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then know that the desolation

thereof is nigh (whoso readeth, (let him that readlet him understand) eth, understand) 16 Then let them

then lec chem 21 Then let them which be in Judea, that be in Judea, flee which are in Judea, flee into the mountains. to the mountains : flee to the mountains i

17 Ler him which 15 And lec him that a is on the house-top, is on the house-top, not come down to not go down into the take any thing out of house, neither enter his house:

cherein to take any
thing out of his house.

and let them
which are in the midst

of it, depart out; 18 Neither let him 16 And let him that and ler not them which is in the field, is in the field, nor that are in the coun: return back

turn back again tries, enter thereinto. to take his clothes. for co take up his o garment.

22 For these be the days of vengeance, that all things which are written may be ful

filled. 19 And wo unto 15 Bur wo unto 23 But wo unto them that are with them that are with them that are with child, and to them child, and to them child, and to them that give fuck in those that give fuck in those that give suck in those days.


days :

can, lest by

the Holy City ; then at last assure your felves that the Destruction of Jerusalem is at hand. [Let every one that reads this History give particular attention to this place fince it is of no small importance especially to the Feins.). At that time let those that be in Judea fly into the Mountainous Country beyond it; let him that is upon the House-top, not come down to secure his Goods, but make what haft he delaying the Passes leading to it be fecur'd, and all means of escaping thereby intercepted. Let those that be in Jerusalem make what haft they can out of it; and let fuch as are in the Fields take care not to return into the City to remove their Goods: For then will be the appointed time in which God has determin'd to execute his Vengeance on all the obstinate Inhabitants of Jerusalem, by inflicting those Punilit ments on them of which they were forewarn'd by Moses and the Prophets. At that time fad will be the condition of Women big with child, or that give fuck, since they can hardly escape the Fury of the Soldiers, if they do not leave

the City betimes;





20 But pray ye that 18 And pray ye chat your flight be not in your flight be not in the winter,

the winter. neither on the fabbath day : 21 For then shall 19 For in those

for there be great tribulation, days shall be affliction, thall be grear distress such as was not fincé such as was not from in the land, and wrath. the beginning of the the beginning of the upon this people. world to this time, no creation which God o nor cyer ihall be.

created ,

unto this time, neither shall be.

24 And they shall fall by the edg of the Tivord, and Thall be led away captive inco all nations: and Jerus falem shall be trodden. down of the Gentiles, until the times of the

Genciles be fulfilled. 22 And except those 20 And except that ♡ days should be short, the Lord had sortned. ned, there should no those days, , no flesh flesh be saved : but for should be saved : bur. the elects fake chore for the elects fake. days shall be shortned. whom he hath chofen,

he hath Thortned che.

days. 23 Then if any 21. And then, if man shall say to you, any man shall say to Lo, here is Christ, or you, Lo, here is Chrift, there; believe it not. or lo, he is there; bes

lieve him not. and if they continue in it, they must undoubtedly perish. Pray to God therefore · that the beginning of your flight do not happen in the Winter, or upon the Sabbathday; for a short Journy may be dangeroas. So great will be the Calamity of the feros, that it is not to be paralleld from the beginning of the World, nor shall any thing hereafter happen like onto it. For the greatest part of the Jeros Thall be massacred, or fold, and live in slavery among all Nations : But Jerufalem after its Destruction shall be rebuilt by the Gentiles, and inhabited by them till the time allot- ted them by God be accomplished. Unless God had contracted the duration of that time, it would have bin scarce possible for any Inhabitant of Judea to escape ;, but he has shortned. those times of Amiction, left by a long continuance the Good together with the Bad should be involv'd in one common Ruin. If any shall then lay unto you, that the Meffah is. come, and will lortly head the Jews, and set them.






24 For there shall 22 For false Chrifts, arise false Christs, and and false prophets shall false prophets, and rise, and shall shew Thall shew great signs signs and wonders, co and wonders, info- seduce, if it were pofmuch char (if it were fible, even the elect. poffible) they shall deceive the very elect.

23 But take ye

heed: 25 Behold, I have

behold I have wold you before.

foretold you all things. 26 Wherefore, if they shall say unto you, Behold, he is in the desert, go noc forth: behold, he is in the secrer chambers, believe it nor.

27 For as the lightning cometh out of the east, and shineth even unto the west: so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.

28 For wheresoever the carcase is, there will the eagles be gathered together.

free from their Oppreslion, believe them not: for many. Impostors shall arise, many false Prophecs and false Meffiahs, who will endeavour to affert their Authority by Miracles fulficient to mislead not only the obstinate contumacious feros, but even those if pollible that have believed on me.

