Sidor som bilder


H. V. Conolly, Esq., head assistant to principal 43d N.I._Sen. Lieut. W. Rose to be capt., and collector of Tanjore.

Sen. Ens. T. J. Ryves to be lieut., v. M'Leod dec.; E. P. Glass, Esq., head assistant to principal

dated 11th July 1827. collector of Bellary.

14th N.I. Sen. Maj. P. Henderson, from 46th W. C. Ogilvie, Esq., head assistant to collector

N.I., to be lieut. col. in suc. to Yates prom. of Masulipatam.

46th N.I. Sen. Capt. R. Crewe to be maj., Sen. 22, N. W. Kindersley, Esq., principal collector

Lieut. E. Dyer to be capt., and Sen. Ens. A. B. and magistrate of Tanjore.

Johnston to be lieut., in suc. to Henderson prom.

Jan. 15.-Cadet P. C. Hewitt admitted to caval-
G. D. Drury, Esq., collector and magistrate of

ry, and prom. to cornet.-Mr. Wm. Lloyd ad

mitted on estab. as an assist. surg., and app. to do R. T. Porter, Esq., head assistant to principal

duty under gar. surg. of Fort St. George. collector of Coimbatore. 25. W. Brown, Esq., additional government

Officers permitted to place their services at disposal

of Resident at Hyderabad : Lieut. W. R. Strange, commissioner for claims withdrawn from Carnatic

2d L.C. ; Cornet B. S. Sullivan, 4th L.C.; Lieut. Fund.

S. W.J. Moloney, 6th L.C.; Ens. W. B. Jackson, C. Harris, Esq., first judge of Provincial Court

25th N.I. ; Ens. G. Jackson, 11th N.I. of Appeal and Circuit for centre division.

Capt. C. Taylor, of artil. to be commissary of T. A. Oakes, Esq., second judge of do. do. do.

stores with Nagpore subsid. force, v. Polwhele re29. C. E. Oakes, Esq., register to Zillah Court turned to Europe. of Nellore.

Lieut. J. Wallace, 23d L.Inf., to be post-masH. Stokes, Esq., assistant to collector and magis ter to field force in Dooab, v. Wallace permitted trate at Tinnevelly.

to return to Europe. C. J. Brown, Esq., head assistant to accountant general. S. Crawford, Esq., assistant to accountant gene

Head-Quarters, Jan. 12, 1828.- Removals in Artillery. Licut. Col. W. G. Pearse, from Ist horse

brigade to 3d bat. ; Lieut. Col. C. Hopkinson, from Feb. 1. N. Webb, Esq., post-master general. 3d bat. to Ist horse brigade; Maj. J. H. Frith, from Hugh Lord, Esq., 1st judge of Provincial Court 2d horse brigade to 3d bat. ; Maj. T. S. Watson, of Appeal and Circuit for northern division.

from 3d bat. to 2d horse brigade. J. O. Tod, Esq., 2d judge of ditto.

Cornet R. H. Lushington (recently admitted) D. Hill, Esq., 3d judge of ditto.

posted to Ist L.C. R. Clive, Esq., chief secretary to Government.

Jan. 16.-Assist. Surg. G. Lockhart, removed

from 23d L.Inf. to 44th N.I. J. A. Dalzell, Esq., principal collector and magistrate of Cuddapah.

Ens. H. Maughan removed, at his own request,

from 49th to 21st N.I. Henry Chamier, Esq., secretary to Government in military department.

Officers (recently admitted) app. to do duty. Cor

net P. C. Hewitt, with 3d L.C.; Ensigns J. R. W. D. Davis, Esq., sub-collector and joint ma

Drought, E. V. Harding, C. R. Mackenzie, and gistrate of southern division of Arcot.

R. S. Dobbs, with 16th N.I. ; Ensigns A. F. Do-
E. Bannerman, Esq., senior deputy register to ratt, W. Leader, P. B. Young, and A. Paterson,
Court of Sudder and Foujdarry Adawlut and de with 39th N.I.
puty Persian translator to Government.

Jan. 18.- Ensigns posted to Regts. to complete C. A. Thompson, Esq., secretary to Govern their establishments. J. C. Whitty, to 7th N.I.; J. ment in public, &c. departments.

J. Redmond, 7th do.; H. Thatcher, 43d do.; J. R. Grant, Esq., sub-collector and joint magis A. S. Coxwell, 49th do.; Thos. Moars, 33d do.; trate for northern division of Arcot.

