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they hear not, nei- not understand : left
ther do they under- at any time they

should be converted,
and their sins should

be forgiven them.
14 And in them is
fulfilled the prophecy
of Efaias, which faith,
By hearing ye shall
hear, and shall not
understand: and see-
ing ye shall see, and
Thall not perceive.

15 For this peoples heart is waxed gross, and their ears are dull of hearing, and their eyes they have closed ; left at any time they should fee with their eyes, and hear with their cars, and should understand with their heart, and should be converted,and I should heal them.

16 Buc blessed are your eyes, for they Tee ;

and your ears, for they hear.


endowed them with Abilities sufficient to make them acquainted with the truth
of my Doctrine, altho they have heard my Discourses, and seen my Miracles
they féem no more to have attended to them than if they had been destitute of
the use both of their Eyes and Ears. Therefore I speak obscurely to them, because
'having Faculties given them by God, they make no use of them, and are as if they
were totally depriv'd of them. Thus it happens to the Jeros of this Age what the
Prophet Isaiah iaith concerning those of his time ; ch. 6.9, 10. Hear ye indeed, but
understand not; and Jee ye indeed, but perceive not. Make the Heart of this people
fat, and make their Ears heavy, and shut their eyes : left they see with their

and bear with their ears, and understand with their heart, and convert, and be
healed. But bleffed are ye, in that having made a right use of the Gifts of God,
have realon to hope for the increase of his Favours towards you : for I tell you






17 For verily I say
unto you, that many
prophets and righ-
teous men have de-
fired to see those
things which ye fee,
and have not seen
them : and to hear
those things which ye
hear, and have not
heard thein.

13 And he said unto them, Know ye not this parable ? and how chen : will you

know all parables ? 18 Hear ye there

I Now the parafore the parable of the

ble is this : Lower.

The feed is

the word of God. 14. The fower fow.

eth the word. 19 When any one 15 And these are : 12 Those by the heareth the word of they by the way-side way-side are they the kingdom, and un- where the word is that hear : then comderstandech it not, fown; but when they eth the devil; and then cometh the wick: have heard, Satan takech away the word ed one, and catcheth cometh immediately, out of their hearts, away that which was and taketh away the sown in his heart: word that was sown in this is he which re. their hearts. ceived seed by the way-side.

that many Prophets and holy persons have desir’d to be witnesses of those things which you see and hear, and it hath not been granted to them. But know you not the meaning of the last Parable, which is not really obscure ? How then will you be able to come to the understanding of those that are ?

Now the meaning of it is this: The Corn fow'd is the Revelation of God's Will : The Sower of it is he that publishes this Revelation: The Hearers are the Ground on which the Seed falls : The High Road is an Image of those who listen to the Gospel when 'tis preach'd, but growing quickly negligent and careless, lay themselves open to the Frauds of evil Spirits, which quite efface the meinory



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left they should believe, and be

saved. 20 But he that re 16 And these are

13 They on

the ceived the feed into they likewise which rock' are they, which ftony places, the fame are fown on ftony when they hear, reis hé that heareth the ground, who when ceive the word' with word, and anon with they have heard the joy ; joy receiveth it. word, immediately re

ceive it with glad

ness : 2i Yer hath he noc. 17 And have no

and thefe have root in himself, buc root in themselves, no root, which for a durech for a while: and so endure but for while believe, and in for when tribulation a time : afterward time of temptation tall or persecution ariseth when affliction or por. away. because of the word, fecurion arisech for by and by he is offend- the word's fake, ima ed.

mediately they are

offended 22 He also that re. 18° And there are 14. And that which ceived feed among the they which are fown fell among thorns, are thorns, is he that among thorns : such as they, which when heareth the word : hear the word, they have heard, and the care

19 And the cares of this world, and the of chis world, and the and are choked with deceitfulness of riches deceitfulness of riches, cares and riches,

and the

and pleasures lufts of other things of this life,

entring in, choke the word, and choke the word, and

and he becometh unfruir. it becometh unfuic- bring no fruit to ferfub ful.


go forth

of it, and thereby hinder them from making a right judgment concerning it, and fo deprive them of the means of obtaining Salvation. The ftony Ground represents those who willingly embrace the Gofpel at the first Offer of it, but are 110€ deeply affected with it, and so in time of Persecution upon the account of it are ready to abandon it, rather than to endure the least Calamity. The Ground overrun with Briars is a Designation of those who at first willingly receive tlie Gospel, and for a while are mindful of it, but afterwards are diverted by anxious Cares after the Conveniences of Life, and the earnest pursuit of Riches; and thus negleding to conform their lives answerable to the Divine Prefcript of it, render the Revelation est it wholly useless to 'em. Lastly, the good Soil represents those who receive it

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23 But he that re, 20 And these are is But that on the ceived seed into the they which are fown good ground are they good ground, is he on good ground, such which in an honelt that heareth the word, as hear the word, and and good heart,having and understandeth it, receive it, and bring heard the word, keep which also beareth forth fruit, some thir. it, and bring forth fruit, and bringech ty-fold, fome fixcy, fruit with patience. forth fome an hun- and some an hundred-fold, some sixcy, dred. some thirty.

21 And he said un 16 No man when to them, is a candle he hath lighted a · brought to be put un- candle, covereth ic der a bushel, or under with a veffel, or puta bed ? and not to be tëch it under å bed : fer on a candlestick ? but settech it on a


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with an honest and resolute Temper, who make it their business to meditate upon it ; and treasuring up the Laws of it in their Memories, live all their Life-time after, in conformity to it, be it attended with never fo great Calamities. These are they in whom this divine Seed brings forth the plentiful Crop I spoke of, tho not equally in all.

Altho there may seem to be some Obscurity in this Parable, as you have observ'd, yet my Design was by no means to be unintelligible to all : For as no one lights a Candle on purpose to conceal the Light of it under fome Vestel or Couch, but to place it on high, that it may be conspicuous for the necessary Occasions of the House fo neither do I propound my Do&rine to my Hearers so as not to be understood by any of them. Suppose no one at first comprehend it, it is impossible but it must shine out in a short time: for you may justly apply to it that proverbial Saying, Nothing is hidden that Mall not be discovered, nothing secret that shall not be

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23 If any, man
have ears to hear, let
him hear.

24 And he said un-
to them, Take heed
what you hear : with
what measure ye mete,
'it shall be measured
to you: and unto you
that hear shall more
be given.

18 Take heed there.

fore how ye hear :
25 For he that hath, for whosoever hach,
to him shall be given : to hin shall be given ;
and he that hath not, and whosoever hath
from him mall be not, from him shall
taken even char which be taken even that.
he hath.

which he seemeth to

24. Another parable puthe forth unto them, saying, The. kingdom of heaven is likened unto a man, which sowed good: feed in his field.

manifested. Whoever therefore would understand my Words, let him give attention to them, and they shall become plain and easy, provided he makes use of the Faculties God has given him as he ought to do.

Moreoverz. Jejus caution'd them against a negligent hearing of his Do&rine : for faith he, if you receive what I now deliver with an honeit and religious Temper, I will hereafter give you a more clear and copious Exposition of my Doctrine. Consider diligently what sort of Hearers you ought to be : for, if you make a right use of what I now fpeak to you, I will initruct you further , otherwise that: very. Knowledg which you feem'd to have acquir'd thall become unprofitable to vou.

Several other Parables Fesus spoke to the Multitude: In the fieavenly Kingdom of the Meffi.zh there ihall happen something like the Accident that befel that. was, who having sovved his Fields with good.Wheat, a: Enemy came privately

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