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FINE ARTS. Abraham Lockett, Esq. captain in the East India Company's service, is preparing most interesting and picturesque objects in

Britannia Depicta ; a series of views of the for publication, Travels from Calcutta to the several counties of Great Britain; enBabylon; including strictures on the history graved from drawings by J. Farington, Esq. of that ancient metropolis, and observations R. A. Part VII. containing twenty-eight made among its ruins ; illustrated by en views in Cumberland, 31. 158. Proofs, 61. 6s. gravings.

A Catalogue Raisonné of the Pictures now exhibiting in Pall-mall. Copy 4to. 2s.6d.

The Architecture, Antiquities, and Land-
The History and Antiquities of the County and William Daniell. Reduced from their

scape Scenery of Hindoostan. By Thomas Palatine of Durham, Volume I. by Robert folio edition of the same work, and carefully Surtees, of Mainsforth, Esq. F. S. A. folio, copied under their direction. 3 vols. imp. twenty plates, 61. 6s. large paper, 101. 10s. 4to. containing one hundred and fifty prints,

The History and Antiquities of the County 181. 185. of Hertford. By Robert Clutterbuck, of

GEOLOGY. Watford, Esq. F. S. A. Folio, twenty plates, 81. 8s. large paper, 151. 15s.

Outlines of Mineralogy and Geology ; A Graphical Illustration of Canterbury intended for the use of those who may Cathedral, twenty plates, accompanied by desire to become acquainted with the a History and Description of that venerable elements of those sciences ; especially

fabric. By William Woolnoth. Royal 4to. of young persons ; illustrated by four 3:31. Ss. imperial 4to. 5). 5s.

plates. By William Phillips, Member of A History of Hartlepocl. By Sir Cuth- the Geological Society. The second edi. bert Sharp, Knt. F.S. A. 8vo. with nume- tion, corrected, 12mo. 8s. 6d. To this edirous embellishments, 1l. 1s.

tion is added an Outline of the Geology of The History of Crowland Abbey; di- England and Wales, with a coloured "map gested from the materials collected by Mr. and section of the strata ; which may be had * Gough, &c. By Benjamin Holdich, 8vo. separately, 2s. 6d. two plates, 9s.


An Introduction to Comparative AnaA Memoir of Major General Sir R. R. tomy and Physiology; being the two introGillespie, Knt. Commander of the most ductory Lectures delivered at the Royal Honorable Order of the Bath, &c. 8vo.

College of Surgeons, on the 21st and 25th 10s. 6d.

of March, 1816. By William Lawrence,

F. R. S. Professor of Anatomy and Surgery BOTANY. The Floriet's Manual; or, Hints for the to the College, Assistant Surgeon to St. BarConstruction of a gay Flower garden ; with tholomew's Hospital

, Surgeon to Bethlehem observations on the best method of prevent- and Bridewell Hospitals, and to the London ing the depredations of insects, &c. By the Infirınary for Diseases of the Eye. 8vo. 6s. Authoress of Botanical Dialogues, and

A Treatise on the Nature and Cure of Sketches of the Physiology of Vegetable Gout comprehending a General View of a Life. Illastrated by two plates, 12mo. 45.6d. Morbid State of the Digestive Organs; and

The Botanist's Companion; or, an Intro- of Regimen; with some Observations on duction to the knowledge of Practical Bo Rheumatism. By Charles Scudamore, M. D. lany, and the uses of Plants, either grow- Member of the Royal College of Physicians, ing wild in Great Britain, or cultivated for of the Medical and Chirurgical Society of the purposes of agriculture, medicine, rural London, &c. &c. 8vo. 12s. economy, or the arts; on a new plan. By

Anecdotes, Medical, Chemical, and ChiWilliam Salisbury. 2 vols. 12mo. 12s.

rurgical; collected, arranged, and trans

muted by an Adept. 2 vols. 12mo. 10s: , An Impartial View of the Stage; from the

Practical Observations on the Diseases of days of Garrick and Rich to the present per the bladder, prostate gland, and urethra.

the Urinary Organs ; particularly those of riod. By Dramaticus. 8vo. 2s.

The Theatrical Inquisitor, and Monthly Illustrated by cases and engravings. By Mirror.. Embellished with whole length

John Howship, Member of the Royal Cola portraits. Vol. VIII. 15s.6d.

lege of Surgeons in London, and of the

Medico-chirurgical society. With four coThe History of England, in easy dialogues, loured plates. 8vo. 15s. written by a Lady for the use of her own lished by the Medical and Chirurgical So

Medico-Chirurgical Transactions, pubchildren. Is. 6d.

