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on the same principle that I would have marched with Aaron Burr to Point Levi to put out sir Guy Carleton. Arnold and Burr put themselves out, and saved us the trouble-as every man will do in this country, whose inordinate ambition and vanity shall prompt him to seize on that with left-handed wisdom-by trick, bargain, barter, sale, bribed press, hireling writers-why do I talk about a bribed press? The press is at this moment bribed-it is in the hands of some of the most profligate men of this country. The administration have almost avowed the principle of buying up men. I never read a certain paper but once, and then a very good natured friend brought it me to show me something in which thy name had been introduced. Abuse in the newspapers, and anony-more than 70-a venerable relict of the revolutionamous letters, I never read.

Died, in London, Mr. Farquhar, aged 73-owner of Fonthill Abbey. He was unmarried, and left property exceeding seven millions of dollars in money, stocks and real estate.

, in Burlington, N. J. Bloomfield McIlvaine, esq. a gentleman who, though only in his 30th year, appears to have had a first rank at the Philadelphia bar, from the honors paid to his memory. Many persons proceeded from Philadelphia to Burlington, to attend the interment of his remains. Joseph McIlvaine, esq. a senator of the United States, and father of Bloomfield, died a few hours after. He was a very worthy and good man. , in Tennessee, gen. James Winchester, aged

ry period, and an ardent and devoted patriot to the day of his death. He was celebrated for the good qualities of his heart, and died with perfect composure. He was interred, at his own request, by the masonic body in his neighborhood, but without other pomp or procession.

Capt. Porter. The resignation by this distinguished officer of his commission in the navy of the United States, has been accepted.

Mammoth bones. We have received from Sullivan county, the following communication.

I agree with a gentleman, who does not sit far from me, that nauseous, fuisome adulation and praise is as much worse than its abuse, as rancid train oil is worse to get off the clothes than mud in the kennel-grease, as my friend from North Carolina calls this stuff. As regards the letters, I docket them-that I'may, by similarity of hand writing, detect the assassin. Any man who will write an anonymous letter, or who will write an anonymous piece in the newspaper which he is afraid to own, would, if you would give him the opportunity, put poison in your drink. I will go Found on the 14th inst. in the town of Mumakating, farther, and say, that any man base enough-there I on the summit of the Delaware and Hudson canal, come back to vivi voce, vote and freehold suffrage, near the Branch turnpike, by Mr. Horace Adams, stable as the foundations of the earth-any man who whilst digging the canal, 9 or 10 feet below the surputs a ballot in, leaving Mr. A. B., a federal gentle-face of the earth, a part of the bones of a mammoth, man, to infer that he has voted for him, and Mr. C. consisting of one of the hip bones and a number of D., a republican, to infer he has voted for him, and the joints of the back. The weight of the hip bone, Mr. E. F., a federal republican, to infer that he has when first taken out was 35 pounds, although much voted for him-I say that man, so far as free suffrage | depreciated in weight, on account of the great length may be referred to, to maintain him in his indepen- of time it must have lain in the earth. It is thought dence, cannot be made independent-you are mak- from the dimensions of this bone, that the animal ing him a scoundrel greater than he was--you are must have been 8 or 9 feet across the hips when livfomenting this very vice under pretence of thus making. The socket of the thigh bone is 28 inches in ing him independent. That fellow, the moment he circumference. The length and height of this aniclaims the privilege of doubling up a paper and put-mal cannot be ascertained until more of the bones are ting it in the box, he says, "man, you are my master," found. The above described hip bone can be seen and hurls defiance at the Most High--and this is call- at the house of John C. Reynolds, innkeeper, near ed defending the independence and privileges of a where it was found. citizen. If governments deal with averages, governments have nothing but averages to depend on. You must fix on some average, say, taking one man with another-communibus hominibus, that twenty-one is the age to vote. Fix it where you will, you will take many that are incapable, and you will exclude many that are more fit-you are dealing not with abstractions and perfections, but with man as he is. If you have a field to plough you must plough the part that is stony, and the part that is good-you must plough and plant the whole.

[Here our reporter's pen failed him, from illness which caused him to leave the city in search of health, and the remainder of his sketch of this speech, and of other speeches, are in characters of which he alone has the key. Whether he will ever be able to return to his vocátion, is a question which we wish we were able to answer in the affirmative.]


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Goshen, (N. Y.) Patriot, Aug. 21.


Treasury department, Aug. 5, 1826. SIR: It having been represented to this department, by the American Philosophical society, at Philadel phia, that, (for the want of advice from the shippers), it has often happened that bocks and packets, of various descriptions, arriving to the address of that institution, have lain for several months in the custom house stores before the knowledge of their arrival was obtained; I have to request that, for the future, the officers having the custody of such articles, be directed to notify, by mail or otherwise, the society of their arrival, in case they be not claimed in a reasonable time.

This request must also be considered as applying to all other literary institutions, and to private individuals, for whose use, books and packets arrive from abroad, under similar circumstances.

And it is deemed proper that the rule should likeDied, at Allentown, Pa. on the 14th inst. Henry wise be extended to unclaimed packages of every Wilson, esq. one of the members of congress from description whatever, since it is to be presumed that Pennsylvania, and a very worthy, respectable and in-imported articles would rarely, if ever, remain untelligent gentleman-most esteemed by those to whom he was best known.

at Baltimore, on the 19th inst. Paul Allen, esq. well known as an editor and public writer for many years past. He was in the 55th year of his age, and much esteemed for the gentleness of his manners and the goodness of his heart.

claimed, if the parties for whom they are intended
were duly apprized of the fact of their arrival.
Hence, it is desirable that the fact should be made
known, wherever practicable, to the owner, agent, or
consignee, in the manner above stated.

I remain, respectfully, your obedient servant,


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