Reports of Cases, Volym 94


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Sida 291 - On the hearing of such appeal, the court may direct a new appraisal before the same or new commissioners in its discretion ; the second report shall be final and conclusive on all the parties interested.
Sida 345 - In such other cases as are now provided by law, or may be in accordance with the existing practice, except as otherwise provided in this act.
Sida 609 - December 12, 1882, which reversed a judgment in favor of defendant, entered upon a decision of the court on trial without a jury. This action was upon a bond executed by defendant to plaintiffs
Sida 547 - Administration in case of intestacy must be granted to the relatives of the deceased entitled to succeed to his personal property, who will accept the same, in. the following order: 1. To the surviving husband or wife. 2. To the children. 3. To the father.
Sida 38 - Where a grant for a valuable consideration shall be made' to one person, and the consideration therefor shall be paid by another, no use or trust shall result in favor of the person by whom such payment shall be made; but the title shall vest in the person named as the alienee in such conveyance, subject only to the provisions of the next section.
Sida 346 - Each of those courts shall continue to exercise the jurisdiction and powers now vested in it by law, according to the course and practice of the court, except as otherwise prescribed in this act.
Sida 587 - Compensation of receivers; division in certain cases. — § 2. Every receiver shall be allowed to receive, as compensation for his services as such receiver, five per centum for the first one hundred thousand dollars...
Sida 567 - Appeal from order of the General Term of the Supreme Court in the third judicial department...
Sida 400 - ... has a lien upon the same for the work or labor done or materials furnished by each, respectively, whether done or furnished at the instance of the owner of the building or other improvement, or his agent...
Sida 608 - ... rests in the sound discretion of the court, in view of all the facts and circumstances...

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