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603-general orders issued to; also pro-
Libo, destruction of the museum and li.

motions in : see Calcutta, Madras, &c.
brary of, 61.

Army (British, serving in the East)
Abou-el-Cassim, travels of, in the Cau-

promotions and changes in, 132, 236,
casus, 184.

387,516,766_furlough of officers from,

66, 205, 347, 477, 605—courts-martial
Abyssinia, religious sects in, 62.

on officers in, 76, 222, 487, 604, 747-
Accounts, East-India, abstract of, 12,

pay to deputy inspector of hospitals of,
146, 230, 521.

226-general order in regard to pensions
Acheen, outrage committed by the Rajah of soldiers transferred from, to the Com-
of, on an English merchant, 370.

pany's army, 603.
Agricultural and Horticultural Society of Arracan, excursion in, 168—-customs of

Calcutta — prizes delivered by, 60 – the Khyangs of, 169-marauders at,
meeting of, 195.

Ahroux, account of the ruins of, 95.

Asialic Society of Great Britain and Ire.
Ainslie (Dr.), observations by, on the in land-proceedings of, 89, 334.
troduction of Christianity into India,

of Calcutta - proceedings

of, 59, 465, 715-meetings of the Phy-
Akyab, reported insurrection at, 608 sical Committee of, 193, 466, 593, 713.
flourishing state of, 731.

Assam (Upper), journal of an expedition
Alligator, escape from, 547.

in, 524.
Alphabet, Universal, observations on the Assassination, extraordinary attempt at,
construction of, 59.

America, trade of, with China, 387 Atlas of India, remarks on the large one

evasive conduct of its traders at Singa now in course of publication, 430.
pore, 508-attempts of, to form a treaty Auber (Mr.), review of his “ Supple-
with the king and chiefs of Raiatea, ment to his Analysis of the Constitu-

tion of the East-India Company, 331.
Amherst Town, misrepresentations respect Australasia (local occurrences in)-aban-

ing, 357, 421-its healthy situation, donment of the settlement at Western
485—death of Mr. Hayes at, 609.

Port, 380-unhealthy state of the set-
Amherst (Lord), proposed entertainment tlements at Melville Island, Port Raf-

to, at Calcutta, 69, 128, 218, 348-de fes, and Port Essington, ib.-proposed
parts for England, 233, 236-remarks settlement at Swan River, 380, 387
of the Calcutta press on his conduct as - see also New South Wales and Van
governor-general, 349, 478- dinner to, Diemen's Land.
by the Court of Directors, 386.

Ava conjectured to be the Ophir of So-
Amoy, account of the port of, 635.

lomon, 572, 655
Appeals from India, heard before the Privy
Council—the East-India Company, v.

Cursetjee Manockjee, 235_remarks of Babington (Dr.), his account of the sculp-
Mr. Miller on the subject of, 329.

tures and inscriptions at Mahamalei-
Arches Court-suit by Mrs. Kemp against

her husband for a separation, 130— Ball at Meerut, 484—at Bombay, 503.
similar suit by Capt. Hawkes against Balls, cannon, velocity of, 196.
his wife, 131.

Baths, hot and vapour, their utility in
Armenia, discoveries of M. Schulz in, 657.

India, 339.
Armenians, examination of the school for,
at Calcutta, 70-origin of, 200.

Bayley (Hon. W. B.) appointed acting

governor general of Bengal, 472.
Army (Indian)-remarks on granting pen.
sions to native officers belonging to, 354

Beechey (Capt.), account of his expedition

to the South Seas, 598.
-proposed improvements in, 453, 678,
697—reductions in, 723 – restoration of

Beet-root Sugar, improvements in the
the No. 47 to the Bengal army list, 725

French manufacture of, 346.
-courts-martial on officers in, 66, 473, Bell, Burmese, at Liverpool, 471.


puram, 95.

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Benares Literary Society, geological paper sances, 749death of Mr. Bridgman,
read before, 594.