J. A. Crawford, 46th do. John Walker, Esq., junior deputy register to

Jan. 19.-Lieut. J. Horne removed from 1st to Court of Sudder and Foujdarry Adawlut.

2d brigade of horse artillery, and Lieut. G. Brigg 8. A. Mellor, Esq., assistant to principal collec

from Žd to Ist brig. ditto. tor and magistrate of Madura.

15. W. E. Underwood, Esq., register to Zillah Court of Chingleput.

Fort St. George, Jan. 18.—Lieut. T. T. Pears, of engineers, to be superintending engineer with field force in Dooab.

Lieut. A. De Butts, of engineers, to be assist. MILITARY APPOINTMENTS,

to superintending engineer in presidency division, PROMOTIONS, &c.

v. Pears.

Lieut. F. C. Cotton, of engineers, to be assist. Fort St. George, Jan. 11, 1828.- Cadets W. C.

to civil engineer in centre division, v. De Butts. Gordon and T. A. C. Godfrey admitted to artil

2d L.C. Sen. Cornet R. Taylor to be lieut., v. lery, and prom. to 2d-lieuts.-Cadets E. V. Harding, Wm. Leader, J. R. Drought, and A. F. Do

Flyter dec. ; dated 24th Nov. 1827. ratt, admitted to infantry, and prom. to ensigns.

Cadets C. R. Mackenzie, R. S. Dobbs, and An. Assist.Surg. A. Millingen app. to medical charge

gus Paterson admitted to infantry, and prom. to of zillah of Calicut, until arrival of Assist. Surg.


Lieut. Col. W. C. Fraser, 10th N.I., to comChapman. 1st L.C. Sen. Lieut. (Brev. Capt.) J. Buchanan

mand presidency cantonment, v. Boardman app. to be capt., and Sen. Cornet J. W. Strettell to be

to Trichinopoly. lieut., v. Laurens retired; dated 29th July 1827.

Lieut. Col. C. T.G. Bishop, 28th N.I., to comSen. Cornet J. M. Macdonald to be lieut., v. Pres mand Trichinopoly, v. Boardman permitted to cott struck off; dated 25th Oct. 1827.

return to Europe. 8th L.C. Sen. Lieut. N. M. Burt to be capt., v.

Lieut. Col. B. B. Parlby, 19th N.I., to com-
Gordon dec.; dated 12th June 1827.-Sen. Cornet mand Bangalore, v. Armstrong app. to southern
E. Down to be lieut., v. Watts dec.; dated 6th
Oct. 1827.

Capt. S. Bullock, 3d L.C., to be a dep. judge
Engineers. Sen. Maj. R. E. Milbourne (the late) adv. gen., to complete estab.
to be lieut. col., v. Cleghorn dec. ; dated 7th June Capt. W. J. Bradford, 35th N.I., to be dep.
1825.-Sen. Maj. W. Monteath to be lieut. col., judge adv. gen, to troops serving on coast of Te.
Sen. Capt. D. Šim to be maj., and Sen. Ist-Lieut. nasserim.
G. A. Underwood to be capt., v. Milbourne dec.; Lieut. W. H. Simpson, 36th N.I., to be aide-de-
dated 4th Nov. 1826.

camp to his Exc. the Commander-in-chief, v. 7th N.Í. Sen. Ens. C. Davie to be lieut., v. Sta. Bradford. pylton resigned; dated 5th Jan. 1828.

1st Europ. Regt. Lieut. T. W. Jones to be adj., 21st N.Í. Sen. Ens. J. W. Rickards to be lieut., v. Hopper dec. in suc. to Downes prom. ; dated 7th Sept. 1826. 30th N.I. Lieut. E. J. Gascoigne to be qu.mast.,

33d N.I. Sen. Ens. J. L. P. Trapaud to be lieut., interp., and paym., v. Chisholm permitted to rev. Drewe invalided; dated 7th July 1827.

turn to Europe.


div. of army.

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Mr. Wm. Burrell admitted on estab as an assist. health.-Lieut. J. C. Glover, 13th N.I., for health,

-18 Capt. J. H. Winbolt, 3th N.I.--. Lieut. Assist. Surg. Burrell and Assist. Surg. Ludlow E. Haldane, 4th N.I., for health. - Lieut. A. app. to do duty under gar. surg: of Fort St. George Chisholm, 30th N.I., for health. - Capt. W. and cantonment surg, at St. Thomas's Mount res Thompson, 17th N.I., for health (to proceed froin pectively.