Geograpby, in easy dialogues, by the same ciety of London. Volume VII. part I. with Author, is,

four plates, 10s, 60,

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of parliament. Royal 810. 11. 11s.6d. boards, Observations of a Russiau, during a residence 11. 15s. half-bound Russia. in England often months; of its laws, manners, customs, virtues, vices, policy, legislation,

Unitarianism incapable of Vindication ; &c. Translated from the original manu. a reply to the Rev. James Yates' Viodica. script of Oloff Napen, excufficer of cavalry. tion of Unitarianisn. By Ralph Wardlar, 8ro, 8s.

author of the Discourses on the Socinian The Auctioneer's Pocket Companion, and Controversy, which occasioned the VindicaComplete Ready Reckoner ; coinprismg ta:

tion, 8vo. 10s, 6d. bies for readily ascertaining the amount of

A Sermon, preached at Wakefield, May duty on any suin of inoney at 7d. and 18. in 30, 1816, at the visitation of the Rey. Arctthe pound. By Thomas Lovell, Hunting deacon Markbain, M.A. By the Rev. C. don, author of the Builder's Assistant. 9s. c. Bird, M.A. rector of High Hoyland. 410. Kalf bound.

Is. 6d. An Essay on the Principles of Construc

The History of the Destruction of Jerction of Milirary Bridges, and the Passage of salem, as connected with Scripture PropheRivers in military.operations. Containing cies. By the Rev. George Wilkins, A.M. an introductory section on the motion, of domestic chaplain to the Earl of Kinnoul, waler i rivers, with practical deductious re

and Vicar of Lowdham and Lexington, lative to the application, construction, and Notts. Royal Svo. 11. security of the different natures of bridges; The Fourth Part of Dr. Marsh's Theoloand suine observ tions on fords. The work yical Lectures, relating to the Interpretatica coutamus plans and descriptions of the Duke of Prophecy. 2s. 61. of Wellington's celebrated rope bridges Considerations on the Doctrine of Regeacros ibe Tagus and the Adour. By Colneration; in the sense in which that terus is Sir H Douglas, Bart. F.R.S. Illustrated used in the Church of England, in her pubby thirteen plates, 8vo 14s.

lic furinularies ; respectfully addressed to The Royal Military Calendar; containing the clergy. By the Rev. Charles Daubeny, the services of the generals, colovels, and Archdeacon of Sarum. 28. 6d. lieutenant-colonels, from their evtrance into

The Duties and Dangers of the Christian the army, &c 3 vol vu, 11. 13s. 6d.

Ministry considered ; a serinon, preached A Narative of a Ten Year's Residence at in Charlotte Chapel, Edinburghi, on MonTripoli

, in Barbary. From the original cor day, June 24, 1816, at an Ordinarion held respondence m the possession of the family by the Rt. Rev. Daniel Sandford, D.D. and of the late Richard Tully, Esq. the British

now published at the request of the Bishop Consul; comprising authentic memoirs and and the Clergy present. By the Rev. R. anecdotes of ibe reigning tushaw, his family, Morehead, A.M. of Baliol College, Oxford; and various persons of distinetion; an ac- Junior Minister of the Episcopal Chapel, count of the domestic manners of the Moors, Cowgate, Edinburgh; and Domestic ChapArabs, and Turks, &c. &c With a map, lain to her Royal Highness the Princess and several col ured plates, 4to. 21. 8s. Charlotte, 1s. Tales of To-Day. By Mrs. Isaacs, 3 vols. taining ; alphabetically arranged, and inter

Anecdotes, Religious, Moral, and Enter2mo. 11 4s.

spersed with a variety of useful observations. Self-Deception; a novel, in a series of let. By the late Rev. Charles Buck. Vol. III, ters By Miss E Parker, author of Aretas, and last, 12mo. 5s.

2 vols. 12mo 18s. Edgar; a national tale. By Miss Apple in fifty-two sections, designed as a Sunday

A Catechism of the Christian Religion, ton, author of Private Education, &c. 3 evening exercise for Families, Seminaries, rols. 12w0. il. ls.

and the Bible class of Sunday school. By

the Rev. J. Sutcliff, 18mo. is. Id. The Ruby-Ring; or, the Transformations,

TOPOGRAPHY. a poem. By Eliza Lucy Leonard. 18mo, 4s.

