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Clement VIII.; the Textus receptus of the By G. Brookshaw, Esq. The object of this Greek Testament, with an Index exhibitiog work is, by a series of correct delineations, the select various readings of Griesbach's to afford gentlemen an opportunity of beedition; an inproved edition of the Syriac coming acquainted with the most choice and Pesheeto New Testament; and the English valuable varieties of fruit, which will enable Version, with a copious and original collec- them to plant gardens and orchards in the tion of references. Every separate depart- most advantageous manner; it will also inment bas its distinct Editor. The Pros- troduce to their notice several sorts of supepectus, which is now before the Public, is rior value, which are at present but little delivered gratis, and consists of 32 pages, known; it will also contain a table of the printed with the type and on the same paper comparative value of fruits, evabling them at as the Work itself, and exhibits the plan one view to select the most desirable sorts and form, with specimens of the respective requisite to stock a garden, in proportion to texts, and the prefaces to each particular its size and to the 'extent of walling it may part.

contain. Each plate will be accompanied The Work is to be completed in one with a letter-press description of the pecu, quarto volume; it will also appear in four liar character and habits of each fruit. Par. pocket volumes, which are arranged in such ticular care will be taken in povoting out the à manner, that any combination may be sorts proper for forcing or open walls. The formed of the abovementioned texts as the leaves and blossoms, when they assist in convenience of the reader may require. It marking the varieties, will be given; and will be published in five successive parts. nothing will be omitted which can in any Part I. containing the Pentateuch, will he manner tend to make the work complete, ready on the 1st of July next, to which will .be prefixed concise Latin Prolegomena detailing the information considered essential din's London Theatre, with upwards of 400

The First Twenty-one Volunes of Dib. to a work of this nature. A Work of great utility is also in forward- tion in the early part of this month.

Embellishments, will be ready for publicaness, entitled Scripture Harmony, or “ Concordance of Parallel Passages, being a Commentary on the Bible, from its own resour In the press, and speedily will be pub. ces," consisting of 500,000 references froin lished, in imperial quarto, engraved on sixty the Latin Vulgate, Biayney, Canne, Brown, double plates, price Five Guineas in boards, Scott, and other approved Authors, who The Elgin Marbles of the Temple of Minerva have devoted their valuable services to this at Athens : selected from the second and useful way of illustratirg the pages of Inspi- fourth volumes of Stuart and Revele's Antiration. This body of references is correctly quities of Athens. ; To which will be prearranged in the usual order of the books, fixed, the interesting Report of the Select and printed on a play especially adapted to Committee of the House of Commons reeach pocket volume of the Polygloii Bible specting the Earl of Elgin's Collection of about to be published, but equally useful, as Sculptured Marbles; also, a listorical AC a separate work, for every edition of the count of the Temple. As the Plates of this sacred text. The convenient portability and work are already engraved, the Volume beauty of this volume will strongly recoin- will be ready for delivery in the course of a mend its general use to Ministers and others, month, at Mr. Tay!or's Arcbitectural Lifor, even when in boards, it will not exceed brary. three quarters of an inch in thickness, and Now in the course of publication, Egypt, consequently, as it is printed page for page a Series of Engravings exhibiting the Scewith each of the volumes of ine Polyglotu nery, Intiquities, Architecture, Costuine, Bible, it may be interleaved with either of Ivhabitants, Animals, &c. of that country, them without increasing the size beyond that selected from the celebrated work by Barou of a common Pocket Bible.

Vivant Denon, Directeur Général des MuBIOGRAPHY.

sées, &c.—This Work will comprise One The Life of the late William Hutton, of Artists, with Descriptions and Explanations,

Hundred and Ten Engravings by the first Birmingham, including a history of his family, in Fren and an account of the riots at Birmingham in Twenty Parts, extra large folio, price

and English. It will be completed in 1791, is preparing for publication under Five Shillings each, in the course of 1816. the auspices of his daughter,