Bombay).-25. Ens. R. H.J. Budd, si L.Inf., for Lieu. C. Macleod, 420 N.I., declared perfectly

health-Ens. J. Macdougall, 17th N.I. (via Boutqualified to execute duties of a translator or in bay).-9. Surg: 1. B. Peppin, for health.-- Assist. terpreter in Hindoostanee language.

Surg. G. W. Scheniman, for health (via Bombay).

-Capt. J.J. O'Donnoghue, 34th N.I., for health Jan. 25.-4th V.I. Lieut. W.C. Chinnery to be

(to proceed from Bombay). Lieut. P. J. Begbie, qu. mast. interp. and paym., v. Haldane permitted to return to Europe. - Lieut. W. A. Miller to be

of artil., for health (to proceed from Calcutta).

Feb. I. Capt. J. W. Cleveland, 38th N.I., for adj., v. Chinnery.

health. Col. R. Scott, 30th N.I. -Col. T. Sen. Assist. Surg. R. Davidson to be surg., . Boles, 48th N.1.-8. Lieut. A. Wallace, 38th N.I., Dean retired; dated 15th May 1827.

for health.-Lieut. H. Wright, 51st N.I., for one

year.-Ens. J. S. Moore, 5lst N.I., for health. Head-quarters, Jan. 21.–Lieut. R. G. Carmi To Sm.Jan. ll. Surg. C. Jones, for six months, chael, 38th N.I., posted to lst bat. pioneers, v. for health. Gascoigne.

Cancelled. Ens. J. L. Jones, 30th N.I., posted to lst bat. Cornet, now Lieut. T. J. Taylor, 7th L.C., to pioneers, v. Rudd.

Europe. Removals of Lieut. Cols. B. B. Parlby, from 19th Assist. Surg. John Brown, to sea. to 13th N.I.; J. Woulfe, from 25th N.I. to 52d do.; M. Coombs, from 520 regt. to 26th do.; F. Bowes, from 13th N.I. to 19th do.; G. M. Steuart, from 17th to 28th do. ; J. Moor, from 28th to

MISCELLANEOUS. 17th regt. N.I. Ens. C. R. Freese posted to 1st Europ. regt.

NATIVE STUDENTS. Jan. 24. 2d-Lieut. W. A. Orr removed from 2d

On Wednesday last, an examination bat. to 2d brigade of horse artillery.

was held at the College, in the presence of Ens. E. V. Harding removed from doing duty with 16th to do duty with 39th N.I.

the members of the College Board of the Jan. 25. Assist. Surg. W. K. Hays app. to afford native students, who are there being inmedical aid to troops and public followers attach

structed in the English language and in ed proceeding to Cannanore on board the ship Fort William.

European science. Of these students, Lieut. J. Back removed from 4th to 3d bat. of now eighty-one in number, the greater artillery, and Lieut. D. Carruthers from the latter to former corps.

portion are on the foundation of the in26. Capt. H. Sargent, 41st N.I., app. to rifle

stitution, and are intended, when fully corps.

qualified to commence on their duties, to Surg. R. Davidson posted to 2d brigade of horse be sent to the different provinces of the artillery, and Assist.Surg. T. O'Neile to 30th N.I.

interior, for the purpose of affording in28. Capt. Murcott, dep. judge adv. gen., to be dep. adj. gen. at Prince of Wales' Island.

struction generally to the native popula

tion. Several of them have already gone Fort St. George, Jan. 29. - Assist. Surg. T. through some of the first books of EuO'Neill permitted to enter on general duties of

clid, many of the propositions of which army. R. Clive, Esq., to be chief secretary to Govern.

they demonstrated in a manner that exment, and H. Chamier, Esq., to be secretary to

cited considerable surprise, and that was Government in military department.

highly creditable to them. In the attainFeb. 1.-Surg. W. S. Anderson, staff surgeon to ment of a just pronunciation of the Engtroops on coast of Tenasserim, to have charge of medical stores at Moalmein.

lish language, and of a correct knowledge Assist. Surg. J. T. Maule permitted to place his of the grammar, a very satisfactory proservices at disposal of civil commissioner in Tenasserim provinces.

gress was evinced; and it was extremely Feb. 5.-Capt. W. Cunningham, 44th N.I., to be

gratifying to contemplate, even in its first assist. qu. mast. gen. to force in southern Mahratta stages, the happy results of the system, country, v. O'Donnoghue permitted to proceed to

the sole object of which is, to raise the Europe on sick certificate.