A View of the present Condition of The llour of Danger; or, Public Distress the States of Barbary; or, an Account and Public Remedy.' By a Commoner. of tfie Climate, soil, Produce, Popu

lation, Manufactures, and Naval and Mili. Svo 2s.

Conversations on Political Economy ; in tary Strength. of Morocco, Fez, Algiers, which the elements of that science are fami- Tripoli, and Tunis ; also, a Description of liarly explained, By the Author of Conver- their Mode of Warfare; interspersed with sations on Chemistry. 12mo. Is.

anecdotes of their cruel treatment of Chris

tian captives, By W. Janson. Illustrated The Parliamentary Debates ; Volume by a new and correct hydro-geographical XXXII. being the first of the late session map, drawn by J.J. Assheton. 1200. 55.


&c. &c




FRANCE. Foreign Literary Gazette. Manuel de Tourneur. Art of Turning.

This second edition of a useful and amus. Austria.

ung book, forms two volumes in quarto, Substitute for Jesuit's Bark.

with an illas of ninety-six plates. It conIn 1813, the Emperor of Austria proposed tains instructions for using machines of a prize of one hundred ducals for the best various descriptions, eccentric, oval, epicysubstitute for the Quinquind, or Jesuit's cloid, &c. which are aniong the most difBark, in medicine; that dong being then ficult operations of the art: they also afford extremely scarce on the Continent, and the the most ornamental productions of which difficulty of obtaining it genuine being very the art is susceptible. This work is pregreat. On that occasion Dr. G. E. Sander ceded by elementary principles referring presented to the Faculty of Herlicine at to the knowledge and choice of woods, on Vienna, a Memoir on the viriles of the cabinet works, casting of metals, and Lichen of the Walls (Lichen Puricinus) other arts, which combine with that of which he affirms is equal in medical Turnery: virtues to the famous bark, and therewire

This art has, in various ages, afforded may well be used in its stead. This agreeable exercise to the sedentary of all Niemoir obtained the prize, and has since classes, profitable amusement to the soli. been published, under the title of Die tary, and pleasure even to princes; it Bindjiechle, &c. Memoir on the Licheil

, therefore may claim distinction among the &c. It is well to know the virtues and valetudinary, and from those who are but properties of the bumblest productions of recovering from illuess, piental or bodily. Nature : they may, on occasion, perform We say mentul, not without cause. most valuable services. Our own oak Bark was also recom

Improvements in Paris. mended as a substitute for the Jcsuits

A considerable sensation has been made Bark.

in Paris, by a work of Count Alexander BELGIUM

de la Borde, who is Director of the HighSciences Patronized.

ways and Bridges of the Department of The three Protestant Universities of the Seine. It is intitled Projets dEmbelthe Low Countries of Leyden, Groningen, lissemens de Puris, et de Truvuur d'Utilité

one volume in and Utrecht, lave been confirmed by the Publique, &c. It forms king of the Netherlands: and held their large tulio, with fourteen plates. solemn inauguration, Nov. 6, 1815. On These plans for the embellishment of this occasion various felicitatory speeches Paris, are principals, as the reader will were delivered; and it was publicly afirm- perceive, imitations of what has already been ed at Leyden, that the King had given to executed in London, and other principal that University the cabinet of Natural His. cities of the British Empire. The first ar. tory formerly belonging to the Prince ticle is, Improvements in the Distribution of Stadtholder of Ilolland, which has been re

ll'uter at Paris, by means of the coustructuruell, among the late recoveries from tion of large aqueducts, serving at the Paris.

same time the purpose of galleries to conDENMARK.

tain the pipes of Steam-Engines, and Trareis in the North.

drains to carry off the whole of the dirt The northern parts of Europe seem to be of water which supply these Cigues,

and soil of Paris to places beyond the beads rising in favour among travellers; a work We believe, that we have already stated is publishing in numbers at Copenhagen, that these pipes are to be of cast iron; and intitled Nordisches Zuschenbuch, A Mowal in the coníract for cating them bas been for Travellers in the Nortli; this contains offered in England; it being found, on a description of Iceland, principally draw riculation, that the same pips which in from Luglish sources, wili a new Map of

France, could not be obtained for less than the Island, views of vol anic eruptions, and twenty five pounds per ton, may he had in five coloured plates of costumes. The con

this country for eight pounds per tou;-hut, routs of these numbers are descriptions of severaly speaking, they would not exceed the Geysers, and boi ing fountains, initis of devev pouvrls per con. The difierence is sulphur, plants, animals, imporis, exporis, stridingand strongly to the honour as &c. wil various intikies extracted from well as advantage of our national improvethe Memoirs of the Academy of Sciences

meuts. The second establishment proof Copenhagen.

posed for the service of Paris, is the forma. l'ou. IV. No. 24. Lit. Pan. N.S. Sept. 1.