750-cholera morbus, ib.-shipping,
Bencoolen, deplorable state of, 634.

arrivals and departures, births, mar.
Bengal, preaching tour in, 358.

riages, and deaths, 84, 229, 368, 504,

618, 634, 750.
Bengal Military Fund-general meeting
of, 73.

-Supreme Court new rules relating

to juries, 497, 616, 735, 749—views of
Military Retiring Fund-proposed

the Hindoos of Bombay on the subject
formation of, 485.

of juries, 499.
Equilable Tonline state of its

Quarter sessions-trial of a soldier
funds, 353.

for assaulting a lascar, 365.
United Service Club-state of its

Scottish Missionary Society-an-
atfairs, 213, 484.

nual meeting of, 83.
Bentinck (Lord W. C.), arrival of, at

Education Sociely-aunual meet-
Madras, 743—address to, ib.-his arri-

ing of, 501.
val at Calcutta, 729.

Native Education Society-fourth
Berhampore, fire at, 484.

report of, 503.
Bheels, negociations with, 631.

Bonds, East-India Company's, rate of
Biana, account of the stratification of the

interest of, reduced, 515.
hills near, 194.

Boorhanpore, deadly wind at, 631.
Bibles, supply of, to European soldiers in
India, 201.

Bor Khampti country, journal of a visit

to, 524.
Bible Societies, remarks on their proceed- Bosphorus, Thracian, account of, 293.
ings in the East, 26.

Botzaris (Marco), heroic feat of, 34.
Bilsah, account of the brass gun at, 344.
Bishop of Calcutta (Dr. James)—his ar.

Briggs (Col.), his translation of the ori-
rival in India, 74-visits Bishop's Col-

ginal letters of Madhoo Rao, 91,
lege, ib.-first sermon preached by, 217,

Brosset (M.), memoir on the literature of
482-consecrates the church at Fort

Georgia by, 529.
William, 608—also the collegiate chapel Buddhism in Cochin-China, 324—in Ni.
of Bishop's College, 630-primary vi pal, 334.
sitation of, 732.

Bundlecund, geology of, 193.
Bombay, directions for travelling overland Burman Empire--second British embassy

from, to England, via Egypt, 367. to Ava, 80—present state of Rangoon,
Bombay Government (General Orders of )

214, 420—Burmese exactions at Ran-
- officers' salaries, 226—pay of deputy

goon, 218-memorial of the British
inspector of hospitals of King's regi-

merchants on the subject, 355.
ments, ib. memorial of Lieut. Say, Burmah, sketches of, hy “a Subaltern,"
227-efficiency of the Bheel corps, ib. 420 — Rangoon, ib. Amherst, ib.
-privileges to the Bombay marine, 365, Moelmyne, 423 — Tavoy, 541, 681-
495_calumnious attack upon the se.

Yealah, 545.
cond grenadier regiment, 495-super Butter (Dr.) on public health in India,
intendent of marine, 615-new member 716.
of council, 615, 746-absence of civil Byron (Lord), particulars of his last visit
servants, 616-new uniform for the

to Greece, 36-his death, 38.
Bombay marine, 746—civil, military,
and marine appointments and fur.

louhs, 82, 365, 496, 616, 748. Calagyouk Island, new anchorage at, 199.
Bombay (local occurrences at)-arrival of Calcutta Government (General Orders of)

