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and the letter of his Most Christian MaGreat Match between Orelio and Wild- jesty, dated the 30th August 1827, were blood. The interest which this had excited publicly read and registered, and his Exthroughout Madras, and we dare say in cellency accordingly took the prescribed many other parts of India, forbid us to

Oaths and seat at the board under the cus. despair of great future encouragement to

tomary salute.

The administrator-gethis fascinating amusement.

neral then read bis address to the assembly, The odds were high on Orelio, notwith- containing the details of the civil and mistanding the weight. He was, in the lan- litary administration of Government, &c. guage of the knowing, “ sure to win." His Excellency, accompanied as before, Little Wildblood turned out against him as

proceeded from thence to the church, gay as a lark-took his canter of three

where the ministers of the sacred altar quarters of a mile to stretch his legs, and sung a Te Deum. From the church the then at the word got a good start; Orelio administrator.general passed in front of thinking to catch him at will, made no the troops, who received him with preobjection, but when that will was exerted, sented arms and three cheers of Vive le to the great astonishment and flooring of

Roi ! His entrance into the Governmenta host of knowing backers, the little horse

house was hailed with similar acclamapositively laughed at him, took the lead tions, and a shower of flowers. On his soon after passing the two mile post, and reaching the hall of audience each of the beat the big horse most handsomely in public functionaries were severally introfour minutes and two seconds.

duced to his Excellency to present their Houndsfoot and Signal. For the sweep

respects to him, and were received in the stakes our friend Houndsfoot turned out

most gratifying manner.“

-Mad. Gov. Gaz.,

Jan, 24. the favourite at two to one against the little Signal, who not having made his appearance on these boards before, was ushered in politely enough with this advantage of We have received letters of a late date odds as an encouragement. We heard

from Rangoon. They mention that a semany fair ladies in the stand admire his

cond embassy was about to proceed to beauty, and hoping that beauty, as it Ava. Captains Rowlandson and Montalways ought to do, would win. Pity,"

morency have been deputed to this service said he, “ that such hopes should be dis- by Sir Arch. Campbell, who reached Moalappointed,” so away he went with a gal- mein on the 13th January. lant Houndsfoot at score, took the lead of The objects of the mission are variously him soon after the first turn, and it was a reported, but the prevailing belief is, that most severe and beautiful race throughout the ambassadors have received orders to though Houndsfool never could head him insist upon the King of Ava's delivering again, and certainly was signally defeated. up certain deserters from the British army, Here again the knowing ones were at who still remain at Ummerapoora, notfault. This in itself is a pleasure to all withstanding the treaty. but those who do not win; and as we like The troops at Moalmein were in good to see a good horse beat by a better, it is health. - Mad. Cour., Feb. 8. all right.

Amongst the many distinguished personages who were on the ground, and who seemed to enjoy the sports of the

The following address was presented to morning, were observed, the Right Hon.

Mr. Compton, the Advocate-general, on Mr. Lushington, bis Excellency Sir Geo.

the occasion of his departure from this Walker, and Sir Ralph Palmer.-Mad.

Presidency: Gov. Gaz., Jan. 22.

To Herbert Compton, Esq., Barrister at

Law in the Supreme Court, and Ho. nourable Company's Advocate General

at Madras. The necessary orders having been pre Sir: We the undersigned inhabitants of viously issued, for the assembly of the Madras, the belief that the disinterested, civil and military functionaries at the Go. and consequently sincere approbation of vernment-house on the 11th instant, to ac. those from whom you are about to depart, company Viscount Desbassaynes de Rich cannot but be acceptable to you, beg mond, administrator.general of the French leave to offer you the assurance of the high establishments in India ad interim., from regard, admiration and respect, in which the Government-house to the “ Palais de we hold your conduct and character ; and Justice,” immense crowds of people began to express our deep and unfeigned regret to assemble at an early hour in every at your apparoching departure. quarter, to witness the ceremony of the Your long and brilliant career at this inauguration of his Excellency. On the Presidency, has been distinguished, not arrival of the cortege at the “ Palais de only by energy of mind and character, by Justice," the ordinance of Government unwearied assiduity, and by professional





skill and ability, more than equal to the Webster, from Port Louis.-14. Frances Charlotte, arduous labours imposed upon ġou, but by lois, from Mauritius and Seychelles.--17. Baretto,