2 M

tion of a Public luvatory, or place for wash

Italy. ing linen, &c. near the steam engine of Gros Caillou, in order to derive advan:

Sig. Joseph Bonadei sustained in 1815 tage from the hot and cold waters of this rights of peoples, and the reciprocal duties

at the University of Pisa a thesis on the engine, which are daily lost, without use, and to clear the river from the hosts and of sovereigns. 'i his dissertation he dedi

cated to the grand Duke of Tuscany, who barges of the washer-woment, which inpede the navigation.

sent the author a gold medal, bearing bis The third improvement would be an Hydraulic much with

effigy, with the legend Præmium Veritatis,

1815.--at the same time naming the writer power to raise the water of the basins at Chaillot, to the top of the buildig, pro

Assessor to the Civil Tribunal at Pistoia. posed to be erected opposite the Ecole Ni At Milan is published, under the title of litaire, and in all the gardens, by the single Lo Sje!tutore, &c. the Spectator, a work power of the fall of the water of the engine in numbers, containing varieties, historical, in the gardens. Fourthiy, the formation of literary, critical, polisical, and moral. It is three Monumental Fountains, to be supplied divided into two parts, an Italian part, and a with an equal volume of water froin the foreign part. This latter part can bardly canal of l'Ourcq, divided iuto three differ fail of introilucing into Italy much foreign ent heights: first dicharge of water, a foun- knowlerlge, as it cousists of analysis of works tain on the Boulevard of Bonne Nouvelle, of value in other countries, with extracts, opposite the Rue Haute-ville, fifty-four and suitable references. feet above the level of the reservoir. Se.

POLAND. cond discharge of water, a fountain ou the Boulevard Mont-Martre, fronting the con

National Instruction Patronized. tinuation of the Rue Vivienne, thirty-six feet above the level of the reservoir. Third | Polaud bas tixed the sum of 200,000 polishi

The new government of the kingdom of discharge of water, a fountain of Carrara Aorins as the expense of public instruction, marble, in the middle of the Palais Royal, and of the administration of the churcbes twenty-seven feet above the level of the land schools, as well Catholic as Protesiant. reservoir. Beside these, fifthly, an Arabic

At the same time a general commission fountaio in the middle of the Place Royai. has been named for tbe direction of eccle. Sirthly, Side Fountains for the Rue St. siastical afiairs, for the inspection of the Denis. Seventhly, A general Improvement schools. Public instruction is imparted in the Pavement of the Streets throughout gratis ; and the government takes on itself Pures, by means of pavements for walking ihe appointments of the professors, and on, made of hard dat stones, level with other priöcipals in this course of instructhe street pavement, iu all the principal

tion. communications of the metropolis. And, Eighthly, a Plan of a new Promenade, or Perpetual Motion by Galranism. place for exercise, suited to persons on The Polish mechanician, M. Magier, has horseback, and to light carriages; to be constructed a Galvavic pile on the princi. formed in the left division of the Champs ples of that of Zamboni. It acts without Elysées.

being moistened ; and presents a kind of These plans are the subjects of the plates Perpetuum Mobile, by means of a balance annexed : that they may be executed, and suspended between two piles, which is that their execution would essentially assist constantly in movement. in the improvement of Paris, cannot be doubted. The distribution of water to the the subject of repeated experiments and

This Electric Pile of Zamboni has been houses of Paris, generally, would contribute

examinations on the Continent. Heinrich much to the removal of that filth, which has inserted an article relating to it in the in every hole and corner accumulates, till it Journul des Chemie for October, 1815, in is past bearing; and would even promote which work also appeared a paper, com: the personal cleanliness of the inhabitants, paring the changes of the Pile of Zambovi especially of the lower classes, and among with those of ordinary electricity, by the most crowded dwellings. The intro- Schubler ; also additional observations, by Juction of a fat pavement would produce the Editor, Schweigger. a complete revolution in the construction and decoration of shops in the principal M. Jules Kolberg, Geometrician-Enstreets, and the whole city would assume gineer at Warsaw, has published a new on air, and features, só different, that Map of the Roads in the present kingdom scarcely would it be the same metropolis, of Poland, and Duchy of Posen. The as it bird been known and described to be, names of the towns and villages are writter within the memory of man.

according to the Polish pronunciation.


tion. The principal Universities of the Epidemic Opthalmy.

