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unreasonable to deserve attention. Lieut. Stirling arrived at Dundhootee on the 29th

The Minntstuart Elphinstone arrirert ultimo, and from the inadequate effects from England last evening. Sir John P. which he found to result from his earnest Grant, the new puiste jutge las arrivent and frequent appeals to the garrison, he, by this opportunity.-Rom. Cnu. Et. 1 with an ardent spirit of heroic fortitude and gallantry, seized a favourable opportunity in the morning of the 3d instant, BOMBAT SCOTTISH VISION -AZ MAIL and assembled the government troops

O. Tiestay at he mmai nesting of which had been ordered there from the ad the Bombay Siria, mis Wisssonar, jacent districts, amounting to about 700 Society vas ield n tie ca su men, and put himself at the head of them wilen the report si tie metinęs si te with his escort of twenty dismounted ca Monnies in die motiei Canca tir valry, advanced to the attack with peating the ima va st. mm vum E impetuosity, and slew two Arabs outright Deus, fiat her lave mer tier se with his own hand; but being so exposeti mtendenca açır sens smanę Lt to the fire of the garrisoo, he was anfort. boys *. prs n mes ens aut si nately killed in the very door of the mus grans it is made se ry, and the force was sitimatziz an 1.5. i ant grs wat w mu pelled to retreat, after losing a good many peat rari es tie s mir wie men, killed and wounded. Os his nei

18 missanae Mae ligence reaching the Resident, a force ut fa ter lavet a mermain n se stasies der the command of Major Join Sue. van die mus r tie suinren w tre land was ordered to besiegs the place; r = may íve vzası... aut who immediately at need to Dunchers tar tie atrament meet the on hearing of the arzy, ad vivent fez mang 1 xyama viti ti on the 11th, being a distance ai i mla

ani tie pre made i in four days; bowever, men = Dir is Curssia 18 e resteranle aut faction, it woears that Can Ede Sue, encore le as an alte land bad drived some on teir tie wennenet wat iw tie mesme aut force with arl márc. mi cei Tatra Testler-enie apa the three decaquens, v sat is mal scaminet na din 12 ir vie » treacberods a manner ammencat me te r tie fenae nenne time lion, and just as tre fir ryt z tie san. win ia. aut sil ze saucaue place, the Arts vilt nimte man and fitficutie a state writt. Íru veration was hung tre Fury ng Tapis * eu tier Sauna Liest. Sürlisg ve sin turnuva tie mans c. an anir. nmn tres pri by two mazuri ili ant sur der tiensem na na aina to dead against te uur tie pusi. Those speck lamines I va a

1e tiz ture was no w * al live with sin ánimæ lave neinet ta tier lavet mere to depicre a friend, wine wunti at amma in saticua watum fieri fectica has left at anteline non. I Fuat a te me a *** care regret: 2s, sa huu tus emulen DIRBTI is bang napata talents and isteça, le va sentir muz IMSTVAer van the important om i vi mmsune vier se tape si Vat" va shwar in a laze tu s J a tie Shizzan' IT TIWT a anilo PE TEPPdorniziots. arter i jerenan sis in surficer S கரகா :ccasis 12 mecsors, a pude ani maninans all Dumallest tion tas been duet s st. mam ve care a tre assie am a

A. DE A a Bee 1 Amont We trust sitt Basiteit vil si urf tais met vi tie Tanner when the Nizon's games xhan * The Fool Jor 32 digo postrene intient and die ons sal i moting tiiliajas u to in the

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mane te cila do te me more evacuation de hauudessing a seasures nes i the part was to tranquunty te spat; SE tie Seartie 11 tie iar tant elsmes, mation has been sua tia = tuning Ti i akt met ring winter too, son reiratory Ramses Ize su u in Dead v matnning he gre * * the Exe de frente a langar an Absetsega, mi Vizar suter mu izs et al, EntrárnT ninra received waste ans met sy

mo 109, nor han operate with tre famoune sans . sonra estate app norge trou in westii main ment á biex

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none who have, in real earnest, declared P. Anstruther, Esq., to be collector of customs

of district of Colombo. themselves on the Lord's side. Two or

G. Turnour, Esq., to be revenue commissioner three, for a while, seemed to be under im

in Kandyan provinces, v. H. Pennell, Esq. pressions of the truth, but as soon as they P. A.Dyke, Esq., to be collector of Trincomalee, saw clearly the uncompromising nature of and agent of Government for Tamankadowe, v.

