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JERUsALEM.–In consequence of the decease of Mrs. Thomson last July, it was thought advisable that Mr. Thomson should return to Beyroot and aid in the labors there, while Mr. Whiting and Doct. Dodge and their wives should remove to Jerusalem and continue the mission there. They accordingly left Beyroot on the 22d of October, and proceeded to the place of their destination by land, where, after a somewhat wearisome journey, by which, however, the health of all was benefitted, they arrived in safety on the 1st of November. At the date of their letter, November 24th, they were ready to commence their missionary labors. They were welcomed by the Rev. Messrs. Nicolayson and Calmen, missionaries of the London Jews’ Society, laboring in Jerusalem.

Scio.—Mr. and Mrs. Houston removed from Smyrna to Scio in January, where on the 30th of that month they were comfortably settled, and in good health. A wide door was beginning to be opened before them, and

books were applied for every day.

TREB1zoN D.—Under date of December 11th, 1834, Mr. Johnston writes that he left Constantinople on the 7th of November, and arrived at Trebizond on the 15th; where he was kindly received and very hospitably entertained by the British consul. He had secured a house, and expected to remove his family from Constantinople and commence a permanent resideuce at Trebizond in the spring. Athless.—Mr. King, at the close of the last year and the beginning of the present, was experiencing much opposition from the Greek priests and from some of the officers of government, which had been removed from Napoli to Athens. The house in which his school was taught had been taken from him and used for holding one of the courts; efforts were made to draw away his teachers; and the bishop was daily preaching against him and his labors. The regency, however, seemed to be very friendly; and the number of his pupils rather increased. For books and tracts there was still a good demand; and in the month of January he distributed more than 3,600 copies of school books and tracts, and more than 200 copies of the New Testament in Modern Greek.-The inhabitants of Napoli were proposing to establish a college there wholly independent of the government, and

had raised a considerable amount of funds for the purpose. The king of Greece will become of age and assume the reins of government himself in June next.

SIAM.—The ship Cashmere, which sailed from Boston July 2d of last year, having on board Doct. and Mrs. Bradley, and Miss White, arrived at Amherst, in Burmah, on the 6th of December, the mission family being in good health. The passage had been unusually long, (157 days), but otherwise pleasant. Dr. B. had visited the Baptist mission station at Maulmein; and as the Cashmere was to touch at Rangoon, he did not expect to reach Singapore till the first of January.

ARKANSAs CHERoKEEs.—Miss Cynthia Thrall was removed by death from her missionary labors at Dwight on the 17th of Au

gust last. Mrs. Newton, wife of Mr. Samuel Newton,

of the same mission, closed her labors at the Forks of Illinois, on the 30th of March.

Both these faithful laborers were sustained by the christian hope in the hour of dissolution. Some further notice will be inserted in a future number.


A public religious meeting was held at the Bowdoin-Street meeting-house, in Boston, on Sabbath evening May 10th, on occasion of the departure of missionaries to four of the missions of the Board. In addition to the usual devotional exercises, a brief statement was made by one of the Secretaries respecting the destination of the several missionaries and assistant missionaries present, and an address was delivered to them by the Rev. Miron Winslow, recently from Ceylon, and who is expected soon to return to that field of labor. Asahel Grant, M. D., from Utica, N. Y., and Mrs. Grant, from Cherry Valley, N.Y.; and Miss Rebecca W. Williams, from East Hartford, Con., embarked in the brig Angola, captain Cushing, for Smyrna, May 11th. After their arrival at Smyrna, Doct. and Mrs. Grant will proceed, by way of Constantinople, to join the mission to the Nestorians in Persia. Miss Williams will proceed to Beyroot, where she will be engaged in teaching and superintending female schools. The Rev. John M. S. Perry, late pastor of a church in Mendon, Ms. and his wife, the Rev. J. J. Lawrence, from Geneseo, N.Y.,

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and Mrs. Lawrence, from Maltaville, N. Y., the Rev. Henry Ballantine, from Marion, Ohio, and Mrs. Ballantine, from Henniker, N. H., and Mr. Elijah Ashley Webster, printer, from Utica, N. Y., and Mrs. Webster, from Victor, N. Y., embarked in the ship Shepherdess, captain Kinsman, May 16th. The Shepherdess will touch at Colombo, on the western coast of Ceylon, and leave Messrs. Perry and Lawrence and their wives, destined to the mission among the Tamul people; and will then proceed to Bombay with Messrs. Ballantine and - Webster, and their wives, who are to reinforce the Mahratta mission.

