.I.

interior, for the purpose of affording in28. Capt. Murcott, dep. judge adv. gen., to be dep. adj. gen. at Prince of Wales' Island.

struction generally to the native popula

tion. Several of them have already gone Fort St. George, Jan. 29. — Assist. Surg. T. through some of the first books of EuO'Neill permitted to enter on general duties of

clid, many of the propositions of which army.

they demonstrated in a manner that exR. Clive, Esq., to be chief secretary to Govern. ment, and H. Chamier, Esq., to be secretary to

cited considerable surprise, and that was Government in military department.

highly creditable to them. In the attainFeb. 1.-Surg. W. S. Anderson, staff surgeon to ment of a just pronunciation of the Engtroops on coast of Tenasserim, to have charge of medical stores at Moalmein.

lish language, and of a correct knowledge Assist.Surg: J.' T. Maule permitted to place his of the grammar, a very satisfactory proservices at disposal of civil commissioner in Tenasserim provinces.

gress was evinced; and it was extremely Feb. 5.---Capt. W. Cunningham, 44th N.I., to be

gratifying to contemplate, even in its first assist. qu. mast. gen. to force in southern Mahratta stages, the happy results of the system, country, v. O'Donnoghue permitted to proceed to

the sole object of which is, to raise the Europe on sick certificate.

character of the thousands who surround Feb. 8.--Surg. R. Gibbon to be garrison surgeon of Trichinopoly, v. Peppin permitted to return to

us. The present had not been intended Europe.

for a public examination, and therefore no
Assist. Surg. J. Traill to be gar. assist. surg. at prizes were allotted for distribution; but
Seringapatam, vice Pulham dec.
Feb. 12.-R. Clark, Esq., to act as secretary to

we anticipate the pleasure of seeing this Gov. in mil. dep. during employment of Mr. Cha

carried into effect at the approaching public mier on other duty.

examination of these students. Mad.Gov. Head-Quarters, Feb. 2.-Cornet P. T. Cherry

Gaz., Feb. 7. removed, at his own request, from 4th to 8th L.C. 5. Surg: J. Jones, junior, removed from 39th


The Venerable Archdeacon Vaughan, Assist. Surg. G. Thompson removed from 11th to 9th N.I.

after an absence from England of nearly.

thirty years, is about to re-visit his native Officer returned to duty, from Europe.---Lieut. land, having taken his passage on board H. A. Bishop, 15th N.I.; arrived 7th Jan. 1828.

of the Marquis of Wellington, Captain

Chapman. We understand that the Arch-

deacon preaches his farewell sermon on To Europe.- Jan. 15. Lieut. Col. E. Boardman,

Sunday next in St. George's Church. 45th N... ---Lieut. J, S. Maevitie, 9th N.I., for Mad. Gov.Gazı, Feb. 21.

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