Sir J. P. Grant, from England, 83— -establishment of an experimental con-
adoption of Capt. Clunes's plan for fa. valescent depôt near the Deyrah Dhoon,
cilitating travelling, 227-races, 228, 66-qualifications requisite in an officer
367, 502-new native paper, 367 to hold the situation of regimental inter-
erection of an observatory, ib.-libel on preter, ib.-escorts to civil servants, 66–
the native troops, 495, 617-annua supply of Bibles to European soldiers,
fête at the Government House, 501 201-adjustment of the debts of military
launch of H.M.'s ship Bombay, ib.-tour officers, ib.-escorts at Gwalior, Qudi.
of the governor, 502, 749-departure of pore, and Kotah disbanded, ib.—change
Mr. Norton, late advocate-general, 502, in the military uniform, 201, 202–exa-
618—meeting of the Highland Society, mination of regimental interpreters, 347,
502-grand ball by Limjee Cowasjee, 724-conduct to be observed by officers
503-examination at the Byculla School, at reviews and general parades,ib.—acting
501-loss of the ship Tyne, by fire, 517 governor-general, 472 - new member
-misrepresentation in the recent case of council, ib.-inspection of the army
of Lieut. Fenwick, 616-murders, 618 by Lord Combermere, ib.-pensions to
-marriage of a Nautch girl, ib.-nui soldiers, 603-recruiting in the army


discontinuéd, ib. situation of brigade address of the grand jury to the bench
major to troops in Arracan abolished, on the opening of the first criminal ses-
ib.-regimental canteens, 723-educa sions for 1828, 209_the chief justice's
tion of sepoys, ib.-reductions in the reply, 211

indictment of Thomas
army, ib.— Rungpore Light Infantry Spencer and George Spencer for man-
battalion, 725-construction of public slaughter, 348-case of the ship Al-
buildings, ib. --restoration of the No. morah, 477-sentence on Anthony de
47 to the army list, ib. --allowances to Rosario, ib.-indictment against Bri.
adjutants of the Golundauz battalion, gade Major Greville and Thomas Mo-
ib.--courts-martial on officers, 66, 202, naghan, for a conspiracy, 477, 736–
473, 603--civil and military appoint-

breach of the stamp regulation, 481-
ments, and furloughs, 67, 203, 347,

action, Taylor v. Mackillop and others,
476, 604, 725.

to recover possession of land, 605.
Calcutta (local occurrences at)-proposed Calcutta Court of Requests-Dr. Halliday
entertainment to Lord Amherst, 69,

v. John Palmer and others, 728.
128, 217,348-erection of a monument

Asiatic Society, proceedings of,
and statue to the late Lord Hastings, 59, 465, 715-meetings of the Physical
ib.-execution of two China-men, 73– Committee of, 193, 466, 593, 713.
comparative number of the several news-

Medical and Physical Society-
papers published at the presidency, ib.

proceedings of, 194, 339, 716.
-execution of a Fakeer, 74-arrival

Agricultural and Horticultural
of the new Lord Bishop, ib.- theatres,
74, 217-declin
of the Marine School,

Society-proceedings of, 60, 195.
212, 606-improvements, 214,479,731-

Oriental Literary Society-fifth
mineralogical lectures, 215—anna post,

half-yearly report of, 483.
216-bounty on letters imported by sea,

Anglo-Indian College. exhibi.
ib.telegraphical communication with

tion of the students of, 40-essays by,
Saugor, ib.-fires, 216, 483—diseases,

217, 479, 608, 732_departure of Lord

Sanscrit College-annual exami-
Amherst and family for England, 233-

nation of the students educated at, 353.
projected meat bazaar, 352—petition of

Anglo-Hindoo School_examina-
the prisoners in the great gaol, 353— tion of the boys educated at, 73.
Sanscrit college, ib._column to the me-

Armenian Philanthropic Institu-
mory of Sir David Ochterlony, 354— tion-seventh annual examination of, 70.
extraordinary attempt at assassination,

School Society-examination of
479 – newspaper proprietors, 481
breach of the stamp regulation, ib.-

pupils supported by, 215.
education of Indo-Britons, ib.-eccle-

School-Book Society general
siastical affairs, 482-north-westers, 484

meeting of, 480.
-ship-launch, 485—new regulations

Commercial and Patriotic Asso-
respecting native seamen, 606-strike

ciation-its formation, 71-notice of
among the cattle-dealers, ib. arrival of

Mr. Rickett's letters on the subject,
French manufactures, 607

tion of the church in Fort William, 608

Marine School
-also of the collegiate chapel of Bi formance for the benefit of, 74-low
shop's College, 630-removal of the state of its funds, 212-sale of the
prohibition against Europeans purchas school ship belonging to, 606.
ing salt at the Company's sale, 630—