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Elizabethtown, Miss. asso, in 1st and 2d presb. chhs. for two hea. youths, 40; miss. asso. in 1st presb. chh.. to constitute Rev. Nicholas Munnay and Rev. David MAGIE Honorary Mem

bers of the Board, 150; 190 00 Newark, Mlon. con. in 3d presb. chh. 20 87–210 87 Grafton co. N. H., Aux. So. W. Green, Tr. Campton, Mon. con. 21 00 Greene co. N. Y. Aux. So. Rev. Dr. Porter, Tr. Greenville, t; 00

Lexington, Mon. con. in presb. chh. 1777–23 77 Litchfield co. Ct. Aux. So, C. L. Webb, Tr. (Of which fr. Colebrook, Coll. in cong. so. 123; Mrs. M. Allen,

dec'd, 10;) 150 00 Lincoln co. Me. Aux. So. Rev. S. White, Tr. Wiscasset, (of which to constitute Rev. DANIEL KEN orick of Edgecomb, an Honorary Member of the Board, 50;) 51 12 JMonroe co. N. Y. Aux. So. E. Ely, Tr. 50 00 .New Haren co. East, Ct. Aux. So. S. Frisbie, Tr. 24 00

.New Haven co. West, Ct. Aux. So. W. Stebbins, Tr.
Derby, La. to constitute
Rev. Albert HALE of Bethel,
Illi. an Honorary Member of
the Board, 50 00

New Haven, H. E. Hodges, 10 00–60 00
Asew York city and Brooklyn, Aux. So.
W. W. Chester, Tr. 827 55

Orleans co. Vt. Aux. So. G. H. Cook, Tr. Craftsbury, A friend, o Glover, Asso, 5 13–6 00 Palestine miss. so. Ms. E. Alden, Tr. Bridgewater, Gent. and la. (of which to constitute Rev. Ehrn*zen. Gay an Honorary Mem

ber of the Board, 50;) 5439

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Taunton and ric. Ms. Aux. So. H. Reed, Tr. Berkley, Miss. so. Valley of the Mississippi, Aux. So. W. T. ruman, Cincinnati, O. Tr. Western Reserve, Aur. so. S. Amheist, by A. Tracy, 9,50; Cleveland, C. L. L. a thank. off. 12; Elyria, Chh.. and cong. 26; av. of jewelry, 83c. Fayetteville, Ten. Coll 20; Medina co. Richfield, Sub. 23; Portage co. Windham, La. 15,56; 106 89 Windsor co. Vt. Aux. So. Rev. J. Richards, Tr. Hartland, Mon. con. 18 00 North Hartford. Gent. 15 25 Norwich, North, Gent. 18, la. 10,50; 28 50 South, Gent. and mon. con. 14;

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la. 12; 26 00 Pomfret, La. 3 75 Royalton, La. 19 62 South Hartford, La. 8 00 West Hartford, Gent. 7,44; la. 6,25; mon. con. 9, 14; 22 83 Windsor, Mon. con. 1 1 00–152 95 Total from the above sources, $4,044 41

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Dedham, Ms. A box, fr. fem. miss. so. in E. village, Dover, N. H., A timepiece, fr. friends, for Dr. Ward, Ceylon, Franklin, Vt. A box, Greenfield, Ms. A box, fr. la. asso. in 20 par. for Rev. H. G. O. Dwight, Constantinople, Hamp. Chris. Depos. Ms. Flannel, fr. fem. asso. West Hampton; Socks and yarn, fr. fem. asso. Chesterfield; blankets, etc. fr. Mr. Sage, for Stockbridge Indians; one ream letter paper. .Middlebury, Vt. A box, for Rev. J. Perkins, Persia, JYew Echota, Cher, na. Tanner’s Atlas, fr. Mr Boudinot, for Miss Sawyer, Providence, R. I., A box, fr. ladies of three cong. chhs. for Rev. J. M. S. Perry. Running 14 aters, Cher. na. A bonnet, shoes, etc. fr. Mr. Ridge, for Miss Sawyer, 9 00 Stratford, Ct. A box, for Rev. R. Armstrong, Samuw. Isl. Weathersfield, Vt. A box, fr. chh.. for Rev. S. Hall, La Pointe. Windhan, O. Clothing, fr. la. asso. 6 74

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The following articles are respectfully solicited from .Manufacturers and others.

Printing paper, to be used in publishing portions of the Scriptures, school-books, tracts, &c. at Bombay, and at the Sandwich Islands. Writing paper, writing books, blank books, quills, slates, &c. for all the missions and mission schools; especially for the Sandwich Islands. Shoes of a good quality, of all sizes, for perscns of both sexes; principally for the Indian missions. Blankets, coverlets, sheets, &c. Fulled cloth, and domestic cottons of all kinds.