The unprecedented opportunities and ad

vantages possessed and industriously imOn the First of June will be publishell, proved by Baron Denon during the occupaPart I. of the Pomona Britannica, being a tion of Egypt by the French, have conferred

collection of Specimens of the most esteemed on his designs and writings an unparalleled Fruits at present cultivated in this country.:) but well merited celebrity, The brilliancy




of his style, the animation of his descrip- by various charters, statutes, customs, &c. tions, the justness of his observations, the Since the cominencement of Dr. H's. labofidelity of bis details, supported and com riow investigation of these subjects, the inpleted by the exquisire productions of his habitants of Southwark have been extremely pencil, unite to conter an extraordinary in- desirous of ascertaining the validity of those terest on his work. An event so remarkable privileges which the Corporation of London as 'the jisvasion of Egypt, by a powerful claim to exercise in that district, as is evinced army, accompanied by a subsidiary troop of by their re-establishing various Courts of artists, and learned men, enables the public Record in that Borough. Of this valuable to possess faithful representations and cor and interesting work, which ought to be in rect descriptions of those of;jects of ancient the hands of every Freeman of London, Art which equally interest the Architect and only a liinited number will be printed. the Scholar the Artist and the Patroni, Dr. Abbê J. A. Dubois, missionary in Mysore, E. D. Clarke, whose travel are in a course has in the press, in a quarto volume, a De of publicatwa, bavug passed through the scription of the People of India, with partisame districts as Baron Denon, refers per- cular reference to their separation into casts, petually to the plates coutained in this work A Historical Account, interspersed with as illustrative of his volumes. This series of Biographical Anecdotes, of the illustrious Engravings, therefore, forins a valuable and House of Saxony, will soon appear in a necessary supplement to the works of that crown octavo volume, embellished with porlearned traveller · Mr. Jaines Dallaway will soon publish, in Mr. Holmes has in the press, a Treatise imperial octavo, statuary and Sculpture on the Coal Mines of Durhain and Noramong the Ancients; with some account of thumberland, containing accounts of the specimens preserved in England; embel- fatal explosions, within the last twenty years, lished with numerous etchings.

and the means proposed for their remedy.

NOVELS. Sir George Buck's History of Richard the

A Novel, entitled “ Adolphe' will shortly Third is printing from the original MS. in appear from the pen of the celebrated M. the possession of the editor with an Appen- Benjamin de Constant, author of the Tradix of notes and documents, hoy Charles gedy of Wallstein, &c. Yaroold, Esq. in a quarto volume.

Speedily will be published, Colin St. Clyde, a Novel, in Three Volumes.

POETRY. Dr. Alex. Marcet, one of the physicians The Poetical Works of the Rev. George to Guy's Hospital, will soon pablish an Crabbe, in four volumes, with a portrait, Essay on the Chemical History and Medical will soon appear. Treatment of Urinary Calculi, with plates. A new satirical poem, entitled, The Ta

Dr John Reed, formerly physician to the lents Run Mad; or, Eighteen Hundred and Finstury Dispensary, has in the press, Essays Sixteen, is nearly ready for publication, by on Nervous and Hypochondriacal Diseases, the well known author of All the Talents, aod otber subjects.

Dr. W. R. Clanny has in the press, a Conversations on Political Economy, by Treatise on the Mineral Waters of Gilsland, the Author of Conversations on Chymistry, in which is given an account of their che

are printing in a duodecimo volume. mical coinposicion and medicinal qualities. MISCELLANIES.

Preparing for the press, in one thick vol. Mr. Berry, late of the College of Arms, 12mo price os. in boards, Theological and and Author of a History of Guernsey, has in Literary Essays on a great variety of Expethe press a Series of Tables entitled, “ The rimental and Interesting Subjects. By the Gentalogical Mythology," intended as Rev. George. Glyn Scraggs, A.M. of Buckbook of reference for classical students. ingham. The work bas received the sanction of many Speedily will be published, Sermons on of ibe must eminent scholars in the kingdom, Various Subjects and Occasions. By G. S. to whom the MS. has been submitted. Faber, B. D. Rector of Long Newton, Dur

The Third Volume of the Pulpit; being ham. 8vo. a Biographical and Literary Account of Eni The Rev. R. P. Beachcroft has in the nem Popular Preachers, hy Onesimus, will press two volumes of Sermons. appear early in the present month.

The Rev. John Ifewlett has in the press, Dr. Hughson, the historiao), is engaged, at in five octavo volumes, Commentaries and the express desire of the Lord Mayor, on a Annotations on the Holy Scriptures. work relative to the Privileges of London Biblical Criticism on the Books of the and Southwark, as specified and confirmed | Old Testament, and Translations of Sacred





Songs, with notes, by the late Bishop Hors. written by himself, and continued to the ley, are preparing for publication.

time of his death, from his diary, notes, and The Works of the Rev. Oliver Heywood other papers. With an original portrait, are printing, in four octavo voluides. after Opie. S vols. 19.o. 11. Is.

