Historical Dictionary of Ethiopia

Historical Dictionary of Ethiopia: New Edition will appeal to all levels of readers, providing entries for each of Ethiopia's 85 ethnic groups and covering a broad range of cultural, political, and economic topics. Readers interested in the cultural aspects or who are planning to visit Ethiopia will find a wealth of entries on art, literature, handicrafts, music, dance, wildlife, geography, and historic tourist sites. Practitioners in government and nongovernmental organizations will find entries on pressing economic, social, and political issues such as the HIV/AIDS epidemic, female circumcision, debt, human rights, and the environment. The important historical role of missionaries and the combination of conflict and cooperation between Christians and Muslims in the region are also reviewed. And, finally, many of the dictionary entries highlight relations between Ethiopia and its neighbors - Eritrea, Somalia, Somaliland, Djibouti, Kenya, and Sudan. The bibliography includes both new and old materials covering all facets of Ethiopia, organized by areas of major interest for easy identification.

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Om författaren (2004)

David Shinn served in the American Foreign Service for 37 years, many of them dealing with the Horn of Africa. He was the U.S. Ambassador to Ethiopia from 1996-99.

Thomas Ofcansky has held a number of academic and government positions and is currently with the State Department. He has published numerous books and articles about East Africa, including Paradise Lost: A History of Game Preservation in East Africa. He has traveled widely throughout East Africa.

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