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shall believe on me through their word :

21 That they all may be one, as thou Facher art in nie, and í in thee; that they also may be one in us: that the world may believe that thou hast seat me.

22 And the glory which thou gavest me, I have given them : that they may be onc, even as we are one.

23 I in them, and thou in me, that they may be made perfect in one, and that the world may know that thou haft sent me, and hast loved chce, as thou hast loved me.

24 Facher, I will that they also whom thou hast given me, be with me where I am; chat they may behold my glory which thou hast given me: for thou lovedit me before che foundation of the world.

25 O righteous Father, the world hath not known thee; bur I have known thee, and there

hereafter believe on me thro their preaching to them, that they may be in all things unanimous. As I intirely acquiesce in thy Commands, and thou' ratifiest all my Actions, fo also may they be one with us by a perfect compliance with the Laws of the Kingdom of Heaven. Hereby they may convert many to a Belief of my being Sent by thee, when they observe the Lives of my Disciples exa&ly correspond with the Do&rin they are to propagate. For this purpose I have furnish'd 'em with the like power of working Miracles, which thou halt confer'd on me, that they may be all acted by the self-fame Spirit, and be unanimous as I have bin with thee.

I have given them the fame Authority I receiv'd from thee, that we may be all of one mind, and men may thereby fee I was indeed sent by thee, and that thou haft loved them as thou haft hitherto loved me. My earnest desire is, that these my Apostles, and the rest of my Disciples, may after death be with me in the fame Seats of Happiness, that they may behold the Honors thou hast conferred on me, accord ing to the love thou hadít for me before the creation of the World. O righteous Father, altho most men are ignorant of Will, yet I have bin made throughly acquainted with it, and have reveal'd it to my eleven Apostles, who are firmly per





CH A P. XVII. have known that thou hast fent me.

26 And I have declared unto them thy name, and will declare it : that the love wherewith thou hast loved me, may be in them, and I in them. CHA P. XVIII.

JHEN Jefus

W had spoken



these words, he went forth with his disciples over the brook Cedron, where was a garden, into the which he encred, and his dif

ciples. 31 Then faith Jesus 27 And Jesus faith unto them, All ye shall unto be offended because of ye shall be offended me this night : for it because of me this fuaded thou didst send me, and that the way to Happiness is to obey the Precepts I have deliver'd to them. For I have declared what it is thou expectest from Men, and will continue to manifest it to them, that by their Obedience they may gain thy favour as I have done, and that I may continue my affe&ion for them, and bestow on them the Rewards thou hast treasur'd up for them that truly love thee.

CH A P. LXII. Jesus passes over the Brook Cedron, and goes to the Garden of Gethsemane.

He foretels his being seiz’d that night ; has a gricuous agony at the apprehension of his approaching Death ; is seiz’d by the Guard, Judas being at the head of them. Peter cuts off the Ear of a Servant of the High Priest. Jesus rebukes him for that rash token of bis Zeal, and heals the wound; is led away, and carried before the High Priests. Peter thrice disowns his being dcquainted with him, and afterwards bewails bis fault with many Tears. Mean wbile Jesus owns his

being the Melliah before the Sanhedrim, who thereupon condemn bim. HAVING thus fpoke, he departed with his Apostles, and passed over the Brook

Cedron, designing to go the Garden on the other side. Upon the way he said unto them, This night you will all forsake me, that the words of the Prophet






JOHN. CHA P. XXVI. CH A P. XIV. CHA P. XXII. is written, I will smite night : for it is written, the shepherd, and the I will smite the shepsheep of the flock shali herd, and the sheep be scattered abroad. shall be scattered.

32 But after I am 28 But after that I risen again, I will go am risen, I will go be. before you into Ga- fore you into Galilee. lilee.

33 Peter answered 29 But Peter said and said unto him, unto him, Altho all Though all men shall shall be offended, yet be offended because of will not I. thee, yet will I never be offended. 34 Jesus said unto

30 And Jesus faith him, Verily I say unto unto him, Verily I thee, that this night say unto thee, chac before the cock crow, this day, even in this

night before the cock


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twice, thou shalt deny me

thou shalt deny thrice.

me thrice. 35 Peter said unto 31 But he spake the him, Though I should more vehemently, if die with chee, yet will I should die with chee, I not deny thee. Like. I will not deny thee in wise also said all the any wise. Likewise disciples.

also said they all. 36. Then cometi 32. And they came 40 And when he Jerus with them unto to a place which was was at the place, he å place called Gethse- named Gethsemane ; faid unto them, mane, and faith unto and he faith to his the disciples, Sic ye disciples, Sit ye here, here, while I go and while I Thall pray. pray yonder. Zachariah may be fulfilled; chap. 13. 7. I will smite the Shepherd, and the Sheep Mall be dispersed. For I shall be put to death, but will shortly after rise, and go before you into Galilee. Peter 'replied, Tho all the rest should forsake thee, yet will I constantly adhere unto thee.