Beware of these Impoftors, which will be no difficult thing for you who have bin fo often and fo exprefly forewarnd by me. When they shall tell you therefore that the Deliverer of the Jews is in some Solitude, go not out of the Towns in quest of him. When they tell you he absconds in some fecret place, as not willing to appear as yet in public, believe them not : for no one shall foretel the time of my coming, which will be so sudden as to resemble the celerity with which Lightning darts it felf in a moment from West to East

As you are wont proverbially to say, Wheresoever the Carcase is, there will the Eagles be gathered together ;-fo also wheresoever the Jews out of a vain hope of a Mefiah to head them shall tumultuously assemble in order to shake off the Roman Yoke, thither will the Roman Legions Aly, and put them all to the Sword,





29 Immediately af. 24 Buc in those 25 And there shall
ter the tribulation of days, after chat tribu- be figns in the fun,
those days, shall the lation, the sun shall and in the moon, and
fun be darkened, and be darkened, and the in the stars; and upon
the moon shall not moon shall not give the earth distress of
give her light, and her light :

nations, with perplexi.
the stars shall fall 25 And the stars of cy, the sea, and the
from heaven, and the heaven shall fall, and waves roring;
powers of the hea. the powers that are in 26 Mens hearts fail.
ven shall be shaken, heaven fall be shaken. ing them for fear, and

for looking after chose
things which are com-
ing on the earth : for
the powers of heaven

all Maken.
30 And then shall
appear the sign of the
Son of man in heaven :
and then shall all the
tribes of the earth
mourn, and they shall 26 And then thall 27 And then than
see the Son of man they see the Son of they see the Son of
coming in the clouds man coming in the man coming in a cloud
of heaven, with power clouds, with great with power and great
and great glory.

power and glory. glory.
31 And he shall

27 And then shall send his angels with a he fend his angels, great sound of a trum- and shall gather topet, and they shall ga- gecher his elect from ther together his elect the four winds, from from the four winds, the uttermost part of from one end of hea- the earth co the uccerven to the other. most part of heaven. But after all these Calamities shall overwhelm the Jews, so as to make their care desperate, the Heaven, Earth and Sea shall all seem to be confounded, and the face of Nature be dissolv'd ; for the Government of the Jews shall be for ever broken, and with fo stupendous a Destruction, that the very Terror of it shall overspread the minds of many with a melancholic and dreadful anguish. Then at last will the Jews be able to perceive that these Amictions are Punilhments inflicted on them for their obstinate disbelief of me; and they will be no less appallid, than if they saw me actually descending from Heaven to execute judgment againtt them, surrounded with the bright Rays of Light, and a multitude of the Heavenly Hoft. The contumacious fews being cut off, I will recal all those that have believ'd on me, who during the heat of the War Thelter'd themselves in the neighboring and remoter Regions, Messengers being sent into all those places with the news of the reestablishment of Peace in Judaa, as it were Angels on purpose to Mmm


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28 And when chese things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh.

29 And he spake to

them a parable, 32 Now learn a 28 Now learn a pa

Behold parable of the fig tree: rable of the fig-tree: the fig-tree,

and all the trees; When his branch is yet when her branch is 30 When they now tender, and putteth yet tender, and putteth shoot forth, ye see: forth leaves, ye know forth leaves, ye know and know of your own that fummer is nigh: that summer is near : felves, that summer is

now nigh at hand. 33 So likewise ye, 29 So ye in like

31 So likewise ye, when ye Thall see all manner , when ye when ye fee these these things, know shall see these things things come to pass, that it is near, even at come to pass, know know ye that the kingthe doors.

that it is nigh, even dom of God is nigh at
at the doors.

34 Verily I say unto 30 Verily I say unto 32 Verily I say un-
yol!, This generation you, that this gene- to you, This genera-
thall not pass, till all ration shall not pass, tion shall not pass a-
these things be sul- till all these chings be way, till all be ful-

31 Heaven and


Heaven and earth shall pafs away, earth shall pass away : earth shall pass away: but my words shall not but my words shall not but my words shall not pass away. país away.

pass away. 36 But of that day 32 But of that day and hour knoweth no and that hour knoweth

35 Heaven

settle them in tbeir antient Habitations. Now when you behold the beginning of the Signs I have mentioned, lift up your heads, and expect a change in a short time, as being fure from these tokens that your deliverance draws nigh. For as you easily forelee the approach of Summer from the sprouting of the Fig-tree and other Trees; fo may you infer from what I have declar'd, and the exemplary Judgments executed on the rebellious Fews, that I am in poflession of my heavenly Kingdom, and that those who believ'd on me shall be deliver'd from the Calamities they apprehended. You have not long to wait for this happy time; for I affirm, that before many that are now alive (hall be deceas'd, this thing shall be accomplish'd.

Nor doubt whether these things I have foretold shall be fulfill'd or no; for Heaven and Earth shall rather perish than any thing of what I tell you not come to pass. But as for the precise Day and Hour in which they Mall be fulfilld, no one knows


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