Kingdom, as Salamanca, Valladolid, and The Prussian army during the campaigns Alcale de Henares, have been directed to of 1813, and 1814, was afflicted by an present, each its own plan, on which, beepidemical disorder of the eyes, so closely fore it is adopted, the Junta will take resembling the opthalmy of Egypt, as to the opinions of the principal Universities excite the attention of the faculty very

and Literary Establishments throughout strongly to the case.

A pamphlet has | Europe. been published on the subject at Berlin As to elementary books on the subject of by

Dr. L. A. Heking; and another at Theolozy, Canon law, Ecclesiastical disciDresden by C. A. Weindoll. It does pline, the laws of Nations, and civil law, Hot appear to have been brought from the Janta will be guided by the opinion of Egypt; but to bear a resemblance, per certain Bishops nominated by the King for haps arising froin ranses of a similar this purpose. kiuri, (lepencleut on the situations and la All the Schools of Arts and Sciences bours of a military life.

have been re-established, throughout the Sicily.

Kingdom, and those of Mineralogy and Norelties in Natural Ilistory.

Natural History of Madrid, have resumed A merchant of Palermo, Rafinesque tion. The King has further bestowed do.

their public lectures and course of instrucSchmalz, has perambulated Sicily with nations and cuduwments on several Univerthe view of making researches and disco sities, and is intent on measures calculated veries in Botany and Icthyology. He has

to encourage Agriculture and Commerce, published the results of his labours in se

in general. veral works. In that intitled Caratteri, he

SWITZERLAND. describes more than fifty new genera of Sicilian fisti, divided into one hundred and

The Society of Natural History of Gefifty species ; besides a great number of beva, has invited all the naturalists throughnew species vi birds and reptiles, with

out Switzerland, to form one general Astwenty one new genera of plants.

sembly, to be held at Geneva: the purpose

of this General Meeting is, to form a SoThe Slulistica generale della Sicilia, of the same author, presents a picture of the ciety, under the name of the Helvetic Soisland, vatural and moral, superior to any

ciety for Natural Sciences.

SWEDEN. which has before appeareil. The Sicilians honour this writer with the title of their

The Academy of Fine Arts, of History, Linus. He is also editor of a Scievtific and Antiquities, of Stockholm, has proJournal relating to Sicily.

posed several prizes for Essays relating to

the History of that Country ;-such as SPAIN.

a Memoir of the State of the Swedish Fi. Progress of Science and Education.

tances, in the reigns of Eric XIV. John The King of Spain, who, not long ago, Ill, Sigismund, and Charles IX.-a Latin instituted six chairs of professors of the Poem on the Union of Sweden and Norscience of Agriculture, has subsequently di

way, and Projets of Epitaphs on celebrated rected bis attention to the promotion of the

personages, with devices for Medals on the natural and philosophical sciences, important events which occurred in Sweforming the bases of arts and natural in den, from the beginning of the reign of dustry. The Cabinet of natural bistory, Gustavus I. to the death of Charles XII. the botanic garden, the Museum, the la

This article, Epitaphs, so far as we recolboratory of cheniistry, with the minera

lect, is a novelty, as the Subject of a prize: it logical school, have been formed into one

is probable that there may be some design single and general institution, under the title of the Museum of Nutural Scienies.

to form a series of Epitaphs for illustrious Several appropriate chairs have been esta

inen; which, placed in a public situation, blished! on ihis occasion : in particular, one

couid not but be extremely honourable to

that for zoology and icthyology; one for reptiles,

(or to any other) country. insects, shells, &c. one for chemistry, mi

A work publishing in numbers at Stock neralogy and botany. In addition to the holm, called Idunu en skrifi, is destined to established professors, an assistant or de northern literature. The first and second puty has been named for each branch of divisions of this work are allotted to anscience, for which a chair has been created. cient portberu poetry: the third is comi. In February last the King of Spain

posed of researcbes, memoirs, aud votices,

- as of ancient ruins, customs, traditions, named a Junta, charged with the duty of forming a plan for arranging and establish: mythology, manuscripts, vases, and other

instances of Antiquity, wherever discovered ing general education and public instruc

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