P. Anstruther, Esq. the Gospel, and that their selfish ends

M. Wilmot, Esq., to be agent of Government in could not be promoted by professedly em Kandyan province of Saffragam, v. G. Turnour, bracing it, they either withdrew from instruction altogether or became cold and

J. W. Huskisson, Esq., to be provincial judge of

Trincomale, v. P. A. Dyke, Esq. indifferent.

D. A. Blair, Esq., to be collector and provincial The mission in the Concan has lately judge of Batticaloa, v. W. Milmot, Esqa heen strengthened by the arrival of the 14. H. R. Scott, Esq., to be sitting magistrate Rev. Mr. Nesbit; but as soon as he has

and fiscal of Jaffna, v. J. W. Huskisson, Esq.

Andrew Walker, Esq., to be acting post master made such progress in the acquisition of

general during absence of Capt. G. Stewart prothe native languages as will enable him to ceeding on leave to England. take an active part in the business of the mission, the Rev. Mr. Stevenson will re

WESLEYAN MISSIONARY SOCIETY. move to Bombay.-Bom. Courier, Jan. 19.

On the 18th Dec. the annual meeting, SHIPPING

of the Colombo Auxiliary Wesleyan MisArrivals.

sionary Society was held in the mission Jan. 19. Charles Forbes, Willis, from China.

chapel in the pettah. The Hon. Şir. 24. Oscar, Clarke, from China.--25. Guardian, Sutherland, from the Mauritius; and Lady Gora

Richard Ottley, chief justice, presided on don, Bell, from Liverpool. - 26. Edmonstone, the occasion. Hadley, from China. - Feb. 7. Margaret, from Liverpool.-9. H.M.S. Elphinstone, Henning, from

The chief justice opened the business of London.

the meeting by an appropriate address, Departures.

in the course of which he took a short but Jan. 18. Comet, Fraser, for Greenock.-19. Vi. bilia, Stephenson, for Tellicherry and London ; interesting view of the operations and sucand Evelina, Antheaume, for Bourbon.-20. Up cess of the various missions now actively ton Castle, Wildridge, for London.-21. Tamarlane, Miller, for Greenock.-22. Gipsey, Quirk,

engaged in coinmunicating the blessings for Greenock.-28. Carron, M'Carthy, for Cal of Christianity to the native inhabitants of cutta.-30. Sesostris, Bourchier, for London.

this island. Among the great number of BIRTHS.

very important facts which the chief jusDec. 13, 1827. At Mhow, the lady of Capt. G. tice brought before the meeting in the W. Blachley, 13th N.I., of a daughter.

course of his address, was one which Jan. 5, 1828. At Poonah, the lady of John Ware

clainned peculiar attention, viz. That den, Esq., of a son. 10. At Ahmednuggur, the lady of Capt. Soppit,

there are at this time, not fewer than from 26th regt., of a daughter.

nine to ten thousand children receiving 11. In camp near Sholapore, the lady of Major W. H. Sykes, of a son.

Christian instruction from the different 13. At Bankote, the lady of the Rev. Alex. missions established in this island. of Crawford, of a son.

which number upwards of 4,000 are under 16. At Bombay, the lady of Geo. Simpson, Esq., marine storekeeper, of a daughter.

the instruction of the Wesleyan mission19. At Byculla, the lady of Capt. P. Maughan, aries. of a daughter.

Several resolutions connected with the 21. At Bombay, the lady of Lieut. Col. Whish, of a son.

object of the society and suitable to the 28. At Bombay, the lady of Edw. Grant, Esq., civil service, of a daughter.

business of the meeting were brought for29. At Bombay, the lady of Lieut. Edw. Marsh, ward and proposed by several ministers superintendent of bazars with the Malwa field

and gentlemen of the settlement, and were force, of a son.

carried through the meeting with a num. MARRIAGES.

ber of animated speeches, which excited Dec. 17, 1827. At Bombay, John Burnet, Esq., considerable interest in the very respectaof the civil service, to Harriet, eldest daughter of the late Sam. Bourchier, Esq.

ble congregation that attended.-Ceylon Jan. 31, 1828. At Poona, Capt. H. D. Robert Gaz. Jan. 5. son, to Miss J. V. Dunlop.

Feb. 4. At Bombay, İ. H. Stocqueler, Esq., to Miss Spencer.


Jan. 3. At Negombo, Mrs. Pieres, wife of Mr. DEATHS.