Eleventh Supplementary Lauda-
arrival of Lord Wm. Bentinck, 729– ble Society-meeting of, 353.
death of Mr. Winter, ib.-weather, Calder (Jas.), notice of his essay on the
609, 732—police affair, 732-markets,

geology of India, 466, 713.
ib.—reported abolition of the College of Caillé (M.), visit of, to Timbuctoc, 721.
Fort-William and Writer's Buildings,
ib.-mislaid letters, 734-H.C. steam-

Cannon Balls, velocity of, 196.
vessels advertised for hire, ib.-Strand Canton, tour round the walls of, 307–
road, ib.— Native juries, 735—smug-

mercantile operations at, during 1827,
gling of salt, ib.—charge against a

375—see also China.
magistrate for defamation, 738—ship- Cape of Good Hope (local occurrences at)
ping arrivals and departures, births, -breach of the port regulations, 232-
marriages, and deaths, 75, 128, 219, operations of Chaka's army on the fron-
360, 485, 609, 739.

tiers of the colony, 233, 628, 758--co-
Supreme Court-sentence on John lonial appointments, 383, 628—changes
Antoné, a Portuguese sailor, 69—fur. and improvements, 383—petition of the
ther proceedings in the case of the Rev. inhabitants for a local legislature, 398
Jas.Bryce, D.D., v. Samuel Smith, for a -severe gale and loss of shipping, 517
libel, 205, 477–case of Wm. Long, v. -redemption of slaves, 629_icebergs
W.H.Macnaghten and others, for a con-

seen off the coast, 642—births, mar.
spiracy and false imprisonment, 206– riages, and deaths, 233, 384, 630.



theatrical per-

Cargoes of Company's ships lately arrived -failure of Manhop, the great hong

from India, 134, 263, 390, 518, 768. merchant of Canton, 513, 622-new
Carnatic Commissioners, twenty-fourth re-

trade edict, 622-melancholy death of
port of, 337.

Yuen, late governor of Canton, ib.-
Cataract, remarks on the operations for, in

Spanish trade with the port of Amoy,
India, 340, 599.

ib.-births and deaths, 86.
Cattle-dealers, strike among, at Calcutta,

Chinese etiquette, 63-prisons, 196—nuns,

200-pawnbrokers, 376_rules for com.
Cavern, fabulous account of, 188.

position, 582-drama, 720.

Chinamen, two, executed at Calcutta, 73
Cawnpore, dreadful fire at, 484.

-ingenious act of swindling by, 370.
Ceylon (local occurrences at)-civil ap-

Cholera on board the Warren Hastings, 128
pointments, 84, 368, 505 annual
meeting of the Colombo Auxiliary

—deaths in the 59th regt. by, 216-its
Wesleyan Missionary Society, 84-in-

alarming ravages at Calcutta, 479, 608
stitution of the Rev. Mr. Glenie to the

Sat Bombay, 750—employment of
archdeaconry of Colombo, 229-finances

oxygen gas in the cure of, 716.
of the island, 308-returns relative to

Christianity, observations on its introduc-
its trade, 309—production of cinna-

tion into India, 90.
mon, 310-arrival of Admiral Gage, Church (Scots), at Calcutta, complaint
368—pearl fishery, ib.-grand elephant against the senior member of, with.
hunt, 369-death of Mr. Justice Mat drawn, 236.
thews,-tragical death of Major Had.

Cinnamon, quantity produced annually in
dock, 752_births, marriages, and deaths,

Ceylon, 310,
84, 369, 505, 752.