James Gray, Richmond, Va., Treasurer of the Central Board of Foreign Missions, acknowledges the receipt of the following sums, in April, viz.

Bethel, J. McC. 1; Powhattan, M. box of Mount Carmel chh 3,25; Rev. JAMEs Wood, which constitutes him an Honorary Member of the Board, 50; miss. asso. of Village chh.. to constitute Rev A. HART an Honorary Member of the Board, 50; Mrs. S Hoge, 10; Mrs. S. L. of Briery chh. 1; Fayetteville, N. C. Mon. con. 12; Byrd and Providence, Chh.. asso. 40,62; Halifax co. Miss E. H. Cunningham, 10; Norfolk, Mliss. asso. 19,50; Inon. con. 33; Portsmouth, Miss. asso. 8,87; Prince Edward co. Miss. asso. in College chh. 100,05; mon. con. in Union Sen. 22,05; young ladies of Mr. R's sch. 9,31; Ann Al. is unt, 50; Rockville and Bethesda chh. Md. to constitute Rev. John MINEs an Honorary Member of the Board, 50; J. and E. Mines, 10; Washington City, 4th chh.. to constitute Rev. M Aso N Noble an Honorary Member of the Board, 50; 1st chh.. sub. 41,73; 572 38

James Adger, Charleston, S. C., Treasurer of the Southern Board of Foreign Missions, acknowledges the receipt of the following sums, viz.

Charleston, Fern. asso. in Circular chh. 210; united mon. con. in 3d presb. chh. 56,31; Beach Island chh. Mon. con. 27,25; Flat River Presbytery, 6; Augusta, Ga. Gent. miss. asso. 208,50: la do. (of which to constitute Rev. S. K. Tau Madge an Honorary Member of the Board, 50,) 175,50; Mrs. Evans, 5; Athens, Ga. Rev. SAMUEL P. PREssley, which constitutes him an Honorary Member of the Board, 50; Mrs. A. H. Scott, 1; Jackson Creek chh. coll. 37,12, Laurensville, Mon. con. 15,56; Spartanburg dist. S. Morrow, 5; T. Hanna, 10; do. for tracts for hina, 10; Edisto, Rev. Mr. Murray, 5; Wayne co. Ga. Alcuvia

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September 8, 1834. The Portuguese captain whom I saw the other day repented of having taken so few books, and applied for more, which I accordingly sent.—Commenced reprinting John's gospel in Malay.

11. Distributed books in the morning, but met with nothing very peculiar. Evening at Cam-pong-Glam. Talked and distributed books for more than an hour. There were always a number of listeners when we stopped to talk with those to whom we gave books. They almost universally appear serious and very attentive while thus hearing the importance of the doctrines contained in these books, and of attention to the welfare of the soul enforced. One might preach all day to an attentive little audience in and about Singapore, if he were able to speak the language spoken here. Met with several who said they believe that these books teach the truth; but I fear they would not tell their countrymen the same story.

12. Went on board three native vessels (prows) from Borneo. I made inquiries respecting the country, and learn that there are many pirates in the region from which they came; which, by the way, is not Sambas, as I stated two weeks ago; but, if they told me truth to-day, Serowa or Shrowa, and Shadung. The latter place, they say, is seven or eight days' sail from Sambas, for native craft, five for European, and the former two days sail from Shadung. One of the prows was from Borneo city, or, as the

Vol. xxxi.

natives pronounced the word, from Broonee. They say the city contains six or eight times as many inhabitants as Singapore. Its population may then be 100,000, or 150,000. I inquired respecting the country. They say the soil is good, but not well cultivated. That in the vicinity of Borneo city is probably best, and its productions are considerable, even now. Those with whom I conversed to-day were not confident respecting the reception a teacher would meet with from the rajahs, of whom they stand in great fear. “We are but a little stream: he the great ocean,” said one of them. They see and feel their vast inferiority to Europeans. “Our people are all mud,” that is, very stupid. Many of them read Malay, and they received books gladly. One of them said there was a man here three or four years ago, who gave such books to some of his countrymen, who carried them home, and they were read with great pleasure. May we not hope that some future laborer in Borneo will see the fruit of the seed now sown? I sent a plain neatly bound Bible to the sultan of Borneo, and gave the traders some tracts to be distributed among their friends. The rajahs of Serowa and Shadung hold their authority from the sultan. He is a Malay. There is no Dutch authority in that part of Borneo. Several European ships visit Borneo for pepper and various articles for the Chinese market. 13. Spent a part of the day in pro...; girls to attend Miss Wallace's school. The Lord gave success; and the promise of a sufficient number was obtained much sooner than I had been led to expect by accounts respecting former efforts of the kind. At evening distributed a few books.


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