A. J. Pieres, of a daughter. Jan. 16, 1828. At Bombay, Lieut. and Adj. S. 17. At Colombo, the wife of Mr D. A. Estrop, C. Spence, 13th N.I.

of a son. 17. At Vingorla, Lieut. Col. Rob. Place, commanding H.M.'s 41st regt. (late of the Queen's


Feb. 2. At Bombay, Lieut. Wm. Reynolds, 12th Jan. 14. At Colombo, Barbut Turnour, son of N.I., aged 28.

the late Ens. D. Keith, to Jane Frances, only daughter of Mr. J. H. De Run.

23. At Galle, Mr. John Armstrong, to Miss Hen

drieatha Anna Helena, eldest daughter of Mr. H. Ceylon.

M. Bogaars.

DEATH. Jan. 8. H. Pennell, Esq., to be provincial judge of Coloinbo in room of J. G. Forbes, Esq., pro Jan. 17.. At Chilaw, the wife of Mr. F. M. De ceeding to England.

With, late chief clerk in the Chilaw cutcherry.



ponent understood is called Traang, from

whence he was brought here by the head SŲSTICES OF THE PEACE.

man now present, who treated deponent The following gentlemen bave been no with great humanity." - Penang Reg. minated as justices of the peace for Pe Jan. 2. nang, Singapore, and Malacca, viz.-K. Murchison, J. Anderson, T. Chureh, W.

DEATH. E. Fullerton, P. O. Carnegy, C. W. H. Dec: 25. h the Convalescent bungalow on the Wright, R. Caunter, E. Presgrave, J.

Great Hill, Emily Vandiput, wife of Capt. Hodge, Pattulo, W. T. Lewis, s. G. Bonham, executive engineer at this presidency. A. L. Johnston, C. R. Read, J. A, Max. well, and H. Syme, esqrs.


APPOINTMENT. In noticing, in our register of the 28th Dec. 17. Mr. Andrew Farquhar to perform duties Nov., an official report made from the H, of coroner of this island. C. schooner Zephyr, of her falling in with a piratical force of twelve prahus, we mentioned that two natives belonging to a boat

China. recaptured from the pirates, stated that an European boat's crew of six men, said to

THE TARTAR REBELLION. be from Malacca, were murdered by the Recent accounts from Peking, after depirates a few days before the Zephyr dis- tailing the third great victory over the Macovered the latter. We regret that we have hommedan rebels, who in the last two now to confirm the fact of five unhappy conflicts, brought in the field 100,000 men out of six, deserters from the H. C. men, state that after the last battle, along ship Inglis when she was at Singapore, the whole course of the river Yangta ma, baving fallen victims to the fury of those all the Mahommedan villages and people barbarians; the sixth, by name Benjamin were exterminated by the imperial troops. Șly, having been most miraculously pre On Chang ling, the commander-inserved to tell the tale;" which will be chief, the emperor has conferred a "prarple found in the following substance of bis bridle," the badge of kung yay, or dukedeposition made to the police magistrate. dom. Oa the two next in command he The scene of this horrid tragedy must has bestowed the title of guardians of the have been a little to the southward of the heir-apparent, Sambelang islands; but the wretched On the inferior generals and officers he weakly state of the poor survivor does not has conferred the Tartar title of Ps tan lon, at present admit of his very distinct recol. prefaced by the words brave, valiant, es lection of circumstances.

terprizing, &c. &c. « That deponent was a seaman on board To these be has added, archery thumb the H. C. ship Inglis. That himself and rings, with “ fourfold joy" written on five others named Simon Powers, Hugh them; gem-handled swords; fiunt fae. Cooper, Edward Jones, Smith and John striking pouches; a right to walk before Driscoll, deserted with the ship's jolly the imperial gate, &c. &c.; inserted, with boat in Singapore harbour, about dusk on all the proper names of persons and are the evening of the 7th October last. That cumstances, to the extent of several pages the sixth day after leaving the ship, and of the gazette. third day after passing Malacca, they de To these is appended a promise, on the scried four large and one small pirate pra. part of his imperial majesty, that on the hus in the straits pulling towards them. day to which he can nne point when their On coming alongside, about dusk in the victories will be completed, that he will evening, several of the pirates, armed with confer still higher rewards and honours on spears and other weapons, jumped into the the victors.- Malacca Observer. boat, speared and wounded the Europeans, then threw them overboard, and killed them whilst in the water, except one who report had reached Canton, that the rebels