Clunes (Capt.), notice of his plan for fa-
Chaka (King), warlike operations of, 233,

cilitating travelling in India, 227.
628, 758.

Coal found near Simla, 593.
Champollion (M.), his mission to examine
the monuments of Egypt, 346-letter

Cochin-China-singular fancy of the peo-
from, on the subject, 641, 722.

ple of, in regard to eggs, 198—visit of

Mr. Crawfurd to Hué, its capital, 323
Chess, termination of the match at, be. !

-religious buildings there, 324-state
tween the Edinburgh and London clubs,

of society in the empire, 327—its po-

pulation, 328—frequent application of
China, misrepresentations on the subject the bastinado in, 344.
of the East-India Company's trade to,

Cochineal, culture of, in India, 733.
l-state of the empire, as deduced from
the Canton Register, 303–speculations

Collectanea, No. 1.-construction of a pas-
on the origin and early civilization of its

sage in Lucretius relating to India, 549
inhabitants, 334. similarity of their

- first introduction of the manufacture
habits to those of the ancient Egyptians,

of silk into England, ib.-similarity of

the habits of the Chinese to the ancient

Egyptians, 552 - ancient custom of
China (local occurrences in)-progress of
the Tartar rebellion, 85, 91, 232, 512,

writing in verse, ib.
621, 635, 756-punishment of the rebels College, East-India, at Haileybury, exa-
taken, 621, 635-account of the terri-

mination at, in May 1828, 64.
tory connected with the seat of war,

Hindoo, at Calcutta—English
512-suicides, 85, 231 injustice of composition by students of, 40, 317.
the police at Canton, 86, 183-earth:

Sanscrit, at Calcutta - prizes
quakes, 86-banditti, 181-conduct of awarded to the students of, 353.
husbands towards their wives, 182-

Colonial Representation, considerations on,
abuses in the government offices at Can-
ton, 182–ineificiency of the coast ad.
miral, 230-Budh priests, 231, 635–

Colonization, observations of a Hindu on,

degradation of the emperor's youngest

Combermere (Lord), entertainment to, at
brother, ib. - Triad Society, ib._exe-
cutions at Canton, 231, 305—state of

Bhurtpore, 128 -visit of, to the king
Macao, 278—consumption of opium,

of Delhi, 213-bis inspection of the
306, 537-proclamation against its use,

Bengal army, 472-probable time of

his return to England, 609.
621-tour round the walls of Canton,
307-mercantile operations at Canton Compass, mariners'-improvement in the
during 1827, 375-exportation of bul.

nanging of, 196.
lion, 376— American trade, 376, 387– Compton (Mr.), address to, on his de-
interest, 376—dismissal of the Euro. parture from Madras, 80-entertain-
pean astronomers from Peking, 468– ment to, 361-his return to the Calcutta
robberies and murders, 511-affairs of bar, 607.
the Yellow River, 513—Chinese bro- Constantinople, observations on the routes
therhood, ib. state of the tea'crops, ib.

to, 456.



Colton-Wool, East-India, high rate of, Duel in New South Wales, 624.

Durville (Capt.), narrative of his voyage
Counter (Mr.), trial of 643,

of discovery to the South Seas, 577.
Court-martial on Ensign Cookney, 66–
Lieut. Edwards, 76 - Serj. Iveson, 202

-Lieut M‘Conchy, 222-Lieut. and Earth, memorial by Dr. Paterson on the
Brevet Capt. Woodhouse, ib. - Lieut. true origin of, 59.
Burnett, 473— Ensign Anderson, ib

Earthquakes in China, 26-at Manilla,
Lieut. Dunbar, 474-Capt. Field, 475

-Lieut. Deere, 487—Ensign Tebbs,
603—Capt. Skirrow, 604-Lieut. Broo-

East-India annual accounts, 1828, 12,
shoft, 613_Ens. Walker, 614-Capt.