character of the thousands who surround Feb. 8.-Surg. R. Gibbon to be garrison surgeon of Trichinopoly, v. Peppin permitted to return to

us. The present had not been intended Europe.

for a public examination, and therefore no Assist. Surg. J. Traill to be gar. assist. surg. at prizes were allotted for distribution; but Seringapatam, vice Pulham dec. Feb. 12.-R. Clark, Esq., to act as secretary to

we anticipate the pleasure of seeing this Gov. in mil. dep. during employment of Mr. Cha

carried into effect at the approaching public mier on other duty.

examination of these students.-Mad.Gov. Head-Quarters, Feb. 2.-Cornet P. T. Cherry

Gaz., Feb. 7. removed, at his own request, from 4th to 8th L.C. 5. Surg. J. Jones, junior, removed from 39th


The Venerable Archdeacon Vaughan, Assist.Surg. G. Thompson removed from 11th to 9th N.I.

after an absence from England of nearly

thirty years, is about to re-visit his native Officer returned to duty, from Europe.-Lieut. land, having taken his passage on board H. A. Bishop, 15th N.I.; arrived 7th Jan. 1828.

of the Marquis of Wellington, Captain

Chapman. We understand that the Arch. FURLOUGHS.

deacon preaches his farewell sermon on To Europe.Jan. 15. Lieut. Col. E. Boardman,

Sunday next in St. George's Church. 45th NA.Lieut. J. S. Macvitie, 9th N.I., for Mad. Gov.Gax., Feb, 21.



and the letter of his Most Christian MaGreat Match between Orelio and Wild- jesty, dated the 30th August 1827, were blood. The interest which this had excited publicly read and registered, and his Exthroughout Madras, and we dare say in cellency accordingly took the prescribed many other parts of India, forbid us to

Oaths and seat at the board under the cusdespair of great future encouragement to

tomary salute.

The administrator-gethis fascinating amusement.

neral then read bis address to the assembly, The odds were high on Orelio, notwith- containing the details of the civil and mistanding the weight. He was, in the lan. litary administration of Government, &c. guage of the knowing, “ sure to win.”. His Excellency, accompanied as before,' Little Wildblood turned out against him as

proceeded from thence to the church, gay as a lark-took his canter of three

where the ministers of the sacred altar quarters of a mile to stretch his legs, and sung a Te Deum. From the church the then at the word got a good start; Orelio

administrator.general passed in front of thinking to catch him at will, made no the troops, who received him with preobjection, but when that will was exerted,

sented arms and three cheers of Vive le to the great astonishment and flooring of

Roi ! His entrance into the Governmenta host of knowing backers, the little horse

house was hailed with similar acclamapositively laughed at him, took the lead tions, and a shower of flowers. On his soon after passing the two mile post, and reaching the hall of audience each of the beat the big horse most handsomely in public functionaries were severally introfour minutes and two seconds.

duced to his Excellency to present their Houndsfoot and Signal.- For the sweep

respects to him, and were received in the stakes our friend Houndsfoot turned out

most gratifying manner. - Mad. Gov. Guz.,

Jan, 24. the favourite at two to one against the little Signal, who not having made his appearance on these boards before, was ushered in politely enough with this advantage of We have received letters of a late date odds as an encouragement.

We heard

from Rangoon. They mention that a semany fair ladies in the stand admire his

cond embassy was about to proceed to beauty, and hoping that beauty, as it Ava. Captains Rowlandson and Montalways ought to do, would win. Pity," morency have been deputed to this service said be, “that such hopes should be dis

by Sir Arch. Campbell, who reached Moalappointed,” so away he went with a gal- mein on the 13th January. lant Houndsfoot at score, took the lead of

The objects of the mission are variously him soon after the first turn, and it was a reported, but the prevailing belief is, that most severe and beautiful race throughout, the ambassadors have received orders to though Houndsfoot never could head him insist upon the King of Ava's delivering again, and certainly was signally defeated. up certain deserters from the British army, Here again the knowing ones were at who still remain at Ummerapoora, notfault. This in itself is a pleasure to all withstanding the treaty. but those who do not win; and as we like The troops at Moalmein were in good to see a good horse beat by a better, it is health. - Mad. Cour., Feb. 8. all right. Amongst the many distinguished per

THE ADVOCATE-GENERAL. sonages who were on the ground, and who seemed to enjoy the sports of the

The following address was presented to morning, were observed, the Right Hon.