A letter from China mentions deat attempted to escape by swimming, but who have so often been appibilated had sunk and was drowned. Deponent being given the imperial army a total and most but slightly

wounded with a spear, and disastrous defeat.-Singapore Cheren Dess being able to swim, escaped unobserved

20. to the shore, which was a considerable distance off. The name of the place deponent landed at he does not know. After

MISCELLANEOUS wandering in the jungles for five days, he The magistrate of Tung kos district again arrived at the beach, and seeing a to the eastward of Macao, linsblished fishing boat pass, hailed it, and was taken an official admonition against wocomon board and carried to a place which de- mitting suicide ble ways to



a great extent, by hanging, taking poison, 1. Prltchard to be superintendent of public works,

V. Ashton proceeding to Europe. cutting the throat, and drowning. The

Lieut. M. J. Johnson to be superintendent of married and unmarried, wives and concu Military Institution and Observatory,v. Pritchard. bines, mistresses and servants, from dis Lieut. G. W. Melliss to be assistant to civil and gust, from suffering, and from revenge,

military surveyor, v. Pritchard. are all occasionally guilty of this crime

St. Helena Regimente

Ens. C. S. T. Bond to be aide-de-camp to gover against nature. And from some supersti

nor and com.-in-chief, v. Johnson. tious opinion that virgins will become superhuman beings, called Shinseen, it occurs

FURLOUGH. that seven young women swear not to marry, and if urged to do so, join hand in To Europe.Jan. 25. Lieut. C. J. Ashton, for

twelve months, for health, hand and drown altogether.

The Fooyuen of Canton has published a proclamation interdicting a sort of lock-up place used by the police. He reveals The following addresses were presented. great cruelty and injustice practised by the to Brig.-Gen. Walker, the late Governor understrappers in this pagan plausible of St. Helena, on the occasion of his decountry. In litigations about marriages parture. and lands, a summons being issued, a

No. 1. police runner puts himself into a chair,

From the gentlemen farming their own gets boys to follow as servants with his

estates. lictors under command, and seizes the

To Brig.-General Alexander Walker, whole kindred of the litigating parties;

Governor, &c. brings them bound, and puts them into Sir: The warm interest you have at all what they call a “fire-room,” which is a times taken in the welfare of the farmers, room swimming with water on the floor,

since your arrival in this island; the conwhich water is raised into steam by fires

siderate kindness which you have invariacuriously applied, and there the innocent bly evinced in your intercourse with are confined till they pay for mercy and them; the strenuous efforts you have admission to the fresh air, &c. &c. The made to alleviate as much as possible any chair, and food, and fees amount to tens,

distress which, owing to repeated bad or hundreds, or thousands of taels, ac

seasons, did exist amongst them; and the cording to the wealth and number of the

station to which, owing to your patronage, implicated.

they have been raised during your governThe has issued an of

ment, render it an imperious, but at the ficial document, enforcing greater deco same time most pleasing duty for them, rum on the students who attend the public

not to let you depart, without offering examinations. The struggle and conflict

you some testimonial of the affectionate for precedence manifested by them, he regard and esteem which they entertain considers quite unbecoming literary men

for so many acts of consideration and who “ love themselves."

kindness. The Aso-tang of Macao has subjected It is therefore, that the undersigned himself to a pasquinade for having with

farmers respectfully beg you will be one hand received a bribe of 250 taels a month to connive at a gambling-house, of the sincere feelings of gratitude and

pleased, Sir, to accept this cup, as a mark and with the other issued a moralizing esteem which they have for you; sincerely proclamation, à la Chinois.

trusting you will allow them to flatter In Shan se province, during the 2d moon

themselves with the hope that, when far of the present year, earthquakes occurred; removed from them, it will at times recall which drew down hundreds of houses, and crushed beneath their ruins thousands of with which the farmers of St. Helena look

to your memory the affectionate regard human beings.

upon an individual to whom they are un. BIRTH.

der so many obligations. Nov. 174 At Macao, the lady of Capt. Oaks, of

(Signed hy eighteen persons.) the ship Isabella Robertson, of a son.

a St. Helena, 1õth April, 1828.

nisu uso do solo Ir no yote DEATHS.)

1 No 2.8" **

04 month Sept: 18. At Whampoa, Capt. Thomas Brydin, From the Members of the Agriculof the ship Charles Forbes, of Bombay, aged 36. Nov. 19. At Whampoa, on board the ship Gol

tural and Horticultural Society of St. He'conda, of spasmodic cholera, Patrick Scott, Esq.,

lena, chief officer of the ship.

