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JOHN. C H A P. XVII. CHA P. IX. CHA P. IX. the vision to no man, no man what things until the Son of man they had seen, till be risen again from the the Son of man were dead.

risen from the dead.

10 And they kept and they kepe it
that saying with them- close, and cold no man

in those days any of
those things which

they had seen.
questioning i
one with another
what the rising from

the dead should mean.
10 And his disci. It And they asked
ples asked him, saying, him, saying, why
Why then say the fay the scribes that
scribes, that Elias must Elias must first come ?
first come ?
11 And Jesus an-

12 And he answerswered and said to ed and told them, Elias them, Elias truly shall verily cometh first, first come, and restore and restoreth all all things.

things :

and how it is written 'of the Son of man, that he must suffer many things,

and be set at nought. 12 But I say unco 13 But I say unto you, that Elias is come you, that Elias is in-. already, and they knew him not,

deed come,

from the Dead : which accordingly they observd, tho at that time they did not comprehend what he meant by his Resurrection from the Dead, for they thought of nothing but the General Resurrection of the Dead, and could not ima.. gin why he had order'd them to conceal it till that day. Elias having bin but a little while with their Master, and being now return'd to Heaven, the Apostles ask'd Jesus the reason why the Jewish Doctors taught that Elias was to come before the Kingdom of the Messiah, and to prepare all things against that time. Jesus replied, it was very true that Elias was to be the Forerunner of the Meffiah, that he was to preach up a Reformation among the Jews, that they might receive him as became them; and that this Prophecy was no way contradictory to those that foretold the ill treatment the Meffiab should receive from them; further, that Elias was already come, and that he had actually declar'd che neceflity of Repentance, and a Reformation, tho the Jews knew him not, and gave no credit to that holy Person, who

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-CH-A P. IX.


met him.

bur have done and they have unto him whatsoever done unto him whacthey lifted :

soever they listed,

as it is written of him. likewise shall also the Son of man suffer of them

13 Then the disciples understood that he spake unto them of John the Baprift.

37 And it came to
pals, chat on the nexe
day, when they were
come down from the

hill, much people
14 And when he
came to his disciples,
he saw a great multi-
cude about them, and
the scribes question-
ing with them.

15 And straightway
all the people, when
they beheld him,
were greatly amazed,
and running to him,
saluced him

16 And he asked the scribes, what que

stion ye with them? 14 And when they were

the multitude, there came



was also put to death, and the fame treatment he himself expected from the Jews. The Apostles by this perceiv'd that he spake of John the Baptist, whom he had upon other occasions before told them, not obscurely, was that Elias that was to precede the coming of the Meftah.

The day after that Jesus with the three Apostles came down from the Mountain, a great Multitude fock d to meet him ; and he observ'd no less a Crowd about the reit of his Apostles, who also, as soon as they saw. Jesus, came and saluted him.

Jesus ask'd the Doctors of the Law what was the subject of their Discourse with his Apostles. After which there came to him out of the Crowd a man, who falling


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to him a certain man kneeling down to him,

17 And one of the 38 And behold, a

multitude answered man of the company and saying, and said,

cried out, saying,
Is Lord,

I have brought
unto thee my son,
which hach a dumb
spirit :

I befeech thee have mercy on my son,

look upon my son,

for he is my only child. . for he is lunatick, and fore vexed : for oft-times he falleth into the fire, and ofc into the water.

18 `And 'whèreso 39. And lo, a spirits ever he cakech him, takech him,

and he suddenly crieth

he teareth him; and ir teareth him,
and he fometh, that he fometh again ;

and gnasheth with his
• teeth, and pineth a-
way :

and bruising him, hard

ly departeth from him. 16 And I brought and I spake to thy 40 And I besought him to thy disciples, disciples, that they thy disciples to cast and they could not should caft him out, him out, and they

and they could not. could not. down at his feet, thus addrest himself to him : Master, I have brought my Son to thee, who is poffest with a dumb Damon ; I beseech thee have compassion on him and me, especially since he is my only Son ; for every full Moon he is most lamentably afsaulted by the evil Spirit, who sometimes throws him into the Fire, at other times into the water. The Youth makes grievous Outcries when he finds himself attack'd and cruelly tormented by the Demon, who violently hurls him on the ground, causing him to fuam at the mouth, and gnash with his teeth, insomuch that he is. become a mere Skeleton; and fo pertinacious is his Tormentor, that he scarce ever quits his hold till the Youth's strength is quite spent. I have indeed applied my self.. othy Apostles, and they have attempted his Gure, but hitherto in vain. .


cure him.


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17 Then Jesus an 19 He answered 41 And Jesus an.
swered and said, o him, and faith, O swering, said, O

and perverse

and perverse

how long shall how long shall I how long shall
I be with you? how be with you? how I be with you, and
long shall I fuffer you? long thall I suffer suffer you bring thy
bring him hither to you ? bring him unto fon hither.

of 20 And they brought 42 And as he was
him unto him: and yer a coming,

when he saw him, devil threw him down,
straightway the spirit and care him.
tare him, and he fell
on the ground,
and wallowed foming.

21 And he asked
his father, How long
is it ago since this
came unto him? And
he said, Of a child.

And off-times it hath cast him into the fire, and into the waters to destroy him: bue if thou canst do any thing, have compaffion on us, and Irelp as.

23 Jesus said unto him, If thou canst


Fofus aving heard him, broke out into this Exclamation: perverse and degenerate Race of Men ! how unworthy are you to have my Miracles perform'd among you, who have such mean Notions of the Divine Goodness and Power? How long İhall I endure this Incredulity? He then commanded the young man to be brought to him, when the evil Spirit straight assaulted him with such violence as to distort his Limbs, and threw him to the ground, where he lay rolling and foaming at

the mouth. Fesus then ask'd the Father how long he had been thus afflicted : who ; replied, from his childhood; and told him, that the evil Spirit had often thrown him into the

Fire and Water, so that his Life had frequently been in danger, which he would undoubtedly have lost had he not been timely fuccour'd : He therefore humbly intreated him to free him, if possible by any means, and take compassion on the miserable Youth and his Relations. Jesus answer'd, If thou canst but believe


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believe, all things are
possible to him thac

24. And straight-
way the father of the
child cried out, and
faid with tears, Lord,
I believe; help thou
mine unbelief.

25 when Jesus saw that the people

came running toge18 And Jesus re

he rebuked And Jesus rebuked
buked the devil,
the foul spirit,

the unclean spirit.
saying unto him,
Thou dumb and deaf
spirit, I charge thee
come out of him,
and enter no more inco

26 And the Spirit
cried, and rene him

fore, and he departed and came out out of him :

and he was as one dead, insomuch that many faid, He is dead.

of him ;

that God has endued me with an Authority over these evil Spirits, thou wilt easily have thy Request granted; for there is nothing so difficult which they shall not obtain who have that honour and esteem for the Power and Goodness of God which is due to these his Attributes. The Father protested with a loud Voice, that he trusted in God and Him, and earnestly beseech'd him to supply by his Goodness whatever defect he might observe in his Faith, of which he made so publick a Profeflion.

As soon as he had spoke these words, the Multitade throng'd about them, de: firing to see the event ; but Jesus rebuking the unclean Spirit, commanded hiin to depart out of the Body of the young man, and never more to return into it. The Spirit hereupon came out of him, having made a hideous howling from the mouth of the young man, which was also strangely distorted. On which the Youth lay upon the ground as quite dead, infomuch that many of the By-standers thought he had



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