Talbert, from Port Louis.-16. Theodore, Lang, qualities of a higher and rarer description, jun., Shannon, from Calcutta. – 18. Marque by sympathiy with the distressed, by a Wellington, Chapman, from Calcutta.-19. Lalla strong sense of justice and charity, by a Lear, from Manilla. 10 484

Rookh, Macallum, from London; "and Thistle, heart and mind capable of feeling and ap

Departures preciating the sufferings of others, and by Jan. 17. H.M.S. Cyrene, Campbell, and H.M.S. a liberal spirit infinitely above the influence

Hind, Furneaux, on a cruize-20. La Belle Al

liance, Hunter, for Calcutta.--23: Prince Regents? of mercenary advantages, when such con, Murphy, for Calcutta. Norfolk, Kingsell, for siderations called for the influence of your Coringa and Padang; and H.M.S. Java, Carroll, heart in opposition to your interest.

on a cruize.--24. Lord Melville, Brown, for Lon

don.-26. Childe Harold, West, for London; and Frequently have you compromised and Clyde, Munro, for ditto.--27. Colonel Newall, conciliated those disputes which it would Daviot, for Colombo.-29. Fort William, Neish have been your interest to have promoted ;; Rainbow, Rous, on a cruize. --9. Wellington, and often have you lent your powerful in Evans, for London.-10. Brig Resource, Baring fluence and aid to rescue from misery or

ton, for Masulipatam and West Coast of Sumatra.

--14. H.M.S. Champion, Stoddart, for Trincodestruction those who lacked all means, malee; and Princess Charlotte of Wales, Biden, save gratitude, of rewarding the exertion. Burchett, for Calcutta; Indiana, Webster, for

You carry away with you, Sir, from our shores, a higher

recompense and reward the Melvina, Dermot, for northern, povis and than any we could offer a consciousch don; and Circassian, Douthwaite, for Calcutta. Aess of rectitude and of having benefited -20. Parmelia, Wimble, for London.-24. Maryour fellow men. Nevertheless, it is but quis Wellington, Chapman, for London. ***

ting, *** natural, that à community so highly imei

iting BIRTUS. ? $ HpX pressed with obligations to you, and with 80 much cause to be grateful, should be

Nou. 16, 1827. At Belgaum, the lady of Lieuto's

Col. J. T. Trewman, of a daughter. anxious to establish some permanent re Jan. 3, 1828. At sholapore, the lady of G. H. cord of its gratitude, and in that sense we

Thomas, Esq., 7th L.C., and sub, assist. com. gen.,

of a son. have to entreat your acceptance of a silver

4. At Secunderabad, the lady of Lieut. Col. vase, bearing an inscription commemora Bowes, of a daughter. tive of the interest and objects of the pre

15. Át Trichinopoly, the lady of H. Dickinson,

Esq., of a daughter. sent address, which are to record a honour 16. At Madras, the lady of Lieut. H. Lee, 11th able testimonial of your exalted character, N.I., of a daughter.

At St. Thomé, Mrs. G. P. Lamoury, of a and the high esteem in which your virtues daughter. as a man and professional talents are beld 18. At Madras, the lady of Maj. Sydney Cot

ton, of a stin-born chi by the community of Madraš.

19. At Cluny, on the Neelgherry Hills, the lady When you left this presidency in 1814, of J. C. Morris, Esq., civil service, of a daughwe expressed a hope, which has been fully

24. At Seringapatam, Mrs. Jane Daily, of a son. 3. realized, that you would return again 25. At Madras, the lady of Chas. Guichard, among us. We now again indulge in an

• Esq., of a son.

26. At Secunderabad, the lady of Lieut. Col. ? anticipation, and may it be equally veribed, that, at no very distant period, you - At Quilon, the lady of the may once more come back, with still chaplain, of a daughter.

Feb. 4. At the presidency, the lady of Maj. Hithigher honours than those you have already chins, dep. adj. gen. of the army, of a son. obtained ; and in an elevated situation,

6. Át Mysore, Mrs. M'Intyre, of a daughter.