To Brigadier General: A. Walker, Go.

vernor, &c., President of the Agricul

tural and Horticultural Society of St. St. Helena.


Honourable Sir: With sentiments of

the highest esteem and veneration, the St. Helena Artillery:

members of the Agricultural and HortiCanis James's Fort, Jan. 25, 1820. Lieut. J. cultural Society feel themselves impe.


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riously called upon to express their deep provement of future generations, in the regret at your appproaching departure sciences of agriculture and horticulture ; from among them, and to testify to you, your encouragement of liberal discussion Honourable Sir, the grateful and respect- and fair argument in all matters relating to ful sense they must ever entertain for your our welfare, and the general improvement unwearied zeal, continued exertion, and of the island, added to your own personal friendly counsel, in every thing that could condescension and urbanity, have justly encourage and promote the interests of acquired for you the respect and veneration the members of the Society.

of this community, Although we are, thereWe cannot but call to mind, Honourable fore, but too well aware of the difficulty Sir, that at the time of your arrival no such under which we labour, adequately to ex, society existed on this island. Your en press the grateful sense of obligation larged views of political economy induced which we feel, Honourable Sir, for all you, on your passage hither, to frame a your kindness and attention, we venture plan for its establishment; and you had nevertheless most respectfully to solicit scarcely commenced your auspicious go your acceptance of a piece of plate, which, vernment, when you proposed it for our though triling in value, is offered as a consideration, and with truly parental re sincere token of our high respect and gard carried your designs into effect. The esteem, happy consequence has been, that agri At the same time, Honourable Sir, we culture, which before was followed rather beg to express our ardent wish, that you as a trade, has now become a productive may arrive in perfect health and safety in science ; emulation has been excited, and your native land; and that with your every individual has been proud to receive amiable consort, whom we shall ever rethe encomia of his superiors and of his inember with sincere and grateful regard, fellow-citizens, when the successful results you may long enjoy a happy and honour. of his labour have gained him the reward able retirement, in the pleasing task of of public notice. No less pleasing is it to forming the winds of your promising sons, record, that the half-yearly shows, which to fill their future stations in life with as by your wisdom have been established, much honour to themselves, and as extens have proved a powerful auxiliary, by ex. sive benefit to their fellow-creatures, as citing an anxiety amongst the candidates their worthy and respected parents. of all classes to distinguish themselves by + We have the honour to be, &c. the superiority of their produce. By these

(Signed by forty-eight persons.) exhibitions the industrious have been en

To the foregoing addresses the Brigadier. couraged to still greater assiduity, and the

General returned

suitable replies. indolent stimulated to activity and reform. The establishment also of our local

No. 3. market, which we owe, Honourable Sir, to you, must be considered as an essential

From the inhabitants of St. Helena, improvement, as well to the interests of the To the Hon. Brigadier-General Alexander agriculturist, as to the community and the

Walker, Governor and Commander in shipping. The steady and judicious man

Chief, &c. ner in which it has been conducted, under Honourable Sir: Upon the occasion of your watchful care, has afforded a plenti- your approaching departure from the ful supply of fresh provisions both for island, permit us, the undersigned inhabishipping and island consumption, and at tants, to express our grateful sense of your the same time put a considerable check to zealous and persevering solicitude to pro. depredations and abuses, the existence of mote the welfare of our little community. which was before but too justly to be la. Your unceasing endeavours, Sir, have not mented. It is indeed acknowledged on been in vain. The various public instituall hands, that while these measures have tions either established by yourself, or proved the source of great comfort and receiving an invigorating impulse under convenience to the inhabitants, the visiting your auspices, exhibit results which leave stranger is also now assured of an abun no doubt of their efficacy and success. In dance of those refreshments, which he so proof of this, we have merely to refer to much needs after a long and tedious the pleasing and affecting annual exhibi. voyage.

tions of the state of education, particularly Allow us to add, Honourable Sir, tbal amongst the lower orders, the number of your constant and unwearied attention to children put out apprentices to useful the welfare and interests of this commu- trades, the free population of colour taking nity; your countenance of all our exhibi.

an active part in rendering themselves intions by your personal attendance; the dependent of parochial relief, and assum. efforts you have made to promote every ing a new place in the community; and description of improvement, physical, mo above all, Sir, the measures for acceleratral, and intellectual; your own elaborate ing the total extirpation of slavery. These and instructive addresses, which will be are circumstances which alone are suffipreserved for the information and im- cient to indicate an advance jo moral and


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