146, 230, 521.
Havelock, 747-orders of the Madras East-India Trade, examination of the re-
government respecting the practice of,

port of the committee of the Liverpool
610, 612.

East-India Association on, l-abstracts
Court of Admirally-indictment against East-India House, goods declared for sale

of official accounts relating to, 521..
two seamen of the ship Farquharson,
for desertion, 235.

at, 134, 263, 390, 518, 645,768_Court

of Directors' notice to reduce the rate of
Court of King's Bench-sentence on the
defandents, in the case of Rex, v. Sut-

interest on Company's bonds, 515-see

also Debates.
ton and others, for the illegal sale of an
East-India cadetcy, 130, 763-action,

Education, progress of, amongst the na-
the East-India Company v. Lewis, 639

tive females in India, 481.
-Freeman v. Fairlie, 760.

Eggs, singular fancy of the Cochin-Chi-
Crawfurd (Mr.), review of his “ Journal nese in regard to, 198.
of an Embassy to Siam and Cochin, Egypt, mission of M. Champollion to,
China," 321.

346, 641, 722-directions for the over-
Cricket Match at Barrackpore, 217.

land journey from Bombay to England,

via 367, 633.
Cyrenais, curious spectacle in, 471. .

Elephants, white, at Bangkok, 197.

Elephant hunt at Ceylon, 369.
Davis (Mr.), bis account of the Mahom. Egyptian Students in France, progress
medans of Western Tartary, 91.

made by, 597.
Debate at the East-India House on 28th Ellis (F. W.), lectures by, on the law.

May, 1828-By-Laws, 97-grant to books of the Hindus, 155_remarks
Major Geo. Cunninghame, ib. - East by, upon the errors committed by Mr.
India docks, 100 . Capt. Prescott's Mill in his observations on the Hindu
Case, ib. - June 18th. Parliamentary law, 178.
papers, 106-balf-year's dividend, ib. ---

Elphinstone (Mr.), particulars of his jour-
grant to Major Geo. Cunninghame, ib.

ney from Cosseir to Thebes, 633, 750.
report of the Committee of By-laws, Erskine (Mr.), of Bombay, case of, 45.
107_dropped notices, 113— India li-
censes, ib.-burning of Hindoo widows, Evans (Lieut. Col.), review of his work
115—Captain Prescott's case, 121.-

on the “ Designs of Russia,” 587.
July 2d. Parliamentary papers :-Mr. Europe, medical effects of transition from
Ricketts, 241-Legislative enactments India to, 62-policy of, in regard to
connected with India, ib. - By-laws,

Russia, 441.
242–Capt. Prescott's case, ib.-Sep- Exchanges, rates of, at Calcutta, Madras,
tember 24th. Parliamentary papers, 514 Bombay, Singapore, and Canton, 129,
--superanuations, ib.

262, 385, 513, 639, 759.
Deccan Prize-Money, forces entitled to Eyes, effect of moonlight on, 200-fur-
share in, 131.

ther report of Mr. Richmond on his
Deerr (Rev. M.), his remarks upon the

successful operation in diseases of, 599.
Hindu character, 692.
Deity, Turkish notions of, 469.
Delhi, visit of Lord Combermere to the Fakeer, execution of, at Calcutta, 74.

king of, 213—local occurrences at, 354, Farewell (Lieut.), still at Port Natal, 233.

Fate, Hindu book of, 89.
Dillon (Capt.), narrative of his voyage to Fenwick (Lieut.), case of, misrepresented

discover the fate of La Perouse, 443, by the Oriental Herald, 616.
448,716-arrival of, in England, 643.

Féte at Pondicherry, 493 — at Parell
Direction, East-India, statements concern House, Bombay, 501.
ing patronage of, 764.

Fire at Calcutta, 216, 483-destruction
Drama, Chinese, specimen of, 720. of the office and press of the Sambad
Drowning, rescue from, 218.

Timira Nasak by, 217-at Poonah, 227



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