17. At Royapettah, Mrs. J. S. Hudson, of a wherein you may not only continue to ad

daughter. vocate justice, but be enabled to dispense it with all the advantages of your experience,

MARRIAGES. integrity, and noble nature.

Oct. 16, 1827. At Mominabad, Lieut. w. D. We have the honour to be,

Harington, 3d Regt. Madras L.C. and H. H. Ni

zam's Cavalry Brigade, second son of the Rev. J. E. With the greatest respect,

Harington, Řector of Sapcole, Leicestershire, to Sir,

Marianne, daughter of the late Wm. Moore, Esq.,

of Romans Castle, Pembrokeshire, and niece of Your most obedient and faithful servants.

the late Lieut. Col. Davies, commanding H. H. (Here follow the signatures of 141 in

Nizam's Cavalry. habitants of the settlement.)-Madras, 21st

Jan. 10, 1828. At Madras, Mr. J. B. Martin, to

Mrs. M. S. Carrapiet, widow of the late Mr. Sa- * February 1828.

toor Carrapiet.

14. At St. Thomas's Mount, Ens. Edm. Good-. , enough, 25th M. N.I., to Sophia Hariette, youngest daughter of Lieut. Col. Andrie, Berhampore,


17. At Belgaum, Lieut. Jas. Wallace, 23d L. Ipf., Jan, 19. Colonel Nergall, Daviot, from Calcutta. third son of John Wallace, Esq., Madras civil ser-22. H.M.S. Java, Carroll (bearing the flag of his vice, to Ann Frances, second daughter of the late Exc. Rear Admiral Gage).-Feb. 1. H.M.S. Rain D. O'Flaherty, Esq., surgeon H.M.'s 46th Foot, bow, Rous, from a cruize, and Hercules, Wilson, and niece of the Very Rev. the Dean of Dublin from China, Singapore, and Penang.-4. Henry and Ardagh... Porcher, Jeffery, from Calcutta. – 6. Malvina, 21. At Tellicherry, Mr. G. Wilkinson, to Miss M'Dermot, from Bussorah, Bombay) &c. - 8. Ann Vaughan. Pacific, Wootten, from Calcutta.-9. Parmelia, 28. At Madras, Lieut. Booker, of the Artillery, Wimble, from Calcutta,-10. Princess Charlotte of to Helena, youngest daughter of the late Major Wales, Biden, from Calcutta.- 12. Circassian, Arata, of H.M.'s service. Douthwaite, from Trincomallee; and H.M.S. Át Madras, Mr. B. A. Moraes, to Miss C. Champion, Stoddart, from ditto.-13. Indiana, Llewellyn. Asiatic Journ. VOL. 26. No. 151.


29. At


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29. At Trichinopoly, Senior Conductor of Ord J. E. Morris to officiate as adj. at head-quarters of nance Mr. P. Gorman, to Mrs. M. Worthington. bat. at Surat during absence of Lieut. Jackson,

Feb. 4. At Pondicherry, Capt. Edw. Mottett, Lieut. E. M. Earle, 24th N.I., to act as MahH. H. the Nizam's service, to Georgiana Honoria, ratta interp, and staff officer to Capt. Spiller, comyoungest daughter of the late E. W. Fallofield, manding a detachment employed on service ; Esq., Madras civil service.

dated 6th Jan. 1828. 9. At Madras, Francis Dickson, Esq., paymaster H.M.'s 41st Regt., to Margaret, only daughter

Commissariat Department.-3d-Assist.Com. Gen. of the late W. A. H. Bainbridge, Esq., of Calcutta.

Capt. Campbell to be acting 2d-assist. com. gen. in 18. At the Luz Church, Alex. De Fries, Esq.,

room of Capt. Molesworth, detached on other third son of the late Adrian De Fries, Esq., to

duty.-Lieut. Payne, attached to Malwa force, Miss Eliz. Johnston.

temporarily to act for Capt. Campbell on leave to sea.-Lieut. Davidson to be an acting 3d-assist.

com. gen. from date of departure of Capt. Long. DEATHS.