Mr. Compton, the Advocate-general, on Mr. Lushington, bis Excellency Sir Geo.

the occasion of his departure from this Walker, and Sir Ralph Palmer.-Mad.

Presidency: Gov. Gaz., Jan. 22.

To Herbert Compton, Esq., Barrister at

Law in the Supreme Court, and Ho.
nourable Company's Advocate General

at Madras.
The necessary orders having been pre Sir: We the undersigned inhabitants of
viously issued, for the assembly of the Madras, in the belief that the disinterested,
civil and military functionaries at the Go. and consequently sincere approbation of
vernment-house on the 11th instant, to ac. those from whom you are about to depart,
company Viscount Desbassaynes de Rich cannot but be acceptable to you, beg
mond, administrator.general of the French leave to offer you the assurance of the high
establishments in India ad interim, from regard, admiration and respect, in which
the Government-house to the « Palais de we hold your conduct and character ; and
Justice,” immense crowds of people began to express our deep and unfeigned regret
to assemble at an early hour in every at your apparoching departure.
quarter, to witness the ceremony of the Your long and brilliant career at this
inauguration of his Excellency. On the Presidency, has been distinguished, not
arrival of the cortége at the « Palais de only by energy of mind and character, by
Justice," the ordinance of Government unwearied assiduity, and by prolessional


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29. At Trichinopoly, Senior Conductor of Ord J. E. Morris to officiate as adj. at head-quarters of nance Mr. P. Gorman, to Mrs. M. Worthington. bat. at Surat during absence of Lieut. Jackson.

Feb. 4. At Pondicherry, Capt. Edw. Mottett, Lieut. E. M. Earle, 24th N.I., to act as MahH. H. the Nizam's service, to Georgiana Honoria, ratta interp, and staff officer to Capt. Spiller, comyoungest daughter of the late E. W. Fallofield, manding a detachment employed on service; Esq., Madras civil service.

dated 6th Jan. 1828. 9. At Madras, Francis Dickson, Esq., paymas Commissariat Department.-3d-Assist.Com. Gen. ter H.M.'s 41st Regt., to Margaret, only daughter Capt. Campbell to be acting 2d-assist. com. gen. in of the late W. A. H. Bainbridge, Esq., of Calcutta. room of Capt. Molesworth, detached on other

18. At the Luz Church, Alex. De Fries, Esq., duty.--Lieut. Payne, attached to Malwa force, third son of the late Adrian De Fries, Esq., to Miss Eliz. Johnston.

temporarily to act for Capt. Campbell on leave to sea.--Lieut. Davidson to be an acting 3d-assist.

com. gen. from date of departure of Capt. Long. DEATHS

Jan. 22.-13th N.I. Lieut. G. W. Oakes to be Sept. 13, 1827. At sea, on the passage to Ma

adj., V. Spence proceeding to Europe; dated 11th

Jan. 1828. dras, Lieut. W. B. Lamb, R.N., commander of the ship Prince Regent, of fever, contracted at

Marine Bat. Lieut. C. W. Wenn, 13th N.I., to Sierra Leone, where the ship had put in partially

be adj., v. Oakes; dated ditto. dismasted.

Nov. 23. At Hyderabad, Lieut. Gill Floyer, 2d
L.C., youngest son of the late Sir Aug. Floyer,
Madras Cavalry, aged 25.

Dec. 8. At Belgaum, Captain E. B. Stehelin,
H.M.’s 41st Regt.

To Europe. Jan. 10. Lieut. S. C. Spence, 13th

N.I., for health.-Cornet W. F. Hay, 3d L.C., for 30. On board the ship Childe Harold in Diamond health.-15. Capt. W. C. Wingworth, 2d L.C. Harbour, Lieut. F. H. Hopper, Ist Europ. Regt. 17. Lieut. Col. Com. K. Egan, 16th N.I., for

Jan. 3, 1828. At Belgaum, Lieut. J. G. Inglis, H.M.s Vist Regt.

health.-Capt. J. J. O'Donnaghue, 34th Madras

N.I., for health.-21. Capt. G. J. Wilson, 23d 9. At Tellicherry, Murdoch Brown, Esq., of N.I., for health.--Lieut. s. Athill, of engineers, Anjarahandy, merchant, aged 75,

for health.-22. Apoth. J. Dodd, 2d Europ. Regton 12. At Bolarum, Lieut. w. D. F. Gardner, 2d for health. Brigade Horse Artillery, aged 20. 17. At Seringapatam, Mr. Assist. Surg. F. Pul

To Calcutta.--Jan. 10. Ens. W. B. Salmon, 19th ham.