Mrs. West, Author of Letters to a Young The Biographical Dictionary; Volume Man, &c. bas in the press, Scriptural Es XXVII. Edited by Alex. Chalmers, F.S.A. says adapted to the Holidays of the Church 8v0. 12$. Volume XXVIII. will be pube of England.

lished on the 1st of July next. Mrs. Cappe has in the press a second

GEOGRAPHY. edition of Discourses, chiefly on devotioval subjects, by the late Rev. Newcorne Cappe. Schools, on a new and perfectly easy plan;

Systein of Geography for the Use of A new edition of the Rev. John Venn's in which the European bouvdaries are stated Sermons, in two volumes, will

in a

as settled by the peace of Paris, November few days.

1815. By John Bigland, Author of Letters An edition of Stackhouse's History of the Bible, corrected and improved by Dr.

on Ancient and Modern History, History of

England, Geographical and Historical View George Gleig, one of the bishops of the

of the World, &c. Illustrated by six maps. Scotch Episcopal Church, is preparing for

12mo. 2s. 6d. bound. publication, in three quarto voluines, and

The Oriental Navigator : or Directions will appear in parts.

for sailing to, from, and upon the Coasts of A work on Scripture Genealogy is in the

the East-Indies, China, Australia, &c. Third press, in a royal quarto volume, consisting

Edition, with considerable Additions, newly of thirty-five engraved tables, exhibiting the corrected and revised, by John Stevens, oi genealogy from Adam to Christ, accom

the Honorable Company's Service. To this panied with descriptive letter-press, and

edition are prefixed a Series of Tables, &c, some curious vignettes.

By John Purdy. Also two Charts of New TOPOGRAPHY.

coveries. 4to. half-bound, 21. 12s. 6d. The first portion of Mr. Ormerod's His

HISTORY tory of Cheshire is now in a course of deli The Historical Account of the Battle of very from the publishers, Messrs. Lackington and Co. The number of copies is limit- narrative of the whole events of the war of

Waterloo : comprehending a circunstantial ed to three hundred and fifty, upon crown 1815. By William Mudford, Esq. Accom folio. Mr. Aston, Author of the Manchester

panied by a series of coloured engravings, Guide, has in a state of forwardness, A Pico plans, &c. from drawings by James Rouse, ture of Manchester, enbellished with woud

Esq. Part I. iinp. 4to. 11. i 15. 60. cuts of the principal buildings.

T'he History of the Inquisition, as it has

subsisted in France, Italy, Spain, &c, Sir Cuthbert Sharp will soon publish, Aabringed from the elaborate work of Philip History of Hartlepool, in the county of Dur- Limborch, Professor of Divinity at Amsterham. Mr. Benjamin Holdich has in the press,

dam. With engravings. 8vo. 13s. A History of Crowland Abbey, digested from the materials of Mr. Gough, including the House of Commons, on the Earl of El

The Report from the select Committee of an abstract of Mr. Essex's Observatious on tbe Abbey.

gin's Collection of Sculptured Marbles. With a copious index. dvo: 9s, 6d.

A Letter from the Chevalier Antonio WORKS PUBL:SHED.

Canova; and Two Memoirs descriptive of AGRICULTURE AND RURAL ECONOMY. the Sculptured Marbles collected by the

A Treatise on the Physiology and Patho- Earl of Elgio. By the Chevalier E. Visa logy of Trees; with observations on the bar-conti: Translated from the French. Svo renness and canker of fruit trees, and the 9s. Od. means of prevention and cure. By R. Lyon,


A Treatise on the Medicival Leech ; inComely Garden, Edinburgh. With an engraving. 8vo. 10s. 6d.

cluding its inedical and natural history, with

a description of its anatomical Structure ; BIBLIOGRAPHY.

also, remarks upon the diseases, preservaDibdin's Ames, Volume the Third; con- tion, and management of leeches. By James aining engraved portraits of Dr. Farmer, Rawlins Johoson, M.D. F.L.S. Member George Steevens, and Isaac Reed, with nu- Extraordinary of the Royal Medical Som merous wood-cuts and typographical embel

ciety, Edinburgh. Illustrated by two ens lishments. 4to. 31. 13s. 6d.

gravings. 8vo.


Rudiments of the Anatomy and Physio Memoirs of the late Thomas Holcroft, Ilogy of the Human Body ; consisting of




tables, &c. compiled for the use of students | Private Life. By the Author of the Philoof those sciences beginning their researches. sophy of Nature. 8vo. 10s. 6d, By T. J. Armiger, Member of the Royal

NOVELS. College of Surgeons in London, Snrgeon Fortitude; or, Euphemia. By B. Taylor, Extraordinary to His Royal Highness the Esq. 2 vols. 12mo. 10s. 6d. Duke of Kent and Strathern, Surgeon to the Owen Castle; or, Which is the Heroine? Eastern Dispensary, &c. &c. The first part. a novel. By Mary Ann Sullivan, late of the Svo, 4s.