· Jan. 22.-13th N.I. Lieut. G. W. Oakes to be Sept. 13, 1827. At sea, on the passage to Ma

adj., v. Spence proceeding to Europe; dated 11th dras, Lieut. W. B. Lamb, R.N., commander of

Jan. 1828. the ship Prince Regent, of fever, contracted at

Marine Bat. Lieut. C. W. Wenn, 13th N.I.; to Sierra Leone, where the ship had put in partially

be adj., v. Oakes; dated ditto. dismasted.

Nov. 23. At Hyderabad, Lieut. Gill Floyer, 2d
L.C., youngest son of the late Sir Aug. Floyer,
Madras Cavalry, aged 25.

Dec. 8. At Belgaum, Captain E. B. Stehelin,
H.M.’s 41st Regt.

To Europe..Jan. 10. Lieut. S. C. Spence, 13th

N.I., for health.-Cornet W. F. Hay, 3d L.C., for 30. On board the ship Childe Harold in Diamond Harbour, Lieut. F. H. Hopper, Ist Europe Regt.

health.–15. Capt. W. C. Mingworth, 2d L.C.

17. Lieut. Col. Com. K. Egan, 16th N.J., for Jan. 3, 1828. At Belgaum, Lieut. J. G. Inglis, H.M.’s 41st Regt.

health.-Capt. J. J. O'Donnaghue, 34th Madras

N.I., for health. 21. Capt. G. J. Wilson, 23d 9. At Tellicherry, Murdoch Brown, Esq., of N.I., for health. Lieut. s. Athill, of engineers, Anjarahandy, merchant, aged 75.

for health.--22. Apoth. J. Dodd, 2d Europ. Regter 12. At Bolarum, Lieut. W. D. F. Gardner, 2d for health. Brigade Horse Artillery, aged 20. 17. At Seringapatan, Mr. Assist. Surg. P. Pul

To Calcutta.Jan. 10. Ens. W. B. Salmon, 19th

N.I., for six months, on private affairs. 21. At Nagercoil, Mrs. Miller, wife of the Rev. To Neilgherry Hills.- Jan. 10. Maj. W. FlemW. Miller, missionary.

ming, 19th N.I., for one year, for health.-17. 25. At Pondicherry, Mary Louisa, relict of the

Capt. J. Saunders, 15th N.1., for one year, for late Edw. Mackay, Esq., of the H.C.'s medical

ditto. service,

To Carpe of Good Hope.-Jan. 21. Surg. J. G. Feb, 5. Near Salem; and on her way from the Moyle, medical storekeeper at Presidency, for Neelgherries to Madras, Jane, wife of Capt. H. health (eventually to Europe).-22. Lieut. A. Ur. Coyle, 28th Madras N.I.

quhart, 2d L.C., for twelve months, for health. 11. At Perambore, Mr. G. C. Bird, examiner of the Accountant General's Office. 16. At Royapettah, F. Alexander, Esq., aged 33.

Extract of a Letter

from an Officer of his Bombay.

Highness the Nizam's service, dated 30th

January 1828 :- An unfortunate, and I MILITARY APPOINTMENTS, may say, melancholy occurrence, has hapPROMOTIONS, &c.

pened to the southward near Koolburga, Bombay Castle, Jan. 10, 1828.-Maj. G. A. Rig

at a place called Dhundhootée ; and as I by, 10th N.I., placed at disposal of Com.-in-chief. fancy you will not hear of it from any public

Temporary arrangements confirmed. Capt. G. communication, I will detail the heads of Penley, 16th N.I., to assume temps command of troops in Cutch from date of departure of Lieut.

it. A plot was formed among some of the Col. Kinnersley on duty to Surai.—Lieut. S. Lan relations of the jagheerdar of the above don to act as qu. mast. and interp. to 10th regt. place, who it is said had planned the death until Lieut. Crispin may be relieved from charge of regt.--Lieut. H. James, 18th N.I., to officiate

of the chieftain, with the view of establishas interp. to 2d L.C. during absence of Lieut. and ing themselves in his place, and according Qu. Mast. Ottley, on duty at Cawnpore.-Lieut. H. N. Ramsay, 24th N.I., to act as qu. mast, and in

to a preconcerted plan, they stormed the terp. to 1lth regt., from 13th Dec. 1827.-Lieut. G. ghurry in the dead of the night, with an Wilson to act as adj. to three comps. detached from 26th N.I., under command of Maj. Laing,

intrepid band of Arabs, for which it was Jan. 17.-Lieut. Col. D. Campbell to command

stipulated that large sums of money should Malwa field force.