N.I., for six months, on private affairs. 21. At Nagercoil, Mrs. Miller, wife of the Rev. 'To Neilgherry Hills.Jan. 10. Maj. w. FlemW. Miller, missionary. 45 bis 26 27

ming, 19th N.I., for one year, for health.-17. 25. At Pondicherry, Mary Louisa, relict of the

Capt. J. Saunders, 15th N.1., for one year, for late Edw. Mackay, Esq., of, the H.C.'s medical

ditto. service,

1 To Carpe of Good Hope-Jan. 21. Surg. J. G. 4. Feb, 5. Near Salem; and on her way from the Moyle, medical storekeeper at Presidency, for Neelgherries to Madras, Jane, wife of Capt. H. health (eventually to Europe).-22. Lieut. A. Ur. Coyle, 28th Madras N.I.

quhart, 2d L.C., for twelve months, for health. 11. At Perambore, Mr. G. C. Bird, examiner of the Accountant General's Office. 16. At Royapettah, F. Alexander, Esq., aged 33.


Extract of a Letter from an Officer of his

Highness the Nizam's service, dated 30th

January 1828 :- An unfortunate, and I MILITARY APPOINTMENTS, may say, melancholy occurrence, has hapPROMOTIONS, &c.

pened to the southward near Koolburga, Bombay Castle, Jan. 10, 1828.-Maj. G. A. Rig

at a place called Dhundhootee; and as I by, 10th N.I., placed at disposal of Com.-in-chief. fancy you will not hear of it from any public

Temporary arrangements confirmed. Capt. G. communication, I will detail the heads of Penley, 16th N.I., to assume temp. command of troops in Cutch from date of departure of Lieut.

it. A plot was formed among some of the Col. Kinnersley on duty to Surat.-Lieut. S. Lan relations of the jagheerdar of the above don to act as qu. mast. and interp. to 10th regt.

place, who it is said had planned the death until Lieut. Crispin may be relieved from charge of regt.--Lieut. H. James, 18th N.I., to officiate

of the chieftain, with the view of establishas interp. to 2d L.C. during absence of Lieut. and ing themselves in his place, and according Qu.Mast. Ottley, on duty at Cawnpore-Lieut. H. N. Ramsay, 24th N.I., to act as qu. mast. and in

to a preconcerted plan, they stormed the terp. to 11th regt., from 13th Dec. 1827.--Lieut. G. ghurry in the dead of the night, with an Wilson to act as adj. to three comps. detached intrepid band of Arabs, for which it was from 26th N.I., under command of Maj. Laing. Jan. 17.-Lieut. Col. D. Campbell to command

stipulated that large sums of money should Malwa field force.

be the reward of their treachery. Lieut. Lieut. Col. Ballantyne to succeed Lieut. Col. John Stirling, who had the superintenCampbell in command of Candeish.

dence of that part of the country, was diLieut. Col. Willis to succeed Lieut. Col. Egan in command in Southern Concan.

rected by the Resident to proceed thither, Maj. D. Barr to be town-major and president of

5 for the purpose of investigating the matter, Committee of Survey.

which at first sight attached a considerable Capt. F. C. Rybot, 2d L.C., to succeed Maj. portion of criminality, and from a comBarr as deputy auditor general

plete disclosure of the state of affairs, the Jan. 21.–Lieut. A. Peat, of engineers, to command corps of sąppers and miners on departure of

act could receive no extenuation for vaLieut. Sleight for Europe; and Lieut. H. B. Tur. rious cogent reasons. Lieut. Stirling, ner to succeed Lieut. Peat as adj. of that corps.

with the view of surmounting the obstacles 13th N.I. Ens. W. Chambers to be lieut., v. Spence dec.; dated 17th Jan. 1828.

opposed, proposed that the garrison should Temporary appointments confirmed. Lieut. W. surrender the three relations of the jagheerTurner to act as qu. mast. to 2d L.C, during ab dar, and that they might depart with the sence of Lieut. Ottley on duty at Cawnpore.Lieut. W. H. Jackson to be acting adj. to detach

honours of war, together with protection ment of 2d extra bat, øn duty at Broach.-Lieut. · from any violence; but their reply was too

un :

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