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The annual meeting was held at Masonic Hall, Feb. 11th, Z. Lewis, Esq., the president, in the chair, who opened the meeting with an address. Prayer was offered by the Rev. President Bates of Middlebury College; after which the report of the treasurer was read by W. W. Chester, Esq., and that of the executive committee by D. E. Wheeler, Esq. the secretary. The receipts of the society during the year were $10,706 68; to which, if the receipts of the Reformed Dutch churches in the city be added, amounting to about S3,000, and which now flow into the treasury of the Board through another channel, the total of contributions to foreign missions from the City of New York and Brooklyn, will be nearly $14,000. Rev. Messrs. Winslow, from the Ceylon mission, and Ramsey, from Bombay, addressed the meeting, making statements concerning the missionary fields with which they are respectively connected. Rev. Asa D. Smith, of the city of New York, then addressed the meeting on the following resolution presented by him— Resolred, That it is in the power of religious men in the commercial world to render far more efficient aid than they have yet

done, in making known the gospel to the heathen nations.

Rev. O. Eastman, one of the Secretaries of the American Tact Society, then read communications which had just been received, respecting the death of the Rev. Dr. Wisner, after which the following resolutions were presented by the Rev. Drs. Edwards, Spring, and Peters, each of whom supported his resolution by an address—

Resolred, That the smallness of the number of laborers who go forth into the great har

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Board of Foreign Missions in Ref Dutch chh.
W. R. Thompson, New York, Tr.
Albany, Mon., con. in R. North
D. chli. 49,13; d.o. in 20 R. D.

chh. 22,76; 71 89 Buskirk's Bridge, Mon. con. in R. D. chh. 13; tem. in do. 6; 19 00 Canajoharie, Mon. con. in R. D. chh. 17 00 Catsbaan, Mon. con. in do. 12 00 Charlestown, Mon. con. in do. 10 00 Farmerville, Mon. con. in do. 17 00 Fishkill, Frag. so. of 1st R. D. chh.. to constitute Mrs. CATHAan NE Fish ER an Honorary Member of the Board, 100 00 Fishkill Landing, Mom. con. in R. D. chh. 25 00 Griggs Town, N. J. Mon. con. in do. 10 13 Jersey City, Mon. con. in do. 15 05 New Brunswick, N. J. So. of inquiry in Theol. Sem. anniv. 38 54

coll. New York City, Coll. in R. D. chh. Ninth-st. 25,40; coll. in do. Exchange Place, of which to constitute Rev. Striphen H. Mr. Ek ER of Bush wick, Rev. John E. Miller of Tompkinsville, Rev. A. MAR celus of New York city, Rev. MANcius SM Edes Hurron and Rev. BENJAMIN C. TAvlor Honorary Members of the Board, 250; a lady, 10, mon. con. in colleg. R. D. chh. 1,75; frag. so. of it. D. chh, to constitute Rev. JAMEs Lillio and Rev. Isaac Cole

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JAddison co. Vt. Aux. So. E. Brewster, Tr.

New Haven. Fem. benev. so. 11 50 Shoreham, Cong. so. to constitute Rev. Jost Ah F. Goodhu E an Houorary Member of the Board, 54 00—65 50 Central aur. so. of Western New York, Rev. A. D. Eddy, Tr. Benton, 40 00 Branchprt, 18 63 Galen, (of which to constitute Rev. M Althy GElsto N an Honorary Member of the Board, 50;) 100; N. Aldrich, to constitute Rev. Joseph C. Morse an Honorary Member of the Board, 50; A. W. B. 3; 153 00 Gorham, 15 00 Hopewell, 18 5s) Huron, 12 45 Junius, 4,50; Rev. J. Morrill, 12; 16 50 Ovid, 141 00 Palmyra, 153 00 Pennyan, Towards support of a missionary, 145 73 Romulus, 60 00 Seneca Falls, 16 75 Waterloo, 76 00 West Dresden, 18 00

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Brunswick, Mon. con. 100 00 Cumberland, Gent. 11,50; Jews

miss. so. 7,56; 19 06 Durham, La. 1 50 Gorham, Benev. so. 60; mon, con.

for Gorham mon, con. sch. in

Ceylon, 60; 120 00 North Yarmouth, Mon. con. in

2d par. 9 11 Portland, Mon. con. in 20, 3d and

High-st. chhs. 156 00 Pownal, Gent. 24; la. 20,55; 44 55 Scarboro’, Gent. 28 98 Standish, Gent. 8; mon, con. 5;

la. 9; 22 00

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Canton, Mon. con. 2I 66
Collinsville, Mon, con. 8 00
East Hartford, Gent. 23 33
East Windsor, Mon. con. 13,78;
fern. tract so. 5; 18 78
Wapping so. La. 16 39
Hartford, 1st so. Mon. con. 20; a
friend, 5; 25 00
N. so Mon. con. 22 19
Marlboro’, Fem. benev. so. 12 50
Suffield, La. 20 91
Wethersfield, Newington so.
Mon. con. 20 26
Windsor, Wintonbury so. La. 1 10–190 12