be the reward of their treachery. Lieut. Lieut. Col. Ballantyne to succeed Lieut. Col. John Stirling, who had the superintenCampbell in command of Candeish.

dence of that part of the country, was diLieut. Col. Willis to succeed Lieut. Col. Egan in command in Southern Concan.

rected by the Resident to proceed thither, Maj. D. Barr to be town-major and president of

for the purpose of investigating the matter, Committee of Survey.

which at first sight attached a considerable Capt. F. C. Rybot, 2d L.C., to succeed Maj.? portion of criminality, and from a comBarr as deputy auditor generale

plete disclosure of the state of affairs, the Jan. 21.–Lieut. A. Peat, of engineers, to com. mand corps of sappers and miners on departure of

act could receive no extenuation for vaLieut. Sleight for Europe; and Lieut. H. B. Tur rious cogent reasons, Lieut. Stirling, ner to succeed Lieut. Peat as adj. of that corps. with the view of surmounting the obstacles

13th N.I. Ens. W. Chambers to be lieut., v. Spence dec.; dated 17th Jan. 1828.

opposed, proposed that the garrison should Temporary appointments confirmed. Lieut. W.

surrender the three relations of the jagheerTurner to act as qu. mast. to žd L.C. during ab dar, and that they might depart with the sence of Lieut. Ottley on duty at Cawnpore.Lieut. W. H. Jackson to be acting adj, to detach

honours of war, together with protection ment of 2d extra bat, po duty at Broach. Lieut. from any violence; but their reply-was too


unreasonable to deserve attention. Lieut.

SIR JOHN P. GRANT. Stirling arrived at Dundhootee on the 29th The Mountstuart Elphinstone arrived ultimo, and from the inadequate effects from England last evening. Sir John P. which he found to result from his earnest

Grant, the new puisne judge, has arrived and frequent appeals to the garrison, he, by this opportunity.-Bom. Cour. Feb. 9. with an ardent spirit of heroic fortitude and gallantry, seized a favourable opportunity in the morning of the 3d instant,

BOMBAY SCOTTISH MISSIONARY SOCIETY. and assembled the government troops

On Tuesday last the annual meeting of which had been ordered there from the ad- the Bombay Auxiliary Scottish Missionary jacent districts, amounting to about 700 Society was held in the Scotch church, men, and put himself at the head of them when the report of the proceedings of the with his escort of twenty dismounted ca missionaries in the Southern Concan durvalry, advanced to the attack with great ing the last year was read, from which it impetuosity, and slew two Arabs outright appears, that they have under their superwith his own hand; but being so exposed intendence eighty schools, containing 2,852 to the fire of the garrison, he was unfortu. boys, 207 girls in boys schools, and 106 nately killed in the very door of the ghur- girls in six separate schools. Of these ry, and the force was ultimately com 1,450 boys and girls read books, and repelled to retreat, after losing a good many peat prescribed lessons; the rest only write men, killed and wounded. On this intel on sand-boards. The missionaries state ligence reaching the Resident, a force un that they have as much reason to be satisfied der the command of Major John Suther with the progress of the children on the land was ordered to besiege the place; present as on any former occasion, and who immediately advanced to Dundhootee that the advancement which they are on hearing of the affray, and arrived there making in acquaintance with the sacred on the 11th, being a distance of 150 miles scriptures, and the great principles of in four days; however, much to our satis. Christian doctrine is very considerable and faction, it appears that Capt. Eric Suther- encouraging. The schools are vigilantly land had arrived some hours before the superintended both by the missionaries and force with civil authority, and secured native visitors. The girl-schools are genethe three delinquents, who had in so rally examined once in two days by one or treacherous a manner commenced rebel other of the female members of the mislion, and just as the force arrived at the sion, who had, and still have, considerable place, the Arabs with infinite chagrin and difficulties to struggle with, first, persuadvexation were evacuating the ghurry. ing parents to send their daughters to Lieut. Stirling was shot through the lungs school, and secondly, in inducing the girls by two matchlock balls, and instantly fell themselves to give regular attendance, and dead against the door of the ghurry.