Theatres Royal, Norwich, Liverpool, kc. MISCELLANIES.

4 vols, 12mo. il. The Russian Prisoner of War among the Glenarvon :

a novel,

3 vols. 19ino. French. By Moritz Von Kotzebue, Lieu-11. 1s. tenant of the General Staff of the Imperial Jane of France. By Mad. De Genlis. Russian Army, Knight of the Order of St. 2 vols. 12mo. 12s. The same in French, Wladimir. Translated from the German. 2 vols, 12mo 8s. Edited, with the addition of a preface and postscript, by the author's father, A. Von Kotzebue. 8vo. 9s.

Italian Phraseology, a Companion to the A Friend to the Sick and Afilicted: in- liar phrases, with their various constructions

Grammar: comprising a selection of famitended for the Use of the Poor. 4d. or 3s. explained on a new plan; a series of quesmi 6d. per dozen. Walton and Cotton's Complete Angler;

tions and answers on a variety of subjects; or, Contemplative Man's Recreation : with slations, and significations; and a copious

a collection of proverbs, with literal trannotes by Sir John Hawkins, Kut. and the vocabulary of words that frequently occur in present Editor. A new edition ; with fifty conversation, &c. By M. Santagnello, Aus embellishments, of which thirty-nine are Rewly engraved, 11, 4s. ; royal paper, 21. 28. Grammar, &c. 12mo, 7s.

thor of a new and compendious Italian Letters to a Nobleman, proving a late Prime Minister to have been Junius; and developing the secret motives which in Thanksgiving Ode, January 18, 1816m daçed him to write under that and other with other short pieces, chiefly referring to signatures. With an appendix, contaiņing a

recent public events. By William Wordscelebrated case, published by Almon, in worth. 8vo. 48. sewed. 1768. 8vo. 8s.

The Sacrifice of Isabel : a poem. By, A Letter to a friend of Robert Burns; Edward Quillinan, Esq. 12mo. 38, 6d. occasioned by an intended republication of

Poems: dedicated to Mr. Leigh Hunt. the Account of the Life of Burns, by Dr. By Alfred Bunn, 8vo. 45. , Currie; and of the selection made by him

An Ode on the Marriage of Her Royal from his letters. By William Wordsworth. Highness the Princess Charlotte of Wales to 4.6d.,

His Serene Highness Prince Leopold of, The Flower Basket, a Fairy Tale. With-Saxe-Cobourg, May 2d, 1816. By M. Mon-, a frontispiece. 18mo. 2s.6d. half-bound. tague., 28. Observations on England; of its laws,

Illustrations of a Poetical Character, in Danufactures, commercial and civil pulity,

four tales; with other poems. 12mo. 5s. 6d. manners, customs, and vices. Translated

Christabel : &c. By S. T. Coleridge, from the original manuscript Letters of Oloff Esq. 8vo. 45. 6d. sewed. Napea, forraerly Oficer of Cavalry in the

Margaret of Anjou: a poem.

By Miss Russian service. 8vo. 35.

Holford, Author of Wallace. 4to. 21. 2s. Memoirs of Oliver Cromwell and his Chil

Mador of the Moor: a poem. By the dren. Supposed to be written by Himself. | Author of the Queen's Wake. 8vo. 7s. 6d. 3 vols. 12mo. 18s.

An Inquiry into the Literary and PolitiA Narrative of the Adventures and Tracal Cbaracter of James I. By the Author vels in the Interior of Africa of Robert of Curiosities of Literature, &c. Crown 8vo. Adams, a Sailor, who was detained three 85. 6d. years in slavery among the Arabs of the

The Poet's Pilgrimage to Waterloo. By Great Desert, and resided several months at Robert Southey, Esq. Poet Laureate, Mem-, Tonbucto. 4to. 11. 58.

ber of the Royal Spanish Academy, and of Researches into the History of Playing the Royal Spanish Academy of History. IlCards : with illustrations of the origin of lustrated by eight Engravings. 12mo.iðs.6d. printing and engraving on wood. By S. W.

POLITICAL ECONOMY. Singer. Embellished with numerous en Remedies Proposed as Certain, Speedy, gravings. 4to. 41. 45.