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la. 2; 21 25 Belchertown, Gent. 22 76 Chesterfield, Gent. 6 00

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Marlboro’, Coll. 19 (10–51 63 Woburn osso. Ms. Aux. So. Rev. S. Sewall, Tr. Bedford, La. char. asso. 17.04; mon. con. 29.95; 46 99 Worcester co. North, Ms. Aux. So. A. Wood, Tr. Phillipston, Rev. J. Chickering, 12 00 Worcester co. Central, Ms. Aux. So. H. Wheeler, Tr. Boylston, Gent. Ia. and mon. con. (of which to constitute JoTham Bush an Honorary Mem

ber of the Board, 100;) 130 00 Holden, Gent. 106,68; la. 82,30; mon. con. 86, 17; 275 15 Leicester, Gent. 269,25; la. 61,67; mon. con. 76,08; 407 00 Oxford, La. 37 00 Paxton, Gent. 11; la. 12; mon, con 9; 32 00 Princeton, Gent. 14,75; la. 20, 19; 34 94 Rutland, Gent. 49,25; la. 52,25; 101 50 Shrewsbury, Gent. 41; la. 49, mon. con 40; 130 00 West Boylston, Gent. 27; la. 34; mon. mon. 18,63; 79 Worcester, Mr. Miller's so. Gent. 87,87; la. 70; mon, con 107,39; 325 26 Mr. Abbott’s so. Gent. (of which fr. A. D. Fost ER, which constitutes him an Honorary Member of the Board, 100;) 210,06; la. 155,92; mon. con. 162,69; 528 67 2,081 15

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Total from the abore sources, $12,431 91


.7bington, Pa. Presb chh to constitute Rev. Rob ERT Steel an Honorary Member of

the Board, 50 00 Albumy, N. Y. Mon. con. in 20 presb. chh. 29,28; 3.1 presb. chh. (of which to constitute Rev. C. A. Keelen an Honorary Member of the Board, 50;) 56,15; 85 43 Amherst, Ms. Miss. so. in college, 39 00 -Amity, N. Y. 11 00 Amsterdam Pillage, N. Y. Presb. chh. 95 00 -Andover, Ms. Gent miss. so. in chapel cong. to constitute SAMUEL FA PRAR, O. Johnson and Rev. S. R. Hall Honorary Members of the Board, 290, a. so. 60; 350 00 Ashburnham, Ms. Mon. con. 17 85 ...Athens, Aln. Rec'd at Creek Path. 2 00 Ballston Spa, N. Y. Presb. chh. 129 00

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Silver Creek, N. Y. Coll. in presb. cong. 10 75
Springfield, Vt. Urica Mon. con. 15 00
State of New York, Av. of jewelry, by Rev.
R. C. Hand, 9 50
Still rater, N. Y. Presb. chh. 50; cong.
chl. 11,88; 61 88
Uniontourn, Pa. Mon. con. 10 (M)
Pandalia, Illi. Contrib. in presb. chh. 9 75
Wirginia, Messrs. Coffmans, rec'd at Creek
Path, 5 on
Warsair, N.Y. Coll. in presb. cong. 118 24
Wayne N. Y. Coll in presb. cong. 30 Gu
West Bloomfield, N. Y. Coll. in 20 presb.
cong. 40 00
Western Canal, N.Y., H. H. in packet boat, 1 00
Westfield, N. Y. Coll. in 1st presb. cong. 7t) 00
Westfield, N. J. Mon. con. 35 00
West Nassau, N. Y. Mon. con. 28; fem.
pray. so. 6; 34 00
West Rupert, Vt. Mon. con. in cong. so. 8 st;
Wilmington, Ms. Mon. con. 12 10
Winchester, Ten. 14; Mrs. E. W. for China
miss. l; 15 00
Windsor, Vt. T. Emerson, (of which to con-
stitute Rev. George S. Wilso N an Hon-
orary Member of the Board, 50,) 100 00
Winlour, Me. Mon. con. 15 50
Woodstock, Va. Mon. con. in presb. cong.
$15; ack. in Jan. as fr. Woodstock, Vt.
Wrentham, Ms. A young lady, 1 00
yo, N.Y. A child, 25
York Town, Pa. Rev. J. G. Schmucker, 25 00
Barnet, Vt. Mrs. Janet Bachup, ($350 having
been received previously,) by Rev. D.
Sutherland, Ex’r, 117 00
Princeton, Ms. Isaac Thompson, by I.
Thompson, Ex’r, 25 00

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