to continue it for a considerable time. Those whose peculiar happiness it was to The fact that those parents who are at all live with him in habits of intimacy, have inclined to have their daughters instructed to deplore a friend, whose warmth of af. have no particular aversion to their being fection has left an indelible sensation of educated in the same schools with boys, regret : and, on account of his eminent presents a very pleasing prospect of the talents and integrity, he was selected for future improvement of females, as, were the important charge of civil commissioner it otherwise, they could only be educated in a large tract of country in the Nizam's in towns and large villages, where a numdominions. In order to perpetuate bis ber sufficient to support a teacher could be memory, a public and unaniinous subscrip- obtained. tion has been opened to erect a tomb over Preaching to the people at large has his remains,

been, during last year, an object of almost We trust the Resident will succeed with daily attention with the missionaries; when the Nizam's government in having con

Finant '

bome, they usually pursue a regular dign punishment inficted, and the rebels plan in visiting the villages in the neighsecured, in order to prevent a recurrence bourhood, and when on their tours exaof similar audacity in other vassals. The lamining the schools, they have ample opporevacuation of Dundhootee has restored tunities of making the Gospel known to 'tranquillity to the southward; but infor. the people in the more distant villages. mation has been received that a number of In Bankote and Hurnee houses have been refractory Ramoosees have started up in opened for assembling the people in at the line of frontier between Salapoor and stated times. The ineetings, though in Ahmednugger, and Major Sutherland has general small, seldom containing more received instructions to immediately. co than twenty, and often not more than operate with the Honourable Company's eight or ten, are frequently very interesting. troops, in 'speedily putting an end to their There are several individuals who have depredations, and we have no doubt the been regular in their attendance, and who Ramoosees will-suffer for their presump have now acquired a considerable knowtion-Bon. Can Feb. 6 din

ledge of the Gospel; but as yet there are


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days last year, taken from the returns of dawn with Appa Sahib and two hundred the General Post-Office, will serve as a cri- horses, and fled about eleven coss from the terion of the quantity of this sort of read camp. Baiza Baee was in great affliction ing required in the interior, and the com on hearing of these events, and a message parative rank and estimation of the different of condolence was sent to her, saying, papers :

that if she wished, an officer should be

March. December. sent to induce Appa Sahib to return, al. Government Gazette... 293

though it was not likely that Patenkar John Bull


would permit him. The Baee returned no Iudia Gazette

254 257

answer. Information was received that Bengal Hurkaru 168 144

Gurgi Bey had destroyed himself, and Bengal Chronicle 158 126

orders were given to throw his body any

where. On the 26th, a letter was sent by BISHOP JAMES.

Appa Sahib to the Baee, who despatched The Lord Bishop of Calcutta arrived

à reply n loads of articles and ten off Town on the 19th January, and on the troope Tehan Nama. following day attended the Cathedral, where his Lordship was installed by the Venerable Archdeacon Corrie.

Capt. B

'he Hon. С

Pri he Lord Bishop of Calcutta, attended

sonou chaplains and family, paid a visit

rth his

ad” y morning to Bishop's College.

inghee rve that the funds of this institu

ull, be

Hon. eceiving very considerable addi


nd one a the donations of public bodies


r witn connected with the Church of

theatre. We have not yet seen any de

was pl

y good nt of the proceedings of the

&c. how far it is likely to attain

each act for which it was instituted


the w expect that such expla

buski on afforded to the Chri

re lo Tohn Bull, Jan. 22.

after the 1


Che P

r the

ories irt of his Highn


hich exten ecember. On

Little 22d, sted that Sa


cho Rao an Towers of

0 tenkar, disturbanc Appa Sahib uld be sec sent to 1 ised to the om Gui of the a o execu }was a to a

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