And Effectual, for the Relief of our Present Amusements in Retirement; or, the In- Embarrassments. By J. Syomons, Esq. Avence of Literature, Science, and the Libe- 2s. 6d. ral Arts, on the Conduct and Happiness of An Essay on the Revenues of the Church

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of England; with an Inquiry into the neces- i England, against the innovations of modern sity, justice, and policy of an abolition or Socinians; 2. the necessity of a guide to commutation of tithes. By the Rev. Mor- the understanding of Holy Scripture; 3. the gan Cove, D.C.L. Prebendary of Hereford, necessity and nature of a call to the: minisand Rector of Eaton Bishop, Herefordshire. try; in several discourses, preached before A new edition, considerably augmented. the University of Oxford, at St. Mary's, 8vo. 18s.

principally in the years 18:4, 1815, and Observatious on the Principles which en 1816. To which is added the second editer into the Commerce iu Grain, and into tion of a Serinod preached for the benefit of the Measures for supplying food to the the Colchester National Schools, July 29, People; being the substance of an Essay 1813; and published by request of the Rev. read to the Literary and Commercial Society the Archdean of Colchester, and the School of Glasgow. By Dugald Bannatyne, Esq. Committee.. By Richard Mant, D.D. 8vo. 2s.

Rector of St. Botolpb's, Biskopsgate, and

Domestic Chaplain to his Grace the ArchA Supplement to Political Portraits in bishop of Canterbury; and late Fellow of this New Era ; with explanatory notes, his-Oriel College. 8vo. 78. 6d. torical and biographical. By William Playfair, Author of the Two Former Volumes. Travels in Europe and Africa. Compris. Vol. III 8vo. 12s.

ing a journey through France, Spain, and

Portugal, to Morocco ; with a particular THEOLOGY.

account of that empire. Also a second A Few Plain Prayers ; intended to be journey through France, in 1814, in which sent with each set of baby linen lent to

a comparison is drawn between the present poor women. 3d. or 2s. 6d. a dozen.

and former state of that country and its inSix Letters to a Lady of Quality, from the habitants. By Colonel Maurice Keatinge, manuscript of the late Nathaniel Hook, Author of the History of the Conquest of Esq. Author of the Roman History, upon Mexico, &c. Illustrated by thirty-four the Subject of Religious Peace, and the true plates of 'scenery, antiquity, and costume, foundation of it. 2s.

from drawings made' on the spot by the An Essay on the Existence of a Supreme author. 4to. 41. 45. Creator, possessed of Infinite Power, Wisdom, and Goodness; containing also the refutation, from reason and revelation, of the

LITERARY INTELLIGENCE, objectiuns urged against his wisdom and Messrs. Leigh and Sotheby will submit goodness; and deducing from the whole sub- the following libraries, &c. for public sale, ject the most important practical inferences. during the present season :[To which Mr. Burnett's first prize of 12001. The musical collection of the late Dr. was adjudged at Aberdeen, on the 4th day Harington, of Bath, together with some of August, 1815.] By William Laurence curious tracts and manuscripts. Brown, D. D. Principal of Marischal-Col Part of the library of a Gentleman, now • lege and University of Aberdeen, &c. To resident on the continent. which is prefixed a memoir relating to the The entire library, astronomical and phifounder of the prizes. 2 vols. 8vo. 11. 1s. losophical instruments, of the late William

Thesaurus Theologicus; or, a Complete Walker, Esq. removed from his house at System of Divinity: summed up in brief Hayes, Middlesex. The library consists of notes upon select places of the Old and many scarce and valuable books relative to New Testament: wherein the sacred text is every description of the arts, sciences, and reduced under proper heads, explained, and literature, and a great and extensive collec- : illustrated with the opinions and authorities ion of instruments. Mivute and descripof the ancient fathers, councils, &c. By tive catalogues are preparing. W. Beveridge, D.D. Bishop of St. Asaph. The entire, extensive, and very rare ma2 vols. 8vo. 11. 4s. The remainder of Bishop thematical Library of Charles Hutton, LL.D. Beveridge's works are in the press, and will Fellow of the Royal Societies of London shortly be completed, in 7 vols. 8vo. and Edinburgh, and of the Philosophical

God the Author of Peace: a Sermon, Societies of Haarlem and America, and preached in the Dissenting Chapel, at Mill- Emeritus Professor of Mathematics in the hill, in Leeds, on Thursday, January 18, Royal Military Academy, Woolwich, pre1816, being the day appointed for a public paratory to his intended retiring into the thanksgiving on the conclusion of a general country. Likewise some very curious mathepeace. By the Rev. Thomnas Jervis, Minis- matical instruments, formerly the property. ter of Millbill Chapel. 1s. 6d.

of the celebrated Dr. Franklin, Academical Sermons: containing, 1. A The library of the late Rev. John Dewe, defence of the Liturgy of the Church of l'hurat, of Hackney..

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