Jefies put him in mind, that he had already foretold him that that very Night before the Cock crew twice, he would thrice deny his being his Disciple. But laid Peter, Were I to suffer death together with thee, yet would I not deny thee : and the same Protestations made the rest of the Apostles. In the mean while they arrive at the Garden of Gethsemane, which being entred, Jesus order'd the Apoftles to tarry in a certain place while he retir'd for a while to pray, advising 'em to


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Pray, that ye enter

not into temptation. 37. And he took 33 And he taketh with him Peter, and with him Peter, and the two sons of Zebe- James, and John, and dee, and began to be began to be sore amaforrowful, and very zed, and to be very heavy.

heavy, 38 Then faith he 34 And faith unto unto them, My soul them, My soul is exis exceeding sorrow. ceeding forrowful unto ful, even unto deach : death : tarry ye here, tarry, ye here, and and watch. watch with me.

39 And he went a 35 And he went for 41 And he was withlittle further, and tell ward a little, and fell drawn from them about on his face and prayed, on the ground, and a stones cast, and kneelO prayed,

ed down, and prayed,
that if it were
poffible the hour might

pass from him.
saying, O my Father, 36 And he said, 42 Saying, Father,
if it be possible, let Abba, Father, all if thou be wiiling, re-
this cup pass from me : things are possible un- move this cup from
nevertheless, noc as I to thee, take away this me : nevertheless, not
will, but as thou wilt. cup from me: never- my wll, but thine be

theless, not what I will, done.
but whar chou wilt.

43 And there ap-
peared an angel unto
him from heaven,
strengthening him.

44 And being in an

agony, he prayed more recommend themselves to God by Prayer, that he might not suffer them to have too severe a Trial of their Constancy. Nevertheless having commanded Peter and the two Sonsof Zebedee to go along with him, he began to be extremely sorrowful and melancholy at the apprehension of the Torments he was to endure within a few hours;, telling his Apostles, that he was in a perfect Agony, and commanding them to tarry with him, and watch. Then being withdrawn from them about a stone's throw, and proftrating himself upon the Ground, he cried out in a loud voice : O Father Almighty, thou art able if thou wilt to remove the Indignities and cruel Death I shortly expect to suffer; nevertheless if thy Eternal Wisdom has unalterably decreed my Doom, I intirely resign up my self to thy disposal. Being in this Agony, an Angel came down from Heaven, and comforted him; and the more he was oppress’d with forrow, the more earnestly he had

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carnestly : and his
Tweat was as it were
great drops of blood
falling down to the

45 And when he 40 And he cometh

37 And he cometh, rose up from prayer, unto the disciples, and, and findech them sleep- and was come to his findeth them asleep, ing,

disciples, he found
them sleeping

for forrow,
and faith unto

and faith unto 46 And said unto. Peter, what, could ye Peter, Simon, fleep- them, why fleep ye? not watch with me one est thou ? couldst not a hour ?

thou watch one hour? 41 Warch and pray, 38 Warch ye and

rise and pray, that ye enter not into pray, left ye enter into lest ye enter into temptation : temptation :

temptation. the spirit indeed

the spirit truly is, willing, but the is ready, but the fleth flesh is weak.

is weak. 42 He went away

39 And again he. again the second time, went away, and prayand prayed, saying, Oed, and 1pake the fame... my Father, if this words. cup may not pass from me, except I drink it, thy will be done.

43 And he came. 40 And when he and found them asleep retiurned, he found recourse to God by Prayer : and so great was his Anguish, that the Sweat run down his Body. as if it had bin drops of Blood falling to the ground. Afterwards hé arose, and returning to his Apostles, found them in a profound Sleep, which fometimes fucceeds an intense grief and melancholy, jesus beholding them, thus awakened them : Peter, and you the Sons of Zebedee, do ye now leep? Am I fo little regarded by you, that you cannot watch for one hour with me in my A Midion? Arife, and pray to God that he suffer you not to be overwhelmed in thé Trial which will shortly be made of your Conítancy and Fidelity : For tho you are fufficiently satisfied it is your Duty to be inflexibly conftant in your Profeflion of being my Disciples, yet such is the frail nature of Men as scarce to be able to withstand the Shock, when disturbid by fear, or any other passion ; in such cases they are easily apt to give ground, and despond.

Jesus having thus admonish'd them, retir'd a fecond time from his Apostles, and put forth the lame Petitions to God; and being return'd, he found his Apostles


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